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Championship Burnout!!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

When you break it down, there are two kinds of sports championship symbols. A trophy and a championship belt. Both of them can take various forms and appearances but there are only two concepts.

Trophy: After busting your butt for a season/year/lifetime, competing against the best, you prove yourself superior to the all of the competition. You are handed a trophy/medal that says you were the top for the finals of that year. No one can ever take that away from you. Next year you can lose every competition, but the trophy you won remains on your mantle as a symbol of victory.

Championship belt: There is someone who is the best in your sport. You fight them. You beat them. You become known as the best. The title belt is yours. It is defended every time you compete. One bad night and you get to "enjoy" the same experience that your predecessor enjoyed when you whupped em'. The pressure is always on. You can lose it any day.

I'm a trophy kind of guy. I like being able to say "I was once the greatest". It gives me freedom to have a great future year/season, not win that year's award/trophy/medal and still hold my head up high. It almost is enjoyable to watch someone else take over as top dog.

This has been my whole life: striving for top honors at school. Being awarded member of the month at my fitness club (years ago). Winning at an office sports tournament. No one can ever take those away.

Weight loss is the exact opposite. When I get down to my goal weight, I will only stay there if I continue doing well eating-wise. I always feel like I'm just a candy bar away from falling off the wagon. Like last time, I'm one illness away from losing motivation to go to the gym.

This week has been horrible eating-wise. Put it to you this way: If I gain weight this week, it's not the Cheeto's fault. In trying to lose weight it feels like I'm always lying on the bench trying to lift too much weight and that at any given point it will all come crashing down on my chest and throat. I'm burning out. Not just on this weight loss thing, but definitely on it.

Three short years after being in nearly perfect shape, I was too fat to even be in my church's choir (*1). I went from enjoying slim jeans fitting perfectly and getting random compliments on my personal appearance to only having two pairs of fat pants that fit. It happened in no time. I went from being someone that my girlfriend at the time thought was extremely handsome to being someone she looked at with pity two years after we had broken up when we ran into each other.

It's not not winning the belt that scares me. It's being able to keep it.

- TD Out

(*1) When I lost 10 pounds the director told me that I could join. I politely declined. Yeah, I know, why did I leave that church exactly?

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TSEWARD 2/5/2010 7:00PM


I think the fact that you are aware of how easy it could be to slide backwards is the reason why you will keep moving forward. When I stand on the edge of a cliff I think: "One step and I could fall off"...So I don't take that step...but the idea that all it would take is one step totally freaks me out! On the up side, with our health/weight there are so many little steps involved that one step off the path does not "destroy" us. I know you will continue to strut boldly down the path of good health. You have made so many changes. Your choir leader and your ex can stick it.


p.s. btw thank you for your calm logical reasoning re: my worries about boss/surgery etc. really helped.

Comment edited on: 2/5/2010 7:04:22 PM

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SROBBINS02 2/5/2010 5:15PM

    Yeah, it scares me too. If we recognise that and 'own' it, as well as all the other crap that makes us fat, then it should be easier shouldn't it? We WILL do this :)

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YOGINI_JACKIE 2/4/2010 9:40PM

    You definitely can do it--you just need to keep reminding yourself of how much you're worth it, and I know you are!

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    That's what scares me too. At least you have the experience of being there . . . I've never been there so I'm afraid I won't know how to keep it . . .

BUT . . . if we keep going like we are . . . day by day . . . we can. :)

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Cheeto-Size Me!!!!!! (Part 1)

Monday, February 01, 2010

In her book "The Great American Detox Diet", Alex Jamieson recounts the moment that the idea for "SuperSize Me" was conceived. She and her boyfriend, Morgan Spurlock, were watching a news report on the McDonalds lawsuit. Apparently a spokesperson for McDonalds made some kind of comment to the tune of "McDonalds food is perfectly normal healthy food". Morgan, taken aback by the comment, said basically that if that was the case, then he should be able to eat McDonalds three times a day and it shouldn't impact his health.

Now years later, I read an equally troubling comment (*en1) about eating in "moderation". Apparently "THEY" say that when trying to lose weight, one can eat any food in moderation (whoever "THEY" are (*en2)). Well, to that I say "Harumph!!"(*en3). This simply can't be. I must stop the INSANITY (*en4).

So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to beat "THEY" at their own game. I will:
* Eat reasonably healthfully (details below) and track my calories.
* Exercise 3-5 hours a week as I have (Mix of cardio, strength and core)
* Motivation? Well, my SparkFriends give me that(*en5).
* Eat a small 160 calorie bag of Cheetos (Look MAW / "THEY"!! Moderation!!)

