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Good, Bad, and Ugly

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Good: Cellulite is shrinking! In particular, there's a dimple on my thigh that is smoothing out. While I doubt that I will have the super smooth skin of my teenage years, at least it is improving with weight loss.

The Bad: Stretch marks are etching valleys on my thighs. I think the cellulite looks worse, so this is the lesser of the two.

The Ugly: Candida Strikes Back!!! Well I was wrong about no consequences from the rum punch and pina colada. I have a sinus infection, lung infection, and thrush with a vengeance. I've been coughing and hacking the worst phlegm. The cats are impressed by my hacking.

It surprises me that it took this long to get ill after having sugary drinks. Does the sugar persist in the blood that long? Is this die off part 2? I was really baffled what they are feeding on. Last night I woke up with the dreaded clogged ear. I'm so scared of an ear infection, I don't want to take antibiotics. That will set back everything. With a lot of yawning, I was able to temporary relieve some pressure.

To tackle this:

1. Get sudofed (the real stuff) today to try and open my blocked eustachian tube. I wish I could avoid this, but I have to force that eustachian tube open, or I will be in a worse situation.
2. No dairy or fruit. I'm was really confused on what is feeding the animals. I haven't been eating any sugar or carbs. Looking at my food log, the only sugars I've been eating are dairy and fruit. It's a very minor amount, but it seems to be enough to feed billions of fungus. It pains me to do so, but I will have to cut back on my dairy (except yogurt), cheeses, and even my beloved blueberries until I'm feeling better.
3. Hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse. I discovered hydrogen peroxide is deadly to candida - it kills them on contact. I made a simple mouth rinse of a capful of hydrogen peroxide and a glass of water. Swished in my mouth for about 20 seconds, then spit out. Rinsed thoroughly with water. This worked wonders on my oral thrush problem. Within an hour, my tongue was perfectly clear of infestation.
4. Salt water and vinegar gargle. Grandma's home remedy. I always use this whenever I get a sore throat before I try anything else. At the start of a cold, this is sometimes enough to stop the spread. Unfortunately, this is a persistent infection this time.
5. Salt water nasal flush. Trying to flush these jerks out of my sinuses.
6. Hot steam showers. Loosen the phlegm in my lungs so I can expel it easier. Did you know mucus color indicates what method your immune system uses to wrap up and destroy invaders? Well, at the moment I have all colors of the rainbow. Yeah, I said it was ugly.
7. Probiotics and vitamins. Only exception to the no dairy is yogurt. After decolonizing with rinses, I need to put good bacteria back in, or else I will be in this cycle again. Taking my vitamin C, zinc and magnesium pills to boost white blood cell production. Also taking a probiotic supplement. Fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. Omega-3s reduces the inflammatory effect when the immune system is activated, allowing white blood cells to do their job without being a bull in a china shop.
8. Water. Water is our body's main detoxifying defense. Low water means low ammunition. Dehydration is a big factor in delaying getting better, or ending up in a clinic.
9. Rest. Took yesterday and today off from work. Napping with the kitties. I'll have to work over the weekend instead.

I'm off to do remedy #6 and #9. Wish me luck!

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    Wow, I wish you a probiotic army of candida killers... I am suddenly feeling very fortunate to have been raised by an anti-antibotic mother! I was 30 years old when I took my first antibotics. Weird, but true. You are really showing us how changing your eating can go way beyond simple (eh??!) weight loss in affecting health. I hope you get lots of rest today and feel way better soon...

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VHALKYRIE 7/7/2011 12:09PM

    The cause is overuse of antibiotics, which threw off my balance of good to bad bacteria. I suffer from some pretty bad ear infections, which I didn't realize was related to eating a high carbohydrate diet. I would get sick, then I'd get an ear infection, then I'd have to go on an antibiotic. Just keeping my carbs/sugars low seems to be breaking the cycle this time. I really can't go on another antibiotic - I have to get my good bacteria back into circulation.

This is proving more challenging than I thought it would be.

I'm going to the store to pick up good bacteria probiotic food from both sides of my heritage: kimchee and saurkraut. They are health food! LOL

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ARCHIMEDESII 7/7/2011 11:58AM

    Regarding the oral thrush, candida. What does your dentist say ? If it's that bad, you might want to talk to your dentist to get their opinion on possible causes. They might be a better option than your doctor for an oral diagnosis.

You know, there is a remote chance it could be related to second hand smoke. Ceasing smoking is one recommendation to reduce thrush. So, if you don't smoke and you know you've dramatically decreased the amount of sugar you eat, maybe second hand smoke could be a cause.

