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Weigh-In 08.03.2013: (0-3 iz STILL O-K wi M-E)

Saturday, August 03, 2013

OK, so the hungries have been offset by the weight loss. I know that I'm getting healthier, which is good, but I don't like how much I've been eating.

This week, I'm going to try to figure out how to not eat so much. I may go back to doing more cardio. I don't know.

Last week was kind of a Hail Mary weigh-in, was really surprised to have lost anything. This week more reflects reality.

July 06: 206.2@21 (Last Week of Plateau )
July 13: 204.8@23
July 20: 204.2@21
July 27: 203.0@22

August 3: 203.0@22
(0.0 pounds gained/lost)

I'm going to try to start reducing my chocolate intake to get to cleanse level. I'm going to start shooting for 450 per day and then taper by about 20-30 per day each week until I am down to about 120. Then I will maybe do a whole-score Candida cleanse and diet.

We'll see.

- TD out!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BYEBYEFAT. 8/4/2013 4:03AM

    Try "gentle eating" to eat less. It's torture lol. You take a bite, put down your fork, chew your food twenty times, and swallow. *repeat* I couldn't do this all the time, I dont even know if i could do it for a day... but it definitely helps look at food in a different light! Try it sometime :D

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BLKLILY 8/3/2013 10:39PM

    Wow...okay; great reflections. I look forward to reading more on your progress emoticon emoticon

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FITGRL124 8/3/2013 9:22PM

    Sometimes I feel like I eat too much too! emoticon

Best of luck to you with your cleanse!

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Look! Up in the Sky!! It's a Birdie!!! It's an #Airplane!!!! It's ...(wait for it)...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I know what you're thinking. As I've mentioned before, I can read women's minds.

You're thinking things like:
* "Will I ever reach my goals?"
* "Will I be able to maintain when I hit my goals?"
* "Will I be truly HAPPY when I attain my goals?"
* "Geez, that Trent is so handsome/awesome. Why HAVEN'T I set him up with my daughter/sister/cute co-worker/bff/etc.?" (*en1)
* Did 1950's style sappy breakup doo-wop songs make it all the way to the 1970's?

But most importantly, You're asking......

"What happened to those great campaigns of Trent's like the ones from the 2010/2011"

You know the inspirational ones where I lost plenty of weight (*en2) and inspired many (*en3)

Ones like:
* Turning into a vampire (*en4)
* The hottest loser (*en5)
* Eating Cheetos every day (*en6) (*en7)

Well, in my final mile of this weight-loss journey, I'm going to do it. I will take a direct order from the leader of one of my SparkTeam and...... SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!!!! (crowd goes totally nuts)

Voice in TD's head: Ummmm... Trent?

Trent: What?

Voice: Good idea, except for one minor detail.

Trent: sure, what's that?

Voice: You don't really have any superpowers.

Trent: Good point.

Voice: Plus if you did, you'd use them really stupidly like last time. You know, like when you used your bionic vision to look through your monitor to catch the tiny spider.

Trent: HEY! I got that Spider out of my flat in no time.....

OK, maybe not Superman per se. Actually, I think that I'm going to be.....

...A NON-SUPER Non-Hero!!!! (crowd claps quietly, kind of confused)

Yeah, here's what I am going to do:
* Post new profile pix every week (of the "greatest" and most "inspirational" super heroes)
* Make minor small and constructive changes to my healthy lifestyle as I notice the need
* In my blogs, use tons of Barney Stinson type colloquialisms (*en8)
* VERY gratuitously use the hashtag (*en9)

Unlike my vampire blogs. These will be LEGIBLE(*en10)

So tonight, Trent, as you know him will change FOREVER (or until I get bored with this schtick. Probably a month or two (*en11)). Oh oh. And I will weigh-in as normal Trent on Saturdays (hashtags to be used #inadvertantly and #sparkingly on those).

So make no mistake about it. I will be strong! I will be persistent!! I will fight to the end!!! I will not rest, sleep or be distracted until I REACH MY GOALS!!!!

Co-worker: Hey Trent! There's donuts in the kitchen area.

Trent: #sweet !! (gets up and starts walking to kitchen area) eh, we'll get there eventually (*en12)

- TD...wait for it...#Out!!

