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Sugar and Easter Can Go Together!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

OK, I admit that I LOVE Easter candy! It goes back to my childhood with my Easter basket full of jelly beans, marshmellow chicks, and chocolate eggs. I just got my Spark Trophy for the Tame Your Sugar Challenge. I have lost weight, am running more, and feel better!

So, how did I handle Easter candy this year? I ate it, but in control. I stared at the doughnuts in the bakery and decided that the first bite is the best. I bought the jelly beans and my favorite meringue cookies. I ate it in small portions beginning later in the day. Afterall, jelly beans are only six calories each. It tasted good, but not that good. I quit at the end of the day and took the leftovers to work the next day to share.

I feel good about the way I ate my SUGAR and enjoyed it too! Just call me Marie Antoinette...but I can control myself. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 4/12/2012 11:41AM


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Running Addict and Proud of It!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yes! I ran 55 miles since January to prepare for my second 5K yesterday. I ran with 2,000 women up and down hills in a park in Montevideo, Uruguay. It was so much fun! Who would think I would say that? It took me 57 years to enjoy running.

My husband is wondering what has gotten into me. Now he is going to races with me to photograph the mob scene. We are seeing new parts of the city, enjoying the outdoors, and running with friends. I am still on a running high today!!! I am getting faster and have big goals...maybe a 10K next time. Visit my Spark Page for lots of photos of the Nike 5K in Uruguay!

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BANKER-CHUCK 3/27/2012 1:38PM

    Glad you are enjoying yourself. Keep up with the fun and take your husband along for the run.

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FITNESSMONSTER8 3/26/2012 11:53AM

    Wow 55miles this year! That's incredible!!! emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 3/25/2012 6:00PM


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LESLIESENIOR 3/25/2012 4:59PM

    I love the "catch us if you can" slogan. You go girl. My husband is still not sure what the allure is for me. Oh well. Snooze you lose.
Trabajando bien hecho.

That's supposed to be "job well done".

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CBAILEYC 3/25/2012 4:01PM

    Wonderful! Happy congrats on a great 5K and love for running!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TRILLIUM22 3/25/2012 2:13PM

    Keep enjoying your runs. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Sugar Addict?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Yes, I am and I have a mouthful of cavities to prove it. My sweet tooth started at a young age. I have been paying attention to my cravings this week. I want to eat sugar after a meal, when I am bored, when I have to do paperwork I donīt want to do, after school, and at night. What other time of the day is left?
I have been trying to replace my cravings with non-fat yogurt. My husband and I have been making our own yogurt in the slow cooker. It turns out differently every time. We add Splenda and Vanilla to it and enjoy every bite. Try it!


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HIKERNJ 3/20/2012 10:25PM

    Tweetie, where have you been? Haven't seen your posts on the team in forever! I like your sweet-tooth idea. I started the sweet tooth challenge this week. I have a sweet tooth when I am low on proteins.....and all the other things you said. I think I would like to try the yogurt idea sometime, making my own that is. I love the chobani yogurts. Don't know if you can get them where you are. They are super high in protein, non-fat, and they don't use corn syrup or artificial sweetners-mostly fruit and its juices or a bit of honey. I tried eliminating products with corn syrup about 2 months ago. That really helped my sweet cravings a lot.

How is running? emoticon

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YOYONOMORE1 3/19/2012 6:49PM

    My youngest DD is a sugar addict, I wonder if there are sugar interventions, she sure could use one. I have never heard of making yogurt in a slow cooker before, that's different. Have a good evening.


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Coffee Addict? Italy is to blame...

Saturday, March 03, 2012

I didn't used to be one. I would sip hot tea all day long at work. Coffee was forced upon me when I taught in Italy for the last two years. There were cafes everywhere with tons of people gulping down their espressos at the bar. It was an Italian ritual beginning at 6am for a quick stop on the way to work. It was definitely not a comfortable Starbucks experience. The Italian concept is to drink it as fast as you can and hurry on your way, kind of like taking medicine!

I had to carpool with other teachers to my school in an old Tuscany Villa. That sounds romantic, but villas require a lot of maintenance and nothing quite works. The teachers would stop at the best cafe in town on the way to school. I would politely stand there and watch the scene without indulging. I wasn't going to participate in this morning ritual, and I was stubborn...and bored. Finally, I gave into peer pressure and tried a machiato (espresso with a dab of cream). It was good enough to try again. Then I graduated to a black coffee called an Americano of course. Before I knew it, I stopped at a nearby cafe on my walk to the carpool meeting place which was another cafe where I waited inside and of course ordered another coffee with ginger while waiting for my ride. Then the carpool car stopped at the best cafe to meet the other teachers on the way to school. I was hooked! On the last day of school, the people who work at the cafe even posed for photos with me and said good bye - Ciao!

Now I am continuing my caffeine habit in South America, but mostly with instant coffee and it is not as good. On the bright side, coffee isn't all bad. It fights against Alzheimers, Parkinson's Disease, and Diabetes. I bought a coffeemaker recently and that helps with the taste. However, as I sip it every morning, my mind wanders back to the chaotic atmosphere of an Italian cafe on a little cobblestone street far away from here...


Glee Blog!/'On Our Way' episode

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dear Highly Paid and Over Valued Glee Writers,

I understand that life is not always a song and dance, but I do expect that from Glee! least. I watch Glee! to escape my daily ups and downs...not to add to them! This end of the winter season episode was jammed pack with Regionals, a possible early Wedding, and two (not one) life threatening tragedies. Come on Glee! writers...make my day!!! This script was overloaded in my book, and caused me to worry all day.

Will Quinn survive the crash and live to fulfill her dream to graduate top of the class at Yale (and then continue on to be the first woman president)?
Will Rachel and Finn actually rush to the altar to fulfill their dreams of becoming the first teenage married couple on network TV? Or first divorced?
Would the Warblers have won Regionals if Darren had been the lead singer instead of ditching them?
Will Kurt be a true friend to his former bully Dave?

Warning: This show has been hyped as the 'most shocking' Glee! episode ever (and may cause anxiety).
Hot Topics: Internet lewd photo blackmail, bullying, teen suicide, teen marriage, text messaging while driving, poor song choices, and cheap peanut butter.

A Worried Fan who is repeating this show's mantra every five minutes...
'Don't Give Up!'


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