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Lifestyle Change, Even on Vacation

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Going on vacation is usually the bane of my health goals. Especially all-inclusive resorts where there is unlimited food and drink available almost 24hrs a day.

But not this time. I didn't think or worry about calories consumed or burned. I ate what I liked, when I was hungry. Portion sizes just fell into place on their own.

Just a year ago, I would have thought this impossible. I was on a 10 year diet where I lost 10 pounds out of the 60 I needed to lose. I wasn't losing weight, and I was hungry all the time.

Hunger, I have learned, is a big clue there was something wrong with my diet. Watching calories alone was still a type of starvation diet because I was hungry all the time. Eating smaller meals spaced out still left me hungry all the time. It turns out I was eating the wrong composition of calories. Too many grains, and too little protein.

The bulk of my carbs comes from vegetables, and an occasional slice of bread or cup of rice. The bread and rice is because I like them, but not because they are essential. Any nutrition that comes from a piece of enriched bread can come from a whole bowl of salad instead. Vegetables pack more nutrition in fewer calories than grains.

Once I ditched the idea that I had to have a grain with every meal, I lost weight. I was a size 12 in 2000. In 2008 I was a size 10. 2012, I am in between a size 4 and 6 and have maintained it for about a year.

After losing all this weight, I was worried about vacation. That is usually a guaranteed weight gainer. But I ate pretty much the same way I eat at home. All-inclusive meal and drinks are usually a danger zone for dieters, but I actually found it easier because I could fill my plates with things I like to eat. Restaurant plated meals are usually too high in calories and grains than I like. I don't eat two eggs for breakfast, I eat one. I can eat only 1 egg out of 2, but I hate the food waste.

Protein and veg were in abundance at the buffets. Every morning I had one over-easy egg with a couple sides of sausage, and a slice of watermelon. Occasionally I would have half a slice of french toast with a teaspoon of maple syrup. Lunch and dinner were pretty much the same - chicken, steak or fish, and a big side salad. A small petit-four type dessert if they looked good.

For drinks, I stuck mainly to water. We were in very hot climates, and dehydration is too easy. I drank a beer with my lunch because of the low alcohol content. I drank wine with my dinners. Beach-side drink favorite was rum and diet-coke. I splurged on an occasional daquiri or pina colada, but stopped at one.

Exercise was no problem. It was play time! We walked on the beach, rode bicycles, went kayaking, and snorkel, snorkel, snorkeled! Despite near constant activity, I never ran out of energy or felt hungry.

I still fit in my size 6 pants when I left.

When I got home, my scale said I gained 8lbs, but my body fat stayed relatively the same. A week later, I've lost 5 lbs. I conclude that the majority was water retention due to the hot climates (though I live in a hot climate - weird). My size 4 pants are a little more snug then they should be, so I have gained a little, but it's still not bad! My size 6 is still preferable to size 10 or 12.

Hunger and weight gain were a clue that my body wasn't getting the right nutrition. If my diet wasn't something that I could maintain even while on vacation, then it was not the right diet for me. I have found what true 'lifestyle' change means. I have found what works for my body, and I can do it every day, even while on vacation. I never took a 'break' from my 'diet', because I am eating the things I like to eat, and it is the nutrition that my body was craving all this time.

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SIMONEKP 2/12/2013 11:16AM

    I'm going to try to exercise the same restraints when I go next month.

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BTVMADS 6/1/2012 8:12AM

    I often struggle to stay low-carb when I travel, but I've realized that it's not because I'm traveling -- it's because I'm staying with family members who have pre-planned meals and therefore keep me from choosing my own menu. I can ALWAYS find a way to make low-carb choices when I'm out on my own. I even managed to eat a low-carb dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory! Anyone who says it's impossible to stick with their diet when they go out/abroad obviously isn't trying very hard.

