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Holy bananas batman!

Monday, October 07, 2013

Holy bananas batman! I'm in worse shape than I thought...have I ever got my work cut out for me! Finished eating my lunch today and still had 30 minutes left before I had to get back to work so I thought to myself...I'll take this opportunity to go walk my 30 minutes today.

Either my shoes are really REALLY bad (I was wearing my "dress" shoes instead of my good tennis shoes...bad me!) or I am super duper WAY out of shape!!! 20 minutes in I was "dying"...OY VAY! So I made myself walk one more block before I turned around to come pain no gain right?

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68ANNE 10/14/2013 8:51PM

    It'll get better!


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TWINSMOM0925 10/9/2013 6:20AM

    LOL funny you should ask...that's exactly what I was planning to do...had my shoes sitting on the bed all ready to take downstairs with me to go work, even had a pair of socks to take along just in case...and then left 'em. Went to work without 'em. Dang it! emoticon

Good news is I had probably 20 phone calls to make at work yesterday to get meetings scheduled and I got every one of 'em scheduled!!! Only had to leave one message, and he called me back and the meeting was scheduled by 4:00!!! Yea me!!! See what happens when the boss is out of the office for the whole day and I can actually get some work done?

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2BEHEALTHY2014 10/9/2013 5:53AM

    Can you leave a pair of shoes at work? That's what I did when I had to wear dress shoes. I love walking, it's a great way to spend extra time at lunch.

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TWINSMOM0925 10/8/2013 6:21PM

    Awww thanks guys! Yeah I try to have a sense of humor as much as possible...the way I look at matter what's going on in our world, we have two choices every morning...we can either whine and cry and bitch and moan (and basically push everybody away cuz who wants to be around a Negative Nancy) OR we can suck it up and be thankful we even woke up because I guarantee you somebody didn't and a lot of somebody's have things a lot worse than I do so who am I to complain? Besides, laughing and smiling causes less wrinkles than frowning...and what girl wants a bunch of wrinkles and frown lines on her face...NOT ME! emoticon

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XRSIZE18 10/8/2013 10:31AM

    You can do it! I laughed at this because I had the same experience last week when I went back to the gym for the first time in a year. I passed out in a cycling class ... emoticon !

The good news is that we'll get stronger every day. I'm excited to share the 5% challenge with you. You seem like you have an awesome sense of humor!

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CJBAGGINS 10/8/2013 8:39AM

    What a wonderful idea. Great way to spend the remainder of your lunch time!

My sister, who is very wise, once told me when I was bemoaning the fact that I saw so many sparkers doing 3 hour workouts, eating tons of calories below their upper limit, etc. Her wise words to me were "can they do that for the rest of their lives?"

Getting out there for a short walk every day (or as often as you can) is an example of something that we *can* manage to do as often as possible.

emoticon emoticon


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TWINSMOM0925 10/8/2013 4:57AM

    thank you! thank you! thank you! for all the support!!! this is exactly what I needed...I'm sure it was my shoes taking my walking shoes to work and leaving them (at least until Friday...since I'm gonna need 'em over the weekend right? emoticon )

Maybe today I'll be able to walk two extra blocks before turning back. Rome wasn't built in a day and I didn't get like this overnight...I'm not gonna lose it overnight either...but I'm DEFINITELY gonna lose it! emoticon

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KALISWALKER 10/7/2013 9:32PM

    Way to go! Be proud that you are doing something that will make you healthier.

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 10/7/2013 6:01PM

    I'm sure it was your shoes, don't give up!

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JUST_BRENDA 10/7/2013 5:54PM

    Footwear can make a huge difference! Try bringing some good walking shoes (not tennis shoes). It'll make your tootsies feel much better! You've got the right idea, now just need to bring the right equipment!

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PATTYJ4437 10/7/2013 4:08PM

    I am glad we have a walking path that is 3/4 of a mile around our building. I walk 2 laps everyday at lunch. Much more refreshing than my boring treadmill. emoticon
Great job on pushing your self!

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    Just Keep On Trucking emoticon

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Today is an new opportunity for a fresh start

Saturday, October 05, 2013

So I joined a SparkTeam today...the Fall 5% Challenge...and I'm really kind of excited about it. I'm not what I would call a really "religious" person, but I do believe that God is out there and that he does speak to's up to us to listen...and I think he was speaking to me yesterday when I got the news from my doctor's office and then when I got the invitation to join this team later that same day. Coincidence? Maybe, but I'm not a big believer in coincidence...I think there is a Plan and everything happens for a reason.

So here I am...on the first day of the rest of my "new" life. Care to join me?

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KALISWALKER 10/5/2013 10:54AM

    I am so glad you joined the Challenge. Let's get our 5% and improve our health.


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MOMJULIEC 10/5/2013 9:52AM

    Celebrating in your fresh start!

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JUST_BRENDA 10/5/2013 9:05AM

    Awesome! I am continually renewing my commitment to good health (I fall a lot but at least I'm still getting up).
Keep pushing!!!

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GOCALGAL 10/5/2013 7:59AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I've been on SP for quite awhile. For me it has been the best way ever for a fit and healthy lifestyle and that "new life". My mantras have been: Small consistent changes lead to big results. "Fall down 7X, get up 8." Japanese proverb

See you in the 5% challenge!
Keep Sparking! emoticon

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WEARINGTHIN 10/5/2013 6:41AM

    Every day is an opportunity for a fresh start. Good luck to you. Glenn

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It's me again...asking for yet another "do over"

Monday, September 16, 2013

Well what I said a year ago (yes another year's gone by) wouldn't happen daughter's graduation from college has come and gone and as proud as I am of her, I'm a million times more disappointed in me. I'm still hauling this set of monster tires around my mid-secton AND my "tookus"...OY VAY!!!! What is it going to take to get my act together????

