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I'm hopeless at this...

Monday, November 02, 2009

... but shall endevour to do better

proper updates'll follow sometime in the near(ish) future...

in the meantime, off to sort my "clutter drawers", renew library books, pop my long-neglected vitmain pills, make a start on my wretched assignment, bathe, stretch and begin to fill in the annoyance that is an inventory list for this year's house...

until then...


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URBANCOCHON 11/12/2009 4:15PM

    thank you! very comforting to discover others battle the mess monster daily :)
I guess I've just been very sporadic with Sparkpeople, healthy initiatives, work/life balance... etc
(currently starting an assignment that's due in on monday... and I've had sooo much time, but just been procrastinating/"busy"... hence current panic stations!)
oh well, onwards and upwards :)
xXx emoticon

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SWEETTOOTH10 11/2/2009 2:38PM

    I don't know if you're hopeless on the diet front or at the house decluttering.But I wish you luck in whatever you are struggling with!I struggle on a daily basis with keeping my house from being a disaster, and most days is LOSING battle! Hang in there!

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Gaudete Gaudete O Come O Come Immanuel

Sunday, December 16, 2007

well Possums, I did it. I went to mass, on time, all alone. and yes, I walked there in the blistering cold so got some exercise done as well.

Mass was a deeply moving and religious experience, yes I know it sounds corny but wtf it's true! :) I didn't manage to get up in time for the 11am so went to the 6pm one at the Cathedral. Got there about 15 mins early, a huge first for me, so I lit a candle in front of St Therese, Doctor of the Church, the little flower. And prayed for her intercession, but mainly just directly to god, that the rifts between my family be healed.. I prayed especially for my father, and for the biological mother I've only met twice.
All the hymns were so relevant to me right now, all out of the darkness and into the light metaphors, and there were some neocat enquirers getting blessed. I felt joined in spirit with their throng. There was gregorian chant and some of my favouritest hymns in the whole wide world. *oirish accent* OOh it was lovely lovely Xx

Seated directly behind me was JC, he of the uni Cathsoc and my old Halls fame. With his absolutely STUNNING girlfriend whose name I've forgotten now, oh well...
he's just been received! yay! one more fantastic convert! I reckon converts often make the best witnesses to Catholocism because they've thought everything through and had to battle out their beliefs on their own terms instead of having it breathed into them from infancy.

Got home and a friend came round. Went over to his (my housemates are revising like crazy and prone to crabbiness at the mo) and listened to hendrix while smoking shisha. he cooked me an amazing meal out of cupbord remenants, and introduced me to a veritable smorgasboard of cheeses... wensleydale with ginger, anyone? Trust me, it's delicious

he's lent me 3 books by Edward monkton to warm my soul, and my very own shisha pipe on loan, oh yesss

I reckon shisha's a lot cooler (and more convivial) than cigarettes... can't wait to buy some yuptious baccy... he had this "two apple" stuff which was bloody delicious

have got home now to find the boyfriend's gone out. best let him have some alone time, the poor boy is soo frustrated by my new NO SEX initiatives on top of everything else. He's now jumping on every single thing I do, money is a sore sore subject (I have none as I've had to take a 6 month interrupt from my nursing due to ongoing health problems)

posted letters today to my immidiate family in australia. I feel like i'm finally becoming a proper relative through such little gestures (I've barely sent a thank you card in my life, me + letterwriting gets so very convoluted

ach well possums

God Bless
did I really just write that? is this me?
(I sincerely hope so)



shoul i stay (home in the snuggly warmth) or should i go (to Mass in the freezing cold)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

to be.. or not to be... Churchgoing is The QUESTION

well, I really want to become all good and Catholic again but it's the physical ostacles that are the biggie for me...
finding a church
finding a suitable mass time
waking up/remembering in time
dressing suitably
getting there
getting back

i really need to find out the time at my uni and just go there... most convenient situ ever!

now to find out...


but how to find out

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THREEE 12/16/2007 4:47PM

    i enjoy seeing a non-weight improvement that someone is working on...
as with weight loss, start when it's easy first...maybe even an evening on your way home from work would be a time to schedule a church visit...
it's a thought...plus it is something i have considered, so i guess that's why i dropped in...good luck, happy praying(^_^)THREEE(a fellow CARDS fan--oh, did you hear jim edmonds is going to san diego?...he wanted to head back to california to spend his year(s) up to retirement back in california)

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NOTBLUSHING 12/15/2007 8:46PM

    You should go to mass! Hope it gets easier for you.
: )

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Moving onto stage 2, mes cochonettes

Friday, December 14, 2007

wow, I know I've not been sticking to the spark plan thinggy all too well, but whewwww what a RIDE my life has been on since i fisrst decided to see what this sparkpeople.com thing was all about!

i'm now far more positive, i'm seeing the light

i've become somehow more spiritual, calmer, more focussed

i';m beginning to shake off the apathy and embrace the revolution!

so here I am

Stage 2

watch out world, someday you won't know what's hit ya!


