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Bless those who curse you

Friday, October 24, 2008

This scripture from the Bible has always echoed in my consciousness as a finger pointing toward the kind of love that marks a purifed consciousness.

We begin within, each of us, with this immense practice. If it expands to nations, we may see the "(world) peace that passeth all understanding." But never before. As usual Sri Easwaran captures it perfectly -- "it is only by loving people who oppose us and learning to bear with them that we can heal ourselves and heal them too." --

"In every veil you see, the Divine Beauty is concealed, making every heart a slave to him. In love to him the heart finds its life; in desire for him, the soul finds its happiness. The heart which loves a fair one here, though it knows it not, is really his lover. "
-Ė Jami

"It is very difficult for most of us to understand to what extent our love can be expanded. Everybody has a few people with whom he can be friendly, with whom she can be tender, but the Lord tells us, 'Thatís not enough. If you want to become whole and never be separate again, you should have love and respect for everyone.'

"Jesus said, 'What is the special achievement in loving those who love you? Even selfish people are prepared to do that. Bless those that curse you.' I can see the twinkle in his eye as the gathering gasps. This is the daring of Jesus.

"Today we talk about revolution, but I think there has never been a greater revolutionary than Jesus the Christ. He tells us that by loving those who hate us, we can win our freedom, because we will no longer be dependent on how others act towards us. The person who practices this can reach the summit of human consciousness, for it is only by loving people who oppose us and learning to bear with them that we can heal ourselves and heal them too."
-- Eknath Easwaran

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TAHIRIH19 11/8/2008 11:54PM

    U ROCK!!! i am in love now, with your sparky page!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ANGELBELIEVER 11/8/2008 1:38PM

    Thank you for sharing that wonderful letter. It says it all and so beautifully. I pray that God will continue to help lead Barack Obama and his family and keep them safe from all harm.

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PEACEFULONE 10/25/2008 2:27AM

    Maha you always share great pieces. Thank you.

Seems easier to bless if we first forgive. Or think of it as this favorite quote reminds me--
"You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God;
It was never between you and them anyway." Mother Theresa

It's all a circle. We are all linked to each other and each of us to the Divine Creator.

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ANGELBELIEVER 10/24/2008 1:00PM

    What a beautiful and thought provoking post. Thank you.

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Accept Love

Monday, October 20, 2008

This is why there are poets:


Why wonder about the loaves and the fishes?
If you say the right words, the wine expands.
If you say them with love
and the felt ferocity of that love
and the felt necessity of that love,
the fish explode into the many.
Imagine him, speaking,
and don't worry about what is reality,
or what is plain, or what is mysterious.
If you were there, it was all those things.
If you can imagine it, it was all those things.
Eat, drink, be happy.
Accept the miracle.
Accept, too, each spoken word
spoken with love.

-- Mary Oliver
(Why I Wake Early)

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ANGELBELIEVER 10/21/2008 12:14AM

    Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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PEACEFULONE 10/20/2008 9:48AM


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First and Foremost is Meditation

Sunday, October 19, 2008

How many teachers, in how many ways, how many times...have to tell me this, said so precisely on this particular occasion by one of my key teachers:

"If you are determined to stick to what is really important in life, then from day to day you will see that the unimportant pastimes, the distractions that lead you away from your purpose, will gradually weaken their hold.

"On the list of priorities, first and foremost is meditation. It will clear your eyes and bring the detachment and discrimination we all need to make wise choices. So right at the top of your list should be the resolution to practice meditation, and not to let anything come in the way.

"Not even the greatest of worldly achievements will satisfy us completely. Nothing finite can ever satisfy us. Sooner or later, all the vitality that has gone into pursuing countless goals in the outer world must flow into one huge desire to discover the divine presence within. This supreme discovery is what matters most in life. We are all born to seek the supreme truth."
-- Eknash Easwaran

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SAVOY1 10/19/2008 8:39PM

    I admire your efforts and wish you well as you commit to getting yourself back to center.

Funny thing how stuff all seem to flow and relate, how different people start making the same connections simultaneously. I have been getting reminders in many forms recently about taking time to stop and listen to myself and to also let go of the chattery thoughts in my head. Although I have not formally practiced yoga or meditation in a little while (I do miss it, but it doesn't seem to "fit" for me right now) I carry pieces of it with me always and this is another excellent and timely reminder. Thank you!

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ANGELBELIEVER 10/19/2008 9:04AM

    I continue to read your blogs although I don't comment on them all. I love spending that quiet time in meditation. It calms my soul and causes me to realize just how wonderful this gift of life is that I have been given. emoticon

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Freedom from Compulsive Behavior

Thursday, October 16, 2008

As usual, Sri Easwaran says it so well:

"Manifest plainness,
Embrace simplicity,
Reduce selfishness,
Have few desires."
-Ė Lao Tzu

"Detachment from likes and dislikes, habits and opinions, is not a sign of weakness. It is an enormously strong and positive quality. Nor does freedom from likes and dislikes mean that life is insipid for us, but rather that we are not driven compulsively by rigid ways of thinking. Even if we donít get what we want Ė or if we do get what we donít want Ė we can still function cheerfully and efficiently.

"Detachment from habits does not mean that we have no habits. Good habits can be very useful to cultivate in life. But we should be able to change our habits gracefully, or drop them altogether when necessary, especially if we learn that they are harmful to us or are not exactly endearing us to those around us. If we are used to a cup of coffee every morning with our breakfast and one morning we discover that we are out of coffee, we donít say, 'I canít function without my coffee,' and go back to bed. We should be able to say cheerfully, 'Iíll have tea instead Ė or soy milk.'"
-- Eknath Easwaran

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LIZARDG7 10/21/2008 1:11PM

    Thanks for your blog, Valerie. I read Easwaran every day & have just finished his book Take Your Time. It's wonderful & have helped me quite a bit. His writings just speak to me. Lizzie

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Sister Moon, My Witness

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I sit in deep reflection tonight...I have just returned from walking in the moon's light. It's beauty immersed me in my sadness and disappointment in myself. I spoke to Sister Moon; I begged and beseeched her to intercede with the goddess to guide me back to my control of the monkey mind, always running here-and-there, so hard to corral, to master. The 6th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita echoes within in my angst:

6:5 Reshape yourself through the power of your will; never let yourself be degraded by self-will. The will is the only friend of the Self, and the will is the only enemy of the Self.

6:6 To those who have conquered themselves, the will is a friend. But it is the enemy to those who have not found the Self within them.

6:7 The supreme Reality stands revealed in the consciousness of those who have conquered themselves. They live in peace, alike in cold and heat, pleasure and pain, praise and blame.

This is my heart's desire; may I reclaim the energy to begin again, to move toward greater consciousness and become the master of the mind, as I conquer my will.

As Sister Moon is my witness, I will prevail.

Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi.

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    Ah yes...your sister and mine...

As you know, when "she" comes to town each month, we stay up and chat all night. Sometimes they are productive discussions, sometimes uncomfortable and disconcerting...

And for the monkey mind? Feed it bananas. Then it will come when you call, and you can build that corral...

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VAL503 10/15/2008 3:40PM

I am sending positive energy your way! I hope your walk in the full moonlight worked wonders, and that you woke up today feeling refreshed and strong.
From one monkey mind to another, I feel ya sister!

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ANGELBELIEVER 10/15/2008 12:38AM

    You will reclaim your energy for you are very resourceful. It is within you to be whole and healthy.

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