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Day two of Dr. McDougall Eating Plan

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

So today is basically my day two of the Dr. McDougall eating plan (or pretty close). It's a super plan and I feel great. Last time I ate like this I dropped 20 pounds... It was such a blessing!

Swam 20 laps today and look forward to getting into the swing of things.

My husband loves the confetti rice - I think the recipe is found on day two (or day 3 lunch) -- and you know when a meat-eating man likes it - it must be good.

The Savory sandwhiches -- are amazingly delicious. It seems almost impossible that something that isn't tuna could taste so much like a totally delicious tuna sandwhich!!!

How about you, are you eating a plant-based diet (or close), what are your favorite recipes, what day are you on, and how is your progress coming?

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DS9KIE 12/5/2012 12:07AM

    woo hoo for you.

The confetti rice and Savory sandwiches sound yummy

I have a bunch of recipes on my blog that are plant based recipes....I'm following eat to live and McDougall plans.

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ROSALIEESTHER 12/4/2012 6:27PM

    I love that you've had success with the McDougall way of eating before. Sounds like you're off to a great start this time. Must feel really good to know you're doing right by yourself - and your husband likes it too.

This is the greatest way to stay healthy for life. And it's so easy and so delicious. emoticon

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Foods That Make You Thin - Need real help to get the weight loss moving?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I have finally found what it takes for my body to lose weight without a trainer -- I am so thankful - it is a relief. So I'm working in the kitchen and listening to this "Foods That Make You Thin"
This has great info that can help anyone to make some great choices no matter what kind of diet you have chosen.

Hope this inspires & helps you!

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TRAVELNISTA 7/15/2012 11:16AM

    emoticonThat link did not open to that video but to a Youtube page with many different things-all good. I did not see the one yo blogged about though.

I think all of here on the Team love Kristina and her videos.

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Off-balance with food today - trying to get back on

Friday, June 01, 2012

It's amazing how not starting my day with oatmeal can have such an impact on me if I don't eat the right balance of foods, and usually, oatmeal w/cinamon and apples does just what I need. Today however, I skipped the oatmeal and had a banana and almonds -- and as far as going herbivore (vegan foods - minus the vegan title) missing oatmeal is just not a good fit for me. I feel washed out, my mood isn't the best because it is hard to have the energy to focus -- so just a few minutes ago I ate some vegan minestrone -- and yummy - I know that is doing the job, I think I'm already starting to do better. Oatmeal tomorrow!!

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YOBETHIE 6/7/2012 8:50AM

    I love oatmeal too! Isn't it funny how our body knows what it needs?

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ERPARA 6/1/2012 4:34PM

    Oatmeal is SOOOO great for breakfast! I usually put nuts, raisins, and some fruit on top :)
One of my other go-to breakfasts is Rip's Big Bowl
So good!
And so good for you - I can't imagine not eating breakfast anymore!

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Swimming Goal Completed :) 5,000 yards (100 laps) - Her 50th birthday

