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Monday, February 06, 2012

This giving up sugar thing is really tough. Really fell off this weekend. I’m going to really focus on eating out as little as possible and going totally carb free in the morning.

Loving the kettlebells. I think this will be the week I finally retire the 10 pound ones. The push-presses are the last exercises that they may be needed for (shoulder presses with extreme cheating from the rest of the body). Saturday I only used the 10s for the first set of the three. Today I may try all three with the 15s.
The two handed swings may go up to 25 and the back rows to 20.


1) Freedom from sugar addiction: I started taking the “careful in the morning” advice. But fell off Friday and that went through the weekend. I am going totally carb free in the morning, except vegetables (yes, you read correctly. I actually ate a half cup of peppers as part of breakfast this morning. Yes, you’re still on Trent’s blog)

2) Flexibility: Took a couple of stretching classes last week. I’m finding myself actually doing mini stretches throughout the day. I feel like once I develop general flexibility, this will become more of a downhill battle for me. Either way, progress is being made

3) New Years Eve 2013: I feel like this one is already in the bag. The belt is still 1 notch in from two weeks ago. This one is mentally on the back-burner for me given that I’m getting closer and moving in the right direction exercise-wise. The lack of vegetables and abundance of sugar are the only two things standing in my way.

4) The Beach (August 2012): The kettlebells are having good impact. My upper legs are the most muscular they’ve been in a while. We’ll see how far they take me. I am going to try cardio on non-kettlebell days (and on some of the kettle bell days)

5) SparkTime: same ol’ same ‘ol

Made a cool dish for breakfast this morning.
1tsp crushed cashews
2 tsp safflower oil
3.5 oz chicken breast tenders
1/2C finely chopped green peppers
Lots of basil
Mixed in 1T of salsa when done cooking

* Goal (Weight and Body Fat): 195.0@15%
* Jan 1,2012: 204.0@22%
* Last Week: 198.8@22%
* Last Week: 201.0@21%
Weight: (+2.2)
Body Fat: (-1%) Again, two pound gains are always accompanied by a 1% drop in this. 20% will be considered progress.

* No carbs before noon (We give this a couple of weeks)
* Kettlebells!!!
* 30 minutes of cardio on non-kettlebell days
* Get head back in game.

The more this year goes on the more I am aware that the sugar thing needs to be absolute top priority. The rest will follow…


- TD Out!

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HICALGAL 2/9/2012 5:23AM

    good luck!! emoticon

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KT-NICHOLS-13 2/6/2012 4:52PM

    I am impressed. Plus, I think we are on the same page and same paragraph in our wellness journey. I'm cutting back on carbs and sugar as well. When I finally find and purchase it I'm going to start using coconut oil to cook with - something new.

Your breakfast sounds delicious. A must try for me.

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KRITKRIT 2/6/2012 11:25AM

    I tried cutting out sugar too and it totally back fired! Im trying again starting today! Hopefully I can stick with it this time!!!

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The Recommendations

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

OK, first off, many thanks to those who commented on my last blog.

Many thanks to those who gave recommendations on how to address the sugar issue. They included the following:
* Be careful about what I eat in the morning regarding sugar
* Having full fat dairy/cheese/nuts and stay away from grains and sugars - especially sugar-free snacks.
* The South Beach Diet
* Telling my roommates to "SHUT UP!!" when I'm trying to fall asleep (and get an actual bed to sleep on)

OK, the fourth may not have been advice that any of you gave me regarding the sugar intake.

Either way, the first three sound like wise advice and by no meand mutually exclusive.

I have noticed that when I knock down the amount of sugar in the morning, my calorie count usually ends up lower.

While I'm not used to full fat dairy products, I could probably get used to them. Nixing grains would be tough, but would worth it short-term if that were to work.

I tried the South Beach diet a few years ago and lasted only a few days. At the same time, my diet is closer now. I would have to have vegetables as a more regular part of my diet for that to work. Giving up fruits would be tough, but not so bad if not in the Summer

I'm going to try them one at a time.

* Over the next week or two, I will be very diligent about not taking in more than trace amounts of sugar before noon. High protein and whole grains. I want at least as much fiber as sugar in breads and cereals.

* If I find that it isn't helping, I will start purchasing full fat milk, yogurt and cheese. I will finish whatever fruit I have left in the fridge and try 2-3 days of veggies, meats and full fat dairy.

* If that doesn't work, I will take a shot at the South Beach diet.

I pick them in order of impact. The first one involves a morning of caution while eating what I already eat. The second one involves a big step, but is really short term. The third one will take at least a month of integrating enough vegetables into my diet to make the phase 1 of a low carb diet work.

