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Tired of Being Fat

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Saw my mom and my sister last weekend. Both of them have lost 30lb since the start of the year.

I....gained 2lb.

Yet again, I've proved that I'm the fat one of the family. I hate it.

I'm just fed up of being fat. So, I guess I have to do something about it.

I just joined up for the SparkPeople spring bootcamp. I'm going to finish it this time.

Just finished day one. I did the video ok, just one spot that I had to do the modified move.

My goal is to be 220lb by the end of May. My reward is a new workout outfit for the summer.

And there it is. I'm not sure if it's modivation, but it's definitly got me moving!


Week's Commitment

Monday, April 04, 2011

This week I will give myself 6 workouts. I will go swimming and I will do a spinning class.

The plan for me is:
Monday: 500 calories on home elliptical
Tuesday: 400 calories swimming
Wednesday: 700 calories in spinning
Thursday: 500 calories on home elliptical
Friday: 600 calories on home elliptical
Saturday: 500 calories on home elliptical

That is 3200 calories to be burned.

I can do this :)


Feeling the Pressure

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have a very big project due in two weeks. In two weeks I demo the final product to the client and they sign off on it. I was given this big project back in November b/c the higher ups knew if I did it that it would be done right.

My problem is that it's not even close to being done.

It's been an uphill battle from the start. First, I had to learn a whole new programming language and platform to even start writing the thing. There are no specifications for the application, I basically have to comb the project manager's brain to find out how various aspects of the application should function. This means I hit gotchas all the time. I've had to rewrite pretty much all my code at least once.

Yesterday was a particularly bad day. I was at work until 8pm, and I just couldn't figure something out. I hate leaving work with something half done, and that's exactly what I did. For 5 hours I struggled with it and I couldn't get it.

I felt defeated and stupid.

I didn't sleep well last night b/c I was thinking about my problem and about the fate of the application. I have to be finish the app by Friday to get it fully tested. It's still only half done too.

I'm so stressed about this that I feel as though I'll cry. :'(


Why are doctors so negative!?

Friday, January 21, 2011

My sister, who is currently doing the biggest loser weight loss plan, finally listened to me and went to the doctor yesterday. The end result?


I honestly want to go to him and hit him with a heavy object. My sister, who has lost over 20lb in the last month and a half, is devastated. Now she feels she isn't doing enough to lose weight. Now she's trying to figure out how she can work out more, though a part of her is thinking about just giving up b/c she is 'always going to be fat'.


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RONDAM85 2/16/2011 5:00PM

    I was just going to say the exact same thing! Time to find a new doctor. PS: tell her I said GREAT JOB!!!

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KOREENREGIS 1/21/2011 7:15AM

  I wonder where some of these Doctor's get there intelligence from. Tell your sister to keep doing what she is doing, work out and et healthy and find another Doctor. Have a great day.

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Day 16

Monday, January 17, 2011

Today I got up at 6am and I made it to the pool for 7am. Quite an accomplishment! I use to do it a lot last year, but I have fallen out of the habit, and it shows! I'm so tired today!!!

This weekend I reached my first milestone. I got on the scale on Sunday and it said 224lb. That was awesome. Looking for 222lb this coming weekend. That will put me right on track.

On Saturday I have my company party. All you can eat food and an open bar. As you can guess I'm more than a little apprehensive about this! I've decided that if I want to indulge, I have to work for it. This week I will burn 4000 calories. I normally do 2500, so it's quite a boost. I'll also work out Sunday.

I want to enjoy the night and not have to worry about what I'm putting in my mouth...is that wrong?

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STEPONME20 1/17/2011 9:54PM

  Wrong?? No. But you need to make sure you don't over do it this week. Go into Saturday night with a plan. Have a nice healthy snack before you with a glass of water so that you aren't as starved for the dinner. Also, try to limit your alcoholic-drinks. The empty calories that come in wine/beer are crazy. Give yourself permission to drink a couple and stop there.

You can enjoy yourself with just a few drinks and some good food without completely overdoing it.

I'm facing this same battle Saturday night. I think my words of wisdom for you are meant for myself just as much.

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