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let all go dear

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I cannot describe how very cogent this e. e. cummings is for me right here, right now:

let it go - the
smashed word broken
open vow or
the oath cracked length
wise - let it go it
was sworn to

let them go - the
truthful liars and
the false fair friends
and the boths and
neithers - you must let them go they
were born
to go

let all go - the
big small middling
tall bigger really
the biggest and all
things - let all go

so comes love

~ e. e. cummings ~
(Complete Poems 1904-1962)

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OUTDOORSDC 3/24/2011 8:08PM

    That is beautiful. I've been thinking of you! xoxo

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GOANNA2 3/21/2011 11:06PM

    Thanks Maha.
It is a good reminder to let go of the past.

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BRIGHTSPARK7 3/20/2011 9:48PM

    let it go ... and so comes love.
And so comes Beauty.
Thank you Mahalakshmi. xx

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    Ugh. Well this false fair friend is more true than false. Sounds like you and I need to catch up. I miss you. Glad for this though.

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KAKIPOPUP 3/19/2011 8:31AM

    At all times, "this, too, shall pass".... emoticon

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    I was reading ee cummings aloud at work yesterday... thank you so much for this. I could feel my shoulders slowly melting down my spine as I read it.

have a lovely weekend Maha.

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WOLFKITTY 3/18/2011 11:42AM

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!

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WILDHONEYPIE1 3/17/2011 6:27PM

    Thank you as always Maha. What a gift to share.

(Says I who am ssssloooowly coming out of hibernation)

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SLASALLE 3/17/2011 5:02PM

    I ALWAYS need reminders to let everything go. I don't know if being sensitive is why, but I hang on to so many things that I would be better off without ... !!!!!

I, too, love e.e. cummings, and it has been far too long

Thank you, my dear friend!

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PELESJEWEL 3/16/2011 11:45PM

    Love it, let it go......

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DARKTHOR 3/16/2011 11:07PM

    I wish I knew the story about what brought the poem on for him and for you. Wishing you all the best.

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COSMIC_ENERGY 3/16/2011 8:16PM

    I'm sure there's a story behind this lovely poem. Sending love, love, and blessings Maha! emoticon

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LIVNFITNHAPPY 3/16/2011 8:08PM

    Thank you for sharing!
I love e.e. cummings and I needed another reminder about "letting go" today!

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EOSTAR_45 3/16/2011 4:05PM

    A lovely and poignant poem.

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CARRAND 3/16/2011 2:19PM

    I love ee cummings!

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MISS_VIV 3/16/2011 12:30PM

    lOVE IT

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DAISY443 3/16/2011 12:10PM

    It had been so long since I read anything by e.e. I see he still hasn't learned to use caps. Just think, he would fit right in with the current generation texting!
I needed this reminder. I frequently forget to "let it go".
Thank you for sharing!

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    love it!

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CLAYKEEPER 3/16/2011 10:10AM

    Even when the answer is 'simple" it doesn't mean it will be 'easy'... love to you my friend , annette

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GREENCAT1 3/16/2011 9:50AM

    Thank you for sharing. Letting go seems to be a theme lately....

thy emoticon

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DDOORN 3/16/2011 9:45AM

    What an amazing poet...especially for the day and times that he wrote...! Words for any generation!


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DOR2BFIT 3/16/2011 9:35AM

    What a relief to just 'let it go'...

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SUNNY332 3/16/2011 9:34AM

    Wow - he said a lot in not too many words.

I loved it. It puts a whole new meaning on "letting go" for me.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday.


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EMRANA 3/16/2011 9:19AM


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ALEXANDRA64 3/16/2011 9:01AM

    Says a lot in a few short words...

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JESPAH 3/16/2011 9:00AM

    I love it. Thank you.

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Creating poetry through images....

Friday, March 04, 2011

Having lived on 6 islands -- in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Pacific -- as well as the Pacific West Coast, it's clear that I'm a classic Pisces! So it's no surprise that I'm so drawn to gifted photographer Mickey Smith's spectacular images via KarmaTube. I hope they bring you joy as well!

