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Cold or Kill-Off

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I had it all planned out. I was going to do my first kettlebell workout outdoors today.

There's a park near where I live that has a small pond with a sandy "Beach" area. I was going to do a 45 minute walk around the pond and a kettlebell workout by the water. It was going to be a cool relaxing workout with some sense of what's to come this summer when I am going there early in the morning to workout and soak in some rays.

Given that the kettlebells at home are only 20 and 25 pounds, I knew that I was going to have to make Monday the hard core day. All out on all exercises. I did .87 miles in 10 minutes on the elliptical and then did basically the 30 and 35 pound bells for all but one exercise. I left the gym with no apologies.

Yesterday, I went to do cardio and wasn't feeling it. I got to the 12 minute mark hoping to be in the zone and I wasn't. I figured that I needed a rest day.

This morning I woke up with the sniffles.

A couple days ago, I started introducing foods into my diet that I've read kill off candida yeast in the body. It's part of an attempt to fight my sugar cravings. An article that I read online indicated that when candida starts dying off the body develops symptoms similar to a cold/flu (referred to in the article as a candida kill-off).

At the same time, I've been going heavy on the vitamin C foods.

My colds usually come on like gang-busters last a day and a half and then quickly go away. This would lead me to believe that I probably don't have a cold. The one time I've had a cold when I was regularly eating fruits, however, the cold came on slowly and lingered for a week. Maybe that is what this is.

So I don't know if I have a cold or am dealing with some initial symptoms of the foods that will help me with the sugar addiction. I actually feel good enough to exercise, but am not going to do a kettelbell workout. If this is a cold, I will be very sorry if I do a kettlebell workout.

I'll probably hit the park and walk around the pond.

- TD Out!

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SILVERANGEL6 3/14/2012 12:25AM

    Hey,'s the cold? Gone I hope, good on you for listening to your body. Maybe it had been listening to your previouse blog, and had taken flight!! good advice from the peeps out there, though....I like the one about, you need a my book, you need to find something else you're passionate about, and start reading more & more about it, this hopefully will re-ignite your drive to do something different & said it yourself, if you're passionate about something, you give it your all.
Meditate & ask your Angels to suggest something you may not have thought of yet.
Whatever the first thing that pops into your mind is, will be the thing you should try out, no matter how odd or screwy you thing it is.

Here's to giving the cold the flick!!

Sylvia xx

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HICALGAL 3/11/2012 3:15AM

    i never got in the zone doing the t.mill today after 17 mins and screwed it...but i got in tons of crunches, bicep curls and tricep kickbacks, modif, lunges and burpees, afterwards.

listen to our knows best. emoticon

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STESSOUTCHICK1 3/10/2012 7:54PM

  Lucky u. My blogging may be different. OOOlala.
c u soon my friend

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LIVELAUGHXO 3/9/2012 10:45AM

    You're doing a great job! Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

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DEBBICZ 3/9/2012 8:27AM

    Good job on reading your body and what's going on with it. Hope you feel better soon! emoticon

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MISSLISA1973 3/7/2012 11:16PM

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

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SCRAP317 3/7/2012 7:06PM

    Feel better friend - hope it's the candida dying off! That would be awesome! Let us know how you're doing xo

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FITGRL124 3/7/2012 1:35PM

    Feel better soon! :)

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KT-NICHOLS-13 3/7/2012 1:11PM

    Your outside workout sounds amazing!
I hope you're not getting a cold. Maybe, and this is a shot in the dark, your body is reacting to your attempts at fighting sugar cravings. ???

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LADYJAKE1 3/7/2012 11:46AM

    I love kettle bells, how nice to be able to them by the water, lucky you.

Feel better.

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BONDMANUS2002 3/7/2012 11:38AM

  good luck

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"He’s going to be the CEO of….."

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Ah, I remember it like it was just a few years ago. I was third year student at University. I was in a class that I really liked and was really passionate about. It was a keystone required class for my major. For the rest of the kids in the class…not so much. It was a requirement.