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FRECKS96 5/31/2012 11:28AM


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FITGIRL15 5/31/2012 10:51AM

    There are always aspects of your lifestyle that get more relaxed while on vacation... those people who don't relax on vacation, don't know what they are missing! LOL

Sounds like you've found the healthy lifestyle that works for you! Awesome!!!

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K-PO110 5/31/2012 10:48AM

    Thank you thank you for your comments about the low value of grains and the need for protein. I think this is a message many don't know.

Way to go on your weight maintenance and successful vacation!

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BEARCLAW6 5/30/2012 9:10PM

    The other thing I like about having good (low-carb) food choices is that if I am in a situation where there are carbs around that I simply must try then I know exactly how to get back on track afterwards.

I am going to Paris at the end of June, and I will certainly not be in the city of bread and desserts without trying some out. But, I will have those as treats, not every meal things and I will return to my low-carb ways once I am back home. I guess I have some French veggies and meats to try out, too!

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MYLADY4 5/30/2012 8:19PM

    That's just awesome.

I have a vacation to Colorado in 3 weeks and hoping to do the same thing.

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MRS.CARLY 5/30/2012 8:15PM

    I hear you there!! Great blog and good reference for when I go on my cruise in a couple of weeks.

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JUSTBIRDY 5/30/2012 6:51PM


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NEILITHICMAN 5/30/2012 6:14PM

    Well done on making the healthy choices. I don't see anything wrong with eating plenty of grains. I find grains to be more filling than eating copious amounds of fruit and vegetables but hey, each to their own.

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WOUBBIE 5/30/2012 2:36PM

    Brava, brava!!!! I have a long way to go weight-wise, but I agree wholeheartedly about the lifestyle vs. diet change!

I'd always felt that any eating plan that left you hungry had to have something inherently wrong with it. Surely we were not meant by Nature to feel miserable all our lives: starving and feeling hungry in order to control our weight, versus eating until full and then ballooning up and becoming unhealthy? There is not another mammal out there that lives like that, so why would we be any different!?

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NAYPOOIE 5/30/2012 1:08PM

    Clearly, you've found your way.

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Aruba in a Pot

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I just got back from Aruba as our honeymoon destination. Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to go to the Caribbean if I ever got married. I've been to several places in the Caribbean before I got married, so for our honeymoon, I wanted to go REALLY deep Caribbean. Some place where we might not normally be able to go.

So we chose Aruba! Right off the coast of Venezuela, it's pretty much as far south Caribbean island as you can go!

Aruba has the most turquoise sea and white sugar sand beaches that goes on for miles and miles that I've ever seen.

But the wind surprised me. I heard that Aruba was windy, but I wasn't prepared for how strong they were! My broad brimmed sunhat stayed in the closet for most of the trip. It took me by surprise at first, but I came to like it. When the wind died down, the heat was very uncomfortable. The wind on Aruba helps the comfort level walking around. Just hang on to your hat!

One of the other things that surprised me about Aruba is the diversity of the landscape. I didn't do much research on the island before going because I wanted it to be a new discovery. As an only child, my main toy growing up was my imagination. I read lots and lots of books, my favorite genre being science fiction and fantasy. I wrote short stories where I created new worlds. Some of my favorite video games were exploration based. Oregon Trail, Seven Cities of Gold, and Pirates were my favorites. Because of the game Pirates, I knew something about the 17th century history of the Caribbean, and I wanted to discover Aruba like a 17th century explorer might have seen it. New and alien.

So I was surprised that Aruba is a true desert island, like the Robinson Crusoe sort. Cactus and lizards are indigenous to the island. Having grown up in the desert southwest, in some parts, I felt that I could have been looking at New Mexico or Arizona. With one glaring exception. There is the Caribbean Sea surrounding the desert!

The west side of Aruba is sandy white beaches, and the east side is rocky desert. Before going, I knew Aruba was a small island, so I was worried there wouldn't be enough to explore. This wasn't a problem, as it turned out. In fact, I wished we had rented a Jeep instead of a standard rental car! Who would have thought you could go offroading on a Caribbean island!