Now, I'm going to be silly for a moment. I swear every time I see the word Candida, I keep hearing Tony Orlando and Dawn !!!!

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VHALKYRIE 7/7/2011 11:49AM

    My understanding is the liver can only convert up to 60% of protein into glucose, and only does so in certain circumstances. When in ketosis, fat is burned as ketones, not glucose. But you are probably right that the candida is feasting on what little glucose I have, depriving me of nutrients. Bastards.

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ANDREA409 7/7/2011 10:27AM

    I could be wrong, but perhaps the yeast is simply living off of your blood glucose, in general. True, you have drastically cut back on sugars, which provide it immediate fuel; but the protein and fat you are eating are ultimately converted to blood sugar, rearranged to enter metabolism. They all enter the Kreb's cycle at some point (unless being stored in fat cells, of course). Fat and protein raise your blood sugar much more slowly than carbs do, but I think they could still feed yeast, if the infection is bad enough. I think your not eating sugar has kept the Candida at bay, but with the two sugar-laden drinks you had, it caused some proliferation.

I say now is the time to attack it at the source, which is what you are aiming to do with the probiotics and various anti-fungals. It could take several months of using these things to decrease the population of yeast enough so that they don't return with such a vengeance.

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Dietary Negotiations

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The fiance and I have been at odds the past few months. I've done tons of research, and I've determined that low carb diets are not the dietary villians I've been lead to believe they are. A long time ago, I scoffed at Atkins because I didn't really understand it.

I am not following Atkins, but Protein Power. I've been trying to educate the fiance about it, but he doesn't have the time or inclination to do the research and reading I have done. Still trying to get him to watch "Fat Head" so he will get a cliff notes version. But our schedules had made it difficult.

This past weekend we came to a head. He said he didn't want his food cooked in oil. I told him if he didn't like my cooking, he could make his own food. Sorry, I take after my spunky German grandmother. He doesn't like it, he can cook for himself. I work a full time job like he does. I'm not a short order cook, and I don't have time to prepare two different meals.

Last night I ate my fabulous Thai coconut chicken. He prepared some kind of chicken stew thing. I could tell he was just dying of envy. Mine looked (and tasted) better than his. He took a bite of mine and resigned.

He told me that he doesn't want a high fat diet. He said he is fine with cutting down on carbs and sugar, but he doesn't want to eat high fat. So we have agreed to compromise and settle on the South Beach Diet. I'm ordering the book, and I will make meals according to SBD. SBD is a moderate fat, moderate protein, low carb, low sugar diet. I'm still following the principles of Protein Power, and South Beach will still fit in just fine.

I told him I just don't want to eat a high carb/low fat diet. I can compromise on moderate fat and protein. I recognize when it's time to negotiate. South Beach will still fit fine within my Protein Power plan, so I'm happy to work within those parameters for our evening meals. I have more individual control for my breakfast, lunch and snacks. I do not make his breakfasts or lunches, so he can also do his own thing.

Well, we'll do something South Beach-ish. I am NOT ever drinking skim milk again. Ever.

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VHALKYRIE 7/6/2011 6:43PM

    I typically have problems with heartburn when eating higher acid foods, like tomato sauce. I haven't had any trouble at all since going lower carb. I've in fact had less trouble because I don't eat grains anymore with dinner, which seemed to have caused digestion problems. I also find it difficult to overeat anymore, which also lessens heartburn.

Yeah, I don't know what is wrong with him. :P I'm ok with him preparing his own meals, if it comes to that.

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BTVMADS 7/6/2011 6:32PM

    I find this kind of funny because my husband has been THRILLED with the meals we eat. He loves that we're eating more meat, that he gets boxes of cereal all to himself, and that I'm having fun in the kitchen trying new things. I'm shocked that your sweetie was complaining about more flavorful food!

That said, I think South Beach dinners would be great for both of you. I find that a high fat meal can give me heartburn at bedtime (lying down just an hour or two after a big meal and all), so I'll bet that eating a somewhat lower fat meal before bed won't hurt either of you one bit. Plus, you can't feel deprived or hungry in your sleep!