I love Mickey's suggestion to walk out of our door today with a resolution to keep an eye out for the "subtle glimpses of magic other folk might pass by." KT further coaxes that whenever we see the magic, to take a moment to feel gratitude and appreciation. Mickey's narrative on the video is magical as is his eye, and his Celtic roots sing of the "divine spark that whispers possibilities."


Click here to play:


More from and about this talented young man:

To thank Mickey:

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CINDYC53 3/8/2011 3:24AM

    So wonderful! Thanks for sharing -

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ALEXANDRA64 3/8/2011 2:08AM

    I grew up on the west coast (Santa Cruz) so really enjoyed that first video! I've also had the opportunity to both snorkel and lounge about in the very warm waters around the Philippines Islands (Luzon and Mindoro). I've always been near water of some sort. Now I live near one of the great lakes: Lake Erie, though definitely not as impressive as the ocean! But, it totally freezes in the winter, something worth seeing! I mean, the waves get slower and slower till they eventually just stop moving. They are still shaped like a wave, just frozen over. And the silence, is something else!

I wrote a poem about it once, maybe I'll post it one day. :D

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OUTDOORSDC 3/6/2011 9:40PM

    Even though you mentioned it, I wasn't expecting that accent. It made the video so poignant and lovely.

I'm not sure which I loved more - the images or the words. Both were truly fantastic. They made me think of lots of big places, small things, beautiful moments. I always love that best about art - the kind of art that transports me to another place. That lets me see something no one else sees. Sometimes it's not even the piece of art, but the shadow it casts on the wall. Like Calder's mobiles and Giacometti's lean sculptures.


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    Sounds like you have had the most amazing life! I can not wait until my daughter is in college and I can pull up roots and be a tumbleweed for a spell. Funny how you were saying to keep an eye out for subtle little things others might pass by. I did not see this until today, but on the same day you wrote it, I was taking tons of pictures of the ice cover on the ground, the ways the snow was drifting, and the shells of flowers from last year. I was thinking about how others would miss these things, all the beauty in it. I posted some of the pics on my facebook. I will leave you the link to the album. It is an album of all the winters snowshoes, so the most recent one is at the bottom.
I just found in interesting that I was thinking the very same thing as you were on this day. I feel the harmony of the world right now...
~Katrina emoticon

Comment edited on: 3/6/2011 9:08:07 PM

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SLASALLE 3/6/2011 11:27AM

    I THINK I have seen this photographers work before (maybe on KarmaTube, not sure). Definitely spectacular. Thanks for the morning joy ...


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JUSTBIRDY 3/6/2011 10:59AM


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BRIGHTSPARK7 3/6/2011 12:55AM

    I love how boldly he explores his medium: water, land, imagery.
Usha. xx

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TEENY_BIKINI 3/5/2011 7:07PM


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JESPAH 3/5/2011 8:33AM


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CARRAND 3/4/2011 8:30PM

    Wonderful. I love the ocean.

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PUDLECRAZY 3/4/2011 6:29PM

    Lovely! Ahhhh!

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FRACTALMYTH 3/4/2011 6:29PM

    Lovely :D even a fiery Leo can't get enough of the sea!!!

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WATERMELLEN 3/4/2011 5:33PM

    Thanks -- love the sound of wind and waves (and the lake here is frozen solid still).

Water speaks to us.

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DDOORN 3/4/2011 4:17PM

    Even though my sun sign is Air...Libra...I have Cancer rising and a Pisces moon and I find water just ENTRANCES me SO! How WONDERFUL it must have been to live near such bodies of water as you have!

I used to live a couple blocks from Lake Michigan during my adolescence and just LIVED in the lake during the summer and spent much time hiking around it the rest of the year.

Thank you for this wonderful resource...GORGEOUS views!


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SUNNY332 3/4/2011 3:33PM

    Wow - I loved it and you are so right about the poetry he creates with his images.

Thanks so much for sharing.


Have a Good weekend.

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WENDYSPARKS 3/4/2011 12:08PM

    Very nice!!


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    love it!

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MISS_VIV 3/4/2011 10:53AM

    Thank you again
I am in AWE

Have a beautiful day.