= = =

Editor's Notes:
*en1: Seriously, don't answer that.
*en2: If by "plenty" one means "absolutely none"
*en3: If by "many" one means "pretty much no one"

*en4: Gained 3 pounds
*en5: Gained 2 pounds and gave up
*en6: Yes, he even failed at an eating program whose sole requirement was to eat Cheetos once a day.
*en7: In your comments please ask him why he's choosing to do the one thing that has never worked as his ticket to success.

*en8: It will be legend...wait for it...ARY
*en9: #hasntjumpedtheshark
*en10: He assumes that to be a good thing

*en11: Give him a week and a half. two, tops.
*en12: ....

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SCRAP317 8/1/2013 9:38AM

    Oh Trent, you never run out of ideas, do you! Love your blog and I can tell by the "tone of your voice" that you are on fire! Excellent! Can't wait to ride along...

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    Hahaha, you can read women's minds. That's so scary. Speaking of scary, you are my hero if you caught that spider! Loving the new goals to inspire us all.

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BLKLILY 7/31/2013 3:52PM

    Glad you found me...I like the humor you bring to Spark! I am so looking forward to your new schtick lol


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DEBBICZ 7/31/2013 3:19PM

    funny - thanks for the new schtick. I'm sure it will be as entertaining as the last and hope you get down to your goal that you are working towards!

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FITGRL124 7/31/2013 3:08PM

    "Yeah, here's what I am going to do:
* Post new profile pix every week (of the "greatest" and most "inspirational" super heroes)
* Make minor small and constructive changes to my healthy lifestyle as I notice the need
* In my blogs, use tons of Barney Stinson type colloquialisms (*en8)
* VERY gratuitously use the hashtag (*en9)"

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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KT-NICHOLS-13 7/31/2013 2:16PM


Mmmmm, Cheetos! #lovemesomecheetos
Mmmmm, donuts! #donutsvs.donutholes #frieddoughisyummy


#Thankyou for making me smile today, I've not done that enough lately.

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    Heh! Worth the effort to read the endnotes, folks! emoticon

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Weigh-In 07.27.2013: (0-3 iz O-K wi M-E)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My goodness, I swear that I have a tapeworm inside of me.

The hungries (*) have returned because of the kettlebell exercises. I only worked out three times seriously this week. I made them count though. The muscles are building and they apparently want calories. Like, big-time!

And yes, this is pathetic, but....

I was afraid that despite eating like 10 times my body weight in food everyday, I would only lose like a half of a pound. Midweek weigh-in pointed to that. My official weigh-in apparently had other plans (**).

June 29: 206.0@22 (Weigh-in closest to July 1)
July 06: 206.2@21 (Last Week of Plateau )
July 13: 204.8@23
July 20: 204.2@21

July 27: 203.0@22

- Down 1.2 pounds emoticon
- Down 3.0 pounds this month (including a week of a plateau)
- 3.2 pounds from the 190s
- 8.0 pounds from my goal

203 has been a number that for some reason I've blogged about more than the others. When I was first losing weight, it was the first time I really REALLY noticed how my physical appearance was changing for the good. By contrast, when I was gaining last year, I plateaued there and noticed that my appearance was changing for the worse.

As for now, 2-0-3 iz O-K wi M-E

- TD Out!

(*) When I start hitting the gym more intensely, my appetite goes crazy. I've been through it enough times to know that I won't gain much weight if any.

(**) Most humanize/anthropomorphize their scales. Me? I dare to make the actual weigh-ins themselves my friends/enemies. I'm just awesome that way, I guess :)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

STFRENCH 7/30/2013 10:59AM

    Oh, I'm quite familiar with the Hungries!! emoticon
BodyPump always sends my appetite in over-drive - these heavy barbells won't lift themselves: I need well-fed muscles to do that! emoticon

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RUNJEWELRUN 7/29/2013 12:49PM

    I agree with the protein shakes(esp after a workout). Way to go!

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SCRAP317 7/29/2013 9:58AM

    Hey BLUENOSE63 stole my line - I agree with the protein post workout - do you have a smoothie recipe you like?

Major congrats on the loss! XO

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JITZUROE 7/28/2013 8:51PM

Happy dance going on over here for you.
Can't you see my jazz hands?

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FITGRL124 7/28/2013 8:46AM

    Congratulations on your loss!! Keep up the good work!

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JUMPINJULIE 7/28/2013 2:05AM

    i'm so happy for you happy dance time.