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It was last September when my friend and fitness inspiration said to me, "I want something for my 50th birthday" as she smiled with eager expectation... "I want you to swim 50 - 100's with me!! Now her birthday wasn't until May of 2012 which gave me many months to prepare. I slowly started preparing. I'd been "out of it" since a dear friend had passed away, I hadn't swam since some time in July. Over the months I began working on the goal. It was slow going, I was busy with so much to do that it was hard to fit swimming in, especially in the cold fall and winter months. Now and then I was able to get to the pool. Finally last January I increased how often I swam, and when March rolled around I knew even more that the time was drawing near, if I didn't get busy I wouldn't be able to complete the task! So I started working really hard... And honestly with VERY MUCH PRAYER. I often prayed on my way to the pool. "Lord, please help me to swim as much as it is Your will for me to swim..." and swimming was often a time of prayer for me. As I swam lap after slow lap, I'd pray for nearly everyone I could think of in our church and then some. In about April, I swam with my friend. This was a turning point... Now it became more realistic... In order for me to swim "with" her on her special 50th birthday swim, I was going to need to meet a 1:40 time for a 100, 50 times, starting each 100 on the two minute mark. That day I swam at 2:05 and it was so hard, me, a cup-half-full person - heard my mind saying "I can't do it" because the swim was so challenging. It called for more prayer and more dedication. My friend helped me and encouraged me. Now as my daughter and I set forth to work toward the goal together, we had eachother to encourage one another toward the goal. We swam and prayed and prayed and swam and swam some more. "I'd like to stop..." I would say, but my daughter would encourage me, "500 more..." And on we would swim. On one Friday afternoon my daughter was off to another event and couldn't be with me to swim. I prayed as usual and on that particular occasion I saw the kids swim team coach at the pool, they were almost done. When they finished I asked him, "May I please ask you a question? I'll help you clean up..." And before I could say the second part of that sentence, he openly offered that I could ask anything I wanted... And so I did. I told him my trouble with drag and slowness, what my goal was, and he presented me with a new swimming technique... IT's not "new" overall, just to me. It's called the "Straight Arm Recovery." That night I swam a 5,000 in 1 hour and 30 minutes (an improvement from 2 hours and 17 minutes about 1 month earlier.) WHAT A BLESSING AND ANSWERED PRAYER!!!

The day finally came when we celebrated my friend's 50th birthday. Several of us gathered together at the pool to swim 50 - 100's -- on the 1:40 and starting at 2:00 mark... WE HAD A GREAT AND WONDERFUL TIME!! God answered my prayers and we shared in this wonderful event together!!!

So what's the moral of the story? Well, first, God cares about us, and He comforts us and shows us that He cares about us even in things that seem like they don't matter, something so small as 'swimming.' There was so much fellowship and wonderful time spent with my daughter in working together toward this goal and in sharing the victory together in the goal!

Next, commit your plans to God, submit the plans to Him, ask Him for His will and let Him show you what His will is. There's so much comfort in knowing that it is His will at work.

Finally, working hard toward a goal and having sincere & loving people to work together toward the goal to encourage and inspire eachother is a great, great blessing indeed.

I hope that this somehow inspires and encourages you!

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LINDAJOYWK 6/2/2012 10:05AM


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ERPARA 5/31/2012 3:59PM

    Awesome - congratulations on meeting your goal!

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Day 51 - Time to do a Biggest Loser "Looking Back" for Encouragement Forward

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SO here it is day 51. I started out this recent journey at 169.3 pounds and I've come down to 148.4 -- this is a vegan journey which is so easy to do, the weight just falls off. BUT every now and then -- there's a small gain. As I wrestle my mind around the nearly 4 pound gain, I reflected back on the last time this happened, I had about a 3 pound gain on day 24 of this dietary change. I remember the familiar feeling when before I was not on a vegan diet, but just trying to lose weight, and somewhere in the first five pound loss you gain back two pounds, get discouraged and give up. Back then I asked for advice, encouragement and help. Around day 24 it may have taken about a week or so to overcome the three pound gain and move forward. So here I am again facing a small gain - but my thoughts are a bit different this time. While I have the feeling of "potential discouragement" way way way back behind an old encylopedia on the shelf of my mind, yet I remember that I overcame before -- and I can overcome again. Do you know what I mean? Do you face this too? I also know how to overcome the gain. Even though I know how to overcome the gain -- there's also a little bit of fear, a little bit worry -- it really has no place because I'm seeing proven results. For a moment I open the pages to look at what the fear and worry say... "Will all the weight come back? Will I now gain weight and go up in size?" Closing the pages is easy... "No, I know my weight loss. I know my dietary changes. And... I know what I did that brought about the weight gain... And I know the path to weight loss."

Onward and upward!! We can do this! Never give up!~ And as for the Four pounds gain... I know it will be gone soon -- within a week or sooner, I know it. :)

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.


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