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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Do not lose hold of your dreams, or aspirations.
For if you do, you may still exist, but cease to live."
- Henry David Thoreau

Wow have not written in a while. Today I have jury duty so I have to miss my ds kindergarten show:( expensive day so far between child watch and parking, boo! Hoping I am done after today and that it doesn't go long. I have served jury duty before so I know l will be just sitting around for awhile, wondering if I will be selected and what time I can leave. I want to go home soon to let the dog out & be home when the kids get off the bus. On more of a health note a week or so ago I am trying a little harder to fight all the weight that has crept back on this past year. I thought my thyroid meds may have been off but after being tested found out my iron was low & that my thyroid med was just right so need to get an iron supplement until then. I believe the iron deficiency is due to the removal of my iud & am hoping to get another one soon. I had tried going to bootcamp and found a new hiking/jogging buddy. Too bad he is a man which makes me & my dh uncomfortable so my dh let me get a dog last Friday so I am enjoying going out for walks w/him instead lately. It is so nice out I really did not want to join a gym. I was feeling really lonely in our new home.


Helen Keller quote

Thursday, May 15, 2014

"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it
is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if
they were great and noble." - Helen Keller


Lowe's came through Woohoo!

Monday, April 07, 2014

So Best Buy came to try and install our washer & dryer early this morning even though I called last Friday after several of their previous visits and wasting weeks of my time waiting on the phone and for them to show up to when they kept saying they could not install for a various reasons or going to the wrong address on more than 1 occasion even though they confirmed they had the correct address due to problems with their system & finger pointing between the store, corporate & the warehouse I was done with their lies & excuses & scheduled for their washer, dryer & accessories to be picked up & returned because of the worst experience ever(see previous blog)thankfully Lowe's came through. I ordered a washer & dryer late Friday night & they installed it Sunday morning. I don't think Victor & Luis from our local Lowe's delivery/installation had ever met such a thankful customer :) Happy Best Buy picked up their stuff from our garage & pray we get full credit after all the frustration they have caused.
I really hated going to the laundromat when I had brand new machines Best Buy would not install. You see with a family of 5 it is not uncommon for us to have at least 1 large load a day.

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VENISEW1 4/7/2014 9:16PM

    Thanks for your support & comments pickie98&marilyn. I felt like I must be on candid camera when I got an email from best buy this afternoon that they were going to deliver & install the washer, dryer & accessories tomorrow after picking them up this morning. Seriously??? When I called c/s service this afternoon I was on hold forever I hung up then called back an hour or so later to wait for Diane a nice sounding best buy c/s service woman who finally answered the line and promised she would call the store to rectify the problem.

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    emoticon emoticon

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PICKIE98 4/7/2014 4:12PM

    I am shocked that people still actually spend their money at BB.. They have had more lawsuits pending for not following through on warranties and purchases since the early 90's..It is an eternal lawsuit they have going.

You cannot go wrong with Lowe's.. I would not buy my large appliances from a big box store, but that is because we have many family owned stores here.. I have bought over thirty form one since 1984 and never had one problem, free delivery.
I love Lowes!! I could max out my cards every week there!! Bought doors, bath and kitchen fixtures, paint, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, plumbing supplies, insulation, flooring,etc and never had a problem,,, The nearest store is about 12 miles from here, but it is worth the drive.

I bet you have that washer and dryer humming now!!