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STEVIEBEE569 7/27/2013 9:09PM

    Congratulations on your weight loss! Keep up the good work!

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BLKLILY 7/27/2013 9:08PM

    Great job miss lady keep pushing!!!

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BLUENOSE63 7/27/2013 8:01AM

  Your body is trying to tell you to feed it more proteins and carbs before you workout and after combine protein and healthy carbs to refuel your body! You may need to reassess the amount of calories you are eating as the body becomes more fit, the fat turns to muscle and it burns calories at a higher rate than before!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

(Heavy Knock on The Door)
Voice: This is the Don't Beat YourSelf Up police! Open up!!

Trent (bows head in disappointment): Oh boy, here we go.

(opens door. 2 officers walk in)

Officer #1: Uh, yes Mr. Dreamer. We have a report of you beating yourself up in your last blog.

TD: Excellent! You have bad information. I didn't.

Officer #2: No, we have it printed out right here.

#1: Yeah, you went on for four paragraphs about all the bad food choices you made

#2: Yeah, that was most of the blog

TD: OK, so show me where I actually beat myself up, though.

#1: Well you called your decisions "mistakes"

TD: Yes I did. Because they were. Then I went on to what I learned from them. This Saturday's blog will reflect that.

#2: You ended the blog talking about how unhappy you were about the decisions.

#1: ...and that you wish you could go back and make different ones.

TD: Yes, because I was and I did. I had and still have the right to be to be unhappy about them. This week I made different ones and am happy about them. Again, show me the part(s) where I actually beat myself up.

(Both officers stare blankly at Trent)

TD: The reality, and you know it, is that I didn't beat myself up. I looked at what I did, blogged about it and learned from it. Isn't the whole point of blogging being able to share your experiences and how they affect you?

#1: Yeah but you were being negative. You need to be positive.

TD: Says who? I was positive that I made bad decisions and I was positive that this week I'd do better.

(Trent picks up vase)

#2: But shouldn't you focus more on what you did ri....

(Throws vase against wall making a really loud **CRASH**)

TD: No, I shouldn't!!! NOT IF I DON'T WANT TO! I should be free to make mistakes, be upset about them and be able to express my frustrations about them.

Sit in any locker room at half time or post game of any team that can win or could have won the game (after a bad half or game that didn't live up to their potential). Look at the coach carrying on to their team.

Look at the drill sergeant talking to his/her reports about his/her grandmother can do better than them.

Both of them know that their team/cadets/soldiers can do better. They let them know that. They let them know how.

Yes, there are people who really do dwell on everything they do wrong and it runs them down. That doesn't mean any expression of frustration will inherently lead to that. I've been the perfectionist that dwells on mistakes, I get it. But I've moved on.

Worse, I've known people who have given up blogging honestly about their frustrations both with themselves and in general, because they know their feelings are going to be marginalized because they break the 11th commandment of "Thou shalt not express any non-pleasant sentiments/emotions"!

Heck, I'll come out and say it. If a person knows that they can do better, know how to and have actually done so, they not only have the right to give themselves a bit of a tongue lashing after a bad day/week, THEY SHOULD!

(Officers cock their heads back in complete shock)

They should be able to reflect on the loss so that they can win the next game.

At the same time. If one is not succeeding and doesn't know why their stuck. They should be allowed to express their frustration and be greeted with both hugs and helpful advice from others. That's what community is supposed to be about.

Saying "Don't beat yourself up" to every expression of anything not totally all sunshine, roses and kittens allows for neither.

(Officers start inching toward the door)

This isn't church, the office or the social club where we need to have our perfect happy faces on all the time. It's real life. We should live it with and for one another.

#1 (opens door): OK we'll let you off with a warning this time

#2: Yeah! We'll let you off this time.

(Both bolt out the door)

Trent (sighs): Oh well. Time to go beat me up some dinner.

(Trent walks to kitchen to prepare dinner. Car starts up outside)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SCRAP317 7/29/2013 9:49AM

    Amen, brother! Blogs are for reflecting on our choices and consequences - good and bad. I think we try to be cheerleaders for each other and sometimes it comes off glib. Let me rant, let me learn and celebrate with me when I am celebrating. Otherwise just commiserate with me about how you've been there too...

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SIMONEKP 7/26/2013 1:55PM

    Knock knock
Who's there?
Me: The tough Love Dispenser
Door opens
Me: Listen up, the world is not all puppies and rainbows- you can and must do better if you want to succeed. Everything that happens to you isn't someone else's fault. Own your mistakes and learn from them.