Being as active as I was annoyed several of my classmates. One of them (his name was Matt) admitted toward the end that when he first came into the class their first impression of me was, “What is wrong with that guy?” We became friends when I gave him some tips to avoid a major stink-bomb class/professor.

I had a presentation that I had to do as part of my academic track that no one else had to do. I came up with the idea to have the class fill out an anonymous survey, analyze the data and present the findings. The professor liked the idea. When I indicated that he should probably pass it out without an introduction, he asked “why not you?”

I replied, “Because they hate my guts.”

My prof thought about it for a second and nodded in agreement.

Two weeks later I gave a 20 minute presentation in front of the class, holding the surveys that they had filled out two weeks previous. I prepped for about five hours the prior night and earlier in the day, with the help of my dear college sweetheart so the presentation was polished.

It went extremely well.

Later that night I was at the student center chilling with my gf and a buddy when Matt came over. I was like “Hey Matt!”, and introduced him to my bff and gf (and told him how much she had helped with prepping the presentation).

He smiled, shook his head almost in complete disbelief of the study/presentation, looked my gf right in the eyes and said, “He’s going to be, like, the CEO of *3 second thoughtful pause* the country someday”

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not actually the CEO of anything at this point. I’m definitely not the CEO of the country (though I haven’t checked my email recently). That doesn’t bother me though.

What frustrates me is the lack of drive that I’ve had these past few years. I’ve settled for mediocrity which I never allowed on the table back then. I had swagger. I had drive. I had a goal. I had determination.

I had sort of a fantastic attitude of fighting for what I wanted/desired of life. I accepted setbacks as just that. Mediocrity was for those who wanted it. You can have the “Brass Ring” I want gold/platinum one.

I need another mountain to climb, another trophy, another mission, another….I don’t know what.


I think that that’s what’s been missing since graduation. And that needs to change. It may or may not have anything to do with my weight loss, but my health can probably help me. I don’t know how, but we’ll see.

CEOs need a vision, maybe that’s what I need to establish/solidify. The country certainly isn’t going to “CEO” itself, if you know what I mean (*).


- TD Out!

(*) It's OK if you don't. I doubt that he does either.

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KT-NICHOLS-13 3/5/2012 6:13PM

    So, the question remains ... what's the next goal(s) you'd like to set for yourself?

I've been asking myself the same question for months. I'm still not sure!

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SYN-CA 3/5/2012 1:48PM

    Trent, everyone slips into that 'I lost my mojo' state! Regular people, CEOs, and even heads of State! Just listen to Tony Robbins, and you'll get the list of those folks! What you need is a coach! All through school, you had coaches--teachers, professors, counselors, etc. You had a grade card! In that first job or two, you had to perform to keep it and get the raise, bennies, etc. NOW, you learned all the ins and outs of maintaining without additional effort. It's the time to find the right person to get your where or how you want to be. Could be a person, series of CDs, company filled with people to help, etc. Check out Earl Nightingale was my first favorite author. I'm certain you will find your way, smart guy!

Comment edited on: 3/5/2012 1:50:18 PM

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SCRAP317 3/5/2012 10:55AM

    Sounds like you need to set a goal - a big goal. Where do you want to be in 2 years? Career wise, family wise - anything. Did you give up a dream? Don't settle for mediocre. You need something to focus on - something to drive your ambitions. You are right - your health has taken up a lot of your time, but it hasn't fulfilled your life's purpose. You've got lots of thinking to do my friend. Let me know if you want to shoot some ideas back and forth. XO

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TRACEYROCK 3/5/2012 9:36AM

    A couple of months ago I had a conversation with a coworker about how different life was out of the military. In the military, I always had a goal- my next promotion, my next assignment. Now, what is my goal? I completely understand what you are saying - you can fall into a rut when you don't set goals to work toward. You'll figure out what you want to achieve next soon- because now you're thinking about...

