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It's finally happening with Victoza and me

Friday, March 01, 2013

I can't believe it but i am finally losing wight. After counting carbs, calories, fat grams and going on weight watchers its really happening. My doctor said i want you to try something. I said to he rI am journaling every day and making up menus for my calorie count. She said that won't work. She handed m a syringe with victoza. At first my husband was against it because it lowered my bs so dramtically, but after we got it adjusted found it was working after all. I started back before Christmas and here it is the end of February. I have lost 18 pounds so far. I have been going to therapy also 2 or three times a wek so I can walk again. That is going well.

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CAROLIAN 3/10/2013 3:22PM


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SEATTLE58 3/1/2013 1:21PM

    emoticon That is so exciting! Keep doing what you're doing and you'll get there before you know it! Oh my, how we love all the help we can get, no matter what form!! emoticon

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SUTERSPACE 3/1/2013 12:03PM

    I'm on Victoza and it's been great. I've lost a total of 44 lbs so far.

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Another day another dollar

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Well, here we are another day another dollar. Hot again today, but not as bad as yesterday. I had a great day with the diet. I believe I am finally getting this right. I figured out the world isn't going to change for me so I have to adapt to the world. Eating more protein than carbs and that is keeping the blood sugar down. I have found out also that even in an atmosphere where I am eating out I can make the right choices. Unless of course they don't believe in veggies at all in which case I will have to watch what I eat. Anyhoiw I will cross that bridge when I come to it. But for now goodnight to all.

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WOUBBIE 7/20/2012 11:13PM

    Glad to hear that your blood sugar is down! Wonderful!

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JUDITHWITHROW 7/19/2012 10:06PM

    Yes we have to adapt no matter what's going on around us.

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SEATTLE58 7/19/2012 10:04AM

    You're learning and that's the main thing! Good for you. Each good "todays" help with our "tomorrows"!!

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Fried wings and things

Sunday, July 15, 2012

While every day in our life may not be perfect it is is an ongoing life lesson fir most of us. Today was one of those days for me. I woke up andf ate my breakfast of whole grain toat with crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jam. Then I took my meds including the prednisone. I went outside for a while but eventually made it back into the house and decided to lie down because I have been feeling on the weak side lately. then got up. It was long past lunch. I had missed it altogether and hubby said let's go to town. He had a craving for wings. so we had to go into town anyhow for dog food, a vinyl tablecloth and some salad mix. And what not. So it was mostly the search for the best price of wings and mixes to sprinkle over it. we found what we needed and started back home. t was almost 6;00 at that time and I was hungry. Mentioned to dh because I am diabetic so he said there was a bag of potato chips in back which he retrieved. So I ate some on the way home. hen we got home and he proceeded to fry the wings and I sprinkled on the buffalo wing garlic and herb and buffalo wing hickory barbecue on the fried wings. Then he decidded he wanted to clean out the freezer and found some french fires to fry up. The whole day was not well prepared and couldn't have gone worse

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JUDITHWITHROW 7/16/2012 5:45AM

    So you learned. Preparation is key.

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DMF2012 7/15/2012 3:10AM

    You'll do better today

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STUFFNEARTABOR 7/15/2012 12:43AM

    Sorry to hear of your roller coaster day. I hope you can plan non-fried fruits & veggies for each of your meals tomorrow. Good planning = good eating. Stay strong.

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NIKKICOLE83 7/15/2012 12:43AM

    Yeah it was definitely a bad day for nutritional eating but consider it your cheat day and move on tomorrow. More importantly with your diabetes you have to make sure you don't get to that starvation point. Perhaps you could buys some snack packs, bananas and other quick fruits to have on hand in between meals. Good luck!

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Chinese restaurant

Monday, July 09, 2012

Not doing too bad today. I have felt the best that I have in days. Temp was only a high of 84
Baked a low carb cheesecake today for Charlie and I . tt turned out well. They said you can mix anything in it you want so had some leftover rhubarb and it turned out fine. Went to Townville and Edinboro with Charlie and Thumper. Thumpie was so happy to go for a ride. He hadn't been able to go for a couple of days because of the heat. So today was a win win situation. Ate at a Chinese buffet in Edinboro. I found out it is easy to do that low carb. Ate some shrimp unbattered, Seafood salad, sushi, green beans, mushrooms and watermelon. It satisfied me. Well, tomorrow is another day and it will be stir fry without rice for me

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SEATTLE58 7/9/2012 11:38AM

    I find that too at the Chinese Buffets, that you can control what you eat more. I try to get the unbreaded items and the steamed dishes without alot of sauces. Yes, fresh fruit too! Mmmm, I've always loved those places. You can see why it'd be so easy to over-load! It feels so good to go away after choosing more healthy! Yes! emoticon emoticon emoticon I'm going to add you! Have a good week!

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DMF2012 7/9/2012 7:49AM

    Sounds like a great day, and congrats on choosing healthy, but tasty buffet items!

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Another hot stifling day

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Had a very rough day todayl It was close to 100 degrees here and I had horrific chest pains. Had a hard time breathing even though we have AC Even thought I might be having a heart attack. Finally just went in and laid down. Slept a lot today. Watched what I ate today but not as rigid as usual. had crackers and yogurt dip for breakfast. Roast beef and mashed potatoes at lunch. Cooked the beef in a crockpot. And beef noodle soup for supper with a half of a chocolate chip cookie. Lots to drink of course. Still no rain and we do need more.

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    Hot hot hot here too and yes tough on the breathing. Take it easy.

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WOUBBIE 7/8/2012 1:30AM

    Oh my goodness. Please have yourself looked at ASAP! Better to go to the ER and be told that it's just gas pains or gall stones than to risk having a heart attack without medical assistance!

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LANAHAUTH21 7/7/2012 11:46PM

  Please have chest pains checked out if they contiue.

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