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Best buy

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Is so disappointed with best buy for their non installation of my washer and dryer. Should have known when I tried to order my washer and dryer. I gave them the model number they then gave me a different price that I had seen on line. I asked to confirm they had ordered the correct one and he had not. Then when I saw my email receipt I noticed they had the wrong size stacking kit for the machine. I called the number on the receipt and was told I needed to call the store or corp to fix the problem Once they delivered I was told they could not install because my dryer vent was plastic & I need to hire someone to switch it to sheet metal. I asked them if there was anything else I needed to do. They said all had to do was call them once it was done& they would be able to install it. So after finally finding someone to fix it I called best buy who said I needed to call corporate. So I called corporate who said I needed to call the warehouse Once I finally found someone to help me I was told they could not come out for several days. On the day they were scheduled to install they called to say they were waiting outside our previous home. When I asked why would they go there since the machines were not delivered there, they told me it was a problem with their system and Could not fix it & that I had to reschedule and the process started all over again. Once I was able to get them back several days later. This installer told me he could not install because he needed another electric plug but I was prepared for that excuse and gave him an extension cord. I asked why didn't they tell me that last time? He had no idea. Then his excuse was the dryer plug needed to be moved and I needed to hire an electrician. So once again I asked if there was anything else that needed to be done before they installed. Needless to say I was upset and asked them to reschedule which of course he never did. So after calling best buy to reschedule once again after the electric work was done. My husband & I measured the machines to think that maybe their next excuse for not installing so we took the top of the door frame off because I thought the machine may be a Little to tall to fit and we measured the sides and it would just fit. Best Buy told me once again they could not come out for several days and I asked them to make sure they went to the correct address because they had gone to the wrong address before and they confirmed they would go to the correct address. Because of their recent track record I did not believe them so I called to confirm they were going to the correct address the day before. They confirmed. When I called the warehouse to confirm a couple hours before my scheduled appt. I was told they were going to the wrong address. When I asked why they just said it was something wrong with their system and really could not fix it. But that they would be there in later in the afternoon. The the installer called and said he was coming to our house & told me he was going to the wrong address, so I gave him the correct address and he told me he would be there in 10 minutes. So then I called corp to complain and asked for a supervisor who told me they could not help me but the warehouse could. After speaking to the warehouse they said they would send me a gift card for 10percent of the purchase price for the inconvenience. So when I asked how much that would be she said a much lower # but then upped it after I told her I knew she was wrong about the # and that I would get it in 4 to 6 weeks. So I called the installer back after a couple hours and he said c/s was suppose to call me but they never did. An installer finally showed later in the day they installed the stacking kit on the washer and then told me because of it, it would no longer fit through the door and that I needed to have the door frame removed in order to fit it in and then they would be able to install it. I asked them to do it but they refused and asked me to reschedule once again once the work was done. So I immediately called to reschedule b/c I knew it would not take long to remove the trim but then after a while I just no longer believed they would install it so I called corp once again and scheduled them to come pick up the washer, dryer and accessories b/c they had lost all their credibility and please reverse the charges on my credit card. They said they would but not still sure I believe them & can you blame me. Went to Lowes last night and they said they can install this Sunday. Wish me luck. So going to the laundromat once again today and hope I have much better luck with Lowes.

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MARILYNROBERT 4/6/2014 12:00PM

    Yuck, sorry for all you had to go through. I had problems for a month, with a new computer, until the company finally replaced it with another new one. It made for a stressful month.


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VENISEW1 4/6/2014 7:46AM

    Thank you ladies for your comments. We have always had great experiences in the past with Best Buy computers, tv & geek squad. I had a bad experience with Sears a couple houses ago when not only had they ordered the wrong appliances, when they finally had the right ones they dinged them up during delivery. So thought I would give Best Buy a chance. I really now am missing this mom and pop store called Simon's furniture & appliance near our previous home. Bought several things from them and they were so helpful. They had excellent c/s and great products. Lowes was great so far matched Best Buy's great prices on appliances(they were practically the same price) Here's hoping they show up today and can get the job done. The installers will have the happiest c/s ever if they do :)

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SLENDERELLA61 4/5/2014 5:43PM

    What a saga! What an ordeal!! Hope that you have or soon will have just what you need and want, installed. Take care. Don't let the frustration mess with you. Be strong!!

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HOLLYM48 4/5/2014 10:30AM

    I have to agree that Best Buy is not a great company to buy that kind of item from. I bought a Maytag washer from them a few years ago and when it broke a few days later they told me I had to call Maytag and have them come out and repair it. I told them I was going to return it and took my business elsewhere which I did and know that I will never buy an appliance from them again!
Sorry you had such a bad experience!

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SWEETTOOTH10 4/5/2014 9:20AM

    Wow!!!! ! What a convoluted mess! I Hope after ALL that, you Do get your money back! Hope you were able to find a good deal somewhere else and FINALLY get the washer and dryer!

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Good morning sparkfriends. Enjoying my family weekend with my in laws. They have been so helpful moving. Emptied the storage unit yesterday except for 1 wire rack and the house of everything except for some tools and some stuff we want to donate. I think my dh & FIL are already gone to fix stuff in the attic. The contractor came and patched an eyesore hole in our basement. Now we are wondering if we go back w/the original cranberry purple color or something brighter? Anyways today I plan to go w/my MIL to take the kids shopping at target to get the kids halloween costumes, they are so excited! I think the kids and I have a cold but when we went to the pediatrician Tuesday the Dr. said it was just allergies. I don't know. Just know we all don't feel our best. Trying the saline spray this morning. Have a great weekend!


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