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Nutrient rant

Monday, November 01, 2010

Alas, it is time again for a nutrient rant. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, it's hard to get the right proportion of nutrients in high enough amounts when you're on a low calorie diet.

While I agree that it's okay to overindulge on occasion, so long as we get right back on track, recognize where we went wrong, and don't beat ourselves up, there are larger implications to messing up than potentially to our weight loss.

By overindulging in the bad stuff, even if we stay in our calorie range, or fit into Spark's carb/fat/protein suggested values, it means we've lost that much opportunity to give our body the nutrients it needs.

What got me thinking about it this time is this saggy skin issue. I really, really, really don't want saggy skin. I think it's SUCH a bummer that we can work so hard, do everything right, lose the weight, and still be saggy. Not cool. Most online postings I've read about it pretty much say, "too bad, so sad, not much to do but get surgery because you WILL have saggy skin."

A.) I don't want surgery after all this and. B.) I can't afford surgery even if I wanted it.

Now, all these online experts may be right. It could be a forgone conclusion that my skin will sag and not snap back, despite my relative youth. I certainly don't treat it well, that it should do what I want it to.

But since I AM having success at weight loss (though I must admit to a lb gained after some icky choices last weekend), my next focus is going to be on maintaining my skin, while keeping up and improving the nutritional habits that I've gained.

After looking into it on my lunch break (which is almost over eek!) the most prevalent suggestions for fighting skin sag come down to these three.

1.) Exercise to tone up and grow muscles, which improves the look of skin and provides skin with a new surface to cling to after the fat is gone.

2.) skin brushing to stimulate the dynamic nature of skin

3.) sufficient absorption (through ingestion) of skin strengthening nutrients, which include vitamins A, C, E, K, biotin, niacin, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Basically, while I may be able to stay within my various caloric and carb/fat/protein values for the day while still ingesting the occasional Mountain Dew or cookie, each of those limits my potential intake of good nutrients by 170-250 Cals.

The thing of it is, I hate to plan out every little bit of something that enters my mouth. I know what's in my breakfast of greek yogurt, granola, and berries when it comes to Cal/carb/fat/protein. I can figure out what was in that tuna sandwich for the same. But now, if I have any chance of retaining elasticity, I have to try and account for ALL of the nutrients listed above? I can't even get enough iron in my diet, and that's just one element! Forget about fiber. Forget about all this other stuff.

Bleh. This is so much work.

I guess I'll try though. It's really a matter of planning out meals ahead of time, perhaps as far as a week. As things stand, I've mostly been just going through the day, and counting myself successful if I track AS I eat, and stay within Cal range. I don't know if I can pull it off. Odds are good I won't be able to maintain commitment to this, knowing myself. But I've got to try. If nothing else, even if it doesn't work on my skin, I'll be overall healthier in the end.

Feeling way too lazy to look into it right now though. 'Sides, time to get back to what they pay me to do.

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VAMANOS 11/3/2010 8:28PM

    Had to come back and tell you that there is a new blog on user TODDJAMES Blawg Dawg series that addresses this. Check it out!

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VAMANOS 11/2/2010 6:20PM

    I get what you're saying, truly, because I'm going crazy trying to get enough minerals, specifically magnesium, potassium and calcium without supplementing, which I don't trust. But let's break this down a bit.

First, Johnniegirl0612 gave you some excellent advice, which I am doing my best to follow also despite having to buy groceries for two weeks at a time and not having access to farmer's markets.

But more important, is it sagging now? You and I have lost about the same amount of weight although I started out somewhat higher than you. Mine's not sagging, and I'm 62 (well, I will be at the end of this month). I don't know that it won't by the time all is said and done, but I'm counting on that slow loss to help. The only place I honestly, truly believe I'll have a problem is the backs of my arms, but they are no saggier now at 20 lbs. down than they were at my heaviest.

Something you have going for you is good genes for good skin into your older years. Look around you. Look at your mom's skin. I'll bet that unless you are surrounded by smokers, there aren't many wrinkles on people under 75 or 80 in your tribe. That means elastic skin, and that means you are worrying prematurely about a problem that may never materialize. Focus on getting the best nutrition you can and not losing too fast. Those nutrients will take care of themselves if you are making good choices.

