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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Alright. lol.

Work is so incredibly stressful! I worked 11+ hours today and I wanted to go run the causeway after but I just didn't have it in me. Same for yesterday. I know it's not a good excuse but I have been just a mess with stress. Yesterday I broke out in hives because of it I think. That's the only explanation I had for it. I've been reading a book called the Four Day Win. It talks about having little goals everyday for an attainable 4 days and giving yourself a little reward everyday then a bigger one at the end of the 4 days if you complete every goal. Then linking them together. So having a lot of 4 day wins. 4 days doesn't sound like a very long time, I think it's good :o) So far, one goal is to leave a bite on my plate after every meal but they said to cut it in half because if that's been my goal for a while, it's obviously too big of a goal to maintain so, I have to leave 1/2 a bite left on my plate. Which is easy, it's supposed to be. So far so good with that one. I'm on day 2 :o) Then my second goal is to read a chapter every day of the book and tonight will be my first night on the next chapter. I'm still sore from the causeway Sunday night. I should be good for tomorrow, I really want to run it again.

I'm currently not tracking my food. I think I need to get back into that slowly. I know what I'm supposed to eat and how much so, I don't feel as obligated with that. As long as I leave food on my plate and start a regular exercise regime I'll be fine. :o) Baby Steps right?

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TEDYBEAR2838 5/22/2011 8:11AM

    You got it. Baby steps. Sometimes when you dont' want to exercise and you do it anyway you feel great afterwards.

I'm here waving you on! emoticon

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I have to do this. 11/14/11

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Okay. I need to get back on track with my food and exercise. I've been off and on and trying to get back on track for a while now but I really need to succeed this time. I'm sick of not sticking to things. I ran the causeway tonight however, my gps tracker didn't record the whole thing so I'm guessing it's around 3.45 miles and about 55 minutes. That's what I put in my sparkpeople tracker anyways. Burned 445 calories. yippie. Exercise is the easy part. I can get that down. Food is my evil enemy. I'm thinking once I get back into exercising regularly, then I won't want to crave the bad stuff. That usually happens after I run, I want to eat healthy things. Well today I did week 4 day 1 of my C25k. I've been doing the first 3 weeks on and off now and those have become easy so I decided to kick it up a notch to week 4 and I did great. I even ran a little extra. I will get back on track and I will be running the next Space Coast HM. I didn't do it last yr because I got injured and it's coming up again at the end of the month so I need to just do it. (Not the HM but the running) I have a year to get me there. Suezette is so inspiring. I started training for last years HM with her and she's doing them all the time now! Like it's nothing! AND she's training for a MARATHON that she'll be doing in January I think! She is so amazing and I can't wait to get up to her level. But I can't be in a rush. I just have to do this. I have to.

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UNIQUECHAR 11/16/2010 7:42PM

    Thanks Nan. :o) I know it's been awhile. I'm going to try and blog every day or every other day. I hope your having fun in NJ! Have a great week too!

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TEDYBEAR2838 11/15/2010 9:24AM

    So nice to see you Blogging Char. WOW, missed ya. Suzette sure is an inspiration to all of us. She looks emoticon

I'm in NJ, maybe see you sometime when I get back.

Have a great week, keep sparking, keep blogging, keep on keeping on!


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First Semester at UF

Saturday, May 01, 2010

After a long but quick first semester at UF, I have received my final grades. I am SOOOO extremely excited to say that in my Statistics class I earned an A woop woop!!! And in my Entrepreneurship class I earned a B+.

Funny thing is, I got more of a take home value from my Entrepreneurship class than Statistics, and that's an understatement.

I'm very happy about this. :o)

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    Wow, that was fast! Congratulations on such a successful first term!

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TEDYBEAR2838 5/1/2010 8:50PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have gained so much weight that all my jeans do not fit. I have to keep them unzipped and use my belt to "tighten" it. That's it. I'm done moping around all the time. I'm done being depressed about everything. I'm done not wanting to talk to anyone and trying to avoid people. I'm sick of it. I already tracked my breakfast and I noticed today that my phone can get the food tracker app now. Maybe this will help too. If I'm going to feel good at our wedding, I need to start now. There's still some hope. With today's starting weight and day, I can get down to goal by December 12. It's still attainable.

*Edit* Funny thing, last night I was watching the documentary "Super Size Me" for the first time. It's a 1:30 long movie and one hour into it I felt so fat watching it I got up and went for a 65 minute walk/jog. Well, I was only intending on walking but ended up doing week 1 on c25k and walked some more for a total of 3.85 miles. That movie is staying on my instant netflix que for when I don't feel motivated. The last time I exercised over an hour straight was when I was running 5 miles. It felt good being outside. So, if you haven't seen that movie- please watch it.

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DSW1974 4/27/2010 8:14PM

    Just keep looking at your vision collage. You have something to work towards, and you can do it.

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TEDYBEAR2838 4/24/2010 3:40PM

    Char, it is totally NEVER Too late to start again. Stop putting pressure on yourself to perform. You BF loves you and will love you no matter what your size. I know you want to be thinner on your wedding day. Just relax, start eating better because It's Healthy for YOU and your body and not because you necessarily want to lose weight and it will come off. No contests, no pressure, just start treating your body with the respect it deserves. You'll see results in NO TIME FLAT!