So here I am, asking for one more "do over". I've read all the books, I have all the DVDs, I've got it all in my head...I just need to get "plugged in". Tomorrow's a new day right? As much as I've messed up I can always start over right? I CAN do this. I HAVE TO do this...One day at a meal at a walk around the lake at a time...right?

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IOEINC 9/17/2013 6:54AM


And we are here to help you!! I find consistently staying connected to Spark really helps!!

Good luck!! It is a hard journey but one well worth it!!


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TWINSMOM0925 9/16/2013 9:09PM

    Thanks girls for the encouragement! It truly helps more than you know. emoticon

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PJMOMMATO3 9/16/2013 8:51PM

    emoticon emoticon

One day at a time. One meal at a time.

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GWTRIKER 9/16/2013 7:17PM

    I am on the same trip you are! I start out strong and lose about 40 lbs then get lazy and gain some back. If you find a way to "get your act together" please share it!

Good luck.

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at the risk of sounding like a broken record...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

here we go! I can't believe a year and a half has gone by and nothing has changed. well if a week at the beach wasn't incentive enough to get my big ass in gear, then let's see if my daughter's college graduation is. I cannot go to her graduation in May looking like I do now! Not gonna happen. So folks, for what it's worth, I'm gonna get serious...serious about my weight problem, serious about my money problems, serious about my job problems (that is another story for another day), serious about getting my cluttered mess of a home in order...I'm gonna get serious...period! No more excuses, no more "I'm too tired", I can't...from now on instead of "impossible" it's gonna be "I'm possible"

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PYNETREE 10/28/2012 8:56AM

    emoticon And YOU are the only one who can make the changes necessary to get the life you want. If you don't have the life you want...make the changes necessary to get the Life you'd like to have.
Sometimes things seem so huge and immpossible, but by taking small steps in the direction of your goal, you will get there.

Do not give up, If you have a bad eating day, or skip exercise, or let the mail, newspapers etc. pile up - accept it, then correct it the next day, don't let one lazy day, derail you from getting what you want! emoticon

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TWINSMOM0925 10/28/2012 8:47AM

    Thank you! Wow that was quick...somebody really is out there paying attention emoticon

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PLATINUM755 10/28/2012 8:36AM

    The power is in YOU to make your goals happen. Take the time to write out your goals and then break it down as markers that you're on the right track. Use the tool on the site, they are great for helping to keep yourself accountable. And be kind to yourself. The body is a machine and the mind is a powerful tool and it may resist at first to hold onto the status quo, but like all habits with consistency you can reestablish that line in the sand to where you want it. emoticon

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old news or we go again

Monday, April 25, 2011

7 weeks and I will have my big ass parked on the beaches of the Outer Banks, NC for 7 whole glorious days! Unfortunately, it really will indeed be a BIG ASS! (please excuse my "french"). However, at the risk of sounding like a broken record (even to myself), I gotta started sometime so it might as well be now!

God knows I should have started long, long, LONG ago. Don't know exactly why I haven't started until now...actually what I should say is don't know why I haven't stuck with it...I have actually started a kajillion bajillion million times -- that really is a real number and is hundreds of times less than the times I've "started"...the problem is no matter how good my intentions are or how much I plan meals I've never been able to "stick to the plan" for more than an hour (ok maybe that's a bit of an exageration but the point is I haven't stuck to ANY plan at ANY time).

My excuses range from lack of determination or motivation, but never any lack of frustration at slow (if any) results (even though I know this isn't going to happen overnight). I've used money as an excuse...can't afford to buy the right foods or the right supplements or join the right programs or a gym. Maybe it's just plain laziness or even jealousy of how good other people look or how easy it comes to them (at least it looks easy from where I'm sitting...whether it actually is or not I don't know)

At any you can see...I'm chock full of excuses and totally lacking in results. Quite frankly I think what I have to do is totally cut myself off from the rest of the world (figuratively speaking of course, because if there's one thing I can't do without in my world, it's people!)

What I mean is I've got to quit making sure my kids have "enough" ... they're big enough and smart enough now to take care of themselves...they're not going to starve and they know where to come for a roof over their heads if they need one. I've got to quit trying to "force feed" Shane the "right foods" for his diabetes...he's definitely big enough to take care of himself and me nagging him about eating foods he says he doesn't like in the first place is not going to help anybody.

I have got to start taking care of ME! Doing what's right for me for myself...not waiting for somebody else to do it for me...cuz nobody's gonna! Allyson asked me this weekend "do you think you CAN be smaller than your daughter? there are plenty of women out that that are ya know." She's 5'1" and weighs probably 120 pounds soaking wet...if that. I'm 5'2" and weigh 204 pounds. Do I think I could weigh less than 120 pounds...I don't know. Would I like to weigh less than 120 pounds? Hell yeah!

So then...the question is what's stopping me? other than all my excuses? Amazingly enough, other than all this extra blubber I'm carrying around, I'm healthy...blood pressure's good, cholesterol's good, heart's in good shape, as far as I know thyroid's good. Have really got nothing to "stress" over...I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food in the frig. I have a job that's not going anywhere. My kids are happy and healthy and have never been "in trouble". Money's tight but the bill's are getting paid.

So I ask again...what's stopping me? Other than myself and all my lame excuses...the only answer I can come up with is...NOTHING! So the next question is...what am I waiting for? Again...the only answer I can come up with is...NOTHING! 7 weeks I may not be the size of a Victoria Secret Angel but come hell or high water I will be on my way to looking like one! Yes Allyson I do think I can be smaller than may take me a while to get there but I'm gonna get there! :)


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