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EMRANA 3/4/2011 10:29AM

  Such a fabulous idea! Thank you for sharing that with us, Maha!


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DAISY443 3/4/2011 10:12AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TATTER3 3/4/2011 9:47AM

    What a beautiful idea! Thank you for posting!

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Myself minus amazement....

Monday, February 28, 2011

Praise be that I can still experience wonder....


I am who I am.
A coincidence no less unthinkable
than any other.

I could have different
ancestors, after all.
I could have fluttered
from another nest
or crawled bescaled
from under another tree.

Nature's wardrobe
holds a fair
supply of costumes:
Spider, seagull, field mouse.
each fits perfectly right off
and is dutifully worn
into shreds.

I didn't get a choice either,
but I can't complain.
I could have been someone
much less separate.
Someone from an anthill, shoal, or buzzing swarm,
an inch of landscape tousled by the wind.

Someone much less fortunate,
bred for my fur
or Christmas dinner,
something swimming under a square of glass.

A tree rooted to the ground
as the fire draws near.

A grass blade trampled by a stampede
of incomprehensible events.

A shady type whose darkness
dazzled some.

What if I'd prompted only fear,
or pity?

If I'd been born
in the wrong tribe
with all roads closed before me?

Fate has been kind
to me thus far.

I might never have been given
the memory of happy moments.

My yen for comparison
might have been taken away.

I might have been myself minus amazement,
that is,
someone completely different.

~ Wislawa Szymborska (now 87 years old and continuing, I'm sure, to be amazed!)
(Poems New and Collected 1957-1997,
trans. by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GIRANIMAL 3/1/2011 5:09PM

    Beautiful reminder! emoticon

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JESPAH 3/1/2011 8:33AM


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GOANNA2 3/1/2011 4:17AM

    Thank you so much maha.
Just beautiful.
Life is amazing. emoticon

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PELESJEWEL 3/1/2011 12:51AM

    Life is amazing, we are always surrounded by spirit!

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CARRAND 2/28/2011 7:53PM

    "I might have been myself minus amazement.." I love that line. Great poem. Thank you for sharing.

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FRANCESCANAZ 2/28/2011 7:26PM

    Gracias amiga. We hope you are well. emoticon

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FRACTALMYTH 2/28/2011 2:22PM

    I loved that one too :D

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 2/28/2011 11:25AM

    thought provoking! thanks!

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KRISKECK 2/28/2011 11:03AM

    Thank you, that's lovely! I always love to see what you have to share - it brightens my day!

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MISS_VIV 2/28/2011 10:37AM

    I continue to be amazed at all the wonder. And I wonder ( ? ) yes - who might I be if not myself.

Have a super week and thanks for the post.
Another gloreous day here. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CLAYKEEPER 2/28/2011 9:38AM

    Very moving and deeply profound .... I, too, am amazed ! Have a fabulous week.... annette

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SUNNY332 2/28/2011 9:07AM

    If we live with an attitude of AWE and Wonder, we will always be amazed.

Do have a GREAT week.

Hugs, Sunny

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DAISY443 2/28/2011 8:53AM

    I continue to be amazed at the things that amaze me. My hope is that we continue to be amazed always!

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DDOORN 2/28/2011 8:43AM

    Thx for the beautiful share...!

Happy Monday! :-)


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A Photo Story of...REVELRY!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photos from various birthday season gatherings this month, wonderful friends all:

Brunch and movies (The King's Speech) with fellow student Sandra, her focus the MSW program at UALR.

Dinner and Wynton Marsalis and his 15-member band with Gail and Jean.

Gail may have the life most devoted to service of any person I know, and she does it all with no ego. And BTW, I could go on-and-on about how Jean does NOT let her lack of sight stop her -- oh no!!!

Gourmet dinner with Fritzie and our Guatemalan friend Victor (who looks like a bandido there -- HORRIBLE picture -- though he is truly the gentlest, sweetest, kindest soul you will ever meet!)

He speaks no English and we have become friends via Fritzie since I interviewed him for a linguistics class project last semester. I'm hoping to begin working with him to learn English, which will help me work on tutoring skills I may put to use for part-time income in the future.

