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Just gimme September already!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well. I am not going to even bother with all the lame excuses as to why I haven't lost weight, or exercised- nobody wants to hear it- including me!!

Summer is just about over. The big kids go back to school on monday - Thanks be to God!!!!!- and the little guy starts preschool on the 15th. I can't express how much I'm looking forward to even just 2 hours of alone time!!! Its ridiculous, really.

I have to revamp my spark page, and get back into food logging. My DH has expressed wanting to drop 20, so more reason to get my act together.

oh ringing. Will def. be back SOON!!!


July already??????????

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So, its been a ridiculously long time since I have been sparking the way sparkers should. I think it all started with my kids being home on spring break. DH is working away and that certainly isn't helping. I am nowhere near where I wanted to be for my weight. I have been holding at 185, so at least I didnt' gain everything back, but that is little consolation. -which I have no right to feel entitled to as I haven't been putting in the time.
And now it is summer vacation. I had no time before so I don't see things improving. HOWEVER, I am heading east for 6 weeks and I am more than sure my mom will step up and give me just about every single evening off. The plan is to restart the C25K since it will be all outdoors. I am not looking forward to dealing with the humidity though.
Anyway, kids are all yapping at me so I gotta go. I wish their dad was home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RITAONE 6/30/2010 2:10PM


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Losing it- and not in the right way

Monday, May 03, 2010

Not sure where things started to go out of focus. If I had to pick it was when I decided to stop weighing in every week. The scale was making me crazy, but since I stopped doing it every thursday, I seem to have stopped sparking too. I don't drink my water, I haven't done the treadmill in weeks (more or less), not tracked my food, not sleeping enough- everything is going to $hit.

So. Now where to start. I guess I'll start entering calories and start back on c25k. No idea where I'll be at but I've surely regressed. tsk tsk tsk. Shame on me.

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JULIAMOONCHILD 5/18/2010 12:00AM

    What the heck is up with this spring?!!! Like, it seems a bunch of us have fallen off the wagon lately, or at the very least some of us have limbs dangerously hanging over the side. In January, February and most of March, I was a whirlwind ... filled with energy, determination and a truck load of motivation. Now my determination is ZERO ... my energy is going everywhere but here with me ... and my motivation is totally lacking. In fact, you would think that I like being fat, which is definitely not the case.
OK, so what can we do about this? Do we need to go back to our Thursday weigh-ins and, as always, report the truth no matter what the truth might be? Do we need to start drinking water again (oh the agony!)?
Tell me Buddy how we can remedy this dire situation ... You must help us through this rough time, for surely I am far too weak in spirit to be of any use.
PS. Is it possible that when Spring turns into summer the curse that has befallen us shall pass??? I will keep all appendages crossed in hopes of a brighter future for us both. emoticon

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HILTOP 5/3/2010 5:42PM

    I agree with YUMMYMUMMY09 at least you recognize what's going on and are ready to address it. Weighing in every week has been one of the most motivating part of this process. Make sure you put that back in on your list of things to do! Think about what might have gone wrong and figure out what didn't work... and change it this time around. You'll get there!

Fall down 7 times, get up 8!


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BUCKIGRL4LIFE 5/3/2010 4:57PM

    At least you know what is going on and are getting back on the right track! Congrats to you for getting your focus back!

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10th (admitted) weighin

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Noone is actually silly enough to believe this is only my 10th weighin. I actually have lost count. Thursday is my day, but I have cast weekly weighins away and opted for every second week. Anyway, like I said, I am barely able to keep off the scale in the mornings- and today was no different. Not sure how much faith I have in the bloody thing though. Two days ago it told me 181.5- TWICE. But on the 3rd step it was 187.5. Annnnnnnnnnyway, today is said 186 twice and 186.5 another time. I am going to hold onto it being correct and God help me (and anyone who knows me) if this changes by thursday morning!

Did week 5, day 2 today. It wasn't so bad- although I did keep speed down at 3.7 for the first 8min run, but put it back to 4 for the 2nd eight minute run. I did notice my HR was at 91% when I still had 2.5 mins left, so dropped speed down to 3.8, and it went down to 84%. So....what I want to know is, am I "supposed" to stay in a range less than 90 but above 70? If I am unable to keep the HR under 90, what do you do? Switch to walking, or knock the speed back a little? This thursday is the BIG 20 minute run, which I'm sure will crank the HR up to that 90%+ mark, so what would be the recommendations be for that?

The weather is still chilly here today. I did not get out with the bike -my hands are FREEZING after 5 mins, and I can not for the life of me, find my !#$%^ leather gloves-which will look totally stupid, but whatever. Summer is fast approaching, and I got a looooooooong ways to go still to get anywhere near my goal weight.

That is it for now. Kids will be home soon so better have the snack ready as they are ferocious when they get off that bus. Happy sparking everyone!


