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My knee, my knee, oh my GOSH my knee!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The verdict is in on my knee - patellar tendon tear and mcl tear. And ITBS caused by running with poor form caused by my messed up knee and being overweight. I have exercise to do at home, and I have been admonished to lose 25 lbs MINIMUM before I begin to run. And also, be completely off the painkillers. My PT would prefer I lose 40 before I begin to run, but we shall see how I do at 25. Problem is, NOTHING is working for me. NO diet (meaning way of eating) is working. When I follow the SP plan I gain. When I eat whole grains, veg andd fish or chicken, I don't lose anything.

I found out I am gluten intolerant. So going gluten free for a month to see if it helps with everything, and hoping it will. My nutritionist suggested low-carb diet because its effective especially with jump starting weight loss and very easy to do if you are new to being gluten free. So that begins tomorrow. Will be VERY hard because I have a big time sweet tooth, but I know I need to break that addiction.

Today I walked for 40 minutes, 3.5 speed at 12% incline. It went well. I hope to continue that and regular walking until I am able to do more. My injuuries come from overuse, so eventually they will heal and I will be able to slowly increase my activity :L)


Major setback - but I have got a plan!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So this knee that has been bothering me has finally taken a turn for the worse. My MRI Thursday confirmed severe bursitis (you can see the swelling in my left knee and the leg above and below it) and disclosed degenerative joint disorder (also called osteoarthritis). It's very severe. They also saw it in my right knee, and suspect it's what is causing my shoulder pain as well, and why my left shoulder joint was already compromised at age 25.

What does this mean? Well because I am in government healthcare now through my husband's military career, it means wait. Take these pain meds (heavy heavy hitters) and wait. Wait for a referral. Wait to get into ortho. Wait for their eval. Wait for a decision on aspirating the knee. A basic procedure, but months in the making. Many many hoops to jump through; in the meantime- MORE PAIN MEDS!!!

It also means no more running. Ever. Ortho will tell me how bad the knee is, how involved the arthritis is. The bursitis, well hopefully the Solumedrol and the Voltaren will work to fix that. But still, no more running ever. No more high impact anything. Or low impact anything. Looks like its swimming aerobics from now on for me. It's horrible. Devastating for a 30 year old.

But I said I have a plan, and I do! I intend to continue working my upper body, and continue to work my core. I will follow my dr instructions, but will continue to work my body in the ways I can. Yin Yoga was also suggested to me. I hope I will be able to do it, but if not, ok. Most important is to keep my body strong and do everything I can to rehab my knee. It also means really watching my diet strictly. Diet will be a huge part of this because the excercise will be limited by my inability to use my lower body.

So stick with me sparkies, stay and watch my journey. Pray that orthopedics will fix me, will help me. Pray that PT will be effective. My pain doctor has been wonderful in managing my pain with the least heavy hitters possible, please pray they continue to be wonderful.

In peace and joy, and always in positive thoughts,

Kim :)


Hello, Sparkies! Guess who's married....? :) !!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hello all! Just got home from my wonderful honeymoon in Wisconsin, in 60s and 70s weather, to hotter than you-know-what Texas at 110 degrees. UGH! Also came home to a MASSIVE (imo) weight gain ; back over the 200 mark. 202.6 to be exact. So of course I am back getting down to business. Let me explain my currently challenges:

1) While running the week before my wedding, I re-injured my left knee. Thinking it was better, I ran again on my honeymoon and re-injured the left knee at the same time screwing up my right knee. I am on crutches (or supposed to be) and I have knee braces on BOTH knees now. I am on a steady diet of prednisone and vicodin, and have a dr appt today to schedule PT for my knees, an MRI, and possibly surgery.

2) I worked out this morning anyway, no running! I am not that dumb (anymore.) But I did my ChaLean extreme Burn Circuit 1. I am going to try and go thru the program. With modifications as my knees demand. Today was lunge an squat heavy - not great for knees but not too bad either.

3) I am cooking all the food again which helps. My mom made lots of delicious not healthy food last week and on our honeymoon we cooked at home some and ate out some. I am keepinng a food log of EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth. And I think I wasn't calculating sauces and dressing properly so I will be tracking that more closely as well too.

