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Good morning run

Monday, July 26, 2010

Our clock was smarter than we were today. It's set for the wrong date. Sunday April 2 and thought it was the beginning of daylight savings and sprung forward. It went off at 4:00, way too early and really dark.

We got up a second time and left to run at 5.50. I ran with my husband. Both my dd's worked day shifts in 100+ heat index and then lifeguarded a party until midnight on Sat. and then had to swim Sunday night as part of a lifeguarding in service. They decided that they had done their exercise and would not be getting up early to run. They leave today for the St. Louis area Mariners Gam. Its a weeklong competition of Mariners girl scouts. My girls will be doing advanced canoeing and taking competing in canoeing and swimming events. There's also knowledge competitions. My 18 yo is doing small craft safety and semaphore, my 16 is doing canoeing and first aid.

Now back to the run. We are planning on running the Lewis and Clark HM together on Oct 3. It's my eighth and his first. We are planning on doing run/walk and have a pace goal of 9:45. Tuesdays I try a practice the pace mile---doing at least a mile at 9:45. I'm also thinking that we will run the first mile of the race. It is really congested that first mile and hard to switch to a walk even if you are running a half by yourself. So........

Todays plan 5 min walking warm-up
1 mile run still thinking warm-up and easy
1 mile run/walk 3:15/1 target 9:45
1 + mile (we need to get home) cool down run walk

What we did
5 min walking warm-up
1 mile run ave pace 10:38, this was a good comfortable warm up mile, pace got faster as we ran without the effort feeling harder
1 mile run/walk 3:15/1 ave pace 9:30
run/walk home easy 10:38 ave pace

Need to slow down for the that mile with the 9:45 target. I hit 9:45 pretty exactly running on Tuesdays by myself---but my dh throws my pacing a little---he tend to run half a step in front of me.

Run felt really good---especially considering how wiped out we felt after 11 miles in the heat.

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JAMIEHORN20 7/27/2010 10:06PM

    It's so great that he's going to do his first half! Built in running partner, nice. :)

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LUV4CHOCOLATE 7/26/2010 2:25PM

    Thanks for sharing. My hubbie throws off my pace too


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LIVE2RUN4LIFE 7/26/2010 1:46PM

    I've been using my breath patterns to help me pace the early parts of the run where I am prone to start out too fast. I make sure I am doing 3,3 breathing. It may just be the focusing on the breath that helps (very yoga). It might also make your husband's pacing less distracting. Yesterday during the mile repeats, I kept myself at 3,3 for at least the first lap and actually the first two laps during the early miles. That helped me settle into a pace and then I would just naturally move to 2,2 breathing after a lap or two. But my pace wouldn't change. When i look at the Garmin stats, I see my heart rate climbing in the first lap and then leveling off. Looks like I switch naturally to the 2,2 breathing once my heart rate levels off. But focusing on 3,3 at the beginning keeps me from going too fast while my heart rate is lower right off a recovery break.
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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 7/26/2010 11:59AM

    Don't you hate it when someone consistently runs 1/2 step ahead? My DH does the same thing! Ugh!!! I think it's a man thing.

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GERBALMAMMA 7/26/2010 11:44AM

    You are doing so well. DS is getting to the place he doesn't need me at home so much now so I started running again. I still can't match the pace you're doing but mine is getting better all the time.
Thanks for blogging. It helps to see what others are doing and what they are thinking as they train.

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11 mile run

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well today we had an 11 mile run. It is hot and humid here in St. Louis. 83 degrees at 5 am. We decided not to run in the neighborhood. We drove instead to a local park. It has the advantage of flat trails, and three separate places to get water on the 5.5 loop. There is also a shower that you can stop and spray on yourself and today a local running store was actually handing out gaterade and water. It was really busy when we arrived at 6:15. We did a ratio of 2:1. Pretty uneventful---it was just plain hot--even the breeze off the lake was hot. We were glad for the gatorade, being able to refill our water bottles and being able to spray ourselves with water. For the last two miles I was counting down each run interval. And at the end I was glad for the AC in the car and the extra cold gatorade in our trunk. I did get some chaffing where my arms rubbed against my shirt--ouch.

Oh and I actually took a nap this afternoon.