There's much more I can say about Aruba, but I need to wrap things up. Exploring the island, we found dozens of different flowering cacti. We had one rain shower during our stay, and it turns out this was lucky. Apparently this rain shower is the last one before the start of the dry season, and the cacti flower. So we were treated to numerous flowering cacti.

All over the island are these trees call Divi-divi trees. They are quite interesting and exotic. Apparently because of the high winds on the island, they grow to always point West. So it is easy to get your bearings. The large ones also provide respite from the sun.

This landscape inspired me to make a cactus garden when I got home, to remind me of our time on this amazing island. I can't use the indigenous plants, so I just found similar ones at my local garden center.

I found a little bonsai tree that looked similar to a divi-divi tree. I didn't plant it in the pot because it has different watering/lighting needs than the cactus. It is in its own container I can take in and out as I need to.

And this is my little Aruba in a pot.

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MICHELAR 5/31/2012 1:04PM

    Congratulations on your wedding and thanks for sharing Aruba with us! The pictures are great and I love your plants!

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SCUBAHONEY 5/30/2012 12:18PM

    Did you do any scuba diving while you were in Aruba? I've been to Bonaire (island next door to Aruba) and the diving there was great. It's a windy island, too. I like your little desert garden!

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SNOWSNAKE 5/29/2012 10:31AM

    Im singing along with Neil! Great little garden, piece of your dream.***SNOW***

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MRS.CARLY 5/28/2012 8:42PM

    Looks like a heavenly trip...and your brought home a lil piece of heaven!

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JUSTBIRDY 5/28/2012 6:54PM

    I love your plants!

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NEILITHICMAN 5/27/2012 9:39PM

    sings : Aruba, Jamaica, oohhhh I wanna take her, why don't we go down to kokomo? we'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow.

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ARCHIMEDESII 5/27/2012 3:13PM

    Congratulations on your wedding !! The photos are wonderful and I love the plant !!

emoticon emoticon

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WOUBBIE 5/27/2012 1:24PM

    What a beautiful idea and beautiful execution of it! I'm a little jealous!

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    Beautiful photos!!! I have always had aruba on my to do list! my aunt and uncle lived there for about 5 years.. it looks amazing. I am so happy you had a wonderful time!

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Post Wedding and Summer Ahead

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'm back from my wedding and honeymoon! Everything turned out perfect! You know I like to tell my stories with photos, so I'll save the details until I get my wedding photos back.

While on wedding/honeymoon, I gained about 8 lbs. The strange thing is, according to my bodyfat counter, my bodyfat has stayed relatively the same. Did I gain muscle while on vacation? Even with all inclusive food and drink? It is possible! My husband and I aren't lounging on the beach types. We like to walk on the beaches, around town, snorkel, swim, and dive. We're action oriented vacationers. I was doing some activity pretty much every day.

It was pretty easy to stick with my low carb diet at the all-inclusive resorts where we stayed. I loaded up proteins and veggies, and indulged in occasional french toast for breakfast in the morning. Because of the heat where we were, my main drink was water. Wine and beer were my main alcoholic choices, with an occasional pina colada or daquiri, but I didn't down them one after another. Fruity drinks were like a dessert, and I had only one per day.

Before the wedding, my best friend said she wanted to lose some weight (didn't we all!). I told her to try cutting back on breads, pasta, rice, and sugar. Just load up on protein and veg. We're both half asian, so asking her to give up rice for a little while was scandalous. But she gave it a try. A week before the wedding, she told me my advice worked - she lost 20 lbs! She looked fabulous!

In the final stretch before the wedding, I was running low on time juggling my college class and wedding plans. Costco had a special on Nutrisystem, and I thought it might save me some time if I had prepared meals handy. This was a bad idea. Yes, I lost some weight, but I think I could have done better with my own meals. And they tasted awful. I'm still eating them for the next few weeks because I paid for it, and I have some left. But I will not be doing this again.

