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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Very hot today. 97 degrees here. Back going into spasms after back surgery. Had to go into into town with husband today to mail doe license application. todays menu was:
Egg scramblers with green pepper and onion topped with taco sauce
Ate out at Perkins and had the mini honey mustard chicken crunch salad and unsweetened ice tea
a super dog with pickle rrelish and cranberry mustard in a large roll which I tore most of the inside out and two teaspoons of rosa marina salad.

A friend came to visit in the evening and brought three books for me to read. Very good day in spite of the heat.

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JERSYGRL 7/7/2012 6:07AM

    Try to stay cool today! Sounds like you had a perfect day given the weather!

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July 4, 2013

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Very hot and oppressive today. Here it is July 4 and I have seen enough fireworks for a lifetime. Last night a thunderstorm came through and knocked out the electricity so we were without any electric until this morning. At midnight we were on our way to Meadville to get gas for the generator. Our son and his family live next door. They are on REA and we are on enelec. Trees were down all over the road and one fell on the telephone line. Electric was out clear into Meadville. Thank God we did have a generator because it looks like our son and his family may be without electric for at least two more days. Went to my sil today and had a nice time, but was glad to get back home to our air condtioned house. Phone lines were all messed up. Sil still insists I called her last night because our name called up on their caller id. I DID NOT CALL HER. Anyhow the low tonight is going to be 77. And no relief in sight until at least Friday. In the meantime some sugar free jello with fruit and cool whip sounds good to me.


July 3, 2012

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Yesterday I was so cold even though it was in the 80s in the morning. Then in the afternoon the feet, hands, wrists and ankles swelled up. Feet were so bad I could not walk. It was so painful and I was afraid Id break a bone if I walked on them. So I relied on the power chair all day. I took 2 prednisone in the morning but swelling did not go down so I took two more in the evening then swelling went down and pain eased. However the prednisone kept me awake until 3 in the morning.
Today I took three and swelling is still down. We had a small rainstorm and thunderstorm in a distance. Temperature dropped from 84 down to 71.
Today we are going to Titusville to pick up a prescription from Giant Eagle. I like it more than the one in Meadville. So much easier to find things. I am thinking about going back on the South Beach diet.. I think I am eating too much flour, fruits and sugar in my diet. Years ago I did the Atkins diet but it was too confined for me. However I did the SB diet years later and felt so much better. There might be a connection in the rise in lupus cases and the processed flour and sugar in our diets

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    Hope you feel better soon.

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DATMAMA4 7/3/2012 3:34PM

    Sounds like you're learning what works for you and what doesn't.

I did SB diet a few years ago and had success with it, although I couldn't stick with the low-carb thing as well after awhile. But I learned a lot of good things from it, and still tend to eat lower amounts of carbs as a result -- which now fit into my nutrition as I track it here on SP.

I wouldn't doubt that there are many illnesses that can be tracked to processed foods in general.

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june 30, 2013

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Had quite a time with everything today. Did a lot of walking and surprised my husband with what I was able to do. We went to Meadville and went to a restuarant where I ordered fish and corn.We took our grandaughter with us and her boyfriend. She gets so bored at home.The heat here is what is making the news. It has been three days in the ninety's. Very uncomfortable. Had to leave Thumper home because it would be too hot in the car for him.


aging gracefully

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I found out the meaning of this today but let me start at the beginning.
7/25/08 I joined the YMCA
7/29/08 Today I went for the 1st time to the y, spent 20 minutes on the exercise bike (ouch my arthritc knee) and went to sitin on an Active Aging class. There I saw a man 89 exercising and was told he has as much energy as a man 1/2 his age. Now back to the title of my blog. That is what I call aging gracefully. Being active , loving life and being productive.
7/31/08 I went to the YMC for my first Active Aging exercise classes. surprised at how out of shape I am.. another lady, who just joined also, and I had to bow out early on a couple of the leg exercises and I couldn't do a couple of the ones with weightts that required using the rotor cuff. Before class I spent 15 minutes on the treadmill with no incline.
8/01 Will spend time doing exercises at home. Plenty of exercise tomorrow and walking at the Medieval Fairre in Ohio.
8/4/08 I am recovering from the weekend. We had my daughter and three of the grandchildren come and visit together with their two dogs. We went to the Ohio
Medieval Fairre and took my second youngest granddaughter also. Miles of walking. Then we came back home and celebrated my husbands b-day the next day. My son and all the rest of the grandchildren here along with neighbors for ice cream and cake. But now it's
Monday and back to the basics. A half of a bushel of string beans picked. With the company gone, my husband and I rolled up our sleeves and put up 16 quarts of dilly beans. RA really bad this afternoon. I finally gave in a took my prednisone to relieve the inflammation. Couldn't hardly walk until then. B etter for now.

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PADOOKAHEAD 7/29/2008 5:42PM

  Reminds me of my grandmother. I only wish I can age as gracefully as she did. Was 80+ and would get on her roof to fix things. Always active, gardening, ironing and anything else that needed tending to. She passed away at the ripe age of 101. Neat, neat lady. Reminds me of that saying that if you don't use it, you'll lose it!
Mary Ellen

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