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Running on Saturday and extra stuff

Monday, January 14, 2013

This past Saturday I ran 7.14 of 7.71 miles. I did better by 6 minutes than Tuesday on the same route. Not bad for not running most of December! But it was probably the brightest thing to do twice in a week. When I got done there was a pain in the outside edge of my foot almost directly below my ankle bone. It hurt to walk especially if I lost my balance and put to much pressure on that side. Wrapping it made it worse so I used Capzasin gel on it. It has gotten better. Today I can walk easier. I don't have to walk on my tiptoes anymore.

Sundays are my day off so that worked well but today I should have done something and I didn't. I lounged around all day with my DH ( an extra day with him is an unexpected treat).

I was at mile 4 1/2 and this guy goes blowing past me, I'm slow so anything faster than 4 mph is fast, scared me so bad I screamed!! LOL.. I had my earbuds in and didn't hear him coming. I normal don't see anyone running on my routes its a once in a blue moon kind of thing since I live in the middle of nowhere.

Also I had to stop and take pictures of me running on January 12 in 55 degree weather. I will have to download it from my phone later and add it to this post.

I was reading articles today from Runner's World magazine and they said that females running more than 20 miles a week messes with their hormones. So maybe I need to only train for my 1/2 only once a year instead of twice because I am bored and need a goal to keep focused on. Maybe the scale will move. I also need to do measurements again, it has been awhile and I know that non scale victory's count and I should not depend on the scale!!!!


B.L. Goal Update

Friday, January 11, 2013

I am working out more. I am journaling roughly every other day some times every day. I am trying hard to get some exercise everyday. I didn't today I was too tired. I am tracking all my food and most days I am in my range.

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NKOUAMI26 1/15/2013 8:36PM


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HSMOMX2 1/13/2013 9:58PM

  emoticon job on tracking and working out more.

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Rough week- blowing off steam

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last week was a perfect storm. I had bad PMS, slight depression and I looked at my weight from jan 1, 2012. I wigged out, was extremely mad and gave up. I only did a little exercise last week and so far this week I have walked the dogs once. I changed my calories, my exercise I lowered to 60 minutes 3 times a week and lowered my mileage to 9 miles a week- which is 3 trips around the block a week.

I have come to the conclusion that a trip to the doctor for hormone tests is the answer. I have done everything anyone has suggested- S.P. message boards, 3 trainers, all the articles. I have gained 3-4 lbs overall this year even after all the work I have put in this year... You can look at my exercise logs if you don't believe me.

I am going to re-do my rewards for my goals. I have only weight related rewards. I am going to pick, maybe like doing real push ups, pull-ups, fastest time on the bleachers, etc. or I will never get my cute hooker boots (knee high boots) or the Under Armour waterproof hoodie and pants.

My husband is being supportive and keeps telling me not to give up after how far I have come in 3 years on S.P.

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GAYLE73 12/21/2012 10:15PM

    You have done amazing!!! I started SP about the same time you did - lost 65 and gained almost all of it back. Now I'm back again. BUT you wow!!! You've lost and kept it off. That is so huge. I know your frustrated and I get that - I hope you find out what is hindering you from reaching your goals.

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NKOUAMI26 12/17/2012 7:17AM

    I relate to your last week, but, remember emoticon

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FENWAYGIRL18 12/13/2012 11:11PM

    I'm glad your husband is supportive that's a blessing first of all! You know for the PMS you should try taking Viactiv it's a calcium supplement and if you eat 2 a day (they taste like tootsie rolls) and are committed to taking it (might not see results right away) but your PMS could actually stop all together! It's true I use to be a medical assistant at an OB / GYN and the doctors use to tell us that and the patients and so I did it and was very committed to taking it I mean it was chocolate and tasted like a tootsie roll hahaha who wouldn't be committed to that? hahahaha
It made a huge difference with my PMS, I wasn't as moody (not that I really was) but it helped with the cravings... sometimes our bodies need that calcium and it can really throw you off... Are you taking any meds that might hamper weight loss? Have you tried chia seeds? you sprinkle them on your food , they don't taste like anything and they are filling , good for bp, cholesterol a bunch of things! look into it...
good luck on your journey and don't get to frustrated you have a good man on your side that loves you and 3 kids who adore mommy!
Have a Wonderful Christmas!

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BEEPERP 12/13/2012 9:38PM

  Hang in there. I blew of SP a long while back, but am determined to lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF. Hormone changes can really mess you up!

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For my BL Indigo team

Thursday, December 13, 2012

3 or 4 things that will help me manage my stress levels:

1) Running usually works. I can run and zone out and work through my problems

2) Yoga. I have to buy a new dvd b/c my favorite yoga show is not aired on cable anymore.

3) Play card games on the computer

4) Take a time out in my room and deep breathe

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MA_DIDDLES 12/27/2012 11:28AM

    I can only attest to playing card games to getting ones mind off of stress.
Walking (no run) is a biggie as well....less stress on ones legs.
Prayer also helps me, when I pray to the hearer of prayer, the Almighty God Jehovah thru His Son Jesus Christ our saviour.

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NKOUAMI26 12/17/2012 7:14AM

    Good strategies!

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SABRINASARAH 12/13/2012 9:50PM

    These are all great things to help with stress. Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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After a week off

Monday, October 08, 2012

So last week after being upset that I didn't lose 1 pound all of September I took a week off from cardio and felt sorry for myself. I did a little S.T. but not running. I had finished my half marathon training and needed a break. I have hurt my hip some how. I think it was during my last 5k. I have never run on trails and there were some trails with walnuts and roots. My hip only hurts when I run down hill or power walking up hills. Which is great because where I live is all hills!

Today I got out and ran/walked intervals for 3 miles. I did alright. I didn't try that hard. My hip hurt. The dog was estatic to get out! He started tearing up my house because He had not been out lately. He tears up random stuff like the crab food, a bag of sand (for crabs), crochet book (mom's), gum and the stuffing out of the cushions of my couch.

Today was weigh-in day also. I figured it was not going to be good but can a person really gain 4 lbs in one week? My diet was not that bad. So I will check again in a couple of days, maybe tomorrow.

I am really tired/sleepy lately again. I don't know why either. Maybe just because I have been hanging out and doing some cleaning.

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TRI_BABE 10/22/2012 6:43AM

    Wonder what is going on with your hip?IT band maybe? Hope things go better for you soon. I'm sure you've heard this, but a 5 lb weight fluctuation is normal and has happened to me within the span of a day, so I would not read that much into it.

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