Those "famous" beautiful, fragrant roses from Fritzie whose "attorney-ness" doesn't stop her from being compassionate and loving and beautiful, in fact she uses it as a platform! Oh and, BTW, Fritzie is up and running in the morning at 5:30, in training for a half-marathon!

Potluck gathering that was TONIGHT of friends to celebrate four birthdays (including mine!):

Camille was coming from playing in THREE tennis tournaments today! Camille started the Beacon Community Prison Project, which Gail and I volunteer for.

BTW, if you look carefully you can barely see a platter of huge chocolate-covered strawberries in front of the honey jar.

We were at Gail's house, Sandra is seated.

Judy and her mom Johnye and I were totally losing it!

Beth, Jean and me, three of the BD grrls! Beth is a new-ish friend whom I've yet to get to know.

There all we BD grrls are: Leslie, Beth with puppy Brooks, Jean and moi. Leslie is an interesting attorney who recently finished a PhD in mythology and trains dogs to search for cadavers!

Mom and daughter chowing down. Judy (60 yo) is a local pediatrician and Johnye (80 yo) is Professor Emeritus of English Literature at U of AR, Little Rock. Picking up PhD's wasn't exactly common in AR (or anywhere really) when she did it!

Gotta' share a segment of a phenomenal message from the card Janice, Judy's younger sister and my former housemate, sent me from Vashon Island, WA, where she now lives (in a yurt!):

" sincerely and joyfully honor your birth -- not merely the wondrous event of coming to exist in your current form, what we call your birthday in that miraculous and eventful play we call life, but all your births and all ways in which you are a gift. You are born each day as you wake and after each triumph and each heart break. You are born with each intake of breath and give back of yourself each time you exhale. You are a spirit born in the dawn of time bound to all that has ever lived in this world...."

The peacock feather tree print (10/30) Robert gave me, adorned with origami sent to me earlier from SIRIRADHA.


Moving into my 69th year, it's good to know about the crack:


God's joy moves from unmarked box to unmarked box,
from cell to cell. As rainwater, down into flowerbed.
As roses, up from ground.
Now it looks like a plate of rice and fish,
now a cliff covered with vines,
now a horse being saddled.
It hides within these,
'til one day it cracks them open.

-- Jelalludin Rumi



The birds they sang
at the break of day
Start again
I heard them say
Don't dwell on what
has passed away
or what is yet to be.

Ah the wars they will
be fought again
The holy dove
She will be caught again
bought and sold
and bought again
the dove is never free.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.

We asked for signs
the signs were sent:
the birth betrayed
the marriage spent
Yeah the widowhood
of every government --
signs for all to see.

I can't run no more
with that lawless crowd
while the killers in high places
say their prayers out loud.
But they've summoned, they've summoned up
a thundercloud
and they're going to hear from me.

Ring the bells that still can ring ...

You can add up the parts
but you won't have the sum
You can strike up the march,
there is no drum
Every heart, every heart
to love will come
but like a refugee.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.
That's how the light gets in.
That's how the light gets in.

-- Leonard Cohen
Oh...DO'll be SO glad you did! _e39UmEnqY8
(I have the Live in London DVD that this is from...the entire program is as awe-inspiring as this spectacular song is)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BRIGHTSPARK7 3/1/2011 10:02PM

    I am late to the party, Mahalakshmi, but send you warm hugs and blessings of joy and peace for your birthday. Happy photos and lovely memories.

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GIRANIMAL 3/1/2011 5:16PM

    Whoa, that's the second reference to those Cohen lyrics I've come across in as many days! You can't ignore that kind of poke from the universe. I'm writing them down!

I stand in awe of your blessed, joy-filled life. So much wisdom at only 69 years young! I'm so glad you enjoyed such wonderful celebration.

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KALIGIRL 2/27/2011 9:36PM

    Wonderful photos and friends - happy birthday and many many more!

