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When Weight Loss Becomes an Obsession

Sunday, March 06, 2011

I think that my weight loss journey is completely taking over my life and slowly turning into an obsession. I can't look at myself in the mirror anymore because I completely despise what I see in the mirror. I compare myself to almost every person I see: my friends, people on tv, random people on the street.

I am starting to think that it is not healthy how much I think and obsess over my weight and my appearance. I know that eating right and exercise is the way to go, but at the same time, I don't do it. I think there are some underlying issues that I need to deal with before I can accept my body and be ok with where I am at this point in my life.

There are other things I need to be focusing on: school, my family, my boyfriend. If I could give half as much "mindtime" to those areas of my life, maybe I wouldn't be so extremely unhappy. I'm just not sure anymore.

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TRACEEAST 3/13/2011 1:54PM

    I've been through the same thing. I even went to a therapist because my whole life was revolving around losing weight. She helped me to see the underlying issues, and that losing weight wasn't going to make those things go away. I highly recommend it. Or, at least try writing feelings in a journal so you focus more on YOU and not your weight.

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HELEN_BRU 3/13/2011 1:36PM

    It's easy to go overboard, so don't fret. Take it one step at a time. Maybe it is time to back away, as you said, and rethink things. Sometimes we go overboard on some things because we tend not to want to think of the other stuff that is really the problem and has to be taken care of first.

Anyway, ease up on yourself! You can do it!!


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    I'm sorry that you're struggling so much. I hope that you're able to find peace. Love ya, Dawn emoticon emoticon

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KITTIN1124 3/6/2011 11:50AM

    I know exactly what you mean. I am not overweight, but I am not at the weight that I want to be. Sometimes I feel like I am developing an eating disorder or have an emotional issue. I try to listen more to my friends and boyfriend when it comes to how I look. My vision is so skewed. I am with you in your dilemma.

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Turbofire- Acutally DAY 1- I HAVE ENERGY!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

So, I decided to stop the 5-day Inferno for the Turbofire program. I could feel my perfectionism starting to kick in. If I didn't follow a day exactly as it was planned out, I would derail and just eat whatever I wanted. As much as I like pre-planned menus, I know what I like and don't like and I know the types of nutrition I need.

Figuring that out last night, I decided to just go ahead and actually start the program as it was intended. So today was my first day with Turbofire! I did the Fire 30 Class and the Stretch 10 Class. I feel awesome. I have energy I didn't know I was capable of and I am not totally dreading going to work today (that may be because I don't work Fridays and Saturdays ;)

But, even though I know every day won't be like this, I can now look back to my first day and remember how it made me feel. I can do this. I know that I can and I thank everyone here for helping me get over that "depression" hump!

xoxo -Andrea

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SARAHFAILLA 2/26/2011 6:11AM

    yeah for day 1!

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    emoticon Knock it out of the park!

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EPIPHANYANGEL 2/24/2011 1:24PM

    I did a week of the prep schedule and decided to just start the normal programme. I was going to start the 5 day inferno but knew I would stick with the meal plan.

It's an amazing workout.....good luck. emoticon

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LREESE03 2/24/2011 1:24PM



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PLAYBLUES22 2/24/2011 1:21PM

    Good luck Sweetie, and just do your best emoticon

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TurboFire Day 2- On Fire!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well, today was my second day of my TurboFire workouts. It was pretty difficult, but I started to catch on toward the end. I feel like I need to put a sticker on my leg so I know which side I have already worked out!

Chalene Johnson is extremely motivating. I have bought other Beachbody workouts and this is by far my favorite at the moment. I also have P90X and Insanity. I feel like after Turbofire I may be at the fitness level to attempt those workouts, but right now, I am having fun with Chalene.

That is a first for me... I am having fun working out. I can't afford a gym membership anymore and Turbofire was a complete splurge from my income tax return. I am glad that I did it because I definitely need a change. I need the motivation to make that change and it doesn't hurt that I have a workout I look forward to doing.

I give myself a pat on the back for today :D

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MRSJORDAN77 2/23/2011 11:40AM

    Good job! I'm new to the videos, too. Let's just keep going. It's bound to get easier for us! The first time that I did the TurboFire EZ 55, I threw up! I pushed myself that hard! Wow!

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EPIPHANYANGEL 2/23/2011 8:40AM

    well done...keep up the great work.

