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What the Dreamer Dreams (part 6)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

(Trent wakes up to a loud roaring noise. He stumbles out of bed to the window and peaks through the blinds. A black 1988 Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z screeches and turns perfectly into a spot right in front of Trent's apartment)

Trent: Oh boy.

(A man in jeans, A Dark Grey T-Shirt and leather bomber jacket (with at least a few gold chains around his neck) jumps out of the car through the window, Dukes of Hazard style).

Trent: This oughta be interesting.

Man: (in a really thick North Atlantic accent) Hey!!! is Trent here!!??

(Trent knocks on the window and waves at the man, who sees him)

Man: There you are!! Buzz me in already!

(Trent lets the man in. The man looks at Trent funny, the perplexed look matched only by Trent's look at him)

Trent: So.....You're the Ghost of Dreamer's Present.

Man: Nah. He's runnin' way behind schedule. He asked me to fill in for him. He does that from time to time. We've been friends for awhile. Name's Joey! How ya doin' !?

Trent: You're from Jersey, no?

Joey: Yeah! How'd ya guess!!??

(they both laugh)

Trent: So if you don't mind me using/stealing your language, Whadda you starin' at?

Joey: Well, it's just that I don't got much info on ya and ....

Trent: yes?

Joey: Well it's just that Present said that you was on SparkPeople so I read your profile and some of your blogs and...

Trent: aaanndd??.....

Joey: Well, it's just that....OK, I'm just going to say it....

You're not fat!!

Trent: Not everyone on SparkPeople is fat.

Joey: Yeah, but you talk like your life is at a stand still because of your weight. It's like this weight loss is the only thing you got goin' on. When I saw your weight. I assumed you was like 5' 5'' the way you was talkin' about it.

Trent: (Firmly) I set a goal to be 195. I was 195.8. I set a goal and I want to achieve it and I will stop at nothing until I do. And THAT'S the bottom line!

Joey: (sighs) This is going to be a long night, I can tell.

(To be continued)

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ANEPANALIPTI 12/13/2010 10:12PM

    I .loved. this. THANK YOU YOURE SO RIGHT about that..... we get wrapped in it and get too hard on ourselves and all the while life is going on right outside our front door and here we are acting as if we weigh 1000 pounds and can't move...

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What the Dreamer Dreams (part 5)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

(Trent and Ghost of Dreamer's Past are walking down a street near Trent's apartment)

Trent: So let's recap...I've changed and I've died.

(passer-byers look at Trent funny)

Ghost of Dreamer's Past: (smiles) Yup!

(GODP opens fist to reveal a blue tooth headset)

Here, put this on

Trent: Why?

GODP: People can't see me. I'm a ghost. They have no idea who you're talking to.

Trent: Gotcha. Thanks money (puts headset on)

GODP: np dawg.

Trent: So where are we going now?

GODP: You're going home. I'm leaving.

Trent: Ghost of present soon to come?

GODP: Unless s/he's running late. I'm sure future can fill in and do a double if necessary....Oh, speaking of presents. Merry Christmas (hands Trent an envelope)

Trent: But it's not Christmas, yet.

GODP: OK, happy International Anti-Corruption day!!!

Now take it!

Trent: What is it?

GODP: It's an envelope.

Trent: (mocking tone of voice) It's an envelope.

Thanks. You want a gold star or a Hoodsie for that one?

GODP: (chuckles) just open it

Trent (opens the envelope and takes out a piece of paper) It's a birth certificate. It doesn't have a date.

(They arrive at Trent's apartment complex)

GODP: Take what I've taught you and make the decision to restart your life.

Trent: Do you have a pen?

GODP: It will fill itself out.

Trent: Thanks man... for everything

GODP: No Problem. Remember: make the decision to restart your life!