If the person selling me the Cheetos (a) asks me if I want a larger bag, (b)makes fun of me/my masculinity/my ancestry for buying a small bag (*en6), or (c)starts whistling "Turkey in the Straw"(*en7), then I will either upgrade to the 320 calorie sized bag or eat two of the 160 calorie sized ones.

My starting weight is: 209.4

Get ready to eat your words, "THEY".......

-TD Out

Editor's Notes:
(*en1) To him, anyway.

(*en2) "THEY" are people who know what they are talking about (a category of people that "NIT-WIT" generally gets easily confused by).

(*en3) That's British for "OMG like, as IF!!"

(*en4) And yet, he's going to post another blog next week. Sigh.

(*en5) Amen! Wow, he said something accurate. Whoda thunk?

(*en6) Kids can be so cruel.

(*en7) Don't ask. Trust me, don't ask.

Eating Plan Details:
* 4 oz Lean Protein fried in 1T Olive Oil
* 1/2C Fiber one & Soy Milk
* 1/3C Multigrain Hot cereal/Oats with 2T Peanut Butter
(600-700 calories)

* Whatever Dave serves at the cafeteria. Vegetables as sides when available. Will eat out on weekends.
(600-800 calories)

* 1/2C Fiber one & Soy Milk
* Copious fruits and vegetables
* If hungry: 1/3C Multigrain Hot cereal/Oatmeal with 2T Peanut Butter
(500-600 calories)

* Will eat home cooked meals mostly (Maybe eat out 1-2 times per week)
(400-600 calories)

* Fage or Kefir with berries (and flax seeds if low on Omega 3's) or similar 100-200 calorie snack

My calories usually come out to 2500-2900. Weekends will have the same calories but different foods.

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AZCUPCAKE 2/7/2010 4:34PM

    Cheetos are okay; I am more of a Doritos girl myself! emoticon

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SROBBINS02 2/1/2010 6:05PM

    Firstly- kefir, ew. Ew ew ew. Madness. Never seen it outside Russia, would never wish to.

Secondly, as a modern Brit chick, I prefer 'humph' to 'harumph'. 'harumph' is faintly redolescent of early 1900's bankers in immaculate pinstriped suits, no idea why...

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TSEWARD 2/1/2010 5:56PM

    Love it! I would love to hear the turkey in the straw story. One day, if you are up for it. Thanks for your suggestions on checking for sugar free teams on SP. It is so obvious, yet I didn't even think of it. I am on it!

Cheetos Rule!


P. S. PLEASE! if you will, delete my second posting of the same comment!

thank you!

(ps turkey emoticon meant to be a joke. hope you find it funny.)

Comment edited on: 2/1/2010 5:57:49 PM

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    So where do the cheetos come in? :) Are you adding them to your plan, or on top of your plan?

Happy Cheeto Monday!

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YOGINI_JACKIE 2/1/2010 9:06AM

    Awesome. So is this day 1 of your Cheeto-size challenge?

You should also try to "stay happy" in February--I invited you to my new team this morning!

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There IS a good day to be sick after all

Saturday, January 30, 2010

You hear people say it about bad things all the time. There's never a good time to...fill in the blank. Never a good day to be sick, get locked out of your car/house, lose your job, etc. In general I agree with such statements (Although I once got locked out of my car on a warm Spring day that I had off from work and had nothing scheduled until hours from then. Couldn't think of a better time personally).

So I'm hearing that everyone is getting this cold in my office. I hate taking sick days if I can avoid it. I'll absolutely do it if I'm actually sick, but still. I hate getting sick when I'm on vacation or have a day off as well. That leaves, you guessed it, Weekends. On Thursday, I was talking with a co-worker and said, "I hope that if I catch this stupid cold going around that I get it on a Weekend".

Sure shooting, late Friday afternoon, I started getting the sniffles. Today I've got the whole kit and caboodle: Sniffles, sneezing, burning sinuses etc. And the cool thing is that this weekend I had nothing actually planned anyway. Monday I will be mostly recovered but have the really deep voice so I can do my Barry White/Isaac Hayes impersonation (w00t!!!11) for my poor co-workers to enjoy/endure/suffer.

Plus I will be healthy enough later in the week to get my four hours of exercise in for my blogumentary. How cool is that?

Ahhhh, the 1990's are going to be a great decade.

-TD out.

