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Life is going well

Friday, January 22, 2010

This whole not having much extra cash and being very careful how I spend it thing is definitely working for me. I've just bought a new house, and a newish car (because some idiot in an oncoming car fell asleep at the wheel and puliverized my last baby/car, with me in it I might add), and I'm definitely having to budget.

Because of this, my mom took me out on a grocery shopping foray and we got good, need to cook, not pre-prepared food for my kitchen. Because of my need to be thrifty, I've been careful to not take more food than I need, only serving myself one serving of whatever, and storing the rest. I've lost what averages out to be about 1.5 lbs per week since I bought the house. What with the massive project of unpacking (and a decided lack of will) I haven't been exercising much, and I still lost.

I haven't been at this weight since college. Admittedly, I still have a long ways to go. My weight in high school would be the logical next step, which is about ten pounds lighter than now. But, the goood thing is, most everything is unpacked and a good work ethic this weekend should get the last little bits of stuff put away (with the exception of my books since I have no bookshelves to speak of), as well as some cleaning done. My dog is progressing well towards potty training, which means I'm not waiting around for an hour with him over the course of the evening. Field work is starting up, which usually means a 20 hour day, but given that I'm being restricted to a 40 hour work week, I'll probably be having at least two days off during the week, which, in combination with the weekends, should give me at least three work out days.

Things are going well. I have enough cash to live until my next paycheck, even after all my due bills are paid, my dog is almost potty trained, my house is just about put in order, and I'm losing weight without really trying.

Funny/sad how money has really been the impetus for me losing weight. Obviously I'm capable of doing it on a low-calorie diet, but my health just wasn't important enough to consistently restrict myself, whereas money apparently is. I did lose 18 lbs before money was an issue through diet and exercise, so I'm not a total lazy butt, but it's definitely been easier to do it with this extra push. Hope things continue to go well.

My family is helping to feed me, by taking me out for a meal on average once a week, which is usually higher calorie. However, it's been my experience that a high-cal day once a week helps kick start my metabolish so I have more consistent weight loss. Things are good.

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CALTRIN 1/22/2010 4:32PM

    Congratulations on everything going well. I am so happy to come across your blog. I was born in Hupa and grew up in Willow Creek. I am living in Albuquerque now, but I sure do miss the river and the trees.

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Finding the time to exercise...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I don't know how people find time to exercise. I've been reading the "popular" discussion thread about the issue, but my question is this: How do you decide between exercise and sleep?

I'm told that both are very important to weight loss. Exercise is obvious, but there's definitely been clinical studies saying that not getting enough sleep can seriously impinge on your weight loss goals. As for myself, I just bought a new place and my time's getting taken away from.

It's a 30 minute drive to work, which I know some people have it worse, but it means I have to leave by 7:45 in the morning and I don't get back 'til after 5;30, and that's only if I don't have errands to run. When I get home I clean the cat's box, and try to walk the dog. He's stubborn and usually I end up spending an hour an evening just trying to wait him out and get him to go. Then you cook dinner. Then you eat, which we're not supposed to do quickly so that we don't overeat, and then you have to clean up. And then I have to play with the puppy and give the cats some attention because they need love too.

This last seems a bit like a cop-out, but seriously, I took responsibility for them, so it's my duty to ensure that they have a fulfilled life.

After working on unpacking, and it's taking forever because it's always after 9:30 when I start, I don't take a shower until 10:30, and then it's past 11 when I go to bed. If I'm supposed to be getting 8 hours a night, it's just not possible.

Of course, a lot of people have it worse than I do, and they persevere. It just doesn't seem possible to budget my time such that I meet *all* of the requirements for healthy weight loss. I guess you just have to pick and choose what works best for you.

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FIRSTEGG 1/14/2010 1:08PM

    I work 50-60 hours for my main job, work a lot of weekend days for my 2nd job, have Scout meetings at least once a week. But, I found time to do at least 1 hour, at least 3 times a week.