I really hope that the first or second works.

Either way, I will try to get veggies to be a more regular part of the diet.

Of course, I've been saying that for years now.


- TD Out!

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    I hope you find success!! I look forward to hearing what works for you!

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FITGRL124 2/2/2012 8:20PM

    I am looking forward to see how you figure things out. I definitely agree with the advice to cut down on sugar in the morning; much healthier.

Onward friend!!

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KT-NICHOLS-13 2/2/2012 7:26PM

    When I'm finished researching the effects of sugar and carbs I'll move towards a higher protein diet. While researching I've taken baby steps to cut back on sugars.

Admittedly, I don't know much of anything about the South Beach diet, so I can offer no feedback. Research and review what you can and move forward from there.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about the journey.

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JEAN111766 2/2/2012 10:47AM

    Just from a personal point of view... the South Beach diet is the way to go... much more healthy. I've been on it for 3 weeks now and feel better than I have in years!
Good luck!

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TSEWARD 2/2/2012 8:40AM

    Sounds like an awesome plan! I do better also if I keep sugar out of my morning intake. It keeps me on an even keel that is easier to maintain for the rest of the day.

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Final Weighin for January.

Monday, January 30, 2012

**Weighed in Saturday morning. This weekend was extremely busy**

Did OK, Again, got distracted from tracking. I need to become more diligent about this

I'm back into Kettlebells. I found a good basic routine on (kitty8tim for you YouTube fans).

I'm going to try to work it 3 days a week through February. I like it because the moves are basic and the intervals are short (30 seconds rather than 60-120). I can probably add poundage more quickly 2-3 Rounds for this and I feel more than sufficiently exercised.

Pilates is becoming stale. I'm dealing with some roadblocks that are making many of the exercises to tough to move on with. So I'm going to roll the dice with Kettlebells this upcoming month. Kickboxing may help as well

1) Freedom from sugar addiction: Just keep getting distracted from this one. Can't seem to last more than the morning.

2) Flexibility: Still slightly better. the site with the kettlebell workout has a good set of warmups and stretches that I believe will help out.

3) New Years Eve 2013: Still on track

4) The Beach (August 2012): Again, Kettlebells (plus kickboxing for cardio)

5) SparkTime: At this point, I need to focus on freedom from sugar to get to my goals. (goal 5 is sort of the tie-in for the other 4)

* Goal (Weight and Body Fat): 195.0@15%
* Jan 1,2012: 204.0@22%
* Last Week: 201.4@21%
* This Week: 198.8@22%
Weight: (-2.6) Pounds
Body Fat: (+1%) as expected. Whenever I have a big gain, my scale always downs my % by 1.

I was hoping to lose a few more pounds, but I ended up eating out a couple of times the day before weighin.

Even though the body fat percentage isn't moving, I'm seeing progress in both my neck and with the belt. I'm between notches at this point'

I would like to see 197.x this Saturday.

They say that the last 5 pounds is the hardest. Let's see about the last 3.8 pounds and 7%.

* We track
* Kettlebells, flexibility, and kickboxing
* We review friends comments and Spark Articles about overcoming sugar addiction

* So for the month of January, I lost 5.2 pounds total.
* 5.2 pounds in 4 weeks.
* Two Words: "Not Bad!"....No scratch that. "Awe Some!"

Thanks SparkFriends (I love you all very much)!

- TD Out!

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JITZUROE 1/31/2012 10:55AM

    Sorry I am late importing. Have been having some health issues of my own too.
Hooray for the kettle-balling? Ha! Might suggest rolling the dice like you said, but don't roll those kettle balls UNLESS you are wearing steel toed shoes.

I agree with some of the people suggesting the SBD. I tried it out. Didn't stick to it exactly, but it REALLY did make a difference the first week alone. I was kind of blown away, and not in that Atkins diet gassy kind of way, ha!

Great job Trent!!!

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    You keep mentioning that it's very difficult to give up sugar. Several years ago I had a lot of success on the South Beach Diet. While I am not suggesting that you follow that diet exactly, I will tell you that the first two weeks of the SB diet requires that sugar is completely eliminated. No fruit allowed however there are plenty of healthy veges on the list. It only takes a day or two to truly, truly lose the craving. If you are serious about eliminating sugar you may want to give it a shot. Here is link for a list of allowed foods on the SB Diet, phase 1.:

.com/shoppinglist_p1.htm - Cached - Similar

You are so close! Keep up the great work!

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SYN-CA 1/30/2012 4:17PM

    "Awwwh SUM" 5.2 Pounds in January!

