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I did good today :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I did do good today.

Got stuff done at work, got my insurance figured out I think, ate entirely within my suggested Sparkpeople nutrition values (except for fiber, of which I got 15 g which is pretty good for me), forced Cream of Wheat down my throat for the iron, did roller derby for exercise, drank ten cups of water, and I'm going to drink 1.5 more. Skipped the soda entirely despite two urges for it. Got the trash out of the house. Played with the puppy. Gave love to the cats.

A good day.


An accounting: literally

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If you read my last blog, you know that I'm worried about funds for the next month. Well, just spent an hour organizing my funds. If everything goes right, and my second job pays me on time, and I raid my change bank (which has $65.15) and I don't spend any more money, (except on my one credit card after the 14th cuz that's a new billing period and won't be due til Sept 10), and my electricity bill is decent, I will have -2.57 to my name after August 12th. That is paying my home loan, my credit cards (including the bill for the cat dentistry), my car insurance, my phone bill, my electricity bill, and my road maintenace bill since I live on a privately owned road. the last will only be a half payment, but the person who organizes those things said explicitly in the general letter sent out that that's okay. It does not pay roller derby bills. I'm covered for this month, but August's dues are required by Aug 10th which is in my extremely broke period. If I do my CA CRV recycling, I will have a bit extra to cover that -2.57, but probably not enough for roller derby. All this is after I begger both my checking accounts, both my savings accounts, my change safe and my CA CRV. My credit card will allow me $131.38 to live off until June 30th (when I'll pay it off) and after that I'll be swimming in "money" from a clean credit card. I can do that right?

I think I can do it. I think I'm going to go for it. It's definitely extreme, and it leaves me with no leeway, but it does save me money in the long run by not paying my car insurance off in installments. Push comes to shove, I'll probably get money for my birthday in early August. If nothing else, it saves my two cousins from having to think about what to buy for me, lol. I also forgot that I have a bit of money on a Wal-mart card for sundries. And, of course, if all else fails, my mother will bail me out. She's fairly awesome. But I think I can do it.

I can totally make it. I just have to be frugal beyond belief for the next month. I can do it.

But the point of this whole blog is, I'M SO GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT BY THE END OF THIS MONTH! There is no better proven method for me to lose weight than having no money. I don't go out to eat, I don't buy frivolous things like soda or chips, I may even take up walking around town to do my errands to save gas. That last is unlikely, but who knows. It's gonna be good. Just wait.

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NAYPOOIE 7/14/2010 5:06PM

    I like the walking around town idea.

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JBINAUSTIN 7/14/2010 2:39AM

    You have that budgeting down to pennies. I'll keep my fingers crossed that nothing unexpected happens and that you get birthday money for roller derby. emoticon

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Played softball today. Not a fun game. We won, but we won 38 to 0. Honest to goodness, we tried. By the last inning we were trying SO HARD to let them get us out. But the thing of it is, we play for real until the first fifteen ahead. Cuz that's how many you need to have an automatic win after 5 innings, a 15 point lead. After that, we lighten up. But it did no good. We switched up positions, most of the right handed batters switched over to left, some of whom had never tried it before. We didn't push the bases, we swung at bad pitches. But then a couple of the players, everybody gave up. There was no way to win. It was impossible because they weren't putting in the slightest effort, just totally down on the whole situation.

Of course, it didn't help that they had someone on their team who was the WORST sport. First off, before the game started, he was gonna pitch it to strike all of us out. Nothing but a bunch of kids and short, fat Indian women. No competition. And then when his pitching didn't do it, everybody else was screwing up. Why couldn't they catch the damn balls? This one new guy on our team, probably a bit younger than me, maybe 20, was not having such a great hitting average. He was getting a hold of it, but it was tending to pop up. So the mean dude, now catching, asks him why the hell can't he just hit it? Basically implying new guy was pathetic.

Just a pill. It's virtually impossible to succeed with people like that around you. I'm told he's an all right guy outside of softball, but during the game he's a bastard.

I guess if I wanted to, I could find a lesson in this. You're not going to win, or even progress, you'll probably just fall even farther behind, if you don't try. Obvious, but made painfully so during this game. Another lesson I guess would be not to surround yourself with negative people. Again, obvious, but painfully so here as well.