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YOGINI_JACKIE 1/30/2010 11:23AM

    Hope you feel better. Haha, I know what you mean--I used to sing in college, and I was second alto anyway, so when I was sick my range was very low. It's fun to get in touch with your inner bass :)

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SROBBINS02 1/30/2010 11:03AM

    Whenever I get a cold my voice is the first thing to go and I sound like a 40's nightclub singer on 80 cigs a day. It totally rocks! Enjoy the Walrus of Love voice whilst it lasts, and don't overexert yourself whilst you're sick emoticon

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Cheeto-Size Me!!!!!! (Part 0)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

OK, here's my conundrum. I read on this here SparkPeople interweb site that I can eat anything I want in "moderation" while building a "healthy" lifestyle. Makes sense......or DOES IT (Dramatic conundrum music flashes)? I'm sorry, I'm just not buying it. Yeah, sure I've lost almost fifteen pounds while eating out at least once a day and having a candy bar or potato chips on most afternoons. But let's be realistic.....How do I know that I actually lost the weight (Selah)?

I read so many people who start this and other diets say that they are going to stop eating all of these "bad" and "sinful" and "awful" and "(insert-your-favorite-pejorative-adjectiv
e-here)" foods. Give 'em up for good. You know which ones I mean: carbs, sugar, chocolate, deep-fried butter, pasta, glue (*en1), etc.

You see, Mr. Chris Downie (If that is in fact his real name(*en2)) thinks that I'm stupid(*en3). That I'm going to believe him just because he runs a healthy lifestyle site. Oh and then there's Coach Nicole talking the same rubbish, the same poppy-cock, the same balderdash, the same banana oil (pardon my language).

Oh yeah, really!!? Well let me ask you this, "Could they kick my b@#t?"(*en4). I rest my case.

So here it is. In the spirit of Morgan Spurlock, I will unleash my Blogumentary starting in February........"Cheeto-Size Me!!!!" Here's the deal. I will prove them wrong. I will eat healthfully every day in February(*en5) and continue my core, cardio and strength exercises. However, every day, I also will eat Cheetos (mmm MMM, I loves me my Cheetos, so I's gonna eats me my Cheetos). And I will do it on Their Terms!!! In Moderation(*en6)

So in conclusion(*en7), for the entire month of February, I'm going to eat really healthy, as I have been, and I'm going to exercise at least 4 hours/week. At the same time, I'm going to eat a snack sized bag of Cheetos every day. Be ready to watch my diet go down in Flames!!!!

I will blog about it once a week.

-TD out!!

Editor's Notes:
(en1) He's just seeing if you're still reading. I probably wouldn't be.

(en2) It is.

(en3) A really tough case to argue against.

(en4) Yes they easily could: Coach Nicole with both hands tied behind her back and Chris Downie probably could while on horse tranquilizers.

(en5) Unless he has a bad day or two. We all have bad days.

(en6) Snack size bags are 160 calories. Quite reasonable.

(en7) Thank goodness, I thought that he'd never shut up.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SWOMIC 3/1/2010 7:07PM

    lol, emoticon

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CARLEY2010 1/29/2010 6:34PM

  Hey baby cakes! good luck with one..... i havent seen chester since i dumped him january 1st. youll have 2 tell me how he is

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ANGIE_1230 1/29/2010 3:11PM

    Thanks for a good laugh on a Friday afternoon. I'm looking forward to the results of your adventure!

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LIMELITESHINES 1/29/2010 10:21AM

    Ok so I've seen you around on many of my friends pages and I had to come see what they were chuckling about. :)



b) I can't wait to hear about your Cheeto adventure.


I think they need to make that smiley guy with bright orange teeth. Just for you.

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SROBBINS02 1/29/2010 7:01AM

    I think the UK version of Cheetos are called Wotsits? Anyhoo, they're totally addictive too. Enjoy the diet, I'm looking forward to it!

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DKAB55 1/28/2010 10:18PM

    I'd love to see your stand-up're so damn funny!
Keep tickling the funny bone. Looking towards your upcoming blogs.

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YOGINI_JACKIE 1/28/2010 9:41PM

    Hahaha, I LOVED this blog. Can you please take a picture of yourself with a mouthful of cheetos like morgan spurlock?

I am looking forward to following the blogumentary! I was never a big cheetos person, but cheezits? That's another story...hehehe

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Confessions of a Dreamer

Monday, January 25, 2010


I have a confession. Of the five months or so that I've been on SparkPeople, I've kept to my calorie range a grand total of twice. Yes, you read that right. Twice.