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KAKIPOPUP 7/6/2011 4:13PM

    DH and I do our own cooking as we eat very differently - often, I will eat the meat that he grills - but he likes very plain food (no spices, no salt, no onion/garlic, no peppers, nothing he can't identify) and I like to experiment, so we do our own things....no biggie -

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VHALKYRIE 7/6/2011 3:04PM

    PRANA_DANCER: Wonderful! That certainly makes it easier. Unfortunately, my guy is pretty firmly entrenched in the government "science". Fiance loves my cooking. He's just in that old diet mindset that you have to eat foods that tastes bad to lose weight. ie Skim milk. :P

If he'll eat less carbs, then I'll roll with it.

For now. Hah!

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PRANA_DANCER 7/6/2011 2:38PM

    I forgot to mention that I've had a similar conversation with my boyfriend. Thing is he's totally cool with it. He's always willing to try things and he loves my cooking.

So long as I don't stop making potatoes...

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ANDREA409 7/6/2011 2:27PM

    Aww, this was so funny to read, I read it aloud to my fella. I like your spunk a lot. Feisty chicks rock.

I think South Beach is a really good compromise. I've never tried it, but a friend of mine did when she failed at Atkins. It should easily fit into your program, no doubt.

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VHALKYRIE 7/6/2011 2:21PM

    I thumbed through the South Beach Cookbook and I have it on order. It looks like most of the recipes are 40/30/30 carb/fat/prot, Zone diet ratios, which I'm totally cool with. I can do lower carb for my early day meals, then share a moderate carb dinner. I still won't use skim milk or low fat cheese. :P I'm also skipping the whole grain recommendations and replacing with more veggies.

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PRANA_DANCER 7/6/2011 12:53PM

    I spent about 4 or 5 years on South Beach when my parents were on it and quite frankly I miss some of the food (not enough to pay for the cookbooks though.)

There's this one recipe with baked chicken topped with oregano ricotta, a tomato sauce and mozzarella.


I've been thinking about it a lot lately. Also, they have an awesome recipe for cilantro mayonnaise spread that I would put on just about anything.

Glad the two of you could compromise!

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JECKIE 7/6/2011 12:05PM

    South Beach is where I started (and always go back to for a kick start!) and it's really a great plan.

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Thai Coconut Chicken

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I'm coco for coconuts!

I used half a can of coconut milk for the almond milk coconut shake from yesterday. I used the rest of the coconut milk to make a Thai coconut chicken.

In a marinading dish, mix together the following:

1 cup of coconut milk (about half a can of coconut milk from a 400ml can).
1 tablespoon fresh chopped cilantro
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp dried basil
1 tsp hot chili flakes (optional)
1 tsp soy sauce
Couple drops of Worcestershire sauce

Add 2 chicken quarters into the marinade dish. Cover the chicken thoroughly. Let marinate 4-8 hours.

8 hours later:

1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 medium onion, sliced
1 large clove of garlic, diced

Heat an oven safe saute pan over medium heat. Add coconut oil when pan is hot. Add onions and saute until soft and translucent. Add chicken thighs to the pan. Pour extra marinade over the top of the chicken. Add chopped garlic to the top.

Cover the pan and let simmer for about 30 minutes.

Heat oven to 350F. Transfer saute pan to oven. If you don't have an oven safe pan, transfer the chicken to a baking dish.

Bake in oven uncovered until chicken is browned, about 30-45 minutes.

Garlic Green Beans side dish:
85g cut green beans per serving
1 tablespoon olive oil or coconut oil
1/2 tsp anchovy paste or 1 mashed whole anchovy
1 large clove garlic, sliced

In a small fry pan, heat oil over medium heat. When hot, add green beans to the pan. Stir until green beans become bright green and slightly soft. Add anchovy paste and stir until dissolved. Add garlic and stir until you can smell the garlic, about 1 minute. Remove from heat.

Put the chicken on the plate. Make sure to top the chicken with pieces of onion. Serve with a couple wedges of fresh lemons.

Coconut joy!

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TUBLADY 7/6/2011 11:32PM

    I am going to make this tomorrow. I have all the ingredients.
I have made a dish with fish that's a lot like this chicken one.
I like to cook with coconut milk.
I will probably fix some rice to go with it.
Thanks for the recipe.
Tisha emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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VHALKYRIE 7/6/2011 4:38PM

    DETERMINED56: Did you buy the plain or the vanilla flavored one? I have never used Silk, but if it says it is pure coconut milk, it should be just fine. It looks to be lower fat and protein than the canned coconut milk. Also it looks sweetened because of the sugars. The canned coconut doesn't have any added sugar. The Silk probably has a higher water content than the canned.

If it's the vanilla flavored coconut milk, I'm not sure how it will taste. If you try it with the vanilla, let me know how it works! It might give it a sweeter taste, I'm not sure.