I'm glad I have people who don't want to bring me down at least. I'm not the best support for my mom, and she's not the best for me (when we're together we tend to rationalize bad choices to each other), but at the least we're not deliberately trying to drag each other down and on occassion we manage to drag the other out on a walk. Now I guess it's just a matter of really trying so I not only don't fall farther behind, but progress instead.

All in all though, not a fun game. It'll be nice when we get to the point where we break it up into upper and lower division. I think it'll only be three teams in the upper division, which is somewhat boring, but at least it'll be a more equal playing field.

In other news, my poor kitten-bug had to have three of her teeth pulled. She's fifteen so they just got old. She likes the soft food that she's getting though, so that's something. But my poor baby. Unfortunately it's put a huge dent in my bank account. I was going to put a whole bunch of money towards my car insurance (which I found a much better deal on btw) and pay it off in one fell swoop, but I don't know if I can manage that. I may have to pay it in installments. I don't like to do that, because in the end it costs more cuz they always charge you a processing fee, but I may have to. Overall it's only an extra $60 per year, but that somewhat negates the savings I'm making by switching.. Gonna go look at my finances for a while and see if I can figure out what the best option is. Lol, wish me luck.


I'm hungry

Sunday, July 11, 2010

But there is nothing in this house that I want to eat.

What I really want is an omelette with mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and avocado. I don't have eggs, tomatoes, or avocados, making such an omelette somewhat difficult to make. It'd be good to go to Good Harvest and get something tasty there, but I'm washing jeans, so all I have to wear is shorts, and I haven't shaved my legs. A dilemma.

What I should do is eat some Cream of Wheat. It is getting somewhat tiresome at this point. I don't think I've had any for a week though, so I definitely need to pick it up some to get my iron. But it's 10:32, and I'd like a heavier breakfast than Cream of Wheat. Maybe I'll add a sausage in there too. But I really want some veggies. Grr. I just don't know what to do! Lol, I've gotten to the point at which I'm really hungry, which is not a good point to be at. Luckily, the bad food is out of the house so I can't kill myself with it, but still, it's driving me to go waste my money at a restaurant and not be frugal and eat at home.

I really need to be frugal. I have to pay my car insurance by the 20th, which is going to take up the majority of this next paycheck. I have another one this month, due to our pay schedule, so I'll be fine, but spending extra money is definitely not a good idea. I just dropped $74 on a dinner with my dad for his birthday (which I don't begrudge) but that certainly means that I should not be spending money otherwise. Lol, but I'm so hungry I can't even decide what to do!

I may wait half an hour. Usually when I get like this it passes after a while and my sanity comes back. Also, my dishes are all dirty and in the washing machine right now. Making it difficult to eat something anyway. Crud. Except maybe that argument will drive me towards eating out. I shouldn't have thought of that.

I've lost my mind. We'll see what happens.

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NAYPOOIE 7/12/2010 1:54PM

    You do realize they sell these ingredients in the grocery store? For a lot less $ than Good Harvest would? And which is closer to your house than Good Harvest?

What did you end up eating anyway?

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OJIBWEEQUAY 7/12/2010 1:36PM


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HIPPIE44 7/11/2010 1:45PM

    Hey - at least you are craving food that is GOOD for you! :)

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Calorie dense day

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Succumbed to the lure of fast food. Had to work an extra 3.25 hours today on a grant thingy so I can have it out the door relatively early tomorrow and justified it to myself by saying I didn't have time to cook. Right. It added something like 1200 Cal to my day, taking me above 2000 by a good amount.

I had hoped to exercise after I finished work, but it's almost midnight as I type this, about 10 minutes after finishing work, so I don't think it's going to happen. I'm one who needs sleep, and the 6 hours I'm going to get just aren't enough as it is.

Tomorrow will be a day at least half in the field, so lots of lifting, carrying, walking stuff. I won't make it back in time for roller derby since I'm sure we won't leave the office 'til at least noon and it's a 2 hours commute for me back and forth. We're definitely going to have more than 2 hours of work, so being back by 6 is not feasible. Point being, I'll get exercise so I don't think I'll be set back for life by today's calories, but obviously not the best choice.

That's all I guess. Off to sleep now.

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NAYPOOIE 7/8/2010 6:52PM

    Chill. It's only one day.

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MYCUTEGIZMO 7/8/2010 3:19AM

  Well more work = more calories burned but also = more eaten calories..

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