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JOHNNIEGIRL0612 11/1/2010 4:55PM

    You might want to look into veggies first. They are full of nutrients...all kinds of vitamins with lots of fiber and several of them, especially leafy greens, have a ton of iron. They are pretty low calorie so you get plenty of bulk for your buck and they have tons of antioxidants which are excellent for your skin. I know a lot of people think they don't like veggies but all you have to do is get a vegetarian cookbook or go to a vegetarian website and look up some recipes and you will see that there are tons of veggies you have probably not heard of and that there are even more ways to cook them than you could ever imagine. Hope this helps!

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Metamorphosis of Appearance (BL Challenge Week 9)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Down 1.25 lbs this week. This makes me happy. Balances out my .8 from last week so that I averaged a pound per week between the two.

I never really got what people meant when they said "you'll see it in the way your clothes fit." I mean, I could tell that my clothes fit too tight (but was too stubborn to go up a size), but this is the first time in a long time that my clothes are actually comfortable.

I have these black jeans. They've always looked pretty good, even at 174. Tight, but held me in, in the right places you know? But I particularly liked them because they had this magic ability. Though they seemed to fit comfortably on my waist, not digging in, they were tight enough that they acted like an external gastric-band, keeping me from overeating by constricting my stomach. It didn't hurt, but it worked.

Lol, I realized today, thinking about it, that they're not going to do that anymore. They're just too comfortably loose. Yesterday, fresh out of the dryer, they slipped on comfortably. No hour's worth of tightness from freshly dried jeans before they stretched a bit. Though they're not the worst of my pants, I had to keep hitching them up when I was out doing field work yesterday so they'd sit on my waist where they're supposed to. Every other pair of pants I have requires a belt right off the bat these days.

Again, I say emoticon

Even my baggy clothes look better, if that makes sense. Since I do a lot of my work outdoors, (dirty work generally that you don't want to do in nice clothes), I tend to wear t-shirts a lot. I have this one maroon t-shirt I like because it's baggy, so I can work comfortably in it, but it's a pretty color against my skin so I don't look terrible in it.

Today I noticed that I look better than "not terrible" in it. Though it's baggy, doesn't show my curves or anything, the way it drapes on my body is improving, showing that, yes, though it's trying to hide, I do in fact have a trimmer waist line under this shirt than I used to.

My face has DEFINITELY thinned down as well. For some reason, when I wear dangly earrings, it emphasizes my cheekbones and makes the hollows pop more. Don't need to do that anymore. Those hollows actually exist, haha. I still do the earrings, cuz they also seem to balance out my slightly too narrowly placed eyes, but they're more pretty in and of themselves, not a requirement to make me feel pretty.

And, TMI warning, my skin is getting a bit loose. Particularly on my inner thigh (that's where TMI comes in.) I know that sagging skin can be a problem when you lose weight, and I hope it eventually goes away, but for now, I'm stoked to see it because there is DEFINITELY less fat under there stretching it out. Haven't made the measurement yet, but I'm pretty confident.

All of these changes have happened under this BL challenge. I've definitely slacked off in the community parts of things, which I often feel bad about. They're such great people. But definitely it got me started back on the right track. I'm going to do the winter one as well. This coming week is the final week. So far, from starting point to current piont, I think I've lost about 9 lbs over the 9 weeks. From high to low, it's more like 12, since I had that jump. I'm definitely happy overall.

P.S. Did the measurement on the leg. Down 3/4" :)

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TWINTS 10/28/2010 10:33PM

    Great job! Good to see you are doing well and rockin' the clothes. emoticon

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MICKI2010 10/28/2010 1:45PM

    Way to go! I only lost 1/2 lb. this wk., but my clothes are also starting to fit again or too big. I was just commenting at work today how this is the first time in yrs. I could fit into a particular button-down shirt and the first time ever w/o the buttons open and a shirt underneath. That is right, the shirt now buttons w/ no gaps around the chest.

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BLEIGH711 10/28/2010 1:10PM

    I feel like you wrote this blog about me. I too am just discovering what its like for clothes to fit, or even be a little big. I never thought I was see the day. You should be shouting it from the rooftops my friend. You earned that sagging skin, even if you don't really like it. Your hard work is paying off, and you are even more fabulous because of it. Enjoy! Congrats!