Now that I'm back home, I've just been working on getting the apartment back in running order. First priority was the kitchen, cleaning it from top to bottom. I've been watching too many episodes of "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares" and "Restaurant Impossible", that I'm having nightmares about kitchen cleanliness. I may have to stop watching those shows because I may never eat out at restaurants ever again! It's almost to the point that if I can't see the restaurant kitchen, then I won't eat there!

I've bought some plants from the garden centers, and am rebuilding my balcony garden. I grew some balcony vegetables and herbs last year, if you remember, and it worked out pretty well. Until I went on vacation then all my plants died. Except this year I've already gone on vacation, so hopefully my plants will live! I'm growing cherry tomatoes, basil, rosemary, cilantro, chives, and lettuce in containers.

We honeymooned in Aruba, and the flowering cactus inspired me. I have a concept to recreate a small container cactus garden to remind me of our time there. Obviously I can't use the actual plants, but I bought cactus from the garden centers that looked similar.

Still hunting for work, but my other project is to get programming mobile device applications, and possibly some freelance work. I may start investing more in my cooking blog, too, and tie one of my iPhone apps along with it.

Shouldn't be getting bored over the summer, there's plenty for me to do!

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NEILITHICMAN 5/27/2012 10:28PM

    wedding and honeymoon weight gain...water weight? I wouldn't be too concerned about it.

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MYTURN11 5/27/2012 11:12AM

    Congratulations to you and your husband! I cannot wait until you post your pictures! Knowing you from here on SP, it must have been fantastic!

I love Restaurant Impossible (and Chopped too) ~ I agree, because now I always want to go back in the kitchens of the restaurants and see how our food is being prepped and check for cleanliness. My husband thinks I am nuts! I have been cooking more because of this but also for other reasons I like to know exactly what is in my food :-D

Congrats again and best of luck on the job front!!!


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DDOORN 5/26/2012 10:59PM

    Too long away...what wonderful news! Congratulations!


ps...no surprise, re: the "boxed" Nutrisystem meals...you know Michael Pollan's thoughts on those "boxes"...lol!

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VHALKYRIE 5/26/2012 9:15PM

    JustBirdy: Well other than I have a tendency to kill plants, we'll see how the cactus fares! I just meant that I can't get the actual Aruba plants because of export controls and all, but I found a few similar varieties at my local garden center for my cactus garden.

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MNCYCLIST 5/26/2012 12:32PM


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HEMA345 5/26/2012 11:21AM

  Its good to grow some of your own veggeis or herbs 'coz they are more healthy and you don't have to worry where they came from.... Wish you a wonderful life ahead!!! Enjoy the tour...

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WOUBBIE 5/26/2012 10:53AM

    Can't wait to see the pictures!

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MYLADY4 5/26/2012 10:41AM

    Time for the next wonderful chapter in your life. Enjoy the journey.

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JUSTBIRDY 5/26/2012 10:32AM

    congrats!!!!!!! and why can't you grow cactus??

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Diets and Wedding Dress

Monday, March 12, 2012

A theme as old as weddings itself.

The wedding diet.

First, I want to thank everyone who took the time to post encouragement about my wedding anxiety. I don't like being in crowds, and I definitely don't like being in front of an audience. I always feared the 'presentation' part in school. Even though this will be my friends and family, the idea of everyone staring at me gives me the jitters.

Last week I wrote about 'rebooting' my diet. I gained a few pounds by reverting back to eating too much fast food.

The rebound was kinda rough, though. I went through another round of minor low carb 'withdrawals'. I got these really nasty headaches, and at a really bad time. I had a really tough assignment to finish for school, and the headaches were frustrating. But I knew it was temporary, and just hung in there.

Resetting my diet and exercising last week did the trick. I managed to lose about 2 pounds.

Since I'm not working and have to pay for tuition, we've had to tighten our budget. I'm eating a lot of eggs and canned salmon for my protein. When we went shopping over the weekend, I bought frozen salmon and smoked salmon for my meals this week.

