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8 months Sparkanniversary

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

To celebrate my 8 months of commitment, Iíve decided to start Jillian Michaelsí 30 days shred program. And Wow, bicycle crunches are killer! And my arms are so weakÖ It can only do me good. I decided to do it because one of my friends posted about her videos on Facebook and I thought to myself ďWhy not?Ē Iíve been a bit lazy lately about working HARD. I do a lot of sports with my boyfriend: volleyball, tennis, hockey... But I am not progressing really, I can run without being out of breath but my muscles wonít follow. Strength training is the key and as I find it hard to do ST, well, the least I can do is something that I enjoy!

Jillian Michaelsí approach is really different than the one I am used to. Coach Nicole is sweet and understanding, Jessica Smith is dynamicÖ and Jillianís a bit of a tyrant lol But as she says, if she makes big promises, she needs to deliver and how you do it? By working HARD!

Also, Iím doing good on eating clean and wholesome food. I am back to eating eggs and bacon in the morning and a big salad for lunch. Dinnertime is always a bit trickier but I succeeded to make a lot of paleo recipes. Iíve never been the type to use a cookbook. I had the Spark Cookbook at home, I had one Oprah did... and never really used it. Now, Iíve put one together, with printed recipes and it makes a big difference. So far, Iíve done a lot of chicken recipes, a paleo pizza (I wasnít able to make the crust hold together but it was yummy), frittata and so on. As much as I enjoyed a good pasta dish, I donít eat it anymore and having recipes that are easy and delicious on hand makes the switch easier.

My sister is in therapy, sheís an addict. She had a weekend out the last weekend and we spent a lot of time together. I went to her NA meeting and I spoke out when the time came. I didnít prepare it though I felt like it had to mean something, that I was there with her. She put me through hell more times than I care to remember and Iím happy that she finally decided to do something about it. The meeting was dynamic and it focuses on the person as a whole not just the ďIím an addictĒ part though itís a big thing to admit youíre one. And I feel better about myself for going even if I felt out of place the whole time. See, Iíve been going to AlAnon meetings and the vibe you get from it is SO different from the one you encounter in a NA meeting. I was invited to go back and I might just do it even if I feel a bit like a cheat.

Itís not going so well with my boyfriend lately. Iíve been asking myself a lot of questions. Questions I cannot quite answer yet. The situation is stressful and I donít manage it so well these days. Iíve always made braids in my hair when I felt stressed and I do it so often that my hair break and I have a side thatís longer than the other. Iíve even dreamt I was bald. Anyway, this stress is very painful to live with and I write a lot about how I feel, trying to untangle everything.

Venting out is a good way to lower the stress. So Thank you for reading me. & back to work now!
Isabelle ☼

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CRYSTALE8 8/27/2014 4:17PM

  Mettre les choses sur papier nous aide souvent ŗ y voir plus clair. Tant qu'ŗ Jillian Michaels ses DVD sont excellents emoticon

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I fit in!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

OMG! There's this dress I absolutely love that I bought back in 2008... it still fit in 2012 but I wanted to wear it for my friend's wedding in May 2014 and it didn't fit.. NOW, it does =)

I need to wash it in bleach so it gets back to a purer white but.. here it is. (Never mind the hair, it was this morning hehe)

Wow! I'm so glad =) I wanted to have something with a summer vibe this morning as we are going out for lunch for my birthday with my colleagues. There's always a mandatory pictures and this time, I wanna stand out =)

Eating right and moving my ass is paying out. I'm one pound away form the 30 pounds lost mark. Summer has been a bit difficult, I had way too much ice cream and pizza but also, I played a lot of hockey and volleyball and I went w3alking a lot on my lunch break.

All right! Have a good day, folks.
ISabelle ☼

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GRANDEFILLE 8/26/2014 8:31AM

    Super! Fťlicitations! l‚ches surtout pas!

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CATFISH_FAN 8/21/2014 5:54PM

    Way to Go!

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TDMLUVZSNOOPY 8/20/2014 2:58PM

    emoticon That is wonderful! It sure does feel good when we can get in something that is smaller. Keep up the good work and hope your birthday was extra special. emoticon

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CRYSTALE8 8/20/2014 11:09AM

  Tu es superbe !! Et emoticon

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WUMPASTAR 8/20/2014 10:55AM

    WOW!!!!! T'es dont ben belle!!! J'ai jamais ťtť game de m'acheter une robe blanche, mais toi, Áa te va... vraiment extrÍmement bien!!!

