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Fitness Tip# 23 - Friday 6, 2012

Friday, January 06, 2012

Lifting weights: example programs
The following are good, proven programs to follow for weight lifting. The key thing to keep in mind is that you don't need a perfect program for you, because one doesn't exist anyway. You just need to follow a program that is fundamentally sound and work hard at it. Some of the programs are more bodybuilder-oriented or athlete-oriented, but in truth they all do the same basic things and work on the same basic principles. For a normal person working hard at them, they'll produce the results a normal person would want: more strength, more muscle and less fat.
Starting Strength:
Recommend beginners do dumbbell rows instead of Pendlay Rows or Power Cleans (because they are easier to do correctly), and stick to the military press instead of the optional hang cleans (for the same reason).
Bill Starr Linear 5x5:
This is a very good, basic workout from a renowned strength coach.
Big Boy Basics:
This program is a bit more complex than the other two and incorporates more workouts per week, but is definitely worth a look.




Fitness Tip# 22 - Thursday 5, 2012

Friday, January 06, 2012

Lifting weights - general guidance for following any program
Track your progress in writing! Write down how much you lifted & how many times you lifted it every session. You won't have any sense of concrete progress if you don't, and you'll lose track of your lifts and screw things up. Every week, focus on beating your numbers from last week. If you cannot do this, it's time to analyze your diet and your sleep habits, because something is wrong.
Don't be afraid of barbells or dumbbells. The key to safely using them is to focus on good technique (form), and to increase the weight you are using gradually. Only do the exercise for as long as you can do the exercise properly and control the weight. If you can't control the weight, reduce the weight until you can.
Do a good warm-up. A few minutes of light cardio is a good general warm-up. Then before you do each exercise, do 8-12 reps with very light weight. Many weight lifting workouts have a built-in warm-up, where you start with a light weight and then increase the weight gradually with each set.
It is not important what weight you start with, but where you end up. Be conservative at first, but from then on constantly try to add weight or increase the number of repetitions for every exercise from workout to workout. If you do this, you'll be working very hard soon enough. 2.5% more weight per week is a realistic goal, and at first you may gain more like 5%/week. That sounds small, but it adds up to a huge strength improvement in a year.
You have to push yourself to get results, but don't be stupid. Soreness and stiffness are normal; genuine pain is not. If you hurt yourself, give yourself plenty of time to 100% recover from an injury before you start again, or you'll just re-injure yourself.
Most barbell exercises can be substituted with their dumbbell equivalent, or vice versa, and achieve the same training effect. As a beginner, you may find it easier or more comfortable to work with dumbbells, and this is fine. The only exceptions are squats and deadlifts, because it can be difficult to get enough weight on dumbbells without making it very awkward.
You need days off from lifting. Do not try to lift on off-days in a lifting program in an effort to make faster progress; you'll over-train and start doing worse, not better.



Fitness Tip# 21 - Wednesday 4, 2012

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Lifting weights - recognizing a good program
First, they are based almost entirely on compound movements. Compound movements are simply lifts that involve the movement of 2 or more different joints. For instance, a bicep curl only involves one joint (the elbow). A bench press involves two kinds of joints (elbows and shoulders). Compound is much better than isolation (1 joint), especially for beginners, for several reasons.
They do a much better job of stimulating overall muscle growth and development than isolation movements.
They allow you to work out more efficiently. You can hit every major muscle group with a small number of exercises.
They more closely resemble ways you will exert your body in real life. They are better at producing practical, useful strength.
Examples of compound movements include:
Dead lift
Bench press
Military/overhead press
Bent over rows
Clean & jerk
Isolation movements aren't evil or worthless, but they are a poor choice for beginners interested in overall muscular development.
Second, related to the first, good programs work out the entire body. You will never get the results you want just doing your arms or chest; it doesn't work that way.
Third, good workout programs make you move a substantial amount of weight. To stimulate muscle growth at the expense of just carrying fat around, you have to place a substantial load on the muscle. That means using enough weight that you can only do 5-10 repetitions of a compound lift before needing a rest. The exact number of repetitions or sets you do isn't important, but you can't get results without placing a real load on your muscles.



Fitness Tip# 20 - Tuesday 3, 2012

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

What cardio should I do?
Pick one. Seriously, it really doesn't matter, as long as you stick to it. Work up to 30 minutes of it at a time, and do it fast enough that you're breathing hard and working up a sweat. From there, constantly try to increase the intensity of your workout. This can be done in a number of ways:
For running and biking, increase the distance covered
For treadmills, increase the duration or speed
For exercise bikes and elliptical machines, increase the duration or resistance setting
Always start with a warm-up where you spend a few minutes working out at low intensity, and then gradually work up to full speed and/or resistance. This will make you feel better during the workout, and reduce the chance of injury.
An example of an excellent starting cardio plan is the "Couch to 5k" plan, which starts from couch potato level and will transform you into being able to run a 5K without stopping in just two months.
If you have bad joints, look at swimming or an elliptical machine, or biking (real or stationary). These will let you get a serious workout without pounding your joints to bits.



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ALICERIEGER 1/3/2012 8:04PM

    I hate exercise and if I have to look at 30 min I probably never start. I tell myself I only have to do 10 min and I can do that. It usually ends up to be 15, sometimes even 20 min. Better than nothing I figure.

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Fitness Tip# 19 - Monday 2, 2012

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Cardio vs. weights
For most people, meeting their fitness goals requires that they do some of both, not one or the other.
Are you trying to lose weight? Lift weights. Lifting burns tons of calories, and lifting weights while dieting will cause you to retain more muscle and lose more fat than just diet and/or cardio. Because the name of the game when it comes to not looking awful is FAT LOSS, not weight loss. Do you want to be that guy who loses lots of weight and still looks flabby and useless? Of course not.
Are you just trying to "tone up"? Lift weights. "Toning" is kind of a nonsense term, because you don't actually "tone" anything. You can only lose fat and gain muscle, and lifting weights helps you do both, by burning calories and promoting muscle growth. Like I said before, you get huge by eating huge, not lifting weights; lifting just determines how much of your weight is muscle vs. fat.
Are you a woman? Lift weights, because I already explained why lifting won't turn you into a man, and all the other benefits still apply to you. And if you are a 1 in 1,000,000 woman who can pack on muscle mass like a man, just stop working out as hard and it will go away.
Lifting weights also makes you stronger, less injury prone and promotes stronger bones. It speeds up your metabolism a bit and makes you healthier in general.
But what about cardio? For one thing, it burns lots of calories. But cardio is also good for everyone because it improves your overall endurance and ability to exert yourself over an extended period. It promotes cardiovascular health and contributes to increased bone density. Basically, your ability to perform pretty much any kind of physical activity is helped by being in good cardiovascular health, and it makes it less likely that you will eventually die from your heart exploding.



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