My wedding dress arrived today! It came out great. I don't like the rhinestone embellishment that were put on, but they are easy to remove. Everything fits great, except for the shoulder straps. The way it was stitched makes it easy to undo and alter, though.

If you're curious about the dress, I went with an unorthodox method. Originally, I wanted to make my own, but time slipped away from me. It was to late for me to go to a bridal shop. So...since this is the 21st century and all...I went with a 21st century solution.


I found a dressmaker, picked out a dress pattern that I liked, and sent them my measurements. This dress probably would have cost thousands and taken 6 months or more if I bought it at a retail shop. For $180 dollars and 4 weeks later, I have a dress that I am very happy with. They did a very good job - it's a near perfect fit. The only thing I have to do is remove the trim that I don't like, and adjust the straps. I couldn't be happier.

Now that I have received the dress, and tried it on, I'm a little more excited about the wedding. $180 is still probably the most I've ever spent on a dress (I'm a Maxxinista kind of shopper). I'm not a girly girl, and there probably is no other occasion in my life where I would wear this kind of dress. (I did not go to prom in high school).

The dress is pretty simple, compared to many of the dresses on the wedding shows on TV. It has a V neck, and a delicate train that comes off each of the shoulders. Kind of like streamers - lol. I'm getting married on a beach, so my hope is the train would flow and catch the breeze.

I feel like a little more progress has been made, now the dress has been taken care of.

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CTTAGENT 3/26/2012 11:50AM

    Glad you have a dress that fits and you like. I look forward to seeing a picture of you in the dress. Your train should flow nicely.
The way you described makes me think of mine in a way because it had a V-cowl neck and fabric that hung loosely off the shoulders down to the upper leg or so.

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BRENDALEEFREE 3/14/2012 9:15AM

    It sounds like everything is coming together wonderfully! Deep breathe, you will survive the budget crunch and changes, and we are all here to support you!

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EUPHRATES 3/14/2012 1:21AM


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AMYNYNJ 3/13/2012 9:48PM

    Awesome! I've seen those dresses on eBay and that you are talking about and seriously considered buying one of those myself, but I wasn't sure of the quality. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. emoticon

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ZURDTA- 3/13/2012 11:08AM


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FITGIRL15 3/13/2012 12:37AM

    Sounds beautiful! You will look gorgeous!

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KWRIGHT26 3/12/2012 9:58PM

    Sounds beautiful!

I was at TJMaxx today and saw a few short, white lacy dresses that I thought, gee, that would work for a budget wedding. Less than thirty dollars on a dress to get married in? Yes, please!

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JUSTBIRDY 3/12/2012 8:53PM


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MYLADY4 3/12/2012 8:48PM

    Good for you for not falling into the wedding dress trap of having to have an expesive dress. I made mine but I cannot remember how much it was but it was not too much since we were poor, poor poor.

Can't wait to see it.

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CATLADY52 3/12/2012 7:09PM

    That's great shopping. Definitely post pictures after the wedding. I hope the weather is good for your day. emoticon
not emoticon

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CHEFSOPHIE 3/12/2012 6:00PM

    The dress sounds stunning. I remember when you were working on a initial dress to make. Given your schedule this makes perfect sense. Post a picture when you get a chance.

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Not Looking Forward to Wedding

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Warning: This may be a bit of a downer.

Title may be a bit misleading. I'm looking forward to marrying, but I am not excited about the "wedding".

I know lots of friends who have dreamed of 'big wedding' and their wedding day since they were little girls. Not me.

I hate the spotlight and being the center of attention, and a wedding is exactly that.

I would have been happy to have just gone to a judge and had a nice honeymoon. I didn't need all this hoopla. If we didn't have people who already invested in traveling, I wish we could just cancel and do that.

The strange thing is, I think my fiance is the one that cares more about it. He says a wedding is a celebration and sharing with friends and family.

