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The narration of a rollercoaster day

Monday, March 31, 2014

8:30 AM - I am freaking unhappy. I have been able to avoid most of the winter blues so farÖ but itís April now (almost!), so can we get the sun and the warm weather back? Ö

11:30 AM - The morning is almost over and Iím feeling better, but when I woke up, it was a close call Ė I wanted to stay in bed real bad. But I didnít give it any thoughts so I came to work anyway. Itís when I begin to think ďOh, yes, Iíll stay at homeĒ and I am finding good excuses to tell my boss that itís dangerous for me to slip away and feel miserable and just stay in bed all day, thinking how big, ugly and unsuccessful I am.

But then, it goes away and I feel better. But who loves feeling that way? Iíd hope that whit all I had done, it would become easier to feel beautiful and like a winner. But no, everything has to be done again and again and again, itís an endless circle. If I stop moving my ass one week, than the following one, itís difficult to keep going because it feels like I have to start over. And starting over takes a lot more energy than just keeping going. I know it, but it seems I donít know it for real, otherwise, Iíd be doing it.

1:00 PM Ė I am back to feeling miserable. WOW! Thatís a real rollercoaster and it sucks. I wanted to skip the dinner walk but I think Iíll go for a small one anyway, see if it can put a smile on my face!!!

1:30 PM Ė Well, it ainít the biggest oí smile, but it still something and Iím proud. I just did something that my future self will thank me for. Nobody said it was easy, right?

On the bright side, I received the 1 500 fitness minutes Award. Wow! Right there, just right there, itís something I can be proud of. And the scale didnít go up in spite of all the pizze, chips and greasy things I ate.

Back to eating carrots and doing at least 60 minutes of exercises.

Goals for April :

Reach 1 500 Fitness minutes (60 minutes, 6X a week should do it);
Eat 4 veggies & 1 fruit Each and Every Day;
Run/walk intervals 5 km 2x (& improve my time from 1 to 2).

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WANTSRECOVERY 3/31/2014 7:14PM

    Thank you for the post. I understand what you are going through completely.

Good luck reaching your April goals. I'm going to post mine tomorrow. I'll be cheering you on.

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WUMPASTAR 3/31/2014 3:00PM

    GO GO GO!!!!! I know what those days are like - and I too often feel like calling in sick at work and finding excuses to stay at home. But when I actually do it, I feel bad, because I'm at home doing nothing with my life. UGH!!!

I'll post my April goal too, and we can set a mini challenge for the two of us :D

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The 15 pounds that disappeared!

Monday, March 24, 2014

I lost 15 pounds!
I started my journey in December 2013, thatís where I was at my highest (ever) weight: 246 lbs. On Saturday, the scale said 231. Oh yes! That effiní 15 pounds! I still have 11 pounds to lose for my first goal (I started the countdown at 242 on December 27). But heh! Thatís 15 pounds gone for good!

Of a meeting
On Saturday, I met a fellow Sparker, Wumpastar Ė I arrived lateÖ obviously! There were like 4 car accidents on the highway but fortunately, the snow banks are high on the highway and people were all moving inside or outside (didnít seem to have any wounded) their cars and the biggest one, we were just behind, like 3 cars behind and we could have been in the cars wreck. So Thank God! But I arrived late & everything I had to do in the afternoon got delayed. Anyhow, we ate big burgers (very good one) then we went walking. We had a lot of fun and we were able to put some walking in it.

Freggies = in check!
I buy a lot more freggies these days (and they donít go to waste because I EAT Ďem!) which is very good considering it keeps me full and theyíre low in calories. I buy a 10 lbs of carrots each week, make individual portions and it lasts us the whole week (my bf and I). I do the same thing for all of them (making individualsí portions) and tada!

I will celebrate my 3-months commitment anniversary in a couple of days. Iím so proud of myself and once again, I am addicted to eating wholesome food and sweating. And Iíve got plenty of activities coming up (races, biking, hockey, etc.) to keep me motivated & going.

Iím really happy that my boyfriend supports me in my journey and is willing to make changes to adapt his own routine to my new ones. And thereís one my friend whoís always willing to walk with me.

Please, send my positive energy so I get called back from the job interview I applied on and they TAKE me.

Have a good week, folks

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CHICAT63 3/25/2014 12:20PM

    Woohoo, that is awesome !!!!! Meilleure des chances pour ton entrevue !