Getting the carton of plain coconut milk is a great idea actually. I forgot about Silk. I will do that next time. SO Delicious has an unsweetened version.

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DETERMINED56 7/6/2011 3:57PM

    This sounds great and I'm trying it this week.
Question; I bought a carton of coconut milk made by Silk
Nutrition is for 1 Cup
90 calories 5g F 10g c and 1g protein 9g sugar
Is that different from the canned coconut milk you are using?Is there any difference/

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ANDREA409 7/6/2011 2:30PM

    Thanks for the recipe. Looks outta sight! The bf and I will definitely try this soon. He introduced me to the wonders of Thai food and coconut a few years ago, and I've loved it ever since.

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JECKIE 7/6/2011 12:08PM

    YUM. that looks so good! I love cooking with coconut milk (my fave is red curry)

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BEARCLAW6 7/6/2011 10:55AM

    I have fresh basil! I think you just gave me a recipe for dinner tomorrow. It would be today, but bet the marinating does good things. Thanks.

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ARCHIMEDESII 7/6/2011 10:37AM

    YUM !! Where's the Homer drool emoticon when you need it ???? LOL !

I've never had Thai Coconut chicken, BUT I have had Thai Coconut shrimp before. If your recipe is as good as the shrimp one I tried... I'm coming over for dinner !


Oh and I'll bring the wine.


PS - try chopped chives instead of the cilantro some time. I do love fresh chopped chives.

Comment edited on: 7/6/2011 10:38:35 AM

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VHALKYRIE 7/6/2011 10:30AM

    Fresh basil is even better! I didn't have any. I have to get some new basil plants for my planter! Maybe I will do that today!

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KAYOTIC 7/6/2011 10:26AM

    That sounds delish! Have you tried it with fresh basil? (we have a ton of it....)

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Another Take at Protein Shake

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Just another idea on how to formulate a protein shake to your individual tastes and needs.

This is a protein shake using almond milk, coconut, and protein powder.

As with the other, I want as low sugar a shake as possible. If I lower sugar, I have to raise the fat content in order to get an appropriate calorie content. I do that with the coconut milk.

1 cup coconut milk
1 cup almond milk (unsweetened)
3.5 scoops protein powder
2 cups water
4 tablespoons heavy cream

I put it in a container for quick breakfast/snacks in the week.

Calories: 250
Carbs: 5.3g
Fat: 18.2g
Protein: 15.3g

If you used only almond milk, you'd have a very low fat drink, but you'd have to find another way to raise the calorie content. For my personal tastes, I prefer my other shake with the full can of coconut milk. This one tastes a bit chalky to me, which comes from the almond milk and the protein powder. The coconut milk flavor is a lot more muted, for those who weren't a fan of coconuts. I think it still tastes better than a Slim Fast. But it is another variation on how you can tweak things to your personal preferences. I tend not to make fruit smoothies because the fruit sugars can go stratospheric quickly. My main goal for this kind of shake is low sugar, high fat fuel.

Also, the coconut milk is strategic, not just for flavor. The medium chain triglycerides unique to coconut milk provides fuel that can be burned immediately, just like glucose, without the glucose side efffect. Which makes it ideal for my morning workout shake.


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PZF144 7/10/2011 1:20PM

    You got me to try coconut milk, full fat. Stupid me, though; my brain is still SO embedded with lowfat nonsense, I had to "balance out" my grocery cart with 1 can full fat coconut milk and 1 can lite. I KNOW the lite doesn't have the medium chain tri's that the full version does. Why did I buy it???

Anyway, decided to just try the full fat coconut milk pretty much straight. I put 1/2 cup into a dessert glass, added some cocoa powder and some Torani chocolate syrup and ate it with a spoon. Yum! I will try the shakes soon.

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BEARCLAW6 7/6/2011 10:18AM

    I tried your previous recipe with milk instead of coconut milk and some added cocoa powder. Yum.

I think the next time I need a power snack, I will try it with the some coconut oil and lots of ice to make it a yummy chocolate shake. I think that if I use enough cocoa powder, the coconut won't be overpowering.

Thanks for the ideas!

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VHALKYRIE 7/6/2011 9:40AM

    23KAIYA: Hope you like it! Try it with a teaspoon or two of cocoa powder, too!

BTVMADS: I don't generally like to use tofu in large quantities this way, but I will try it sometime for a change. I have to stay pretty low sugar, as I am finding some pretty serious candida flare ups if I eat too much. I am paying for the pina colada and rum punches over the weekend!

