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Good news, bad news

Monday, December 22, 2008

Well, I did do my 8 mins each morning however, my eating plan did not go well! And why oh why do I start some new routine the week of TOM??? So needless to say this week could have been an all out disaster, I did gain :( then the last couple of days I went back to my start weight, ugh. So I am back to where I started! This week I will try harder. I am adding in 2 20min powerwalks this week. I will be out of town next weekend and I'm not sure how easy it will be to stay on track. I weighed in today instead of Sat and I had a small loss to record.

week 2: Day 9 180.0


A New Beginning

Monday, December 15, 2008

I am starting over this week with a new determination! My hectic schedule will be lighter for the next 4 weeks so I am going to use this time for renewal, to take care of ME. It has been so long since I have done anything healthy for myself. I am disappointed at all the time I lost and the progress I lost. But I can't look back, it's time to look ahead and not dwell on my mistakes. I need some focus to get started so I went to the library and stumbled across "8 minutes in the Morning" by Jorge Cruise, a book I am familiar with. So I am committing to exercise a different part of the body everyday (6 days) for 8 minutes. That seems doable, surely I can wake up 8-10 minutes early everyday! So, watch the progress. It will be difficult to get back into these habits, especially logging my food, ugh!!

"The future depends on what we do in the present." -Mahatma Gandhi

Week 1, Day 1- 181.4
(weigh-in on Sat.)


Why I have failed

Sunday, October 05, 2008

I haven't been real honest with myself, among other things, this past summer--up to the present. I have been gaining back all the progress I have made this past year and blaming it on stress and lack of time in my schedule (which has been true). But when I reflected on what I WAS doing when I was LOSING, I found an interesting discovery: here is the gist of it. I used to log my food, I used to walk or do strength exercises 4 out of 7 days, I used to eat more fruits/veggies than carbs/meat, I used to drink at least 80oz. of water daily, I used to NOT eat fast food or restaurant food more than once a week, I used to see progress with my weight loss!!

I lost all the GOOD habits I gained in the beginning of my weight loss and thought I could still do it. How ridiculous is that?! I don't really know how to get myself back to it, it's much harder now that I have been through it, I feel like a failure but I don't want to leave it at that. I have "re-committed" several times but not stuck to it so I am confused on what to do but realize I need to get back on track. It's a struggle in my head cuz I feel like I can't give up (whatever) but on the flip side I feel like I don't need this (whatever). So, I am still here, wanting to continue but struggling to make it work. Maybe you have felt this way at some point and can offer me some help!


Trying to Get out of a Funk

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I keep making promises to get back on track and can't seem to make myself. Broken promises are terrible morale boosters! Today I took a walk with my daughter. Yes, it was HOT and STICKY and our pace and distance was less than I would normally do but I think it was a good start. I feel good now. I don't know if I will make my 15 pound goal by Aug 25 being that I had gained 2 lbs. since I made that goal, ugh! And I don't plan to stress about a goal. If I do my best until then, I will have some weight loss progress and that is good enough for now. Each time I fail at a goal I just seem to give up, telling myself it's no use. So I'll just have to take this one day at a time. Making my choices for today alone. Tomorrow is another day and not worth fretting over.

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CHICKYDOO 7/24/2008 1:03PM

    Maybe you should change your goals from a weight goal, to an exercise goal. Maybe you can make a goal of having a free meal each week, and no more "cheating" These are often good starts for goals. 15 pounds is sometimes hard to do, but if you focus on smaller goals, those can be reached, and your motivation can be re-established as well!! I know you can do it. LOVE YOU!!

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SWIMMERYOGINI 7/23/2008 5:51PM

  Remember: little steps. Don't beat yourself up.

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B0BBIE 7/23/2008 4:18PM

    tomorrow is another day indeed. the next moment is a new moment.
i have found one of the hardest lessons i have had to learn on this journey is to let go of my mistakes and just move forward. (sometimes it is still a struggle to let go).
you cannot undo something that is done, you cannot control what will happen later, only this moment is yours to do the best with as you possibly can.
good job on getting out for that walk! one step at a time and in the right direction too!
you are doing wonderfully!
congrats on your losses so far!

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I'm Going For My Next 15...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Well, I was quite disappointed at my regression. I have backslid some. The scale only shows about 3 lbs up but I know I have lost some of my muscle tone and replaced it with fat :( whaaa! But I am looking ahead to my next 15 lbs! Since I started Spark back in late Nov. (2007) I have lost (as of today) 15 pounds. I had hoped to be at my goal weight by early May. My goals, perhaps, were not realistic and/or I was not disciplined enough to make it...but I have still lost weight in total! So that is still progress, as slow and back-and-forth as it was. I am recommitting the summer to my next 15. So that by the time I start Fall classes I will be at my next small goal of 160 and fit those goal jeans :) whoo hoo! Yeah, a girlfriend gave me her "fat" jeans and I want to wear them on the 1st day of class! They are size 10 and I am currently 12/14 so it will be a challenge for sure. I have decided to go walking/jogging in the coolest part of the morning (no matter the temp outside) 3x a week and continue my strength exercises 2x a week. I need to focus on my water intake, really up the amount--I'm probably dehydrated!! And be as careful as I can with my portions and eat wisely with the food I do buy. So, I am writing this down to help keep me accountable and actually start on Monday the 23rd of June...Here goes!!!!

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CHICKYDOO 6/21/2008 9:57PM

    awesome.. good for you for seeing the good in what you have accomplished... even if it is "back and forth" There will be gains when we reach goal too, but the important part is realizing it BEFORE you undo the good you are doing.. it is easy to undo... Kinda like riding a bike, it is easier to get back on after years of not, then to learn in the first place.... Fat cells are similar, it takes a bit to get those fat cells, but once you've established them, weight loss ONLY shrinks them, and they will "bloat" back up even easier than before! It is a tragic truth, as our eating patterns PROB haven't reached the point of actually gaining that amount of weight. I have went from 183 to 191... so you didn't do so bad hehe..

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