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DARKTHOR 2/23/2011 3:23AM

    Great job! You'll be so in the groove soon you'll be a superstar!

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JANEYINMADTOWN 2/22/2011 11:15PM

    emoticon emoticon It's so important to find exercise that you like and motivates you!

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    You're doing awesome honey! Keep up the good work. Love ya, Dawn emoticon emoticon

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Lost on this winding road...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's a vicious cycle... weight loss that is. I am back at 190. My heaviest. It is disappointing to be at this weight and have none of my clothes fit. I had to go buy new jeans today. It is depressing.

I know, I am having a pity party. But, I am disappointed in myself. I know that I can work hard than I have been, but I keep making excuses. I think I am the excuse queen. Debbie Downer for sure!

I got TurboFire today because I watched the infomercial at least 30 times and got really excited about it. Hopefully, this workout regime will be one to get me jump started.

I guess the other thing is I have no support. I don't have many close friends and my family isn't supportive of me losing weight. That is why I am heading back to Sparkpeople. I know people here understand why I am going through and I know that with the support of everyone here, I can get down to my goal weight of 135.

Starting my workout regime tomorrow after I get all set up, I will check in again tomorrow. Hopefully, you guys can all hold me accountable.

"Winning isn't everything, but wanted to win is." -Vince Lombardi (GREEN BAY PACKERS SUPER BOWL CHAMPS :D )

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    Trea honey... I'm here for you. It's a long & winding road but you need not travel it alone. LOVE YOU! -Dawn emoticon emoticon

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MEOWMAMA3 2/22/2011 1:05PM

    You're NOT lost, you're HERE! You'll get yourself refocused and working toward that goal. I have the same problem staying focused on mine, seems the million other things in life, both stressful and joyful, take over if we're not constantly vigilant. You'll be back in those old jeans in no time! This dreadful winter doesn't help, but it's on it's last legs and soon Springtime will give us an emotional boost. Glad you're back SparkFriend! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    I hate the vicious cycle too! this is the second time i have been at my heaviest weight of 180 lbs! i want to get down to 135 and ik there is a long road ahead but if you keep working at it you will get there! if you need any support please dont hesitate to msg me! :) you will get there and you have spark friends to help you :)

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RUN2MYDREAMS 2/19/2011 9:37AM

    One step at a time my friend! Just make today a new day and walk away from it feeling like you've accomplished something! emoticon

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DARKTHOR 2/17/2011 6:44PM

    I know it sucks to have to lose weight that you have lost in the past, but the good thing is you already know you can do it. You know the good habits that will allow you to lose weight and be healthier. We're with you!

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TIME2LIVE11 2/17/2011 2:01PM

    You can do this Andrea! I'm right there with you, we can push each other and be each other's shoulders to cry on when things get tough. emoticon

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VIVRE5 2/17/2011 1:11PM

    Was wandering through people who posted blogs as I updated mine... found ya :)
So I just want to say, hey! YOU've got this, doll.
I know where you're at... with some great success behind me, I was shocked to realize how far i had backslid until stuff started not fitting again... I just didn't SEE it. Here for ya if you need the support. emoticon

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Frustrating Workout Today

Friday, December 17, 2010

I was up bright and early today (well 9 am is early for me emoticon) but anyway I got on the treadmill and started out pretty good. I am a little rusty because I haven't actually worked out in a while. I was planning on getting in a good 4 miles today. After mile 1, my body was completely resisting the workout. I felt extremely tired and my heart was beating rapidly. I had to stop which frustrated me even more.

I know that I had to listen to my body which was telling me to stop, but my mind was telling me to keep going. That is completely the opposite of what usually happens! Ugh... I guess I will just have to try tomorrow.

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MEOWMAMA3 2/22/2011 1:07PM

    The ole chassis is a little rusty, take your time and exercise smart!

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DAWNWATERWOMAN 12/18/2010 9:54AM

    Have you seen a doctor recently? Maybe you have something going on. Remember to warm up before you get going at too high a pace. Love ya, Dawn emoticon

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SYNCHROSWIMR 12/17/2010 8:32PM

    Be good to your body and listen to it. I'm sorry it was so frustrating, but I hope it is better tomorrow!

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JANEYINMADTOWN 12/17/2010 11:26AM

    Tomorrow is another day...maybe start with a slower pace and remember to warm up!

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