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NAYPOOIE 10/28/2010 12:43PM

    It was the salami sandwiches while hunting

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VAMANOS 10/28/2010 9:37AM

    I'm so excited to see that you can see progress! I know that for a while you felt the weight was just not going to come off, so it's doubly exciting to see you happy! Keep it up! I mean your pants, emoticon Just kidding, I mean the great work.


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THEMADINDIAN 10/28/2010 9:27AM

    I completely relate to the saggy clothes thing and the formerly tight clothes being loose

AWESOME job keep up the good work

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GREEKGAL1 10/28/2010 8:37AM

  Great job! I lost 70 pounds about ten years ago at the age of 43, and even though I was working out and lifting weights, I was left with sagging skin. In my opinion, a small price to pay for getting healthy.
Continued success!

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BELLALUCIA 10/28/2010 1:07AM

    Good job and keep going!

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DIDMIS 10/28/2010 1:00AM

    I know what you mean about sagging skin. I need a whole body lift.

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BL Challenge Week 8

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Down 0.8 lbs as of today. Haha, who knows what the scale will say tomorrow, cuz that's little enough that it falls within my regular variation, but dagnabbit, I'll take it. Going to wait on the weigh in, as usual, 'til Friday, just in case I drop a bit more, but if I don't then that's a weight loss I can be proud to admit to. I was a bit afraid of a no-loss week, since as of yesterday I was up by about 0.3 lbs.

Haven't done as much ST as I had hoped. Did do a full body workout on Monday, and some arm and leg work last Thursday, but that's about it. Went running on Tuesday, will run again today as part of C25K with my mom. The first day, last Tuesday, was kind of rough. I did it more as interval training then as steps to get running, so I pushed myself pretty hard in those 60 second intervals. I don't know if it will be better today or not. It's raining, and about to get dark (dang winter anyway). I think that I'll go run on the high school track so i don't have to worry about cars.

I wonder if I'll get to that stage that runners do, where they actually like it. It's kind of boring right now, especially on the track. I guess I'm doing it for my health though, so just got to keep pushing.

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VAMANOS 10/22/2010 12:44PM

    Congrats on ANY weight have to work so hard for it, that it's an accomplishment no matter how big or little it shows on the scale. Every time I get a surprise extra half-pound or so, I think of you and feel guilty!

I'm still holding off on the C25K training. It's a future goal, but right now I'd rather hike if I can.

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GOOZLEBEAR 10/21/2010 8:50PM

    Good luck with the race and congratulations on any weight loss you get!!! How special for you and your Mom to be doing the C25K race together.

Have a good Friday!!!!

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MICKI2010 10/21/2010 8:42PM

    Good luck with the C25K. I am doing that now also. I find it easier for me to stay at each level for 2 wks.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Having a hard time with this time management thing.

I'm sitting here at work, eating my lunch. I look over at the board that we set up, listing all the things that need to get done. And my brain turns to all the things that I need to get done at home, that I'm not getting done because I have no weekends due to hunting season, which has been an abysmal flop so far.

1.) Clean house/fixing things, which, due to my slovenly slacker nature, includes:
a.) Cleaning the kitchen
b.) vaccuming
c.) doing MASSIVE amounts of laundry
d.) clean the back room where the cat's box is. She tends to miss.
e.) cleaning both bathrooms. I've been washing fixtures and toilets, and that's about it.
f.) changing the light in my bed room

2.) Yardwork
a.) raking/mowing
b.) cleaning out gutters
c.) putting stain/rain seal on my decks
d.) prepping my garden for winter, whatever that means
e.) dealing with my burn pile
f.) going after the last of the berries, if they're still there.

Other projects include:

3.) Relearning statistics
4.) Learning Yurok
5.) Going fishing
6.) Getting a deer
7.) Getting a boyfriend
8.) Planning for grad school
9.) Figuring out my finances and how the heck I'm going to pay all my taxes and fees
10.) Learning to cook so I can supply myself with my own healthy food

Somewhere in here, I need to exercise. I need to exercise everyday. I missed the last three days because I was hunting. I gained half a pound due the the massive amount of junk I ate (monthly attacked with the munchies something fierce.) Not excessive, but also not desirable. And the sun is setting at an absurd hour these days, soon to be more absurd as the time change falls back (I hate the time change), which limits my running opportunities.