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BBORDEN86 3/25/2014 11:49AM

    15 pounds is Excellent!!! Good luck with the job. I really hope they call you back!! You deserve it. :)

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CRYSTALE8 3/25/2014 9:32AM

  Bravo VALIENDRA pour ta perte de poids. emoticon emoticon

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WUMPASTAR 3/24/2014 4:21PM

    WOOHOO! Congrats (again ;P) on your weightloss, that is freakin' awesome. Also, I REAAALLY hope you get that call back! After everything you've told me about your current job... EEK! You really deserve better!

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Spring has arrived... not! ☼

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Iíve crossed 1000 fitness minutes! Wow! I am always impressed when I see, for example: ďTDMTBIRD received a 1,000 Monthly Fitness Minutes award!ď but this month, itís MY NAME instead. Woot Wo☼t! Iím so damn proud! Now, letís see how close to 2000 I can get.

As I told you recently, my boyfriend and I have subscribed to a run on May 11th. But we also subscribed to a run on June 21st, in Beauce and my friend Wumpastar is also doing it. YaY! And we will also run at the Grand Dťfi (an annual run my boyfriend want me to do for the last 2 years), either 4 or 8 km. Weíll see.

Saturday, Iím going shopping for a dress I wanna make for my friendís wedding, and the shopping will be done in good company. And then, for dinner, Iím gonna meet one of my fellow Sparker, Wumpastar.

Also, did I tell you I hate my job? (Yeah, I remember now, I told you so)

On the brighter side: Iím healthy, mostly happy and in search of a new job.

Tonightís is the candidatesí debate (we have a provincial election in Quebec) so I might just listen it and do nothing (I went walking at lunch when I had decided to do nothing because yesterday, my knee was kinda soared but after a good night sleep, itís all gone).

One day Ďtil the weekend! Have a good one, folks!

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CHICAT63 3/21/2014 4:41AM

    Woohoo for the 1000 minutes reached, here to you a great weekend planned - have fun shopping and meeting your sparkfriend. emoticon

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WUMPASTAR 3/20/2014 5:23PM

    YAY for the 1000 minutes - and why not reach 2000 minutes?! (Okay you've got 10 days left, that's 200 minutes a day... well... err... take long walks. LOL)
Keep being positive!

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Scrapbook'd BDay Card (photos)

Friday, March 14, 2014

In my previous post, I told you about this hufe bday card I was making for my friends.. so aftera good 10 hours of work.. and a lot of re-doing ! Here it is :

The cover :

& inside :

I'm glad it's done =) And.. I hope that she will find it perfect =)

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CHICAT63 3/15/2014 7:25AM

    Wow c'est original !!!!

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WUMPASTAR 3/15/2014 6:47AM

    HEIN!!! T'as dont ben du talent!!! C'est vraiment beau!!!

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MJ7DM33 3/14/2014 9:58PM


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Long-term plans, summer kick-off & some more

Friday, March 14, 2014

So, my boyfriend and I have signed up for a 5K on May 10th. Well, originally, I said I would do the biking challenge not the running one. ButÖ lifeís strange sometimes. Because I also said I would play hockey this summer and the season starts in May too. So I told my boyfriend I would begin to train in April (read : run/jog) so he argued that I could do the 5K as well.

Also, I subscribed to a running clinic to learn how to run properly, what to wear and practice with professionals around to tell me what I do correctly and not. This come pretty cheap, I was surprised. So itís all good.

Itís my friendís birthday tomorrow, I bought her earrings (with coffee cups on it, because sheís such a big coffee lover) and her boyfriend asked me to make a big card for people to write in it. I will try to post pictures of it because Iím REALLY proud of it =)

Week 2 mini challenge

Didnít work out the way I expected. And I didnít feel beautiful or anything like that. I felt like crap starting Monday. Iíve had better weeks in my life. Though, the weekís not over yet. Iíll try to give it a shot tonight.

My workday is almost over (only an hour or so and Iím FREEEE).

Hereís a list of positives things that I AM grateful for :

- My sparker friends (Wumpa and al.)
- Almost 750 fitness minutes so far this month (10-weeks streak)
- Vegetables/fruits in check for the whole week
- I will be my sisterís first born godmother =)
- Iím healthy (mostly)
- I am in a relationship with someone really special and whom I love
- I have friend and a close family

All in all, it ain't that bad - I gotta keep that in mind.

Thank you all for your kind words, it helps big time. & have yourself a sparkterrific weekend!

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WUMPASTAR 3/14/2014 4:37PM

    SEE! Plenty of positive things in your life. you didn't exercise as much as you wanted, so what. You'll do better next week! :) gotta burn some calories before we eat our burgers hehe ;P

We should totally subscribe to a run together.

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    Sounds like you have bounced back! I like the attitude of shifting your mind to what you're grateful for. emoticon

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