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MEADSBAY 3/4/2012 11:06AM

    You would be perfect for that job- if there were such a thing!
If not you, then whom?
Recognizing the missing piece is half the battle.

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FITGRL124 3/4/2012 9:02AM

    Oh my goodness - as I read this today it seems you and I have been feeling the same. Where is my drive? Where is my passion? What am I missing?

Good luck as you continue to ponder this thought and find your drive!

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GETSTRONGRRR 3/4/2012 8:36AM

    Sounds like you've got the right attitude....success does breed success, so as weight & bodyfat come down, you might just find yourself with that spark, drive, vision, energy, call it what you will, to get wherever you want to be.

In the end, it's about feeling in control of ourselves and our future isn't it!

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The New March Kettlebell Workout

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So I had the next workout all set up and ready to go for March and had even blogged about it. It was the logical next step from the one I have been doing. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Everything I needed:
* Exercise that I could continue to make real progress with (two handed swing)
* The most standard move in the kettlbell certification world (snatches)
* A challenging move that I could slowly build up to over the next month (renegade rows). Even had the plan to build up.
* Exercises that would help me train to defeat my arch nemesis…NINJA GOGGIE!!!

Unfortunately three of the six moves involve resting or tapping a heavy kettlebell against the bruised area on the back of my wrist/forearm. Today the wrists are about 90%. They were really bruised last Wednesday-Friday.

I really don’t want to risk aggravating them until I know how to do the three moves that seem to involve holding the bells in such a way where they rest against that area:
* The push press
* The snatch
* The clean and press

All three moves just continue to whack that area. The presses rest the bell against it, which is bad when the bells get heavier.

Finding actual routines without at least one of the three was not easy. Did manage to find one, though.

The new workout is the following

(1 minute intervals: 40sec work : 20sec rest)
1. Two – Handed KB Swings
2. KB Reverse “Passing” Lunges (right)
3. KB Reverse “Passing” Lunges (left)
4. Dive Bombers (body weight)
5. Single-arm KB Rows (right)
6. Single-arm KB Rows (left)
7. KB Vertical Swings

I like this routine for several reasons (though I admit that I don’t like having to avoid exercises):
• I get to keep going with the two handed swings and maybe get up to 45 or even 52 pounds.
• They are longer work intervals but shorter total time. I can add 10 minutes of abs if I want. I can go down to slightly lighter weights, guilt free on the moves from this past month.
• The vertical swings do hit the abs in the same way the snatches would have. I tried a couple last night.
• The Dive bombers can be built up to and involve less balance risk than renegade rows.

So, I am actually excited about this workout despite the circumstances under which I had to choose it. I can take on Ninja Goggie at the end of April instead when the wrists are better.

On non-kettlebell days I will do the spinning bike and see if I can move up to 30-35 minutes.

March-ing on! (See what I did there?)

- TD Out!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SCRAP317 3/3/2012 9:08AM

    The more I read about your kettle ball routines, the more I realize two things - 1) you've found your nitch and 2) I want to try kettle balls! Thanks TD and good luck with the routine - it sounds like a great workout! xo

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KT-NICHOLS-13 3/1/2012 5:59PM

    The more I read about your KB workouts the more I understand that this is a full body and intense workout. Keep up the good work TD

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MEADSBAY 2/28/2012 9:20PM

Looks emoticon
I cannot do:
* The push press
* The snatch
* The clean and press
as I fear for my neck and shoulders.
Maybe I'll try a few with really light kbs and see how that feels.

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21% x 3

Sunday, February 26, 2012

One of my motivations this year is to go to the beach and not wear my usual t-shirt and cargoes deal. You know, actually wear a pair of swimming trunks. The means to that involves more than just eating well. Exercise is definitely important, specifically, strength and muscle building exercises. Kettlebells have been the exercise of the month.