I'm here for you .... cheering you on!


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JANELLE86 4/24/2010 11:00AM

    I use that movie the same way!! The first time I saw it, I didn't eat fast food for almost 6 months (and I was a BIG fast food eater in HS and early college). Good luck on your weight loss journey, and maybe look into some more food documentaries - there's some really scary stuff out there (a lot available on NetFlix, too!).

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FLORIDAFLUTIST 4/24/2010 10:56AM

    Charlene, I'm in the same boat as you! I gained 10 pounds over the last two months, putting me 5 pounds more than my original starting weight in 2008! My clothes are all too tight/not fitting, also. I went back to square one on Wednesday, and I'm just going to take it one day at a time. I know you can do this! And, you're right, there's still plenty of time for you to change things around before your wedding. Let me know if there's anyway that I can help you!
emoticon emoticon
BTW, I love the SP App on my iPhone, and I think you will really like the one in yours, too. I'm sure it works the same way.

Comment edited on: 4/24/2010 10:57:33 AM

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SOFT_VAL67 4/24/2010 10:48AM

    you will get there, just find out what is putting this object in your path

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I was in the middle of reading a sentence in "Shrink Yourself". I'm in chapter 2. I really wanted to finish reading the second chapter before I talked or blogged about it but I really needed to get this off my chest. I have realized something.

It is talking about how we eat to avoid emotions. Well, not only do I eat but I have taken on a ridiculous amounts of projects in the past 7-8 months. Pretty much as soon as I started going down hill with my weight loss. I think that I have done this so I'm too busy to think about my feelings, to think about what's going on in my life. I think that if I don't think about it, it might go away. I'm shaking right now because I have come to this realization. I have so much in my head that I need to straighten out but I have made it literally impossible to have enough time to actually straighten out because I'm afraid of the result. Right now, I can't think of all the things I need to straighten out because there are SO MANY things in the past 10 months or so that I have pushed aside hoping will go away. I think they have but that's just because I have been pushing them aside. The book refers to this as being childish (in more blunt terms). Part of being an adult is to face the obstacles you are faced and work them out, not run away and push them aside or ignore them. This is exactly what I have been doing, my whole life. I have ALWAYS pushed obstacles aside ignoring them because I've been worried about what the result will be. I need to start being an adult and have the balls to face obstacles, being people or situations and having the guts to say what I actually feel without being afraid to hurt someone's feelings or not. I need to grow up.

Therefore, I have decided I need to get rid of some of the things that I have started in an effort to give myself less time to myself. First and foremost I would have to say Pampered Chef. I need to stop this. I loved doing it and I love the products but, I need to get my life figured out and that's a priority. I don't have enough time to put into it that I don't get out of it what I want. But, I would say this was the main thing that helped me have no time at all to think about what I needed to. Think about it, I work full time plus overtime at Rockwell, I am going to school at UF which requires a butt load of work and studying. These two are the things I need to focus on to further better myself and make a living. Making this decision should free up some time for me to figure myself out.

After I resign from Pampered Chef, I will make a list of things that pop into my head and before I push them aside, because it's second nature to me since I've been doing it my whole life, I will write that subject down, no matter what. I'll always carry some type of paper and pen with me for this reason. Then, once I feel well rested and have a life again, I will address these topics and start solving these problems.

Thank you for reading this. I highly recommend this book. I'm only in the second chapter and came to this conclusion about my life. I think once I'm done with this book, it will drastically change my life.

Thank you Lisa for recommending this book to me almost 2 years ago. emoticon
It took me awhile to get past the first chapter (that's an understatement) but I am very glad I did and if I am right about this book, you would have helped me drastically change my life for the better, and for that I am truly and wholeheartedly grateful that you are in my life. emoticon

As for all my other Spark Friends, I've said this once and I will say it a million times, I couldn't have done anything positive in my life if it wasn't for all of your acceptance and encouragement you have given me. I love you all!!!!

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HISTOMOM 3/28/2010 11:25PM

    Wow Char..this sounds like a lesson that I too need to learn!!! I know that you will get yourself all straighten around...You are a smart and talented young woman...hang in there...IT WILL HAPPEN!! emoticon

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    Wow, Charlene, what an amazing blog! I think it's fantastic you've come to this life altering realization. Only good can come from this; I'm no psychic, but I predict a lot of self growth in your future!
emoticon emoticon

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    Oh Char! I love you, girl! I'm glad it's helping. You are so precious to me and I'm so lucky to have you in my life!!!!

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TEDYBEAR2838 3/28/2010 5:48PM

    I think it sounds like you are ready to get serious and do this. Life is not easy and sometimes we just want to "Run" from things, but that never works in the long run. It's easier just to deal with it and go on with life.

I am here for you! emoticon

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REDSKINGIRL 3/28/2010 4:37PM

    Great blog. I feel I'm in the same boat and need to make some changes to. Thanks for sharing!! You are awsome!!

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MAREBEAR53 3/28/2010 4:33PM


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