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So how'd starting fresh go today?

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Eh, dunno. Didn't at all eat what I had planned for last night.

Breakfast was okay. I planned on Cream of Wheat, some sausage, and an egg. Got the Cream of Wheat, got the sausage. The egg, when cracked, was so utterly disgusting my face wrinkles just thinking about it. Time to throw out the last couple I guess. I brought food for lunch, but I had left my satellite office to go to the main office to talk to my boss about a grant, and yeah, never really made it back to my office where the food was. Ended up getting a Subway roast beef with lite mayo. Came out to 470 according to Spark. Also ate a cookie for lunch, and then a cookie for dinner. Went to Yurok language class, then to play softball, then went and got myself a small cherry italian soda. Ended up with 1,151 Cal according to my nutrition page. Not the most nutrient dense meals.

The thing that gets me though, is that Spark says I burned 405 Cal playing softball for 60 minutes. That seems unlikely to me. I mean, I got on almost everytime I batted. That means a sprint to first (slow sprint for me). Then, because the team we were playing was not quite as good as we are, slow sprints around the bag. I was placed in right field, which means jogging to reposition myself as it swaps between men and women batting, but it's not that far. If the ball is hit I sometimes run to backup the other outfielder, or first base, but again, brief sprints, nothing prolonged. Mostly waiting for other people to hit, for the ball to be pitched to me, or for the ball to be hit somewhere so I know where to move. All in all there's no way I was active for more than half of that 60 min. I really can't believe that I burned 405 Cal in that time.

Obviously with Cal intake of 1,151, I'm not worried about burning a lot of cals today, but I wish I could trust the exercise burning estimates. I'm not putting down or distrusting Spark particularly here, because other sites give similar estimates. It just seems unlikely.

All in all, like I said, I dunno. Not a nutrition filled day, but okay on the calories and got at least a little bit of exercise in.


Bad attitude

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My last blog entry was not worthy. So I deleted it. I was SO angry with myself. Eating terrible, not getting steady exercise, basically being a lazy, unhealthy bum.

It happens. Unfortunately, it happens too often with me. Like today. Definitely one of those days they warn you about when it seems like you've already blown it, so you keep on with the bad. I have this habit of eating all the bad food in my house at once in order to get rid of it. That makes no sense. Good to have it gone, but moderation is obviously key. A lot of these foods wouldn't be terrible with moderation. But it gets stuck in my head that if I eat it, it's out of the house. Which is true in one way, as it's no longer available to eat, but false in another, as it now lives on my hips, which are generally in the house still. And it usually just gets replaced.

Anyway, starting fresh, again. So, I'm doing research into calories vs exercise, which I never understand (what's the balance so as to not freak out your body?), and redoing my Sparkpeople goals. Wrote out what I'm going to eat tomorrow, and calculated the calories. Thy're a bit low so I need to add to them in some small way. And my dinner is going to have to be quick (hopefully.) I work until 5 tomorrow, then have to get back, eat, pick up my cousin, go to class, and then to softball. Which means about 7-8 mins for dinner. I was thinking of setting my oven up to bake a potato to be ready when I get there, but that takes too long to eat. What I think I'm going to eat is a couple of eggs, with an oz of cheese, and a bit of sausage. High cholesterol, but overall only about 300 Cals.

This not having much time is kind of a killer. Most of the food in my house has to be cooked. Alas, I do not have the crock pot. I should acquire one. Also need to re-pick up the habit of doing mass cooking fests and freezing. Hey! I have frozen chili rellenos in my freezer! Sweet! One of those will fill in my cal needs :) Yay for cooking ahead of time!

All right, that actually made me feel absurdly better. I guess I'll do some more research then go to bed so I can get almost enough sleep. Please Kodi-bug, Stumpy, and Kit Kat, let me sleep tonight. No tromping on my head or whimpering in the middle of the night. No weird dreams, no being too hot. Just sleep. It's been so long. Bleh.

Clearly babbling. Going to hang up now.

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KITKABOO 7/6/2010 2:59AM

    You seem to give yourself a really hard time! You seem laden with guilt but why?

Look at what you do well, you organise a very busy life by the sound of it and devote very little time to you, 7-8 mins for dinner is def not long enough!!

It's tempting to eat on the go and to eat what is ready prepared such as crisps, chocs or fast food but this just makes you feel worse, can you prepare the night before so you only have to reheat the food? Not ideal but better than feeling bad about not eating right.

You need to cut yourself some slack, you have a lot on and by feeling guilty you are just putting yourself down which shouldn't happen.

I work 13 hour days during the last 2 weeks of the month, and most weekends for a few hours. My 'downtime' is spent preparing my meals for the following few days so that I know I have good food to eat for at least half the week, that way I don't feel so bad if I have to eat on the run.

Take time for you, life is too short to waste with 'I should have done this/that'

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Starting Fresh

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time to start fresh. I've been totally slacking on tracking. Even though I do roller derby now, it's not entirely consistant due to work primarily. Though I did also take last weekend off to go chill with my homies on a camping trip so missed two practices there.

At this precise moment, I've hit one of those points where you're like "Just do it!" Not to be Nike-esque, that's not the feeling I get from that phrase. More like I'm so frustrated with myself that, looking at my lack of effort for the past while, I just yell it at myself and get drive going to "just do it."

It's just little steps. A gazillion little steps, but not one step is in itself more than I can take. I feel like I just need to trudge through them.

The problem is, trudge and vicious cardio workout to burn fat don't really go well together. I think about trudging, and I think I can do it, but then I think about what "trudging" actually entails and I get tired. Of course, today I just happen to be tired. Not sure why, cuz I think I slept, but tired nonetheless.

Trudge trudge. Trying to get my mom to go hiking with me in the forest behind work today, but she is not returning my calls. Bum. Thinks she's got better things to do, like work when they're paying her to do so. Silly.

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NAYPOOIE 6/23/2010 4:30PM

    I'll hike with you Friday, if you carry weights!

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What the heck?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Definitely gaining weight and can't figure out why. Haven't been this heavy for something like a year.

I don't like it. A couple pounds or so I can take. It happens. But this is like 8 pounds, which is significant. And it seems to be happening rapidly, like over the past month and a half. I guess it's back to being religious about tracking food, but I honestly don't think I've been consistently bad to gain this much weight back. I guess even once or twice adds up over time, but damn I hope not. If I have to eat within my calorie range for the rest of my freaking life every single day, I'm going to be upset when I die.


Go Flab Go!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Every time I have a roller derby practice and work my butt off, I come home and I check to see if my belly is any smaller. Why? I don't know. Knowing SOMEthing of metabolism as I do, I know it's foolish to expect a shrunken stomach immediately after one practice. Yet every time I check.

Silly girl.

On another note, I was a bit scared to add up my calories today. I ate an Indian taco, plus an extra piece of fry bread. At least they didn't supply sour cream cuz I'da had some. All in all, using the highest "fry bread" calorie count I could find on Spark (cuz they were good sized pieces) I came out at 2112. That takes me to 562 over my suggested calorie intake to lose weight. However, with the roller derby, for which Spark gives me 899 calories burned, that leaves me with having burned off those extra calories and 337 more. It wasn't the highest intensity practice ever, even though I came out sweating like a pig, but even if I drop that Spark burn estimate down by 300, I'm still breaking just about even. If these "roller blading burn" estimates are even close to accurate (which sometimes I can't believe cuz it's SO much), then I'm okay.

Still flabbed, but okay.

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NAYPOOIE 6/15/2010 1:54PM

    flab is such a flabby word

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