(GODP stands stiff arms at side. Vanishes Star Trek style)

(Trent walks back into apartment. Flops himself on bed immediately falls asleep)

(To be continued)

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STESSOUTCHICK2 2/16/2014 12:47AM

    good work

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ANEPANALIPTI 12/13/2010 10:10PM


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MARCYNA 12/10/2010 1:32PM

    This is great....Looking forward to read the rest!!! emoticon emoticon

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What the Dreamer Dreams (part 4)

Monday, December 06, 2010

(Ghost of Dreamers Past and Trent are in a graveyard)

Trent: Ummmmmmmmm. What are we doing here? Isn't this something for future trent ghost person...........maybe?

GODP: No. Go over to that grave over there.
(Hands Trent a magic marker)

Trent goes over to it.

Trent: It has my name and my birth date but no death date. (jokingly) That must mean I'm still alive!

GODP: (under his breath) You might be surprised

Trent: So do I get to write my date of death?

GODP: Sure, go crazy.

(Trent writes a date and it vanishes. Writes another and then it too vanishes)

Trent: Um...Mr. Ghost, the marker appears to be not working. I put a date on it and it disappears

GODP: (grins) That's because you're putting FUTURE dates on it.

Trent: Huh!?

GODP: Again, you heard me.

Trent: And again, I don't follow.

GODP: What's not to follow?

(Blank stare from Trent)

GODP: (sighs) OK, I'll be clearer. When did you die?

Trent: Ummmm...I didn't? I mean I'm still breathing.

GODP: Yeah, but that's about it. You are physically alive but that's about it. When did you die?

Trent: I didn't! I haven't! I'm still alive. I have great friends. I have a great job. I'm living on my own......

GODP: How is that different from when you were in Seattle!? When you first graduated!?

Trent: (Pauses, thinks for a second. It hits him) Oh, I get it.

GODP: Since you graduated from college you've had one very short time of growth and then you stopped. You hit a setback and you've spent the rest of you're life since:
* stagnating
* floundering aimlessly
* not taking any major risks
* Not committing to a d**n thing!!!

Your friends are dating and getting married. They're moving up the ladder in life. They are addressing issues and problems in their lives and overcoming.

(Pauses and looks Trent square in the eyes)

The rest of the planet is moving on! Read my lips.....YOU'RE NOT!!!!!

(Trent nods, acknowledging the point)

GODP: (exasperatedly points openhanded at the grave) So, when was it!?

Trent thinks for a minute, walks over to the grave resigned, and scribbles a date on the grave. The date stays

Trent: (Walks back over to GODP. Half-smiles) Happy?

GODP: (half smiles back) No, but if you take this wake up call to heart, then YOU will be.

Trent: Thanks ghostey (puts fist up for pound)

GODP: No problem (pounds back)

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ANEPANALIPTI 12/7/2010 8:05AM

    these blogs are awesome

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RUNJEWELRUN 12/6/2010 10:08PM

    You my friend are an amazing writer! I just have one question, why are you beating yourself up? Losing weight is hard for us all. There are some things in our day/life that we can't control, but we have to keep moving forward.
Big Hugs!!

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What the Dreamer Dreams (part 3)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

(Room morphs into a hallway in an office building)

(The Ghost of Dreamer's past and Trent watch as a group of eleven men and women in suits talk casually outside of a room. Down the hall is a young man in a blue suit, white shirt and red tie on his phone. GODP and Trent walk toward him.)

22 Year old Trent: Hello, can I speak with Kara? Thank you. (5 second pause. Trent takes a deep breath). Oh, hi Kara, this is Trent. I'm just calling to see if you've heard from Dr. Antonio........(7-10 Second Pause. 23yo Trent's facial expression turns to one of disbelief. Jaw drops). OK, cool, thank you Kara. Yup. Bye.

(Hangs up phone. Bows head, Makes fist, raises it into the air and exhales the word...)

22 Year old Trent: (softly) Yes!!

GODP: Anything familiar?

Trent: Yeah, first business trip after college to Seattle, WA. I had just finalized my last paper submission to finish college. Everything I had ever worked for was riding on it. I was going to either graduate Summa Cum Laude or just graduate. That was my call back to the university to find out my grade on said paper.

