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reflecting on todays quote-Self-love is the only weight-loss aid that really works in the long run.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Battle scars from the Diet War

Like Martha Graham, who said that "The body is a sacred garment. It's your first and last garment; it is what you enter life in and what you depart life with, and it should be treated with honor," Jenny Craig seems to know a thing or two about caring for your body and your self. In the Garden of Eden, eating was modeled as one of life's most pleasurable experiences. But then Eve took a bite out of that apple (so much for the low calorie, low fat, high fiber theory), and women (and men) have been at war with food ever since. Both of these quotes reflect this fact. Are your weight issues really a symptom of something else--boredom, depression, regret, or rejection? At the root of many issues is our self-loathing at worst, our self-indifference at best. Food is not the enemy. We are. Break the cycle of dieting and replace it with loving yourself enough to make good choices about your diet. Examine your eating habits this week. Are you honoring your body with your food choices? How can you love yourself back to a healthy relationship with eating? Take steps towards defeating the natural compulsion or craving that might take you down a path of regretful eating. Remember the sacredness of your own skin.

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LORETTA24 1/13/2012 5:05PM

    emoticon Something to think about. Thank you for sharing!

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Spreading goodwill that can return to you

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blessed is he who speaks a kindness; thrice blessed is he who repeats it.

- Arabian proverb

This quote can be read in a few ways, and all of them are worth thinking about. First, complimenting and encouraging others is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to be a positive force in someone's life. As long as you're sincere, repeating that encouragement as often as possible can have effects that far outweigh the effort. Countless people have exceeded their own expectations just because others believed in them. Second, giving positive feedback works even better if done publicly. Take those kind words and repeat them until everyone knows the great things that this person is doing. Third, we've all had kindnesses bestowed on us in word and deed. In return for that favor, it's up to us to repeat that generosity for someone else's benefit. However you read this quote, the point is that there's a kindness out there to be performed. And you're just the person to do it!

Love this quote! Today I complimented my kickboxing partner on her new sneaks and encouraged her to keep going when she got tired. She mentioned how her son had enjoyed meeting my children last week & that they are new friends :)

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MARYMO22 1/13/2012 2:23PM

    love it

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HIKETOHEIGHTS 1/12/2012 5:37PM

    This is one of my favorites as well.

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Getting specific about your goals

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I have always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I have to be more specific.

- Lily Tomlin, actress

Getting specific about your goals

Are your goals detailed enough for you to reach them? We all have aspirations and we are better off for having made them. But if your goals are too vague or unstructured, you'll find that attaining them is difficult. Wanting to lose 30 pounds is a wonderful goal, but you need a plan to get you on the right track. These things don't happen overnight. Today, think about your goals and form a plan to achieve them. Write them down, chart your progress, refer to them as often as you need to stay on track, and most importantly, hold yourself accountable.

I need to work on this, on becoming a better planner between SP & I think I can do it :)


sparkpeople's healthy reflection- Learning to love healthy food at a young age

Monday, January 09, 2012

It's bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children's health than the pediatrician.

- Meryl Streep, actress

Learning to love healthy food at a young age

You may have heard the phrase "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and it is certainly true. Western culture stresses the importance of regular medical care almost as much as it does a healthy diet for children. But which do we take more seriously? A French fry certainly won't cause obesity as long as it is the exception and not the rule. We can all make better choices for our children's diets. This week, think about substituting a more nutritious food in place of a sugary snack or cereal. Include whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables in your meals instead of going through a drive-thru. The healthy habits your children learn today come from your example and will impact them for the rest of their lives. Give them the best you can and their bodies will thank you.
I use a food group cheat sheet inside my cabinet door to remind when I pack my kids lunch To provide dairy, bread, veg, fruit & protein w/examples of each.


Today's SP reflection -Parting with unforgiving ways

Saturday, January 07, 2012

It's never too late--in fiction or in life--to revise

- Nancy Thayer, author

Parting with unforgiving ways

Consider the things in your life that you feel are irreversible or too embarrassing to touch upon. The path of least resistance is often the wrong choice, especially when admitting to someone else that you were wrong. Is there anyone in your life that you need to apologize to? Clearing up disagreements--no matter how far removed--frees both parties to move forward in a more healthy way. Not to mention it improves relationships of all kinds. Pride isn't something that is easy to part with, but being unforgiving can eat away at a friendship or marriage. Good relationships have boundless benefits, so work to make them the best they can be!

This is a tough one, pride & striving for stupid perfectionism has always definitely been one of my biggest faults. I am trying to change ;) Baby steps

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APIRLRAIN888 1/7/2012 7:37PM

    Yes love

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SUNNY1432 1/7/2012 4:39PM

    emoticon blog. It really makes you think about what is important and if you should reevaluate to see if it is about the problem or about your pride.

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LILY_SPARK 1/7/2012 12:46PM

    I'm on Step 8 of my 12 Step program, so this hits home! In my case, almost all of my amends are to myself and my Higher Power. That sounds like taking it easy but it's probably the HARDEST. Internalizing things for years built up mountains or resentment and distrust.

"Good relationships have boundless benefits, so work to make them the best they can be! "

This is what I blogged about earlier today (but talking about to self and with food/ fitness "relationships").

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