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nose to the grindstone

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

I haven't been on Sparkpeople doing my thing in too long a time. I have been exercising along, at least 3 times per week, but not to the extent that I was last year because I got a bit burned out and needed to get so that I enjoyed it again. I also, have been eating pretty well, but I haven't been tracking my food. And guess what? I have gained back some weight...too. Maybe 10 pound or so. But, fortunately, I haven't fallen completely off the wagon this time. Just kinda dragging my feet in the dust from the back of the wagon. But, this past week, my friend Sharon joined because of MY recommendation. So, I decided in my effort to support her, I better get my butt back in gear here as well. Maybe I can even get the little bit of weight that I have put back on off again and start my descent in weight once again.

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TREADIN4BSP 8/7/2014 11:50AM

    yes, Sharon! We CAN!!!!

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MAMASLAW 8/5/2014 5:24PM

    Love you Bonnie you are an inspiration to me.
We can do this!

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Muddy trail to my goals

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I haven't blogged in a while because I haven't had anything I needed to tell myself. But, today I do. I have been back actively trying to lose weight and become a happier, healthier, and more energetic me for more than a year now. I had pretty good success losing weight through a good portion of the year, but the last 3 months have been tough. I still exercise at a high intensity 5-6 days per week and eat much healthier than I ever did before. But, I have been stuck at my current weight. I am not stressing too much over it because I did lose a good amount and am happier and healthier... but I want to do better. Since Christmas, I have struggled...not eating AS WELL (but still pretty well) and I missed a few workouts here and there (but did not fall off the wagon entirely). Last week I exercised 3 days instead of 6 and on those 3 days I really hated it. I was in a bad mood and had things on my mind that were bothering me to do with work and family. But, I knew I wasn't going to give up and I needed to push through it. Which I did. This week has started out much better. I had a good workout yesterday and again today. My mood is better and I am not worried anymore about slipping resolve. I am back at it at a decent intensity. This has proven to me that I really have changed my life. This is the longest stretch of committed exercise and healthy eating that I have ever sustained. I am proud of what I have accomplished and while I hope to still lose another 20-30 pounds...I am not going to worry too much if I don't. As long as I keep trying and maintain my new lifestyle.

The title Muddy Trail refers to the fact that when you are walking on a muddy trail, you may slip occasionally and sometimes you get stuck in the slows you down. But, you can't just sit down on a muddy trail and give must work at it and get to your destination....and that is what I intend to do.

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FRANCESCANAZ 1/26/2014 8:34AM

    Good analogy. I feel the same way. since before Christmas not so good, but I'm going to emoticon

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WIFE48 1/21/2014 11:37AM

    Good for you. emoticon emoticon

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Treating a Sweet 16 Hangover

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This weekend was one of those overly emotional times in a mom's life that can and does lead to unhealthy choices. In my case, it was my youngest daughter turning 16. She had rsvp's from 20 teens who were going to be at our house. She wanted home made mac and cheese and pizza and chips etc. We got gourmet cupcakes (2 dozen). It was all great and good because I had planned my eating for the entire week with the knowledge that I would enjoy a cupcake as well as pizza and a little mac and cheese. What I didn't plan for was only 15 people showing up and there being a ton of left overs. emoticon

I froze the pizza and we had the mac and cheese for dinner again the next night. The cupcakes have been a small issue for me, but not too bad. Did I mention that my dear MIL dropped off an entire Birthday Cake as well? emoticon . The cake is still sitting on our dining room table (3 days later) unopened. I don't know what to do with it. I know if I cut in to it, I will end up nibbling on it until it is gone. My daughter doesn't seem to want any of it and my husband hasn't touched it either. But, I have done too well to open that "can of worms". So, it may end up in the garbage.