Four years of my life put into graduating summa cum laude. It all hinged on what Dr. Antonio and two other professors gave me for a grade. B+ or above and I was golden. B or below, I was screwed. Kara was the one who who would sign-off on me graduating summa cum laude if I got the grade.

GODP: (smiles) So what did you get?

Trent: I got an A-

(GODP and Trent High Five)

Trent: Oh my gosh, it was like a combination of 100 pounds falling off of my shoulders but a sense of pure ecstasy as if I'd just won the Superbowl. Everything I had worked for for the past four years had finally paid off. I won. I WON!!!

GODP: Cool.

Trent: Yeah, I announced it to everyone you see here in the hall. We had a big celebration that night. I called everyone back home and...

GODP: (smirking confidently) So what's changed?

Trent: Excuse me?

GODP: You heard me. What's changed?

Trent: I don't follow.

GODP: You didn't accept anything less than the highest possible achievement back then. It was Summa Cum Laude or nothing. You gave everything you had until the very last grade submission. Failure wasn't an option. You set a goal and never accepted even the possibility of not making it.

A year and a half ago, you started on SparkPeople at 225 and said that you'd stop at nothing until you were 195. Three months ago you were at 195.8.

What was your weight last Saturday?

Trent: (ashamed) 204.2

GODP: 204.2. Yeah. (points at 23yo Trent who's telling his co-workers the good news) What happened? You just, metaphorically speaking, got a C- and it doesn't bother you!?

(Trent for the first time in his life has nothing to say.)

GODP: Come on, let's go.

Trent: (mutters under his breath) And I thought being in Seattle in February was what was going to suck.

(to be continued)

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LIVELAUGHXO 12/6/2010 7:57PM

    We learn more and more throughout the forget about what you may have gained and just make tomorrow a better day. You can totally do it!!

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ANEPANALIPTI 12/5/2010 5:58PM

    The difference is that you've been in school your whole life and the HOW is answered for you. Losing weight is something NEW to you. So it takes more work to put in to learn all the intricacies of the how. But because you have exceled in other areas, you know you've got what it takes!!

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MEADSBAY 12/5/2010 8:55AM

    How true- why can we excel at other areas of our lives and not at this?
It's only food, for chrisesakes!

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What the Dreamer Dreams (part 2)

Thursday, December 02, 2010

(Trent opens his eyes. The room is dark. he sees a light under his door get brighter. He hears footsteps. An apparition walks through the door lighting up the room. The light becomes blinding).

Trent: (hands over eyes) Can you knock the light down a few notches.

Apparition: Sure, dude.

(light goes down to nothing. clapping noise followed by the lights going on. Trent is facing a ghost who appears to look exactly like him roughly when he graduated from college)

Trent: Dude?

Apparition: Dude!

Trent: So...... you're a ghost that looks exactly like me.

App: Yup!

Trent: I knew I shouldn't have had that third piece of pizza right before bed.

App: Then why di....

Trent: hup HUP!! Don't go there!

App: (ear to ear grin) a bit touchy aren't we?

Trent: Who or what are you exactly?

App: Thought you'd never ask. I'm the ghost of Dreamer's past.

Trent: (rolls eyes) Oh Boy, this is going to totally suck.

GODP: Why?

Trent: Wasn't the ghost of someone from my past supposed to warn me about you and, I assume the two subsequent bad dreams/blog serieses?

GODP: ummmmm....we've got 24 days til Christmas and on your best week you blog twice. Frankly, we's don't gots time.

Trent: Fair enough. Sooooo....where are we going? I presume it's to some place that will bring back great memories followed by a sense of regret for something good that I let slip.

GODP: Yeah, pretty much.

Trent: OK, so where to?

GODP: We're going to.........(drumroll)........Seattle, WA! In February!!!

Trent: Wow, this really is going to suck

(To be continued)


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