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Started a new nutrition and exercise plan

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My husband and I started a new nutrition and exercise plan last Monday - DDPYOGA. We were sort of interested in it and then we found out our friend lost a lot of weight and was getting fit following the program. We finally decided enough was enough of eating fast food and feeling crappy, and needed something fairly straightforward and regimented. It's been a week of no fast food, no soda or other junk food and we are feeling really good. The workouts so far are doable but challenging, which I like.

Very exciting about this new journey. We even started eating at THE TABLE, which is huge for us.

In fact, out of the blue, I got breakfast in bed today, driven to the farmer's market and taken on a short hike in the woods with the dogs. Feeling extra loved.
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GYPSYGOTH 10/19/2013 6:21PM

    That's awesome! I got DDP for my boyfriend! I have done it a few times with him. He's just doing the exercise part (I wish he'd follow the whole program, but baby steps I guess!)

Hope you have a blast!

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Sweatin' with the Xbox 360/Kinect

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I wish someone had told me how fun (and a workout) the Xbox 360 with Kinect was sooner. My hubby and I had debated about getting one for some time and we finally bought one this year as a Christmas gift to ourselves.

So far the games have been a blast and I have been surprised when the I wake up sore the next day. I played a fishing game and I hadn't realized how much I was using my arms and shoulders until the next morning... whew! I just bought one of the workout games and it's a nice option for the usual walk at the park or biking.

My favorite game so far is Just Dance Greatest Hits. The best thing is while your having fun, the time flies and suddenly your sweating and don't want to stop (of course, we make sure not to overdo it/take rests).

A couple of the downsides, it's expensive as you probably know - buying used games at a video gaming store is probably best - and you do need a lot of floor space in front of the system. Luckily, that's not a problem for us. We just reposition the couch.

I think this game system is definitely going to help us towards achieving our fitness goals. Sounds odd to say that by the way after years of playing video games from the couch or planted in front of the computer. This is a refreshing change for us gamer geeks. LOL.

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SASSYFITCHICK 1/15/2013 8:47PM

    I have a lot of kinect games and love them. It definitely is an awesome workout. Just from the games I have played on the kinect I have lost 25 pounds. Good luck and keep up the good work.

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ALIGIRL07 1/15/2013 8:38PM

    I have just dance and just dance 2 for my wii and if I do around 5 songs in a row usually the next day im sore lo but I love it it's my favorite form of working out.

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Happy February - Already started gardening...

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Happy February!

Here in Florida, the weather has turned super nice. I've already started gardening and I'm loving it. Hubby and I raked tons of leaves today and took two trailer loads to the dump. My little courtyard garden is ready for some serious landscaping and new plants.

I was really surprised how much energy I had. A few years ago, there was no way I could have lasted doing busy yard work for 8 hours. And it's good to know my sporadic winter exercising hasn't made me too sluggish.

I've been tracking my food, mostly in a cool food log I keep with me. Definitely noticing a pattern. I tend to eat reasonably well during the work week and then go a bit nuts on the weekends. I'm still experimenting with new recipes so I have a good selection of meals I like to plan from.

I made Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken the other night and it lasted my husband and I about 4 meals throughout the week - awesome! I also tried those baked mozzarella sticks, which came out decent. And I made my first Fritata (breakfast meal) last Sunday and it was delicious and packed with lots of veggies. Also, I continuously bake a healthy version of Dark Chocolate Banana Muffins for snacks.

Hoping to finally put my new bicycle to use soon if the weather holds out.

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TYTANIA999 2/6/2012 11:33AM

    Outlawing all outside watering? Ouch! Hoping you get lots of rain soon. That's just no fun and kinda of scary that the water supply has gotten so low. We need more rain here too, but it should start raining pretty frequently in a month or so.

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STILLFLYIN 2/5/2012 1:01PM

    I'm jealous on your gardening. It's neat to see your excitement.

I'm going to plant a very few pots of herbs and maybe only a couple of tomatoes and squash in anticipation of our city outlawing all outside watering due to lack of water supply in this drought. I have a rain barrel and I'm planning to put in some more to water the plants and our outside pets from.

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Establishing Goals & Staying Focused

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I just started reading Peter Walsh's book about the clutter inside a person - mainly the clutter we carry around with us in the form of extra pounds. So far it's a very interesting read and I thought I would share some sentiments that really hit home for me so far and possibly for other Spark'ers as well.


"To lose weight, to achieve the body and look you desire, you have to consider the many aspects of where and how you live. You have to consider the life you want to live. You have to look at your body the way you look at your house and say, 'Do I honor and respect this body? Does it reflect who I am?' If your goals aren't clear and your thinking isn't focused, you can't break the habits that stand in your way" (Walsh 11).

Walsh, Peter. "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat." New York, NY: Free Press, 2008. Print.

When I read that, I realized how overwhelmed and out of sync I have been feeling. I am not being focused and establishing a "vision" for my future.

So I'm taking this week to get grounded and really think about what I want in life - the life I want to live. I don't want to settle for a life that is so-so. Now the hard part is figuring out which dreams I genuinely want successfully manifested. Time to have a heart to heart with myself. emoticon

I'm also been watching for guidance from the cosmos, those "signposts" that will help me stay on the right path. And after my walk this evening, I drove by a sign that read,
"Success is not a destination - it is a road." emoticon

How fitting!

Another awesome find this week is a new cookbook. While I love my SparkPeople cookbook, I wish there more recipes in it. I found a fabulous one with lots of low calorie and low fat yummy recipes. There were only a handful of recipes I didn't have an interest in trying out. I'm considering just starting with the first recipe and just working my way through... shifting between the different meal types. It feels good to be so excited about cooking healthy and truly delicious meals again!

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STILLFLYIN 1/12/2012 1:13AM

    Some serious thinking there!

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Happy New Year... Here's to Good Health & Prosperity

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Time to get back on track with my fitness and weight loss goals, so I figure January 1st is a great time to start. (I can't believe it's 2012!)

My hubby is also back on board and it's great to have him as my friend and work out partner in all this. A long story short, we were doing great with SparkPeople and exercising until my husband broke his leg and everything came to a halt. Noone and nothing to blame - stuff happens and we're okay with that. We've been semi dieting and exercising over the past year and a half, but now we realize it's time once again to be serious and focused about our goals.

I like to keep the bigger picture in mind - the day when I can declare SUCCESS (have reached my goal weight) and go about the matter of maintaining rather than actively working towards losing tens of pounds.

I'm 5'9", 215 pounds currently. My goal weight range is 160-165 pounds. So, lots to go!

Some things I have going for me....
*Wonderful, Co-Dieter Husband
*Got a new bicycle for Christmas
*Got a new crockpot for Christmas
*Own the SparkPeople Book & Cookbook
*Live near a great park that includes a Butterfly Garden
*Live near some great bike trails
*Currently work part-time so I actually have the time to plan meals/workout

Should be an exciting beginning to the new year....
Keep Sparkin'!

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STILLFLYIN 1/1/2012 1:56PM

    A new year with lots of new wonderful possibilities. Best wishes for you and yours!

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TAILSFOX 1/1/2012 1:17PM

    Happy New Year and good luck!

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