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Ate too much to exercise

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sounds like just an excuse, but so true. Ate too much today, and now, when I'm trying to do some basic cardio, I can't. After only 11 minutes of slow paced cardio (using weights to get the heart rate up), I had to take a break. I went back to it after my heart stopped pounding so hard, and made it an additional five. As soon as my heart stops racing again, I'll go back to it, but man, this is pathetic.

I also haven't worked out for a month, but this is worse than it ever was for me. I've run into this before, when my stomach was still digesting a heavy meal and I tried to do my kickboxing dvd. I made it all the way through, but I had to stop three times and I sweated super hard.

It's been about 4 hours since dinner, but it was big. I also had a big lunch. Miniscule breakfast. Exactly the opposite of what things should be. As soon as I finish dragging my way through this video I'm going to take a quick shower and then get food ready for tomorrow. I am *not* going to overeat like I did today. This is absurd.

At least I'm getting exercise for the heavy calorie day. It probably won't be enough to combat the excess of calories, but it's better than nothing, that's for sure. It's hurting my ankle though. It's been weeks since I injured it, and I still have a sharp shooting pain on the outside of my ankle. Which doesn't really feel like a sprain anymore. I hope I didn't chip the bone or something like that. It doesn't feel like it if I press on where it hurts, but it's such a sharp pain in such a concentrated area, it seems weird that it would be muscle still.

I'm afraid to get back into roller derby now though, having realized how much shape I've lost.

And I'm totally babbling. I need to get back to this thing so I can finish up and eventually get to bed.


P.S. Made it twenty-one minutes, which is all that is required for my bargain with my mom. We have a deal where we each put a certain sum of money in a jar, in $5 bills, and everytime one or the other of us does at least 30 minutes of exercise, we get to take $5 from the other person's. When you take all of your partner's money, you get to keep the whole pot, and of course it's a tug-of-war til the end as you swap bills back and forth. It's fun. But anyway, the rule technically is at least 20 minutes of exercise and 10 minutes of stretching, though more is better of course. I've got my twenty minutes in with cardio. I think I'm going to switch over and continue with some straight arm exercises though so I don't feel like such a sissy.

p.p.s. Did twenty some minutes of arm exercises. I'm not so sure about that shower now. May not be able to life my arms above my head to wash my hair. Just kidding. Mostly. I'll manage cuz I'm gross, but probably won't condition.

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NAYPOOIE 5/18/2010 1:02PM

    I'm impressed.

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Hourglass figures are hard to dress

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I wouldn't have thought so, but at least at Wal-Mart, which is where my clothes tend to come from, fabulously wealthy fashionista that I am, IT'S HARD TO FIND CLOTHES FOR AN HOURGLASS FIGURE!

Now, my "hourglass" figure, is not ideal. My measurements are Bust 41, Waist 31.5, Hips 41. Which is nowhere near the svelte .7 hip to waist ratio that is supposed to be so attractive. But, I think technically, that's a fat hourglass.

I'm always finding clothes that fit perfectly at the waist and shoulders but fail at the bust. Unless I'm wearing a baggy, anti-form fitting t-shirt, I have to wear a super tight sports bra just to contain myself. I've tried the "sweater girl" style, but even that doesn't work as sweaters sometimes overstretch in that area, making the shirt somewhat see-through.

Now I'm not complaining about the fact that my bust is, well, capable of bustin' out, but shouldn't they offer SOMETHING for my body type?

I suppose I can go to a pricier store where they actually sell real clothes, but since theoretically I'm going to lose weight, I hate to spend money on nice clothes that hopefully I won't fit soon.

Le sigh. I never used to get it when women complained that their bust was too big. I figured, hey, attractant here right? But really, it's just a pain, lol, especially since it does not seem to be doing its attractant duty.

Guess I'll go see what cardio I can do without hurting my torn-up ankle anymore. Maybe power walking? Catch you all later.

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KOSHIE1 5/12/2010 9:41PM

    AND we never get any sympathy!

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FREELADY 5/12/2010 3:39PM

    I understand this frustration completely. So aggravating!