And I'm sitting here, eating a subway sandwich, that the girl put full-fat mayo onto, despite my asking for honey mustard, and not getting to any of it. I've got 15 minutes 'til the end of my lunch period to think about these things, and then I'm back to the grind.

I feel like it's time for another vacation, this one dedicated to getting my life straightened out, but this is a really bad time at work to be taking time off. My ex is currently living with me, because, as usual, he's a little bit homeless as he tries to save money to go to school. He's paying me for food, and for utilities so is more like a renter, but I feel like I've got to spend time with him as my guest, and I've been cooking for both of us, partially to meet the goal of learning how to cook. Maybe I don't need to spend time with him. But even if I don't, I don't feel like I have enough time to do what I need to do.

I think I need to take a half an hour today, and plan out my schedule. But I don't think I have the time. Starting to get stressed again. It's been a month since I felt like this, due to my vacation. I guess that's a good hiatus. But I'd like to be unstressed again.

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NAYPOOIE 10/25/2010 6:46PM

    Listen to these people. Especially about the boy.

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VAMANOS 10/24/2010 5:11PM

    Whoa, slow down a minute! Rather than look at all this as a whole, take it a bite at a time, the way you're supposed to eat an elephant.

First, put the ex to work in the yard. He's paying for what he consumes, but where's the compensation for the favor you're doing him? Give him the seasonal tasks that will not need to be done again until next year. Keep for yourself the enjoyable ones.

Second, rank the cleaning tasks in order of your priorities. Find just 15 minutes a day to work on it, in the same order. If you can divide your house into 6 or 7 areas (depending on whether you want a day of rest from housework) and work on the same area on the same day of each week, you'll soon be surprised how clean your house stays. It takes a while to clean out or organize if you have clutter, but once that's done it's a piece of cake.

If you can, put off the other projects that don't depend on a particular season until hunting season is done, then use the longer evenings to work on those things, again in order of priority, and for small chunks at a time.

And give yourself a half-hour at the end of the day to take a relaxing, warm bath so you'll sleep well. Soon, no more stress! BTW, that meditation will help, too.

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THEMADINDIAN 10/18/2010 7:08PM

    Do you meditate?

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Hee hee! Down a half inch on my waist. That may not seem like much. Lol, and it probably isn't, more a matter of losing bloat than losing weight, but it's nice.

I put on this tie-dye tank-top I have this morning. For whatever reason, I can't lose my love for it. I ALWAYS look more fat than usual in it, but I love it. Today, I put it on, waist didn't look quite so thick. So I took my measurement, which I hadn't planned to do, and lo and behold, down half an inch. It's still not much, technically speaking, but I saw it visually, which I have SO been yearning to be able to do. I still can't see that my hips shrunk by two inches, which the measurement last week said they did, but I can see this half inch on my waist. Maybe cuz I focus on it more, I don't know.

Down 1.2 lbs this week from last. Got a satisfying leg/ab work-out last night, done particularly to make up for kind of slacking two nights ago and watching a movie. I really need to stick to these exercise videos. I just can't seem to get the same kind of results on my own. Lol, I finished up, took a shower, and started stiffening up so it ached to lift my legs to put my pants on to go out to dinner. It's better this morning, but I still feel the ache, and so I'm satisfied.


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CONSIGLIEREIII 10/17/2010 10:39AM

    Baby steps are still steps forward!! Just think about how great you'll look as you keep up with this program! The inches will MELT AWAY!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SKYWATCHERRS 10/15/2010 2:13PM

    Hey, don't downplay a loss of a half inch! Any loss is still a loss, and if you're losing inches you're losing body fat (along with the pesky bloat).... Always be proud of your progress, no matter how small. Keep track of several kinds of progress measurement so that you will keep things in perspective. Many folks here on Spark dictate their victory or failure by the scale, and that's sad to me because the scale is easily influenced by things that have nothing to do with body fat. Sounds like you are doing great, so keep up the great work and be proud of your successes!

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