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There is only a 17% survival rate from pediatric brain cancer

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Good Morning all! The Lord has blessed us yet with another beautiful day! Today, I'm not sure how much I'm going to work out :( Yesterday I didn't do as much as I wanted because I have a horrible head cold! I start to work out and can't breathe! I am going to try here in a little bit just a light workout, but dang it! I was really enjoying my hard, sweat your butt off workouts!
Are there any others out there that are getting ready to run your first 5K or 10K? How are you preparing? Any tips? For all of you that are: May God bless you with strength, determination, and all the support you need! I wish you all the best...
On another note: Still looking for donors for Noah's Light Foundation! The website is listed below! It is tax deductible and even $1 helps!!


2700 children have been diagnosed with cancer since January

Friday, April 04, 2014

Wow! It's 6:45 and I've already walk/jog almost 1.5 miles. It was slow, but I did it!! Now to just keep improving. I started that Jillian Michael's Detox and Burn 14 Day kit yesterday, and I'm really not sure about it. I think I went to the bathroom twice, but that's normal for me?! Has anyone else tried it? How did you like it? I just wanted something to help me get out all of the "bad." I have really been eating healthier, but still felt kind of blah, so thought I'd try it...Are there any others you have tried and would recommend? On another note:My 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter have started working out with me! It is so cute! They'll lay down and do sit ups and my son will do the push ups too! My daughter tries climbing on my son's back when he is doing the pushups and yells: "Up Bubby UP!" It makes me feel good that my lifestyle change is trickling down to them! I love that they want to exercise!!

Don't forget: Still looking for tax deductible donations for Noah's Light Foundation! This helps Noah's Light, but helps me run in the Run Disney Tower of Terror 10 Miler!! Thank you from myself and Noah's Light Foundation in advance!!

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DMEYER4 4/4/2014 6:59AM

  keep up the good work. my grandchildren 3 and 6 work out with me when I baby sit. I have a large medicine ball the 6 year old uses and a small one for the 3 year old. they love it and I have so much fun with them. have a great day

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1 in 64 children will be diagnosed with some sort of cancer before they turn 18

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Thank you first and foremost to whoever gave yesterday! I have an anonymous $10 donation and I greatly appreciate it! Please if you are able to give the website is:

Today I start my C25K program! We will see how it goes! I am also going to do a cardio round up program that allows me to work on my core! I am very excited about this!

I have also decided that I am going to be giving you all a fact a day about pediatric cancer and it will be my blog entry title :)


Back with a Mission-Help Save Lives

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

So, it's been about a year and a half since I've been on here. I ended up going through a job change and moving from Indiana to Florida, so it's been a little crazy on my end. Now that I've moved to Florida I feel out of place. My kids want to go to the beach and play, but I feel like the beach whale. I won't get in a bathing suit and I'm miserable the whole time I'm there. I started thinking that it was time not to just be a "sometimesy" healthy person but all the time! I sat down and thought about what I needed to do and why I failed every time before....I lost my motivation. Every time I started I would forget after a couple months, when I started evening out, why I was doing this and then quit. So, I figured out a way to stay motivated. I decided to get fit for a cause. Specifically, I was going to start running marathons for a cause! I just signed up for my first 5K (gotta start small). I am running in the Run Disney Tower of Terror 10 Miler on October 5. I am not just running this race to be running. No. I am running for Noah's Light Foundation. This foundation is to help find a cure for childhood brain cancer. That is my motivation!!! I am also signing up for the Walt Disney Marathon in January and the Princess Run in February, and each time I will run to benefit a different non for profit. These kids that i am running for this time don't get the chance to do this! They can't get out and run and do the things that a lot of other kids can! That is why I am going to suck it up and work out every day and train for this 5k! I am going to be the legs for these kids to run! I am going to be running for a cure!! Each day I am going to update you all about how I'm doing fundraising wise as well as what I am doing working out! If you are at all interested in donating to my run or wondering more about Noah's Light here is the website. Even $1 helps! For this time, since it's my first, I am trying to raise $500! So, if you can help, please do!!! Thanks!!

Today's workout:
20 minutes of cardio-90 seconds of walking and 30 seconds of running for the full 20 minutes
Wall Push Ups 15x2
Situps 15x2
Planks 15x2
Squats 10x2
Superman 10x2

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TTAYLOR0316 4/2/2014 5:48PM

    When you run your 5k for charity, how do you fundraise? I am having a lot of trouble getting money for it :(

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POSITIVEHOPE 4/2/2014 4:45PM

    I have been reading lots of SP articles and blogs about keeping your motivation strong. It is an area that I know I need to strengthen for the journey.
Here is one I can highly recommend.

This is one in a series of ten from a blog by SP Couch Dean.

10 Tips for Maintaining Your Motivation, #2: The One Thing You Should NEVER, EVER Do.


He talks about letting out journey fall into autopilot and how we need to keep our journey fresh to stay motivated.

Good luck with your efforts with the 5K.

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ONTHEPATH2 4/2/2014 3:21PM

    I try to walk at least on 5k per month for charity in the warm weather months - it's a win/win!!! Way to go!

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Shopping Healthy

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today I am going to be doing my first "healthy" grocery trip. I go shopping every other week for groceries and this is the first one that I will be doing since on my diet. I am very excited but nervous as well. I am afraid that what I think is a healthy decision may not really be the best option for me in reality! Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Day 20- Thankful for my husband. (again) I know I already said I was thankful for him but today is his birthday and I am so happy that I get to spend it with him!!

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BROWNCOFIDDLER 11/20/2012 9:40PM

    Just make sure you faithfully read the nutrition labels and you should be fine. They are a BIG hint as to what you should or should NOT be eating!! Have fun with it and enjoy your journey. emoticon

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