Anyway, this all leads me to my title. Sunday was the party and Monday I had to clean up and deal with all the leftover food. I truly felt like I was hung over. I should have gone to the gym and done a good workout...I would have felt so much better, but I didn't and ended up feeling down in the dumps all day. But on Tuesday, I picked myself up and got back to the gym and felt 200% better. I have no desire to eat the leftover cake....and while I will always want to eat the leftover pizza in the freezer.... I don't desire it enough to take it out and heat it up. I am feeling stronger and happier as the week goes on. emoticon

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1FEISTYMAMA 11/13/2013 4:54PM

    emoticon Isn't it funny how exercise can actually make us feel good? For so many years, controlling the food was way easier than getting in exercise. Now that I've stuck with exercise for a while I finally understand the idea of enjoying it. KUDOS to you for 1) seeing an obstacle coming, 2) planning for said obstacle, 3) loving your child enough to take on that obstacle for her, 4) getting back in the saddle so to speak!! You ROCK!!!

As for the unwanted cake.....take it to work or have hubby take it to work. Co-workers usually appreciate those things immensely. Let someone else worry about the extra calories. LOL

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RODGRODMEDFLOD 11/13/2013 11:23AM

    Sounds like you were successful in resisting temptation. I bring leftovers like that to work and just put them in the kitchen. People help themselves and I get rid of my achilles heel.

Happy birthday to your sweet 16 year old!


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Fall-ing Back? I don't think so!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Every time I have worked at losing weight, I have been strong and consistent for a few months and then got off track and slid back in to my old ways. Either right around Easter time or in August when certain aspects of my lifestyle have gotten in the way. This year, I have stayed strong and pushed through those times...especially in regards to exercise. I am pretty good now at getting good exercise on at least 5 days each week.

During the summer, I did stop logging all my food because I was doing well and had a good idea of what I was eating. While my weight loss did slow some, I was still losing weight and was ok with it. But, this past couple weeks have been less than stellar for me with my eating. Especially this past weekend (darn that left over pizza?!). So today, I decided it was time to re-visit my food log and begin keeping track of everything I eat again for a while. Fall is a time of year when comfort foods abound and for me, hunger seems to increase as the temperature goes down. I refuse to fall back into old eating habits. I refuse to let my cravings get the best of me. I WILL be more conscious that it is happening and maintain my resolve.

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2014ISTHEYEAR 10/31/2013 7:59PM

    Good job noticing your patterns and coming up with a plan before you really get off track. You really seem to be in a great place now and I can tell you are serious about this lifestyle change. emoticon

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HEYSHAKER 10/28/2013 4:10PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Slowly, slowly, step by step...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Slowly, slowly, step by step, I am turning my life around for the better! I have been back exercising for 9 months and actively working hard on myself for 8 months. At first the weight was coming off pretty quickly... but I have hit several plateaus along the way and the loss has slowed to a creep. However, it is creeping in the right direction. I am exercising a minimum of 4 and up to 6 days each week. The past month I have been struggling with the shortening days. I was running 3 days a week early in the morning, but the sun was up early enough that I could get the full hour in. Not lately, and it has affected my schedule. So, this week I am breaking down and moving to the treadmill more days than not:-( Oh well. I am still at it, and that is what matters most.

As the season has changed here in upstate NY, I have found myself digging into the dusty part of my closet where my fall clothes hang and find myself wearing a part of my wardrobe that hasn't seen the light of day in over 5 years. This is the feeling I have craved for the past 9 months. I have a deeper section of the same closet that I hope to be dipping into by Christmas, if I can keep up my progress...

I realize that while the progress is much slower now, I have truly changed my lifestyle and am not dieting. I no longer log everything I eat, but am aware and make sure to balance treats with healthy eating. If I want cake, I eat cake. I just make sure that everything else I eat doesn't add up to an excess of calories for the day. It is working for me and I am now satisfied with slower weight loss. Because I don't ever want to go back to where I was a year ago. This has to be permanent. And this time, I believe it truly is.

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GRATEFULWYO 9/18/2013 12:14PM

  Thanks for the insight and encouragement!

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