I wish I could see it that way. But since we have to do a destination wedding since we are scattered all over, the attending pool is very small. So I'm like, what's the point of going through all the time and expense? And now I have the extra burden of trying to figure out how to make sure the few people who are coming have a good time. Party organization and entertainment isn't something I'm very good at.

To be honest, I just want it over with. emoticon

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4A-HEALTHY-BMI 3/12/2012 9:27PM

    Can he help plan and organize it?

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CLUEINGFORLOOK8 3/12/2012 5:15PM

    I was SO nervous on our wedding day that during the vow portion I was shaking at the end of the aisle and didn't let myself enjoy it. I wish I had relaxed because you are there with family and friends. Thinking back, if they are truly special enough to be there with me then they shouldn't judge me. If they do - I don't need them in my life anyway. They can take their judgy butt and get out of my life. I only want people who will celebrate with me.

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THINRONNA 3/8/2012 12:10PM

    I do understand where you are coming from. I think that it is wonderful that you have the attitude "I'm looking forward to marrying, but I am not excited about the "wedding". " In my opinion too many people marrying are so wrapped up in the wedding preparations they kind of forget that there is life afterwards! I have had two weddings. The first and most stupidest was the big one in the white pouffy dress in the big church with the expensive wedding reception. Clearly...since I have had two weddings...no matter how great a party that one was and how much ceremony was involved the MARRIAGE was not a good one and did not last.

The second one...sounds a little more like what you may be having in a way. It was my REAL wedding. It was small. We paid for it and made it our own with things that meant something to us...that represented who we are rather than what weddings are supposed to be. It was very shabby chic...with nice linens over picnic tables at a lake in Northern MN. I wore an Ebay vintage gown, shoes and hat. My bouquet was edible...my dog gave me away...things like that. Of course food mattered but it was a BBQ. We did not show off our skills because it was about something else. I had 3 smallish cakes that I helped a small local bakery figure out how to make because I was being me and couldn't pick just one!

I guess why I am writing all of this is because I really believe that you can make this your own. You are very creative and are good at thinking out of the box. Your guests will have fun just being with you and they will understand that you are not there to entertain them but rather they are there to support you and your fiance in your wedding vows. You can do this and I really believe you can have a good time at it.

I can help you if you want. Just ask.


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FITGIRL15 3/8/2012 8:27AM

    The love you two have for each other should be the only thing that matters... the rest is just a formality, a formality that is completely unnecessary, but expected none the less.

Try to change your perspective for this one time even in your life, do it out of LOVE!

(PS... I wasn't looking forward to my wedding either. I did it once, and I'll never do it again!)

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CATLADY52 3/7/2012 4:22PM

    If you and your husband are enjoing the day, everyone else will too. Have him get involved in the planning. emoticon

Have a great day and life together.

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KELPIE57 3/7/2012 4:25AM

    I'm with Sandie, you are only responsible for you, they've chosen to come, and I'm sure it'll all go swimingly!

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HOUNDLOVER1 3/6/2012 9:22PM

    Focus on what you CAN do not what you can't. Don't consider it your responsibility to make sure anyone has a good time. If you don't enjoy the celebration give this as a gift to your future husband but let him know that it is difficult and that you would like his help and encouragement (be specific in which way). Remember that the reason people come to your wedding is because they want to see you and your husband-to-be happy together. If you feel very nervous about being the center of attention practice the ceremony in your mind to get yourself used to the situation mentally. Make sure though, that you do it in a positive relaxed setting. It may also help to watch wedding ceremonies on the internet (I'm sure you can find a lot on youtube) to get more used to the whole situation. Even watching some humorous clips where small things go wrong (which happens all the time) might help you relax about all this. If you are really worried or anxious don't hesitate talking to a counselor of some sort. It is easier than it sounds to condition yourself to relax in this kind of setting and this may help you enjoy yourself a whole lot more.
The main thing to keep in mind is that it is indeed not about the wedding but your life together, so no matter what may not be perfect on that special day is only the first day of a long life together. emoticon emoticon