JECKIE: Oh I agree! Cold is better! I had this almond milk version this morning, and it is much better after refrigerating over night! Not chalky, just delicious!

KIMPENNEY: Yay! Another coconut fan! I love cooking with coconut oil, too. It makes the most incredible sear on fish! Can't get a crispy sear like that with olive oil!

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KIMPENNEY 7/6/2011 9:25AM

    Your shakes look great and I too love the taste of coconut! I use coconut oil (unrefined of course) to cook with and even add a few spoons to hot water if I'm low on cals/energy.

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JECKIE 7/6/2011 7:51AM

    So I tried your first version again this morning - YUM. I added a touch more cocoa powder, and had it COLD (it was room temp the first time). HUGE difference.

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BTVMADS 7/6/2011 6:13AM

    I don't eat as low carb as you, so this probably wouldn't fit your needs, but I formulated a kickass smoothie that is perfect for a pre- or post-workout meal. I really don't like the idea of getting a lot of my nutritional needs from a package, so I go with silken tofu, almond milk, 50 grams each strawberries and banana, 1/2 scoop of protein powder, and a tablespoon of nut butter. I especially love it because tofu is a good source of magnesium and calcium, which I'm always low on. You could totally do it without the banana and cut out about 8-10 g. of carbs.

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23KAIYA 7/5/2011 9:55PM

    Sounds yummy, can't wait to try it!

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JUSTBIRDY 7/5/2011 9:16PM

    oh, I tried hemp powder, too. I agree, don't waste good coconut trying to improve its taste.

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VHALKYRIE 7/5/2011 9:13PM

    LUCYSUNFLOWER: Oh no! Yeah, there are some protein powders that are pretty questionable! Thanks for the warning about the hemp powder - I will stay away from that one!

JOURNEYTO50: Good luck!

SUECHRIS50: LOL! Glad you and your daughter enjoyed it!

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SUECHRIS50 7/5/2011 7:29PM

    I tried this and wow!my daughter sneaked in after we made it and took it home! emoticon

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JOURNEYTO60 7/5/2011 7:21PM

    Great recipe for me to try. Thanks for posting!

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    I made a shake using your first method but used two servings of protein powder a friend gave me to try... Now that I have tried hemp protein powder I will be avoiding it from now on!!! GAK! I'm drinking it anyway, but I feel like I violated a perfectly good can of coconut milk! LOL I like your method and will try it again with better results next time.


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VHALKYRIE 7/5/2011 5:37PM

    I can respect that. For me, low sugar is better. I may try adding a small piece of banana in tomorrow morning. I'm planning a fairly intense workout tomorrow, so the banana should be a nice treat.

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TUBLADY 7/5/2011 5:00PM

    I still like my frozen or fresh fruit, protein powder and 2% milk. With yogurt mixed in sometimes. It is always thick, fruity and no chalk taste.
I can't deal with the fat you have in yours.
I sometimes use 1% milk to keep the fat down.
But what ever you like go for it.
Take care, Tisha emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Indulging without Derailing

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Americans get so few vacation days. My European friends are always trotting off to fabulous places for weeks at a time. I would love to go some place like Australian one day, but with only 10 days of vacation, it's so hard to think about. My fiance is British. We seem to always be at work, and his family and friends always seem to be on vacation. We can't visit them as often because we can't get the vacation days. We are meeting his brother in Mexico in August. We'll be staying 9 days (weekends included) and his brother will be staying 18 days. Maybe that is what makes Americans generally successful, but his family and friends seem generally happier.

My fiance and I try to make the most of long weekends like this past holiday to squeak in a mini holiday. It really does help with the stress, and even just 3 days getting away. We don't often have a destination in mind, just shop around for the best deals in the best locations and run with it. The past weekend, we got a great rate for Fort Lauderdale, FL. Priceline.com - it works! We got a 4 star hotel at Motel 6 prices. Packed our bags and my sunhat, and off to Florida we went!

We did the good old road trip. It is a long drive, but driving an economy car helps. The gas was still loads cheaper than two roundtrip tickets to Miami. I got a lot of reading done.

One of the ways we make long weekends affordable (and diet friendly) is by eating at grocery stores instead of restaurants. We might splurge on one night out dining, but the bulk of our meals generally comes from a Whole Foods buffet. There is a Whole Foods almost anywhere we go (except where we live, strangely enough). My typical Whole Foods breakfast is a hard boiled egg, a piece of cheese and fruit, and a cup of coffee which costs $5. Much better than a greasy spoon breakfast at Denny's, or a McDonald's.