In my earlier blogs, I used to refer to my range as being 2700-2900. It wasn't then nor is it now. I saw the range that SP gave me and said, "Forget that, I couldn't do that on my best day". Even now after making several positive adjustments to my eating. I'm still eating 2500-2600 on most days(about 100 more than my range).

SparkPeople provides a calorie range based on where you are and where you need to be. The numbers appear to be a range by which one can safely lose 1-2 pounds. It's a good guideline and I hope to be there someday.

When I was looking into calorie cycling, I found the concept of the BMR. Basically it's the rate that your body will burn calories if you do absolutely nothing on a given day. This rate changes the more active you are. If you either eat 500 calories less per day, or burn it exercising you will lose a pound.

I bring this up because I see people who are trying really hard beat themselves up for going like 200 calories above their range. It saddens me, frankly. These people have a good/great week and get upset with themselves for having a bad day. This results in them losing 0.8-1.8 pounds rather than 1-2.

As a result of only making minor changes and not quite hitting my range, I've lost 15 pounds in 21 weeks. Again, you read that right. Do the math, that comes to about .8 pounds per week. Generally far less if you consider that I've had two weeks where I lost over 3 pounds. Not too impressive, eh?

If I had dogmatically kept to my range, made huge changes, given up all of my "sinful" foods, I could have been at my goal weight weeks ago. Right? In theory, yes. In reality, no, not really. I would have felt restricted and would have burnt out. Happened on every other diet I tried.

I want a changed life. I want to enjoy the journey to health. There have been times when I forced myself to eat bad foods that I no longer enjoyed, because I wanted to give my body time to adjust well to the other changes that I was making. To some extent, I'm still doing that in certain areas today. They will be addressed eventually, but not now.

I am very happy with my progress and will continue to make very small changes, not restricting myself from eating foods (unless they are addictive). It will take me longer than most people to get to my goal....

But I wouldn't have it any other way.

-TD out.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CARLEY2010 1/29/2010 6:37PM

  you know what they say.....slow and steady wins the race!!!

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DMOMMYOF3 1/28/2010 4:53PM

    Great blog thanks for sharing, really gives one something to think about.

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TSEWARD 1/27/2010 6:24PM

    If you don't mind my asking...why are you exhausted? Just curious. I too am. Most of the time.

But, hey! I finally took the plunge and bought Clif Bars-the brownie ones. They look like poo but taste like SUPER AWESOMENESS! I would not miss candy bars one bit with these around.

I really enjoyed your blog. I had no idea you picked your own calorie range. This makes me feel so much better! When I would read of your successful days within range, I would think, man he can do it, what is wrong with me? I agree...In my head, if I 2000 or under (300 above my range) I know I have had a good day..especially if I ate nutritious food. I need to adjust from eating 3000+ calories most days.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Nite. thanks for your visit on my page!!

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AMBERLOU_87 1/27/2010 5:56PM

    I completely agree with you about not completely restricting yourself and burning out, because I know that's EXACTLY what would happen to me if I kept my diet as strict as it would need to be to lose more weight quickly. I only have about 7 pounds to lose to get to my goal weight and I feel like I've been here forever, but what I've learned about myself, how my body functions on what kinds of foods, and what habits I can continue all the time to keep myself from jumping off the wagon in frustration.
And by the way, 15 pounds in 21 weeks is AWESOME! Especially considering how few you have to lose to be at a healthy weight! I'm lucky if I lose .8 pounds (and keep it off) in a month!

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SROBBINS02 1/26/2010 8:41PM

    Well done emoticon You ARE going to get there!

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FITGRL124 1/26/2010 9:44AM

    I think you're right about one thing - you are doing this healthy, not starving yourself and you're happy!

emoticon emoticon

Continually cheering you on because you're doing emoticon

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DKAB55 1/25/2010 10:42PM

    I think this is the way it should be done. For example I'm eating homemade chicken and dumpling soup; but i'm still in my caloric range. I do go over at times, I find that If I'm so restrictive I too will fail...I'm not a carrot and celery stick kind of dieter...I'm not on a diet! I'm choosing to eat healthier. Because of this I've lost my appetite or cravings for the high calorie "sweets" and sodium loaded foods.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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STLRZGRRL 1/25/2010 8:59PM

    The MOST important thing is that YOU are living YOUR life... Happy.


I said it so it has to be true.

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YOGINI_JACKIE 1/25/2010 8:57PM

    Right on! This is a marathon and not a sprint--isn't that what they say?

You have quite possibly the BEST attitude out of any of my Spark Friends. Taking things one day at a time and celebrating the overall achievements is the way to be.

Rock on!

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