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LIVE2RUN4LIFE 7/25/2010 2:15PM

    Wow -- 83 is worse than here at that hour. We were "only" 78. I'll bet it would have been even more uncomfortable in the neighborhood with the addition of pavement. I discovered serious chafing, too, after last week's 17 mile run. First time I've had so much -- just about every place there was elastic. I guess that's thanks to running for almost 3 hours in soaking wet clothes and salt. I own a tube of Glide, but I've never used it. Betcha I will from now on for the long ones.
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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 7/25/2010 1:14PM

    Congratulations, Cindy for making it through the run!

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AQUAPOWERS 7/25/2010 11:19AM

    11 miles...nice! That's a good run in that weather. It sounds like a nice place to run with the water stations and all.

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FUNNINFIT 7/25/2010 9:05AM

    That's fantastic! guess you get more accustomed to the heat & humidity the more you're out in it, but awesome job, girl!!!
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GYMRAT54 7/24/2010 9:34PM

    emoticon Wow! To get out there and still run an 11-mile run to the finish, with it being that hot and humid?!?! I got to hand it to you. That could not be easy. I'd be counting down the intervals at the end, too. Glad you have a park that has places to get water and a shower to spray yourself! That sure had to feel good! It sure was nice of the running store to hand out cold gatorade and water for the runners. It's nice to know that this running store reaches out to the runners in the community. I'm sure the runners will think of them when it comes to needing running shoes and accessories. Good job! I'm just so impressed on how you persevere in your running. Hope that nap was long and restful. After a run that long, I think I'd sleep all afternoon from the sheer exhaustion from the energy spent on running that long and from the heat and humidity sucking the energy from me. emoticon

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MU55IN 7/24/2010 8:35PM

  Congrats on the run. I am training for the Chicago marathon and I did my 18 mile run this morning. It was so hot and humid. It was great to be done. I also took a nap this afternoon.
Keep up the good work!

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This mornings run/walk

Monday, July 19, 2010

We had a party for my husbands lab last night. Lots of food. I was us at 3:30 am feeling not great. Still at 5:00 I started moving towards this mornings run.

At 5:45 I was doing my warm up walk with my 18 yo dd. She commented that she had eaten too much last night and maybe we could just walk. I suggested that we try run/walk. We did 1 min run/ 1 min walk. She decided it was definitely easier on her GI tract thn straight running and was surprised by our pace. It's hot and humid today---our average pace using run walk was about in the middle of out straight run paces. We've had some faster and some slower.

Then I did one more mile by myself. I'm trying to do a mile every Tuesday where I try to get a feel for my pace and ratio for my half marathon. I'm aiming for a 9:45 min/mile pace for my HM. I am currently trying a 3:20/1:00 min ratio. Last week I tried 1:40/:30. I decided that there were just too many transitions from running to walking for a crowded race using that ratio, so I moved back to the 1 min walk. My 1 mile pace practice mile was okay---9:40 pace---but I did start a bit fast---I was at 9:20 at the end of the first run/walk set. I'll be fine tuning next week.

I may run this evening with my 16 dd and my 13 yo ds. We'll just do 1.5 miles. Then no more running until Wed.

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LIVE2RUN4LIFE 7/19/2010 4:45PM

    It's interesting to see what happens when newcomers join our group, especially if they are newcomers to Galloway in general. They almost inevitably put themselves (initially) into the fastest group available (i.e. the one with the longest run interval). And then are usually surprised to find that they have difficulties keeping up. They don't realize that the run segments are probably faster than they are used to running. We don't all start at the same time, but in the order of longest to shortest run interval so that people can drop back to the shorter run group if they need to. Yesterday a newcomer (who had put himself into the 4/1 group) actually pulled a calf muscle and had to abandon the run.

I used 2:00/:40 when I ran the OKC Marathon and didn't have problems with the crowd after the first mile. I was able to get over to the side and stay there. There were a surprisingly large number of people also taking walk breaks early in the race.
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GERBALMAMMA 7/19/2010 10:43AM

    Really nice pace. How close are you to your next race?

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TRIATHLONBABE 7/19/2010 10:16AM

    In my 15k yesterday I did 2:1 intervals the first 4 miles and then sped it up to 1:1's the second half of the race and felt a bit faster. I need to look at my Garmin and see what it shows for each mile. That's a good pace for you!

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QUADCMOM 7/19/2010 8:34AM

    I don't understand all that ratio stuff but it sounds great. Good idea to modify your routine when you need to.

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VELAIN 7/19/2010 8:24AM

    Neat idea, the combination of walking/running. I can't run because of my knees but do vary the speed at which I walk. Thanks for the info.