Seriously though, the "everyone gets a medal" mentality is taking over and giving everyone an excuse when they fail at something that was within their control. I'm all for looking back at mistakes and I certainly don't feel great about my choices sometimes but that's the purpose of self-reflection, to learn to make different choices.

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MY1FAN 7/25/2013 9:54AM


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NEELIXNKES 7/25/2013 12:05AM


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FITGRL124 7/24/2013 9:02PM

    I think sometimes beating yourself up over food choices is good. Sure, we all choose bad things at times, but the important thing is that you learn from it and know how to make healthier choices later on.

Either way - truly, you are doing an excellent job!

Comment edited on: 7/24/2013 9:03:18 PM

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Weigh-In 07.20.2013: Despite That...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

This week I made three very tough mistakes when grocery shopping.
- Bought a pound of the 85/15% ground beef (usually buy shaved steak with lower fat, but they were out).
- Bought bread
- Bought whole milk yogurt (usually buy skim but didn't pay attention).

I usually use very high fiber cereal as my vehicle for coconut oil. The bread was higher calorie and goes bad faster. I should have put the bread in the refrigerator sooner than I did. The yogurt was tough to eat because I'm not used to it.

These were mistakes that not only wouldn't have hurt me 10-20 pounds ago, they actually would have helped because I would have enjoyed them more and eaten out less (I ate out more back then).

Now, not so much.

By about Wednesday, I had finished off the beef, put the bread in the fridge and was polishing off the yogurt. Believe me, this morning when I go grocery shopping, these mistakes will not be repeated.


This week, I will buy a half a pound of lean roast beef (1-2 ounces a day and it won't go bad). Going back to cereal. I will definitely be more careful when picking up the yogurt.

Despite that...

July 06: 206.2@21 (Last Week of Plateau )
July 13: 204.8@23
July 20: 204.2@21

- Down 0.6 pounds emoticon
- 2 pounds in 2 weeks
- Body fat more reflecting reality (my clothes fit a LOT better than two months ago)
- The plateau is caput
- 4.4 pounds from the 190's
- 9.2 pounds from my goal.

This week I'm absolutely going to kill it (and I have the eating habits to back that statement up). I am really happy with my progress both eating and exercise-wise.

Yeah I admit, I wish I could go back and fix last week, but...

(sirens in the background flare up and start coming towards Trent's apartment)

Uh oh, it's the D.B.Y.S.U. police (*). This is going to be ugly. I'll blog about it Wednesday.

- TD Out!

(*) D.B.Y.S.U. = Don't.Beat.Your.Self.Up.

I find that any time I reflect either a mistake I've made or frustration with a situation, I get several comments about not beating myself up. I get these even when (and especially when) I'm totally not. Like this blog.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LIFEGENESIS 7/24/2013 11:08AM

    So close to Onederland I can SMELL it! That is sooo cool. Proud of you and proud of you for being able to see the areas where you can improve. Go get 'em tiger! LOL

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1DERLAND14 7/21/2013 4:36PM

    awesome job taking the time to reflect and reminding us not to beat ourselves up! SO TRUE!

WAY TO GO on the loss this week!! emoticon

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FITGRL124 7/21/2013 9:02AM

    Trent- you are doing an amazing job! I'm so excited for you!! You're so inspiring to me! I cannot wait to see you reach your goal! EEEK!!!!

Now, if I can just really figure out what's going on with me, I would be on a good path too.

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BYEBYEFAT. 7/20/2013 10:20AM

    I don't know if this is true or not... but I heard that full fat can be better than skim, because taking out fat means they often replace it with sugar. Not sure if this is true or not.. I always have skim milk haha.

Congrats on your week!! You are getting SO CLOSE to goal!

So proud of your dedication throughout it all!

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SCRAP317 7/20/2013 9:58AM

    Good reflection and don't forget your glasses when you go to the grocery this week - ha ha ... congrats on the -0.6!

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KT-NICHOLS-13 7/20/2013 9:56AM

    "This week I'm absolutely going to kill it..." I have the same mindset.

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STFRENCH 7/20/2013 9:26AM

    Ok so there were 3 mistakes, but emoticon for being -0.6lbs and busting the dreaded plateau! emoticon

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