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog about how I finally got an "official" body fat measurement of 21%. It has been 22% for a while. On that weigh-in, my scale uncharacteristically gave me different readings. My scale measures actual pounds to the 0.2 pounds, but rounds the bodyfat to the nearest full %.

I weigh myself 2-3 times and take whatever weight comes up two out of three times. The body fat % is almost always the same for all two or three measurements.
Two weeks ago it was two out of three (21%, 22%, 21%). The past two weeks I have been scoring a consistent 21%.

Next week, as I embark upon a new set of kettlebell exercises and go heavier on spinning, I hope to knock the body fat percentage down to 20% by eom March.

1998 is going to be a gr8 year emoticon

- TD Out!

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MEADSBAY 2/27/2012 9:12PM

    You are SMOKIN'

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LIVELAUGHXO 2/27/2012 4:48PM

    emoticon emoticon

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SCRAP317 2/27/2012 10:54AM

    Excellent! So encouraging to see the consistancy in the 21%, isn't it? You are doing great, Trent, and I have no doubt you are going to look so fit in your new swim trunks! xo

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FITGRL124 2/26/2012 11:02AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Grand Finale Workout Tomorrow

Friday, February 24, 2012

So last night I did a light KB workout. Because of the bruises on the wrists, I did push presses with a freeweight. The bruises are going away. but I am not going to play around with this.

I didn't feel like going to the gym so I did my workout at home. Bells in actual pounds. The exercises that I have been using 26.4 pounds were done with the 20 pound one. I used the 25 pound one for the two handed lift (usually 30.8 or 35.2 pounds).

Something occurred to me (I confirmed this with my exercise log this morning):
**These "lighter" weights that I used last night were all heavier than the weights that I was using when I first started this workout a month ago (originally 15lbs for most exercises and 20lbs for the two handed).**

Tomorrow will be my last workout with this set of exercises. I was going to do a couple of light workouts on my light week next week. But now I'm thinking that the light week might be best invested in getting used to the new exercises.

So what to do to go out with a bang? The push presses are totally out of the question until I figure out the whole wrist bruising thing. So I can either shoot for
* 30.8 pounds for most of the exercises. Rows, alt swings, lunges, etc.. and stick with the 35.2 pound two hand
* Keep at 26.4 pounds for most of the moves and shoot for a 39.6 pound two hand.


We're double swinging 39.6 tomorrow. We'll be ounces short of doubling the original swing.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

- TD Out!

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SCRAP317 2/27/2012 10:50AM

    Be careful with those wrists my friend - you need 'em more than you realize! xo

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TRENTDREAMER 2/25/2012 3:58PM

    "So I can either shoot for
30.8 pounds for most of the exercises. Rows, alt swings, lunges, etc.. and stick with the 35.2 pound two hand
Keep at 26.4 pounds for most of the moves and shoot for a 39.6 pound two hand. "

* OK, I was really stupid and decided to do both
- 39.6 pound double swing
- 30.8 pound Alt swing, single rows, goblet squates, alt lunches
- 20 pound push press with a free weight.

At most, tomorrow will be a light day

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MEADSBAY 2/25/2012 2:19PM

    Holy moly!!!!!
(what is a moly, anyway?)

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    Awesome! I need to log. What a great motivator to see how far you've come!

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FITGRL124 2/25/2012 9:52AM

    I do hope that your wrists can handle your workout.

Every since you've been doing these kettlebell workouts - you're doing so well. You are such an inspiration to us all. (Now if I could find that inspiration, I would be good to go).

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SILVERANGEL6 2/25/2012 1:05AM

    TD, will your wrists be up to this? I do hope so, don't want you injuring yourself badly, now, do we?

Still, I guess you are all up to date with your technique, so as long as you're careful, & don't attack it, but keep it at a reasonable rate, it will be ok.
Sometime it's good to be a little cautious.

I love that you're doing this stuff, who'da thunk it , well, a year ago?

You are an inspiration, TD......

Sylvia x

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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