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CHICAT63 8/20/2014 10:20AM

    Woohoo, awesome !!! emoticon

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NEPTUNE1939 8/20/2014 9:13AM


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FITWITHIN 8/20/2014 9:12AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Egg muffins and holding grudges

Monday, August 11, 2014

Iím finally 30. I kinda felt it would be more of a big deal for me. But it appears, itís nothing at all. Iím reading this book about how we let things that we have no control over, affect our mood and our perception of things over time. About how grudges can affect us when we think weíve not been treated the right way. In so many ways, all of this applies to me. Letís say, I despise my job but is it my bossí fault? Do I have to hold a grudge against her to be the way she is? No. Iím not happy so Iím looking for something else but I should not punish her and not do my best because Iím unhappy. The thing is, everything is tinted by my perception. So, yeah, I hate my job but as long as Iím here, Iíll try at least to do my best. I donít make that much sense, huh?

As for my new Paleo lifestyle, itís getting good. I did my first cauliflower rice this week, it was good but a bit bland so I need to find other ways to spice it up a bit. I also did salmon cakes, those were really good and even better the day after in my salad. Tonight, Iíll make chicken thigh with a new recipe and bake broccoli. Just thinking of it, nom nom! Iíve also made egg muffins which are also a bit bland but I tend to cut the ďspiceĒ part of recipes so I really need to stop doing that.

Last week has been kind of a disaster sugar wise. And Iím kind of a hypocrite in a way that I will not eat bread/cheese at home but will indulge when I eat out or at someoneís. So I am starting this Paleo 95% streak which will cumulate days I ate 95% paleo and plus. Itís done ☼

Have a wonderful week, folks =)

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PINEAPPLE0919 8/11/2014 4:06PM

    I like adding curry paste to my cauliflower "rice", it really takes it up a notch! I usually make mine 'fried rice' style, so some ginger and garlic could add some pizazz too!

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July is over. Time to be serious =)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Iíve been so lazy the past couple of days. I didnít eat breakfast at home or packed my lunch or ate in for dinner for soooo long. Itís getting difficult on my budget which I totally screwed for that reason. Sometimes, it just seems too heavy to carry around, this new Paleo lifestyle but then, most of the time, I think itís worth it.

And Iím getting better at it. Before, I could go on for months, doing nothing and just being sorry for myself that I wasnít reaching my goals. Now, it last for days sometime weeks but not months. I read my SP page just a moment ago and I wrote ďDoing my bestÖĒ and thatís what I am doing. My best.

Yesterday, though I went overboard for breakfast, I was able to salvage my day. It helps that I had a hockey game too. Today, I started with eggs and bacon. No omelet, no veggies. It saved me a good 20 minutes. All the preparation involved in the Paleo lifestyle is demanding so I thought to myself : Do I really need to make an omelet every morning when I sit at my desk all day and I have plenty of time to get my 5-7 daily freggies. Well, the obvious answer is no. It kinda felt like cheating this morning but heh, why not make my life easier? And forget the so unnecessary guilt?

During my week off, I gained 2 pounds but I was able to lose them the week after. I played 3 hockey games that week, that obviously helped =) We played softball too, I like it so much!

Iím gonna turn 30 in just a couple of days, on August 4Ö that freaks me out. A bit because 30 seems like a very big number but mostly because I am not where I thought Iíd be. I donít have a job I like nor a salary that will allow me to buy a house in the near future, I donít have kids, I still have my old carÖ Kinda disappointed. BUT, my boyfriend is throwing a party for me, I canít wait for Saturday =)

Now, have a good week folks and keep pushing ☼

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    30 is still young but I am 25 and it feels strange so I get it. A lot of us struggle to have the things we need and want. It takes time. Just take things one day at a time. As for sticking with your plan, do the best you can with what you have. :)

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CATFISH_FAN 8/1/2014 2:28PM

    Happy Early Birthday! I just turned 40 in late July, turning 30 seems like soooo long ago. emoticon

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GRANDEFILLE 8/1/2014 10:24AM

    Bonne fÍte!

30 c'est rien! mon pŤre a toujours dit que l'‚ge c'est dans la tÍte. Faut juste savoir rester jeune. Il a 100 ans maintenant!

L‚ches-pas! t'es capable!

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TDMLUVZSNOOPY 7/31/2014 2:48PM

    That's right, just a number and no big deal! Keep at it! emoticon emoticon

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JOJOSLIVIN 7/31/2014 1:56PM

    We all can look back and see we weren't where we wanted to be at a certain point of time or age. However when we look back we think how we wouldn't be where we are today if we didn't go through and be where were then. None of knows what the future holds, but know you are exactly where you are supposed to be now to get to where you want to be. The lack of everything makes you push harder to get there in the future and be more open to what truly is important to you. Happy early Birthday from one Leo to another!