One thing that has made clothes fit so much better for me is investing in a quality bra. My favorite is sold as a sports bra, but I wear it for everything because it is comfortable and improves the look greatly. It is made by Lunaire and the model no. is 11111. Macy's sells it, or you can try a specialty shop. You need to try it on, because sizes run differently. It is fully worth the expense, for comfort, for appearance, and certainly for exercise. It is made with CoolMax fiber, so the ventilation is great. It supports without smashing. Even if I only wear it 5 weeks before I need a different size due to weight loss, that's just a dollar a day. It is definitely worth it for me. (It dries fast so I can wash it out and wear it next day)

I also found that "carrying" my bust in the right place made me look not only slimmer, but YOUNGER (I am in my early fifties, and that's fine, but I don't need to look 65 yet).

Just a thought . . .

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MARCYNA 5/12/2010 3:16PM

    Yes, I hate it but it's so hard to find anything fitting emoticon emoticon
Not impossible, though!!!

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NOAHSFITMAMA 5/12/2010 2:29PM

    I found a couple of cute dresses at Target. I have one from Walmart too. I find that wrap dresses or empire waist dress are best for the girls. I have found a few cute dresses at Dress Barn too.

People often don't realize how hard it is to get clothes that fit on a hour glass figure.

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Roller Derby Purgatory

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Went to my first day of roller derby today. Kicked my butt. Hard. Three hours of almost non-stop skating, when I haven't been on skates since I was about nine. It actually went about 3.5 hours, but I just couldn't hack it. My injured ankle got all swollen up, and I have these massive blisters on my right foot. But three hours is pretty darn good if you ask me.

But oh my gosh was my lower body sore after. Injured ankle aside, my core, my glutes, my everything, is so dang sore. Even my back was all tightened up, probably from multiple cart-wheeling attempts to not fall on my butt, which hurts. Took some Motrin and a hot bath. It was almost funny. I was sitting there soaking, and I thought to myself "I should've exercised before I got in here," which is not an uncommon thought with me. The point being a.) the hot soak did wonders for my soreness and b.) I was so energized by this whole thing that I was ready for more.

I feel good. Next time hopefully I won't be so out of shape, and the next time better than that. I was definitely held back by my lack of stamina. I call it purgatory becaus I expect that my stamina will increase rapidly, so I'll be in Heaven soon. I need to take up running again now that the sun is sometimes out. Lol, funny how I can't motivate myself to exercise for myself, but I can when I think I'm going to look like a slow-butt.

The weird thing is, I keep getting little hunger gurgles in my stomach (because having eaten lightly earlier in the day I'm entirely certain I burned *everything* I ate off), but I don't really feel hungry. It burbles, but it doesn't really hurt, and I don't have the mental nag to go eat. Still, I'm going to, as I'm sure I need it. All in all, a good experience.


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PENNYROYALTY 4/3/2010 11:05PM

    sounds tough, but awesome! glad you had a great workout, even if you are paying for it! next time, i'm sure it won't be so bad!

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exercise tv

Monday, March 29, 2010

I just discovered exercise tv online. I love it. It's got all kinds of work out programs free of charge, even setting them up in month long increments. I only have basic cable, so I can't do it actually watching tv, but this I can do anytime.

Cool :)


Can't sleep

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can't sleep.

I'm stressed. I keep thinking about everything. What I need to do for work (lots). My financial situation (not great, though adequately supplied). Things I need to purchase (varied and legion.) My housework (at first glance unconquerable.) My garden work (interesting, but I'm ignorant.) My social life (or rather the lack thereof.) My dog (who is going to be confined to a kennel instead of the nice 1.2 acre yard because he keeps escaping, which I think is sad.) My fitness (notice how that's come last?).

Whether it's all this that combines to stress me out so I can't sleep, or if I'm stressed and so I just can't sleep and I focus on all this, I don't know. But, it is now 12:20 a.m. I don't think I'm going to get up at 5:30 like I'd hoped.

About 11:45 I got up and started making lists. Even if I never follow through on them, lists help organize my mind and give it direction, at least temporarily, which calms me down. I made it through household things that need to be done, outlined into steps. For example, when tackling my mountain of unorganized media, I separate into media types, then genre, then author. Books of this type will go on one book shelf. Books of another type will go on another. Books of a third type will go in a clear box that I can see titles through. The book shelves will go in THIS corner. The computer desk will go in THAT corner. Etc etc.

I think I've pretty much made it through household. There are 15 main categories under Household, and most of them have outlines.

I'm tired now. I have lots of other things that I need to organize my mind around, but it's possible that I will sleep now. Regardless of what is going on in my life, I have to go to work tomorrow and be productive. So I'm going to try and sleep again.


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