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EARTHSEAME 2/27/2011 8:52PM

    emoticon I loved seeing all the happy smiles!
Wishing the best of birthdays! emoticon

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DDOORN 2/27/2011 7:03PM

    Oh how you have saved up some wonderful treasures to share!!

It looks like you did your birthday in style with such joyous company! What a wonderful way to usher in another Piscean year! :-)

Thank you for sharing all the pics, verses and beautiful Cohen song!


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RACINGSLUG 2/27/2011 6:18PM

    What a wonderful song. Ring the bells that still can ring. So glad you got to spend some time with some wonderful people. That tree print is astonishingly beautiful.

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SUNNY332 2/27/2011 4:13PM

    Did you just have a BD? I loved seeing the photos of your friends and got a tickle out of the person that said they wished you would get out more and have some fun.

Take care and have an emoticon week.


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DARKTHOR 2/27/2011 2:29PM

    I wish you would get out and have some fun sometimes! Haha. A life filled with friends and shared experiences is a rich thing indeed.

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FRACTALMYTH 2/27/2011 1:28PM

    What beautiful happy times with friends.

Love the poems...

reminded me of this lovely treat:

Happy BIRTHDAY, my friend.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    What wonderful celebrations of a great woman!

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EMRANA 2/27/2011 11:57AM

  You write the most beautiful blogs! Thanks for sharing your wonderful celebrations!

~ OM Shanti ~

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PELESJEWEL 2/27/2011 11:37AM

    emoticon Happy Birthday Sparkie! Thank you for sharing your birthday celebration! These pictures are of love. Family & Friends surround you because of your lightness of being & your connection to the spirit of life. Awesome stuff!

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FRANCESCANAZ 2/27/2011 11:16AM

    You BLESS!
and you are blessed.
Gracias por mas poemas para conpartir con mis alumnos.
Feliz Cumpleanos amiga!
Te amo,

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JESPAH 2/27/2011 11:13AM

    First off - happy birthday.

Second, I adore seeing photos of people "losing it" in laughter. Honest faces. :)

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SLASALLE 2/27/2011 11:09AM

    Maha, you've done it again. Wow! This sure takes me back to see Leonard Cohen live (what a HUGE treat from Beth). He actually did not SING this song, but spoke it ... Of course, it may be that way on the video also. Beth has it ... we just need to view again.

So nice to put faces with these wonderful women you've shared with me about ...


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SIRIRADHA 2/27/2011 11:06AM

    What a wonderful celebration for a wonderful person! Nice to see the birds again, and you had two of my favorite poets in there! Wish I could've been there, but it was sure nice just to visit photographically!

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COSMIC_ENERGY 2/27/2011 10:58AM

    Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day--
When you were born, do-do-do-do, emoticon
When you were born, do-do-do-do! emoticon

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CARRAND 2/27/2011 10:45AM

    Wonderful poetry! I often get inspiration from song lyrics.

Report Inappropriate Comment
CLAYKEEPER 2/27/2011 10:12AM

    aaaah MAHA.... life is an enchantment and you my dear are ENCHANTING ! A very Happy Birthday to you ..... annette

Report Inappropriate Comment
MAZZYR 2/27/2011 9:39AM

    Lovely *Photo Story.*

Report Inappropriate Comment
WATERMELLEN 2/27/2011 8:21AM

    You are such an interesting person so not a surprise that you know such interesting people!! Of course the Leonard Cohen you've quoted (he's a Canajun, eh?) is one of my very faves!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BECOMINGONE 2/27/2011 7:58AM

    Love it! Honored to be a part of your birthday celebrations (even if I fell asleep after I begged you to stay). :-)


Report Inappropriate Comment
DAISY443 2/27/2011 4:32AM

    No wonder you haven't had time to blog lately! Too busy partying! Party on with your beautiful friends! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment

    You are radiant!

Happy birthday!

Report Inappropriate Comment
GOANNA2 2/27/2011 1:19AM

    What a great time you will all have.
Happy Birthday to you all. emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
JUSTBIRDY 2/27/2011 12:39AM

    What a great time! happy birthday to all

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A picture's worth a thousand...CHEWS!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.
-- Confucius

Couldn't resist sharing Artist Ben Wilson's novel approach, thanks to my favorite video source, KarmaTube!