Go Trent, Go!!!

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KT-NICHOLS-13 1/30/2012 2:15PM

* So for the month of January, I lost 5.2 pounds total.
* 5.2 pounds in 4 weeks.
* Two Words: "Not Bad!"....No scratch that. "Awe Some!"

AMAZING! You must be feeling great about these stats.

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LIVELAUGHXO 1/30/2012 10:47AM

    That's great progress! January has certainly been a successful month for you! Hoping Feb. is the same!! emoticon

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SCRAP317 1/30/2012 10:38AM

    That is awesome Trent! You had an amazing January and congrats on the belt notch movement!

"Freedom from sugar addiction: Just keep getting distracted from this one. Can't seem to last more than the morning." Try having full fat dairy/cheese/nuts and stay away from grains and sugars - especially sugar-free snacks. I promise that if you stick to nothing but veggies, meats and full fat dairy for a day or two you will see a huge difference in your cravings. Remember that bananas, pineapples, and grapes are full of sugar and will throw you off. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

I know you are going to get those last pounds off and you will figure out the body fat percentage thing too - you are learning so much by experimenting. Keep up the great work!

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TOOTERFISH 1/30/2012 10:36AM

    i enjoy your updates Trent. you are doing a good job keeping track of where you are and where you're going.

In your Motivations, your first listed focus was the freedon from sugar.. you observed...
"Just keep getting distracted from this one. Can't seem to last more than the morning. " -- your comment set off an idea in my head.. because it's something i've have had to struggle with and have had to learn ways to combat it.

what if.. it isnt you who is getting distracted.. but rather, it's your food choices in the morning that are driving the cravings through the day?

have suggestions if you need them.. but really, was just sharing a thought.. maybe its something to consider.

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FITGRL124 1/30/2012 10:28AM

    I think you have had a fantastic January 2012!!!! I love the kettlebell workout - thanks for sharing!


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And While We're on the Subject of Profile Pictures...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Years Eve, I cleaned out all of my old profile pics from 2009-2011. I hit my 50 picture limit in May/June last year and recycled all of the pictures that mysteriously didn't get commented on originially. Not a lot of Ash, Dragon Chan or Coach Z fans out here in SparkLand.

I noticed something curious about all of the old ones. They were all funny. Some because they were obscure or dated, others because they just looked goofy, but all of them funny. It got me thinking. I never realized how much the part of the "funny fat kid" I had been playing (even on SP).

In real life those pictures stopped matching my self perception about the same time I first dipped below 200 back in mid 2010. I liked that they sometimes started conversations, but I've changed. It's time that the profile picks follow suit.

I enjoy life more now that I've dropped over 50 pounds (roughly 25 of them on SP). I'm more confident. I have a sense of humor, certainly, but it's just part of who I am rather than a mask I hide behind. Friends and family are enjoying me not just because I make them laugh, but for all of me. The all of me that I never really had before I lost the weight.

Back in 2009 when I hit the plateau at 225 that got me onto SP in the first place, I remember flat out saying to myself, "If I can get down to 195 there is almost nothing that I can't accomplish". I'm now a few pounds and probably a few weeks away from that. Many seemingly non-weight related areas of my life have gotten better.

Two of my motivations for this year involve wearing trunks at the beach/pool Labor Day weekend (not cargoes and a t-shirt) and a normal suit on New Years eve (not separates, an actual suit with a 6" drop).

SparkPeople recommends visual collages of inspirational pics. I usually change my profile picture twice a month. Right at the beginning and right around the middle.

My profile pictures until the end of summer will be switching between pictures of dudes wearing suits and dudes wearing either swimming trunks or athletic gear. Once summer is done, it will probably be more dudes in suits until the end of the year. We'll see.

Yes, I will probably still put in funny YouTube clips in my blog every now and again. Yes, some of my daily statuses might be weird if I'm in a weird mood (as well as page/blog comments if it's appropriate).

Funny/geeky profile pics, though? No. "Funny Fat-Kid" Trent put those up.

And he's long gone.

- TD Out!

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NANHBH 1/31/2012 1:46PM

    emoticon emoticon
Great job on the weight loss! I agree with Glazed-Donut - hot guys in suits and trunks... okay, if you insist!!

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GLAZED-DONUT 1/24/2012 5:43PM

    Hummm hot guys in suits and trunks... okay, if you insist!! ;-) haha!
Dont lose to much of your humor, the world needs to laugh, but your right about using it to hide behind - humor as a crutch, not so good, nor all that funny.
Totally seems like you are headed in the right direction me - over 50lbs is no small task - PROPS!
Keep smiling - keep rawkin'!
aka: Donut*

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KRITKRIT 1/24/2012 2:11PM

    Way to clean up TD!!!!