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BIJOUX7 7/19/2010 8:15AM

  Great job on getting your morning run in! I had planned to run this am, but saw wet pavement and returned to bed.

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6X800 Repeats

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well today we (my dh and I) were suppose to do 5 half mile repeats. Since we are going to miss a workout weekend when on vacation we slipped in an extra repeat and did 6 half mile repeats----with the knowledge that the last one was extra---and we could drop pack on pace if need be.

We went to Creve Coeur Lake which has a nice 5.5 mile loop around a lake and is nice a flat. Used the Garmin to measure off those half miles.

Target pace for those half miles 9:15,

Actual pace 9:02,9:10,8:55,9:07,9:01,9:03

Interesting doing these with my husband. I'm not really sure he actually needs to pick up his pace/turnover, or is just lengthening his stride. He like to talk about how maybe we can really run the half faster than my goal. I've to be focused.

I struggled a bit with that last repeat. My dh was talking about bring bikes out to creve coeur lake and doing a bike ride afterward. I was just focusing on finishing. He made the whole thing look easy.

Well I should be glad for those long legs---my husband's legs that is---I can train with a speed goal without really having him working on speed---something he shouldn't do on his first half marathon. I on the other hand keep slowing him down and making sure he increases distances slowly ---which he needs for his first half.

Now I'll admit something in print. Speedwork is nice. But in theory the easiest way for me to speed up is to lose that extra weight that I just haven't lost yet. I say its the easiest way, but I've known this for almost a year and not made any progress.

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SYNCHROSWIMR 7/18/2010 7:18PM

    Great job. I love exercising with my husband.

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GERBALMAMMA 7/18/2010 10:48AM

    Great spilt times. I looked at the last one, 9:03 I think. That didn't seem like holding back. :)
I'm envious of you. Your DH and DD run with you. My older DS says "Why are you running, is someone chasing you?" He thinks he's funny.
Good job on the speed work! Hubby is lucky to have you to help him pace himself.

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NANJET 7/17/2010 10:42PM

    Lucky for you to have a hubby to run with you. When I met my dh in high school he was very interested in fitness and ran track. He probably hasn't run a mile since 1980! He could seriously use some diet & fitness help but we sort of have a silent agreement. He never picked on my when I was I don't pick on him either!

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LIVE2RUN4LIFE 7/17/2010 9:55PM

    You would have made it look easy, too, at an equivalent pace. It's very hard for two such physically different people to train together.

My husband and I run together sometimes. But he's only an inch taller than I and way more laid back. Plus I am more selfish about my running than you are. I run my own pace. When I first started running, I would tell him to run ahead, but he was content to stay with me. I have to confess that I no longer return the favor when we race together. He doesn't care -- he's not interested in pushing his running. Now biking, that's another story.
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Comment edited on: 7/17/2010 10:01:25 PM

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GAELENEC 7/17/2010 9:06PM

    Well, I have to give you kudos for running with hubby; I think my hubby and I would probably come to blows trying speedwork together!

Great splits.

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5 miles for the stress relief

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

On Sat I was all about planning HM training while also meeting the goal of running with my dh and my 18 yo dd.

Well on Sunday we drove my son to boy scout camp. Monday evening he got a bee sting and had a rather scary reaction. We ended up driving to the ER closest to boy scout camp. He's fine now---back at camp and equiped with an epi-pen and the knowledge that he needs antihistamine the minute he gets stung.

We arrived back home late night Monday. I did not do my usual 5:30 am run--but at 8:00 I decided I'd go for a run. Just for "fun" or maybe really just for the endorphin fix.

5 miles---nice slow relaxing pace---It was good

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JEM0622 7/13/2010 11:31AM

    Very glad that your son is okay after the scare. Regardless of age, it can cause our hearts to stop a second.

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SYNCHROSWIMR 7/7/2010 10:46PM

    Hey, Trillium! Glad to hear your son is ok. What a scary episode for all of you. Glad you got in a nice, relaxing run

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PLUCKYMUM 7/7/2010 3:18PM

    Hi Trill! We had the same experience with our youngest while on our cruise and are now carrying epipens everywhere. It is scary, isn't it?

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LIVE2RUN4LIFE 7/7/2010 11:31AM

    Glad to hear things turned out well -- both for your son and for your run. I'm itching to get out today, but will wait until tomorrow. Hopefully, that's a good sign that my next run will back on track.
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    So glad to hear that your son is doing better. That is scary!!!

5 miles sounds so relaxing.

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