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CHICAT63 7/31/2014 11:09AM

    Take it from me, 30 today is still relatively young !!! One thing at a time, and Girlfriend enjoy that party. About Paleo and food prepping I do a lot on Sundays: I cook Chicken breasts, make a berry salad, boil some eggs. And I make my own nut mix, I buy what my family prefers it comes out to be cheaper. emoticon

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BRAINBENTT 7/31/2014 10:41AM

    30 is a number


The goal is to keep having them.

Have a great rest of your week.

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Damn! Itís already over =(

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My days off are over. How can that be? One minute I was driving like crazy to attend everything we had planned and the otherÖ here I am again, sat at my desk, working and being discouraged that Iíll never find something better. How fast did it come back heh?

My week off hasnít been good health wise. I didnít stick to Paleo at all nor did I exercise much. Iíve been experiencing stomachache a lot lately; I think itís due to either bread or cheese. I hope itís bread.

On Monday, we went to a hotel with my boyfriend (something I won) and we treated ourselves to massages and spa and sauna and a lot of fooling around in the pool. We ate too much and I was sooo tired! The day before, I had forgotten to take a pill so I was feeling lightheaded and kinda sick the whole time on Monday. So I took it late in the afternoon but that pill makes my sleepy. We got to bed around 8 pm and I felt asleep only 20 minutes after the movie started.

On Tuesday, we were supposed to do Arbre en Arbre (you climb trees and walk across suspended bridgea) but my boyfriend had hurt his foot on Monday Ė 3 hours of going up and down stairs and trees would have been painful. So, we went to the movie instead. That was a looong 2 hours and 45 minutes Ė we saw Transformers, that was good but so freaking long!

Then, we got home. Didnít do much either. On Wednesday, I got up early and cleaned the bathroom Ė I lunched with my sister and I had dinner with a friend. Got home late, my boyfriend wasnít homeÖ he was at the bar (I hate when he comes back totally wasted!) so I went to fetch him. We ended up drinking and playing darts. That wasnít so bad.

On Thursday, we drove to the south shore of Montreal to meet a friend and be closer to Calypso Waterpark in the morning. Thatís when I started not feeling so good. We ate some fresh cheese curds and right after that, I was kinda nauseous. And I had a stomachache. It faded away but came back as soon as I started eating dinner. That lasted until Sunday and kind of went away but today, I donít feel so good either. Iíve never been the one to have any difficulties with my stomach or anything related. Anyway!

On Friday, we went to Calypso Waterpark in Ontario. We stayed there 3 hours and went straight back home. I wasnít feeling good on Friday, dizzy, nauseous, feverishÖ We did a good 10 hours of car to go to Calypso and we ended being there 3 hours =( At least, we got to do all the waterslides and that part was cool. Next vacation, I wonít pack it so much. Weíll have free time and letís hope, 2 weeks in a row.
On Saturday, we went to babysit my nephew; that was cool actually except for my brother-in-law belittling what we did. I really donít like him that much. But Iím trying this new attitude where I donít get to be mean or think/say bad things about other people. So far, itís working good but not so much when it comes to my B-I-L. Guess thatís going to need more hardwork!

I didnít feel as if my days off had been satisfying. Not really. It just felt like a long week and a very short too, in some ways. I had fun though =) And I got to spend time with friends and family.

As of today, food related, itís all good Ė Iím going grocery shopping tonight. OhÖ yeah, I threw like 50$ worth of food away yesterday. We didnít eat at home once last week so all my veggies got wasted and leftovers too. I had it all planned out.. but it didnít work that way. Iím happy to be back on my regular schedule, itís so much more easy to behave and follow the plan. Iím back at 220 Ė thatís a 2 pounds gain, but heh, itís only 2pounds and considering I ate way too much, drank too much too and had too much processed and sugary food. Well the outcome isnít so frightening.

All right. That was long, heh? Sorry about that. Have a good week ☼

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GRANDEFILLE 7/24/2014 2:38PM

    C'est pas long une semaine de vacances.... pis en plus si t'es malade lŗ c'est vraiment pas des vacances.

En espťrant que tes prochaines soient plus agrťables!

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CHICAT63 7/23/2014 10:49AM

    Ah, too bad you were not feeling well during your short time off. The park is in Limoges, and it's always busy it's about 45 minutes from my home (avoir su *lol*) and we have never been yet. I hope you are feeling better:)

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JLC_NEWME 7/22/2014 9:45PM

    Sorry you were sick or not feeling well for part of your week off! I'm taking my kids to a waterpark tomorrow- I hope the weather stays nice :)

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CATFISH_FAN 7/22/2014 8:13PM

    It was long but it was a long week. It wasn't boring at least (this blog or your week). :-)

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