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KT-NICHOLS-13 1/24/2012 12:57PM

    Cleaning up and out . . . I can relate. I edited my SP and FB pages not long after the first of the year came about. I am also cleaning up and out my physical spaces - home and office. We have grown a lot in our experiences in life and weight loss, we move on and all things should reflect that when the time is right.

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JUSTMI1 1/24/2012 12:04PM

  I really liked your has so much truth in it.

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FITGRL124 1/24/2012 11:43AM


You make me smile!!!!

I can't wait to see all of those cute profile pics that will emulate you! :)

emoticon on your loss! You continue to inspire me, my dear spark friend!

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BENNY2284 1/24/2012 10:57AM

    Congratulations on losing 50lbs! That is awesome.

My first profile picture on Spark was a goat. I was scared to show my face and for others to know that I was using the site. After a few months, I finally felt safe and put a picture of myself on the site. I never thought about how my picture reflected on how I was acting in the real world as well.

Keep up the good work!

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Weigh-in 1.21 style!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Did really well the first half of the week. Last part of the week got really hectic. I ate out a lot. I didn't track. Ate a really high sodium breakfast and lunch yesterday. My stomach is still reeling from it all.

Did really well Saturday through Tuesday. Woke up Wednesday with an extremely sore shoulder. Muddled through Pilates class, but Thursday took a rest day which turned into Friday (9 minutes of kettlebells).


1) Freedom from sugar addiction: Need to do something about this. Trying to focus on Fruit and dairy more for sugar and green tea for caffeine to replace the caffeine from dark chocolate. I dunno. Is there a way to track cane juice and hfcs?

2) Flexibility: The Pilates classes have definitely been paying off. Soreness this week aside, shoulders and neck are better. My right hamstring has gone from excruciating pain when stretching to very tight. We're making progress. My Pilates instructor has really good stretching in her class. I am now able to do more of them and better quality of the ones I could do before

3) New Years Eve 2013: The trousers for the suit that I bought fit better. I may go back to the store and buy the one size smaller ones just in case. That would create the 6" drop that I am looking for.

4) The Beach (August 2012): I need to pace myself better (hurt my shoulder this week and got sick the previous week). I need to shop around for cardio exercise classes that I enjoy. The swimming trunks fit well, but I definitely need to tone up.

5) SparkTime: Still going full force this year. I think for this I need to start structuring what I eat, meal wise. Getting past the sugar trap will make this far easier.

At least twice a week, I put on a suit and a pair of swim trunks to remind myself of 3) and 4)

* Goal (Weight and Body Fat): 195.0@15%
* Jan 1,2012: 204.0@22%
* Last Week: 199.2@22%
* Last Week: 201.4@21%
Weight: (+2.2) Pounds
Body Fat: (-1%) (scale always does that when I gain. Doubt that will stick)

* We track again.
* I start addressing the sugar issue
* Take either a spinning or a kickboxing class
* Create a meal/snack on the run packet for days like the ones this week.

Even given the week that I had, I still feel that the weight was inflated. I don't usually go so bold and say this, but I believe this week I'm totally going to own it and may lose as much as 3-4 pounds. 1-2 of them honest, the other 2 water retention.

Watch out, the Dreamer is taking no prisoners this week (except maybe prisoner squats. Just sayin')

- TD Out!

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SILVERANGEL6 1/22/2012 3:10PM

    Re - low fructose......I forgot to say the there is also a proven link to gout, and lots of anecdotal evidence on the Marks Daily Apple forum and the Dr Jack Kruse forums, that it can reverse Type 11 diabetes, or at least level it out so you can stop some of the meds, (not sure on this you'd have to read about it yourself). I'm no expert, but I would say worth a look. I myself have had lots of annoying lady problems for years, that have now cleared up, after 17 months low fructose, making life worth living again.