Chewing Gum Art (from the Heart)

Check out the three-minute video. It will bring a smile to your face (and your heart):

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PENNYAN45 2/24/2011 11:34AM

    Extraordinary! What a unique approach!

You are a genius in discovering and appreciating novel yet positive perspectives of the world.

Thanks for sharing them with us.


Report Inappropriate Comment
DARKTHOR 2/23/2011 10:22AM

    Maha, thank you for sharing this. My eye would never have found the potential for beauty in discarded gum and I am appreciative and a little humbled by what this person has done.

Report Inappropriate Comment
SIRIRADHA 2/21/2011 2:52PM

    This is so great! Just shared a link to your blog on facebook.
Wonder what kind of paint he's using.

Report Inappropriate Comment
ALEXANDRA64 2/20/2011 7:47AM

    Kind of leaves me thinking of ways I can improve my own environment. Hmmmm.... Today is "clean, laundry, organize" day for myself but maybe, this week, I can offer someone else to help with their chores. Thanks for posting, definitely food for thought!

Report Inappropriate Comment
JUSTBIRDY 2/19/2011 10:20PM


Report Inappropriate Comment
WALKINGANNIE 2/19/2011 3:50PM

    I'm so glad that I was able to stop by. This is so original - just like you!

It's great to get a dose of Spark inspiration and I hope I'll be able to be here more often again.

Your blogs make my world a better place.


Report Inappropriate Comment
JESPAH 2/19/2011 9:54AM

    How wacky. Beauty is everywhere, eh?

Report Inappropriate Comment
WATERMELLEN 2/18/2011 9:15PM

    This is fun -- kinda gum in cheek???

(Find I'm chewing a LOT of gum these days myself, actually -- !!)

Report Inappropriate Comment
GOANNA2 2/18/2011 6:20PM

    Amazing Maha, thanks for sharing.

Report Inappropriate Comment
SLASALLE 2/18/2011 1:28PM

    My dear friend, Maha - I ALWAYS go searching for your blogs (I suppose I should just subscribe to them!!) because I always end up with a smile, some new perspective, and something learned!!

You ROCK (or should I say you CHEW!!!). :-) OK, that was kinda silly, I admit it, but it just came out!!!


Report Inappropriate Comment
_RAMONA 2/18/2011 11:46AM

    Maha! This was GREAT!

What struck me was his comment, "not making too many judgements about it, just working with it...."

It was a HUGE turnabout in my life when I realized that in any given situation I could suspend judgement, and that when I did, suddenly I had possibilities rather than 'problems'.

You see, I grew up with judgements... harsh, critical, damning, spirit-crushing, heart-wearying judgements. They were a mountainous burden on my back that I carried through life. And I learned to be good at making 'judgements'... a misguided attempt to maintain order and make sense of my world.

All the peace and joy I've had in my life this past year comes directly from "not making too many judgements about it, just working with it...." I'm off to do more of the same. Funnily enough... I now realize it's also how I respond to my DD...

THANK YOU, dear Lady!

{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}

P.S. Carrying you in my heart and prayers... and as I, too, sit in shadows, I picture you beside me...

Report Inappropriate Comment

    wow, that's fascinating

Report Inappropriate Comment
CLAYKEEPER 2/18/2011 11:24AM

    Why didn't I think of this ? It fits my personality perfectly... how creative ! Love you MaHa....

Report Inappropriate Comment
SUNNY332 2/18/2011 11:13AM

    How great is this. Just when you think you have seen it all.

Thanks for sharing this with us.


Report Inappropriate Comment
BHSUZYCUE 2/18/2011 11:03AM


Report Inappropriate Comment
GREENCAT1 2/18/2011 10:58AM

    I love Karmatube to! Beautiful!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DAISY443 2/18/2011 10:34AM

    Absolutely astounding! What talent! He may actually be encouraging people to spit their gum on the sidewalk, so they can enjoy his art!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KENDALL7261 2/18/2011 10:14AM

  Interesting. Who'd ever imagine making something out of discarded bubblegum!

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