July 1st: A new challenge...

Monday, July 02, 2007

July 1st Ė one month until I move into my new house, into a whole new stage of my existence. My new housemates know very little about me, and as weíve no mutual friends, so theyíve no preconceptions whatsoever (and are oblivious to all my faults, my bad habits etc) Ė which means I can be whoever I want to be, and theyíll know nothing different! My new house will be a new start, and I can leave my old peccadilloes behind in my uni residence.
From August 1st:

~*~ Iím going to be tidy and organised, have a set location for all my things. It neednít be regimentally neat, but I want to be able to find everything and be able to have friends round at the drop of a hat.

~*~ Iím going to get to uni on time Ė Iíll be living so close I could, hypothetically, roll out of bed at 8.45 and still make it for a 9am lecture!

~*~ Though Iím soon to have a double bed (for the 1st time in my life- Iím going to feel like a princess!), Iím not going to have random men staying over; a skanky image never did anyone any favours!). But Iím going to make like a 50s Hollywood siren and swan around in stunning silk negligees anyway. Who says glamour canít be a 24 hour business?!

~*~ My new house had a treadmill and a whole heap of weights in the garage (jealous much?!) so really thereís no excuse not to exercise. I might also take over the teensy sitting roomy thing as a bit of a zen den. If I start doing yoga every morning before breakfast the boys will probably simply assume Iím a hippy and get used to me om-ing while they crunch their cheerios.

~*~ a new house is a great excuse to change my eating habits. I canít cook. I donít cook. Iím always rushing around and slaving over an oven seemed such a waste of time. For the past couple of years Iíve not had proper meals, just snacked whenever, and eaten standing up. Iím sure part of my snacking problem is the habit of wandering into the kitchen to see if anyoneís there, then making an idle beeline to the cupboard or fridge to give my journey some purpose. The new place has a separate living area so foodíll be less of a temptation when hanging out with housemates.
I currently have the tiniest shelf in a fridge shared between six people, so I can keep VERY little fresh food, and tend not to trek to the supermarket all that often. The new place has 2 small fridges between 3 people (result!) so Iím going to try to stock up on lots of fresh stuff and actually learn to cook! Hopefully itíll transpire to be something I enjoy and it wonít seem like a chore, especially if I install a music system in the kitchen. I have the plummy accent and wild dark hair, so if worst comes to worst I can just make like Nigella and hope nobody notices the burnt bitsJ

~*~ Iím getting older now, and ought to be moving beyond teenage style faux pas (and god I had a lot of those!). From now on I will only bring Ďthings of beautyí into my room. Iím beginning to develop a fairly strong set of aesthetics and I want to be true to them. I want my room to reflect ME. Tibetan windchimes, Indian drapes and cushions, intricate little trinket boxes, my collection of Chinese fans. The stuff I have around me is the stuff Iíll have for the next decade so I need to wean myself off pink-and-white and baby blue and anything tinny and plastic-y or cheap looking and slowly replace them with intriguing, artistic, beautifully crafted or outright gorgeous bits and bobs. Same goes for clothes: Regardless of how modish an item is, or how reduced it was in the Chloe sale, Iím resolved not to buy it unless Iím IN LOVE with it. Itíll mean buying more expensive pieces, but if I can become ruthless, Iíll save money in the long run! Iíve also begun to go off
manmade fibres in a big way, so lots of cotton, cashmere, linen, merino wool and silk.

If all else fails, tidiness is the biggie. I am quite possibly one of the messiest girls on the planet. Fastidiously clean, but messy and disorganised as hell! Traversing my bedroom used to be akin to attempting an extreme assault course: my floordrobe had become a Himalayas of silk and denim, I couldnít see my desk under a mound of papers and Iíd actually forgotten the colour of my carpet. Iím sure people thought I was dissecting cadavers or setting up a meth lab in there as Iíd never let anyone in, and only open the door a crack when they knocked. To be honest, I COULD only open the door a crack! =)

This will change. I will change

One month. One month to try to ingrain new, better habits. One month to set myself freeÖ


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