Silver Angel emoticon


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SILVERANGEL6 1/22/2012 2:58PM

    Hi, TD, doing the right things are seemingly paying off for you, Pilates is indeed a great type of exercise, maybe after a bit you could join a Quigong class, or yoga, maybe, to complement it.
As for the sugar, read my last post, in reply to your 'privacy' blog. Google Dr Robert Lustig, and watch his youtube video. It's not the sugar that makes you addicted, it's the fructose, also Scrap317 is right, cutting back on those simple carbs will indeed stop them turning into sugar in your body. The forum I follow is called Sweet Poison, there is also Sugar Addiction, and others out there. Don't take my word for it, be your own researcher. The sugar molecule is half fructose, half sucrose, and it's the fructose that keeps you addicted to sugar. For others interested, just doing these few things will help. Don't eat dried fruit, or drink fruit juice, both are just concentrated fructose. Limit your fruit to 2 pieces per day, cutting back on apples, bananas, melons and grapes. Berries are good, as are Kiwi fruit, and pears. Use Rice Malt Syrup as a substitute for honey, molasses, Maple syrup, golden syrup and treacle, all over 70% fructose. Become a label reader, don't buy any processed foods that say they are more than 3 or 4 grams of sugars per 100 grams of product, (lactose doesn't count, read the ingredients also). If you are really serious about getting off sugar, eat 'clean' or paleo. ie, no processed foods at all. Google these 3 things,
1. 50 different names for sugar
2. The Worst Additives
3. Fat doesn't make you fat.
The way they make things lo-fat is worse for you than eating full fat, just remember to limit the saturated fats, or it will give you heart disease. But it won't make you fat. For 'clean' eating, try Mark's Daily Apple site/forum, great food porn on there, too.
That's my contribution for the day, and now I'll go away. I hope this helps anyone who is trying to become sugar free, I lost 19 kilos (about 45 pounds) by going low fructose, to my regret, not exercising.
You did motivate me, but keeping motivated is not happening ATM, but I am working on it, as usual. Must try do do this in a different way, methinks.

I wish you well on your journey, as always, TD


Silver Angel emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 1/22/2012 2:59:33 PM

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GINGERLY4 1/22/2012 1:55AM

    Take no prisoners, love it!

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CMEEHERNANDEZ 1/21/2012 9:14PM

    Don't forget to keep adding those veggies that you don't like. The more you eat them, the more you'll like them (hopefully!).

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FITGRL124 1/21/2012 8:58PM

    emoticon blog!!! In terms of your sugar addiction - I wish I had some advice there but I look forward to seeing how you combat this.

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LIVELAUGHXO 1/21/2012 1:06PM

    I believe in your goals!! You will do amazing!! emoticon

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SYN-CA 1/21/2012 9:52AM

    I have one word for you Mr. Dreamer! It is "Massage, baby"! Well, two words...

Whenever I have a sore spot and get a massage, I am always amazed when Emily finds many sore spots and works them out. I am always amazed at how invigorated I feel for days turning into weeks sometimes after a massage! It not only relieves the muscles, and revitalizes the soul, it also helps the fluid from the lymph system move on. Moving that out of the body gets those menacing toxins to move on! The trick is to find a good masseuse that knows your body and how to releive the knots, then relax it.

You are such an amazing guy with your verbal repertoire and making it motivational for all to imbibe!

If you got your suit at certain shops like the Men's Warehouse (I'm thinking you are on the East coast, and not sure if they are out there), they take them in at no charge! I bought my hub a tux years ago, and they were fabulous (and he looked incredible!) Hmmmm let's see, 199 and about six foot, maybe a 44 jacket and 38 x 30 Pant??? Pictures please! (You can take from the neck down or from the back and stll remain anomomous...haha) Hey, now there is a new pic for your avatar!

I agree with Chris! You have to get off sugar and lower carbs to kill the cravings. Tough job, but you are up to the challenge!

Keep up the great work, Mr. Dreamer! Woop Woop! emoticon

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SCRAP317 1/21/2012 9:01AM

    "Freedom from sugar addiction: Need to do something about this." I can honestly tell you that I am totally free from sugar addiction and craving right now. For the last two weeks I have kept my carbs under 70 per day. My energy is high, my craving is zero. The battle is in my head - but it is easy to fight back. I will say that I want something but then I tell myself I can't and walk away. The fact that it actually works is a testiment to my lack of craving for it. I really believe that once I gave up the carbs from flour and switched to full fat dairy it changed every thing. Now, we'll see how it goes once I begin to add back some carbs in a couple of weeks. Good luck to you - I know it's frustrating.

"My right hamstring has gone from excruciating pain when stretching to very tight. We're making progress." Excellent! I know how maddening that can be as well to finally get your body pain under control and then push forward - hopingnot to get injured. Your progress is inspiring!

"SparkTime: Still going full force this year." I am so happy to see you on the forum and reading your blogs. This is such an excellent resource for us and you are rockin' it for sure!

"I believe this week I'm totally going to own it and may lose as much as 3-4 pounds." I believe you will too - good luck and I hope nothing pops up to derail your efforts this week!


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