In your situation, you could do floor excercizes (DVD/Video, Wii Fit, etc.) for the hour you are waiting for the dog. Do you track the time you play with the dog/cat? Also, I find it beneficial to excercise before dinner. I don't get as hungry. At lunch, you can walk for 10-15 minutes. The 30 minute minimum recommended doesn't have to be all in once. It's more beneficial if it is, but 2 15 minute sessions or 3 10 minute sessions is better than none...

It can be done...I am living proof. emoticon

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Monday, December 28, 2009

I don't get how people say they like exercise. I'll admit, I generally feel good after I've exercised, but the actual process is boring and painful. There is nothing enjoyable in it for me. I mean, maybe when I'm fit I'll enjoy running, but right now I'm plodding along, puffing and hurting, and generally not enjoying myself. I don't like it. I just don't like it.

And I can't even DO any running right now, because it's dark and the only stretch to run on is the highway which has no street lamps. I feel like a bowl of pudding, sitting all jiggly here in my office chair. I'm wearing my hinking boots (because I had field work today) and it inspires me to hike, but it will be dark befoer I get off work. The season is dragging me down.

However, I am moving shortly. There are several gyms in my new hometown, whereas there are none here, at least that are available after 5 o'clock which is of course when I would need access. I don't know if I'm going to have enough money for a gym membership, and I don't know if it will be a waste of my money because I'll never go, but the opportunity exists now to shake it up a bit. The exercises that Spark offers are fine, but they really don't do much for cardio most of them. Strength training is important, but it's not everything. It'll be good to have access to ellipticals or treadmills again. If nothing else, I can now go over to my auntie's and use hers if I can't afford the membership.

Oh wait, I don't like exercise. It's probably not going to happen. Gross.

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TURTLETRACK 12/28/2009 7:27PM

    I have trouble making myself exercise but I have many friends that support me and that helps. I hope that you can find a exercise buddy, that also might help.

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Current Status

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well, I weighed in today after a few months of not having a scale available, and pretty much letting my eating and exercising habits degenerate horribly.

I started things up again last weekish, and when I weighed today I was 170.6. That's pretty average with where I was at the last time I was checking in. I had gotten down to 168ish after concerted effort. I don't know what I weighed before I got back on track, so it's possible I dropped those first few pounds that it's always easy to lose in the first week and in fact I weighed more last week. Who knows.

Regardless, I'm not horrified by being here. It could've been much worse with the way I've been eating. And I feel pretty good for the past week's food consciousness. I ate too many veggies yesterday which is leaving me uncomfortable today, lol, but that will pass and I'll feel better. I do need to up my exercise though. I'm waiting for the clocks to fall back to start running in the morning again because it's too dark before work and there's not many street lights here. I've been doing Gilad workout videos, and OUCH my muscles hurt, but it's not everyday because that's too much. I guess I'll pick up yoga again.

Anyway, things are okay. I'm pleased.


Mother to a puppy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I can see where motherhood could be somewhat addictive.

I miss my puppy. I didn't get to watch him play this morning like I usually do because I had to leave the house early, and I miss him something awful. And when I get home from work and bring him in, I can't stop watching out for him. Either to keep him out of trouble, or just to see what he's doing. I'm totally content to just watch him for an hour when we first get up in the morning. If he disappears I immediately have to hunt him down and bring him back in my view. Every little thing he does is the cutest thing.

I was saying to my mom that being cute must be an evolutionary advantage of being young. Even ugly babies (like baby bull dogs) are cute. Combined with incredible pain in the butt that young things can be, if parents didn't think that their children were unbearably cute or otherwise adorable (whether they be human or animal parents) they might abandon them in aggravation. But no matter how many times my puppy picks up socks to chew on, no matter how many times he wakes me in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, he's still so dang cute/intelligent/precocious that I'm smitten every time I see him.


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