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K-SHIN 3/6/2012 5:24PM

    Ugh. I know exactly how you feel. My mother-in-law ended up planning the whole thing because we decided last minute to have it in Korea where my husband's family lives. They had to push me to get me to start walking down the aisle! They had invited hundreds of people and they were all staring at me. I got so scared that I wanted to bolt right outta there. LOL I definitely do not like being the center of attention. Even my baby shower sucked that way. It was seriously uncomfortable and not just because I was well into my 3rd trimester and felt like an enormous cow. Luckioy there weren't many people there but even then it was weird. I really wish I could've just gone to a courthouse and gotten married that way. Oh well though. Before you know it, it'll all be over. Then you'll spend a lifetime trying to forget everything that went wrong. Lol

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REDSHOES2011 3/6/2012 2:46PM

    emoticonI wasn't worried about the getting married that went quietly at a registers office- it was what my husband friends did to me efterwards..
My husband was a clown with a great sense of humour.. He got bundled into a warm bus with a driver in a suit and high hat..

I got packed into a motor cycle suit and screamed all the way to the reception on the back of a motorbike.. I was happy to be part of the occassion but the ride to the dinner was more action than I could handle..

I was watching my life ride past my eyes and when I screamed the drive just poured on more gas.. I looked snakey at my husband most of the night and hoped the trip home was more safe and quiet lol..

What did my husband do to his friends- something about a goat in another best friends honeymoon car- a few huge hams dumped into shopping baskets when saying hello.. Another couple of mates putting up with my husbands constant farting in a little car all the way to sweden from denmark.. School friends do this to each other lol.. These people are priests and church ministers with sense of humours lol

Culture shock for a no name gal from New Zealand never invisioned this on my wedding day.. I had to keep a box of geese quiet someone slipped onto the back seat and when we experienced a flat tyre omg the smell in the middle of summer almost drove me nuts.. emoticon

Comment edited on: 3/6/2012 2:56:50 PM

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RUNNER12COM 3/6/2012 2:42PM

    One piece of advice? Don't worry about making sure that everyone else has a good time. First, it's your wedding. You need to focus on you and your husband-to-be. Second, people will either have a good time on their own or they won't, and you can't fix that. Fun, happy people there for a good time will enjoy it no matter what, and grumpy people will complain no matter what.

Have a good time yourself and your guests will follow your lead!

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ARCHIMEDESII 3/6/2012 2:38PM

    I totally understand ! I honestly don't think I could handle the stress of planning a traditional wedding. Let alone walk down the aisle. I've always told people that whenever I do decide to get married, I'm going to Vegas and Elvis is going to officiate !


I wouldn't want anything fancy. I'd rather use the money for a really nice honeymoon or even a down payment on a house.

I'll admit that I do like looking at the wedding magazines. It is fun to fantasize. It's not fun to stress out.

You need one of these....


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  I know how you feel as I was one of those who just wanted to get married without any big celebration. Needless to say, family would not hear of that so we ended up with what was called a big wedding for that time. I decided to grin and bear it and it wasn't so bad. emoticon

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VHALKYRIE 3/6/2012 2:21PM

    I'm so with you. I absolutely refused to pay the prices on wedding dresses at retail stores. Ridiculous. I took a chance on an alternative, we'll see how it works out. I wish I could keep it low key. If we could do a local wedding, it would be one thing. But our friends and family had to invest a lot in order to travel, and so I feel a little more obligated to do something more special. I'm feeling extra anxiety about, what if they don't like the location, the resort, the hotel, etc. I guess that's not so different than other brides, though. I guess that's why they go all bridezilla - lol.

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MYLADY4 3/6/2012 2:15PM

    If you try to make it a "fun" party event it may not be so bad. I just shake my head when I watch some of the wedding shows where people spend 10 grand on a dress and 50 grand on the wedding. What a waste.

Good luck.

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