I had a few indulgences while we were out in about. We went for a day out in Key West on Sunday, where I had a pina colada. It was too sweet for my tastes, but that is par for the course. On Sunday, I had a rum punch on a most gorgeous day in South Beach.

You would think that sugary beverages like pina colada and rum punch would be diet busters. But I used a few metabolic tricks.

Remember these two hormonal responses control weight gain and weight loss:

1) Insulin is released by the pancreas in the presence of carbohydrates or sugar.
2) Glucagon is released by the pancreas when protein is eaten.

Both hormones are present at all times. The dominance of insulin determines whether fat is stored, and the dominance of glucagon means fat is burned.

Since having a sugary alcoholic beverage like a pina colada or rum punch increases insulin because there is an excess of glucose, it is a 'burn it or store it' response. A lot of people go to the beach, plop down a towel and don't move for hours. After the cocktail, we went for a long walk on the beach. I paddled around in the sea. We walked some more. Walking on the sand is very refreshing, and it is great exercise for the legs. Walking through sand offers more resistant than walking on pavement. And it's just plain more fun.

In order to offset the insulin, I made sure to eat enough protein to stimulate glucagon. Glucagon is only released in the presence of protein. Low protein diets end up imbalancing in favor of too much insulin.

We stopped for a glass of wine and a charcutterie sausage and cheese board at a harborside restaurant. For dinner, I ate rotisserie chicken and a salad at the Whole Foods buffet. In the Keys, we stopped at a dockside, outdoor seafood restaurant where I had the most incredibly fresh peel and eat shrimp. This shrimp was firm and delicious - never been frozen. It was amazing.

The net effect was, there was no penalty for my pina colada and rum punch indulgences. I only had one of each, so I didn't go overboard. There was a table next to us where these 20 something girls were pushing large carafes of the rum punch. I could not drink 4 or 5 of those rum punches and still fit into the bathing suits they were wearing.

On the return trip home, we stopped at beach near St Augustine to enjoy a beach picnic lunch.

The result is, my metabolic manipulations worked. It seems I can have an occasional indulgence and not set myself back. After a few months experimentation, I have pretty good idea of how much I can eat, what I can eat, and how to maintain. I didn't lose, of course. But I didn't gain.

So now it is back to losing. I've learned a few new tricks from my readings that I hope will pan out. I've got 6 weeks left until Mexico. Knowing what I do now, I'm sure that I can maintain when we go. I just need to continue losing fat to a weight I want to maintain.

The biggest indication of my success at the moment is the ever growing population of stretch marks.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DDOORN 7/6/2011 10:23AM

    Beautiful pics...I'm still struggling to bounce back from over 20 hours of driving back & forth to MI this past long weekend...ugh!


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PRANA_DANCER 7/5/2011 10:43AM

    "Everything in moderation."

If you can't (or won't) realistically without something the rest of your life you have to find a way to work around the negative effects. You did so on a chemical level which is fantastic! Most people like to do it on a caloric level ("Oh, I'll just run more this week") or just accept the gain. Personally I don't like to take things lying down like that.

Well done!

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ANDREA409 7/5/2011 9:33AM

    This is great news! Great that you can still "indulge" once in awhile and suffer no ill consequences from it. I agree about the consumption of sugars - so long as you are active afterwards, you will burn them up, before they can be converted into adipose.

My bf and I took a road trip down to south FL (from PA) last year, where a friend of his lives. It was nice to not have to pay for lodging. We also visited a lot of salad bars along the way. Like you guys, (before I was sick) we lived for weekend getaways. I'm excited for when we can get back on the road. For us, and I'm sure for a lot of people, these trips are necessary for keeping stress levels at a minimum.

I often wonder what it is about the genetic make-up of those 20-somethings who can drink or eat whatever they wish and still fit nicely into a bikini. In my 20's I was thinner but never without a lot of effort. I went on the pill when I was 23 and that was the end of my size 4 days. I wonder, What's different about my hormones than all these tiny women who also take the pill but haven't gained any weight? The estrogen in those things made my boobs swollen all month long...and not just for the first few months. Those "side effects" never went away. Perhaps if you are already in a healthy metabolic state, the pill won't affect you too much, but I don't see how it couldn't. Now I avoid synthetic hormones like the plague. Much, much happier, calmer, and less swollen.

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