9th weigh in

Friday, March 26, 2010

So yesterday should have been my 9th weigh in. I say "should" b/c I'm more sure to not count it than I am sure to count it. Confused? Yes, prolly. So since... basically feb 25th, (one month since sparking) I have hovered around 191.5 and 190.5. It has been driving me literally crazy. I was moving along, enjoying seeing my graph curves changing, and then it just seemed to all stop. So I asked some questions, and some members suggested I was not eating enough. Now, I don't really understand the do's and do-not's (nor do I have time with having several young children) but other people are saying 1200-1500 cals is not enough for a person who is doing approx. 300 mins a week of cardio. What I really don't get is.... they (the experts) say to create a weight loss, you need to lose 3500cals a week to drop one pound. Now they say, you can eat less, exercise more, or a combination of the two. So, regardless of how, if I have a calorie intake that is say, 500cals less than what it "should" be, annnnnd I have been burning 300+ cals a day- isn't that the same as reducing my cals by 800cals each day, times 5 daysa week= 4000cals a week? Should I not be dropping at least a pound a week then? So now, if I am eating 500 more cals a day than before, isn't that going to make me GAIN weight?

Seriously, my head hurts from trying to understand this. If I weigh myself, next thursday, and I have GAINED weight, I think I might cry! And then again, maybe I shouldn't weigh myself til 2 weeks after upping my calories, which would be the week after next?... I think. I think I think too much.

My measurements are not changing either. Down an inch on the hips, but everything else is the same. I don't know how but the muffin top can be less but my waist is the same. How can that be? Why is everything so confusing?

Anyway, I am thinking of booking an appt to my family doc. I should tell her I want to drop 40more pounds, and maybe get some bloodwork done too. I kinda wish I had done the bloodwork right when I started SP- to have something to compare numbers to now. If I haven't lost weight, it would SURE be nice to see how I improved something else -if even on a molecular level! : (

In the meantime, I'm just continuing with the C25K program, and walking 5 or more times a week. I still refuse to accept strength training as something I have to do. Almost as much is stretching. I force myself to do a couple after the treadmill but I don't see any difference in doing so. I don't hurt that much on days I don't do it- or the day after-so ?????

Kids are officially on spring break. I am currently sipping a medium coffee with one milk, and the kids all had a muffin. I was not even tempted by anything food-ish from Tim Horton's either. One big plus about this time of year- I do not - AS IN NOOOO WAAAAAY- order food items. Whenever you go inside and you see all the FLIES crawling on the trays of baked goods- it just turns you right off. Hurray for being easily grossed out!!! It pays in this case!!

Thats all for now. For sh!ts and giggles- I did weigh myself yesterday and was 190.0 ~not that we're counting that though ; )~

Saturday- 9am.....
....and ummmmm....not that we are counting it- the scale said 187 today. WTH????????????.... Which is it?

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TWINGIRLSBOYS2 3/30/2010 2:16PM

    Honest to God, JuliaMoonChild, I expect to have gained again. I have come to hate that scale so much it means nothing to me. ~Did I step on that scale again today- YES. DH has not remembered to take it with him to work. I think he is just "forgetting" on purpose though. It is kinda silly of me to ask him that. Anyway, I am ignoring the numbers- for now. I will just take the monthly measurements, and go by my clothing. Pi$$ on it, eh? I HAVE to get improving with walking 10-18miles a week. The bod must be in shock so I'll forget the numbers- use them for tracking purposing but no more boo hooing -unless my clothes get tight or the inches fail to move. With that I should get my butt on the TM.Two more days to get to 1500 fitness minutes (one of my march challenges)- although going to miss it b/c of the decision to start taking rest days. Going to miss it only by a little though. : (
Good to hear your back in good form, and adding your sparkles to the group! : ) Will check in on thursday to see how your weigh in goes. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

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JULIAMOONCHILD 3/30/2010 12:22PM

    Hi Partner,
How about the last item (187) which, of course, you're not counting. LOL. Fantastic!
Now, I have been off the nutritional tracker for 3 weeks and I gotta get back on it. Plan to start using it again by April 1st, which is just a day away. It has been my life saver! Anyway, the thing is I dropped a few pounds in two weeks, which I don't think are going to last. I was actually in a situation where I was NOT getting enough calories for several many days, and now .....well, being off the tracker for 3 weeks I will probably find on Thursday's weigh in that I have gained weight. So, I'm kind of thinking that I should not have registered the weight loss last week, since I don't think it was real weight loss. like the kind you get from the normal daily STRUGGLE, if ya know what I mean. So, I bet this Thursday I will show weight gain. Bummer. Cry, cry cry.
Now, you will no doubt show weight lost, so I will cry alone .... BUT, know that I will be happy for you ....even though misery loves company. emoticon

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TWINGIRLSBOYS2 3/29/2010 11:02AM

    LINIS_THIN---Patience is not my best attribute- no doubt : ( Thanks for the encouragement though : )

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LINIS_THIN 3/27/2010 7:40PM

Deeeeeeep breath.

It will be okay!
This happens to all of us. I was plateaued for a month.
I chose not to worry... but it bothered me a tad!

You will figure out all of it eventually. Put in the info (make sure all is up to date... exercise and weight etc... it does not automatically reset.) Then let SP tell you how much to eat. Bottom of range on days you do not exercis... top of range on days you don't. Then RELAX and let your body figure it out.

A deficit of 500 calories is usually recommended for healthy weight loss.

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