I am thrilled to be married ot my best friend, looking forward to our happy healthy life together, and ready to see what new and exciting things await us! There is a lot up in the air right now, depending on what happens with my husband at work. Potential to move across the country, across the world, for me to start nursing school, or for us to stay here. All waiting on what the Army wants to do with the hubby. But for now, we are here in Killeen and we are beginning our life as a married couple, Richard, me and our precious Eva.

See you tomorrow - I think posting regularly helps me stay on track too!

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TRICIAE2 8/16/2012 12:17PM

    So positive and upbeat!

You GO girl!

Congratulations on your marriage and also the start of your good health journey!


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Updates and things and stuff

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good Tuesday to y'all! It's a balmy hotter-than-hades here in Central Texas - the siding off the houses is melting it's so hot!!! Which means early workouts ifyou can get them in.

Our new plan is to Lift/run alternate days, leabing one day COMPLETELY off from workouts. This seems to increase my results as well as minimize knee pain for both of us. So far, so good. Yesterday I ran 2.8 miles in the morning (eva got fussy and it was 97 degrees when I finished) and then lifted in the evening. I got started on my run late yesterday morning and intend to knock it out about 0600 tomorrow instead of 1100 like I did yesterday. I am doing a 10k trainer, yep still pushing distance with my knee. When I push Eva in the stroller, I run much slower than when I'm not pushing her. I guess it has to do with the pushing of the stroller? I think I just can't do three things at one - breathe, run and push steadily/steer. We shall see if I get better. Week one is to warm up 5 minutes, run 10 walk 1 (x4) then cool down 5 minutes. I should easily be able to knock out 4-4.5 miles in that time. Yesterday I skipped the last round and the cool down due to the heat and still only hit 2.8 miles. Not happy. So I am going to try again; perhaps the cooler weather will help.

On the "completely off" days I do still sometimes get a nice walk in with Eva. Less for cardio and more because she likes it, but any little calorie burn helps. And I can walk exaggeratedly and stretch out my muscles really well :)

Not much else really exciting happening - Eva grows and changes every day and our big church wedding ceremony is a couple weeks away. This Saturday I turn 30 and will probably celebrate with a run (instead of on Friday lol) I am sure my husband has more planned I just dont know what all it is.

I'm off - lots of things to do today around the house, including maybe start another dress! :) Have a great day! :)

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LAURELSPARK 7/17/2012 10:02AM

    Can't wait to see pics of you wedding! I hope it's not too hot for you.....

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TORAMPAUL 7/17/2012 9:05AM

    I admire your dedication to continue your exercise in the heat! I think you're right; running earlier in the morning before the weather gets as hot will help. Walking on your off days with your daughter too.....well, children just love to be outdoors and the fresh air is good for them and for you :)

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GUDDIGO 7/17/2012 9:04AM

  You have a plan and a contingency.....good for you

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Where have you BEEN?!?!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Well friends, I have actually been here. Not Here, here. But here. Let me explain.

MY husband was working extra duty last week to help out a guy who's wife was in surgery/hospital. His Mom came to stay during that week, and it was...ok. Challenging yes, but also fun. A little. So I have been busy with her, and the baby.

ANYwho, we ran our first 5k on July 4. I was one week post ITBS/paterllar tracking issues diagnosis, and was still in my knee brace for running, walking, and general life. I took my last prednizone, two Tramadol and prepared to run. And run I did. I went the distance in 36:09 which is AWESOME, esp with the messed up knee. My goal is to run a 10k in under 1:30:00 and the 10 miler in October in under 2:00:00. That all depends on my knee.

After the race, things just got worse. I wound up going BACK to the dr, where they also deteremined I tad tendon issues with most of the tendons in my left knee. So, after about a week of rest, I am ready for my first training day for the 10k. 3.5 miles today, pushing my daughter. Yep, I now run alone. Richard's schedule at the hangar doesn;t allow him to come home; he leaves at 0500 and if I am lucky is home by 1800. We are hoping to move closerto post or even ON post to allow him to spend more time with Eva and I, but we will have to see.

I hear my little one is awake on the monitor, which means its time to get rolling. I hope things go well with my knee today - I left my brace in the van accidentally and Richard has the van today. Have a great day everyone!!! ;O)

Oh yes, I DO love my race T-shirt. Richard bought me an extra even! lol

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LAURELSPARK 7/13/2012 9:00AM

    Enjoy your day!

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