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Half Halfway

Monday, September 13, 2010

I am rapidly approaching the halfway point of my training schedule. This is where it starts to get tough. I started off in July running just 1 mile per day, 4 days a week. These next two weeks my long run will be 6 miles and my shortest run will be 2 miles. After that, I will never have a designed training run under 3 miles again until the week before the race...

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Bad Day

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today's run was a milestone. A milestone that I hope to learn from, but would also soon like to forget. It was the worst run I have had so far. I wasn't constantly out of breath - no, I felt I was breathing fine. Again, it was that sluggish feeling in my legs like I was running through mud, or my shoes were made of lead.

What really made it the worst, though, was that it was only a 2 mile run - my shortest of the week...

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GYPSYGOTH 8/25/2010 5:24PM

    that is a bummer. well-hydrated? not too exhausted from other workouts & needing a rest day?
well, i hope it gets better soon!

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Listening To My Legs

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's been said that a mother can tell the difference between her baby's different cries - hunger, pain, tired, boredom, over-stimulation - and likewise that an owner can tell the difference between their pet's different cries - hunger, pain, tired, boredom, over-stimulation.

Similarly, I have found that I can now tell the difference between the different cries my leg's make- hunger, pain, tired, boredom, over-stimulation - while I'm running. Well, not really vocal cries - my legs don't have a mouth, which if they did would be really freaky and i would probably stay inside and wear pants - but the different feelings and sensations that often most first-time runners lump together as "pain." When I first began running in high school, I would too often associate any feeling in my legs as "pain," but not that I've become a "seasoned" runner, I can differentiate between actual "pain" and other feelings such as "soreness", "tightness", "fatigue" and "go home and have a beer."

To give you a better description, here are what my legs told me during my 3 mile run on Thursday.

100 meters: "This is way too early to be running. Turn around and go back to bed!"

1/8 mile: "We're still sore and tight from yesterday. And are you really sure you want to be running this early? I mean, it's still dark and the sun hasn't even starting coming up, yet. Look in front of you - the street is dark and there aren't even any streetlights!"

1/4 mile: "Okay, so we're really going to do this. Fine."

1/2 mile: "Hey, we don't really feel so bad. And we can almost make out our turn-around point from here."

1 mile: "Oooo, another runner is coming the other way. Quick, run a little faster! Look like you can actually run, not just jog."

1.1 miles: "Okay, maybe that was a bad idea. Slow down. Who cares what that other runner thinks."
1.15 miles: "Never mind. This is embarrassing. Run faster again."

1.2 miles: "Phew! He's gone. Slow down again, please!"

1.3 miles: "Nice! We're almost to the halfway point. Maybe we can explore a bit and who cares if we accidentally run further than the schedule says to."

1.5 miles: "Halfway point. This isn't a bad run, today. Oooo, we like this headwind cooling us down on our way back home. And look at that beautiful sunrise!"

2 miles: "This headwind sucks. Still a mile left? We're glad tomorrow is a rest day. Can't wait to sleep in!"

2.25 miles: "Tell us again why we run so early in the morning? We're getting tired."

2.5 miles: "If you run faster we can all get home a little sooner."

2.55 miles: "Sorry, bad idea. Ow, ow, ow!"

2.75 miles: "Almost home. Can we slow down some more, please? We worked hard and we deserve at least a little bit a break."

2.85 miles: "Final stretch home! Let's pick up the pace!"

2.86 miles: "Final stretch home! LET'S PICK UP THE PACE!"


2.88 miles: "Hey, are you listening, up there?"

2.9 miles: "Ow! Didn't really mean it! Ow! I swear! Let's stop, now! Ow! Pretty please?"

2.95 miles: "We hate you."

2.98 miles: " " (silent treatment)

3 miles: "Finished! Yay! Wait a second..."

3.1 miles: "Hey! We thought we were only running 3 miles! Where do you get off, pulling this silly extra mileage stunt?!"

Cool down: "Harrumph! Now we're all tired, sore and tight and refuse to admit this felt good. We're not talking to you again until after you shower. You're sweaty and you smell funny."

Stretching: "Okay, okay! We didn't mean it! We still love you!"

During breakfast: "Okay, we'll admit it - that felt pretty good. Let's do it again! Well, maybe after a couple days rest... and not as far... and after right knee stops throbbing. After all, we're not as crazy as you are."

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Adventures in Road Running

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last week my Tuesday run had some added spice of excitement, a hint of danger, and a splash of adrenaline. Now, I live in a small subdivision just four miles south of the far northern edge of the...

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Morning Workout Tips for NON-Morning People

Saturday, August 07, 2010

I am NOT a morning person. The first thing I think every morning is "How can I sleep in longer", followed by, "I can't wait to get back home tonight so I can go back to sleep." So, when summer hit in Las Vegas and I had already spent the money and signed up to run the Las Vegas Rock 'N Roll half marathon in December, I suddenly had to find the time to get in my training.

Here are some tips for working out in the morning that may be a little unorthodox, but they have worked for me, so far. I call them: "Morning Workout Tips for NON-Morning People" (MWTfNMP is the short, not-very-memorable acronym)

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ANNIEONLI 8/8/2010 2:05PM

    Teeheehee...I love a good funny blog! emoticon

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RENA1965 8/7/2010 3:10AM

    All I can say is that blog has a sense of humour.. I am tired of men and I don't want any more ADHD kids (2 is enough to get me out of bed lol)..
The water issue- I am tired of visiting the gyno department at my local hospital really bad advice to drink before bed... emoticon It was great read anyway- thanks for the link! It can help some people..

Comment edited on: 8/7/2010 3:12:59 AM

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