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Just a reminder to be careful...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I was watching the news the other night and they profiled 2 different people that had been robbed due to information that had been obtained from Facebook. The info given was quite innocent on the victim’s parts. They simply told their “Friends” what their plans were for the night. Quite innocent, right? Wrong to the criminal element is was an open invitation that said “rob me.” If I remember correctly the guy profiled mentioned he was going camping for the weekend and the woman was I think going to a Broadway play, movie, or something along those lines. She was just out for the night and she was robbed, they were in and out in such a short time.

Millions of people signing up to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites need to be reminded these are public sites. I love Spark People but please remember this is a public online social network. Anyone can gather ANY information you put on your blogs, Spark Page, comments you make etc. Do not post personal details such as birth dates, addresses and phone numbers on the sites. You are just handing the criminals carte blanche to do what ever they can accomplish from what they “harvest” from your site.

Experian and Equifax, the credit information companies, has warned people to restrict the personal information they posted online. "Your date of birth and name of your first school may seem like innocuous bits of information, but they are the building blocks to your identity," said James Jones of Experian. Trust me I am so up on this stuff because of what happened to me with my identity theft. I do not think mine was due to Spark People. had a huge breach relating to the personal details of hundreds of thousands of jobseekers have been stolen after online hackers broke into their recruitment website. I have read horror stories where people apply for these jobs to work from home with. They give these “supposed” employers their information including Social Security numbers and bank account info so that their checks can be direct deposited into their accounts. So now the criminals can wipe out your bank account and charge your credit up the wazoo.

Never share ahead of time with your buddies about the exact dates of an upcoming vacation or even a weekend getaway. I have got to stop making references when I am down visiting my Mom in Virginia. I will now blog about it when I return home. It is an open invitation to would be robbers letting them know your house is vacant. An option would be is when you return let your Spark Buddies know why you have been MIA after the fact, not before.

I am not saying let’s make a mass exodus from Spark People. I love Spark People and intend on being here for quite some time. I am saying be careful. Be careful of what you post. If your entire name is on your Site including your call name, remove it. I have read Spark Pages where they list an outside email and the email address is their first and last name at, gmail, hotmail, etc. If your entire date of birth is on the site, remove it. I have even seen people’s street address on their Spark Page, remove it. Stop broadcasting vacations, nights out on the town, going to the doctor’s, etc. Blog or post about it after the fact. Just be careful. There are bad elements out there. Don’t hand the keys to your house or credit.

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VALI_T 4/18/2010 1:14PM

    Thank you for this reminder. I do have my birthday on a couple of online sites, so I guess there's nothing I can do about that now but be more careful in the future.

The thing that bugs me the most (and really has the potential for a lot of damage) is the number of people who want my social security number. My bank, my doctor's office, my employer, my credit card company....everyone wants my doggone social security number....and NONE of them are really supposed to ask me for that information. Only the government is supposed to use it, but I guess that entire concept has just gone by the wayside. And any one of these entities that have demanded that I give them my SS# can be hacked almost as easily as Facebook.

The hospital system I work for has recently gone to keeping everyone's medical records online, and of course this includes a LOT of information that's personal and confidential. (Including our birthdates, SS numbers, diagnoses, blood types, former names, etc, etc, etc.) So now any jackass who knows how to hack computer systems can find any of that information for any of the patients who have ever been seen in most of the state of New Mexico. emoticon I think that for most of us it's really just a matter of time until someone steals our identity. emoticon

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2LABS2LOVE 4/18/2010 8:54AM

    emoticon well said!

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DENI_ZEN 3/31/2010 8:50AM

    What an important reminder about the dangers of providing seemingly innocuous information about ourselves! Thank you.

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A10TIVTRTL 3/31/2010 8:00AM

    Wise advice. Also - I've learned never to use a public computer to access Spark or any other network or account. Even if you sign out, someone can click the "tools" drop down and click "reopen last browsing session" and go right to where you were.

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_MAOMAO_ 3/31/2010 2:39AM

At Please Rob Me, you can plug in folks' names & see how ez it to find them from their real-time online info. We had a news story here in Portland bout this & I bookmarked it. I don't Twitter at all & I don't fb too often. I won't even put my 1st name on my page - or in my signature. I lost points on several groups on my class team - b/c I wouldn't put my 'real' first name in my signature!

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DEFIANTVEGAN 3/30/2010 9:41PM

    I couldn't agree more I don't like giving my name out and I've been asked a few times, I know those asking never meant any harm just for prayer purposes.

We still need to be careful you just never know... emoticon

Thanks for the reminder Ivonne.


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MEOWMAMA3 3/28/2010 11:27AM

    Thanks Yvonne, I must now go edit my latest blog.....

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SMILES4383 3/28/2010 10:54AM

    Great Reminder....that's why I put my page to private.
I hated doing it, but I had a distant friend who commented about how he keeps up with me by my blogs. SCARRY.
Now only my 'friends' can see anything I have on any of my networks....they have ALL been set to private.

You're proactive!!
I've been pretty careful about NOT posting things BEFORE I do them.
I don't mind posting that I HAD a haircut ... or WENT out somewhere.....after the fact.

Thanks for the reminder.
emoticon Terri

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SEASONSCHANGE 3/28/2010 6:45AM

    Thanks for the 411.... great info

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EGRAMMY 3/27/2010 8:49PM

    C heck out your name at this "white pages" phone look up site. Another sparker, Smashy1, put us on to this....Scroll down to see your house, credit rating etc. etc I saw wrong information. I am trying to delete myself and family I guess.

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DYNAMICDEB53 3/27/2010 7:50PM

    heard about that too and wow that is scary.

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    Thank you for all these tips and advice. A good reminder that we need to be aware of these things.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FITNESSFOODIE 3/27/2010 7:11PM

    Good advice in hard times. emoticon

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    Thanks for the info Yvonne. Have a stress free night. Love ya, Dawn emoticon

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FUNNYGRANNY71 3/27/2010 3:47PM

    I had never thought about this. Thanks for passing the information along to us.

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DEBBIEANNE1124 3/27/2010 12:13PM


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BETTYAHE 3/27/2010 11:47AM

    Excellent blog! Thanks so much for the reminder Yvonne!

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L*I*T*A* 3/27/2010 11:15AM

    great advice.......thanks for the reminder........have awomderful weekend.........blessings and hugs...........lita

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DEVORA4 3/27/2010 11:02AM

  Great comments Another thing I got 2 warnings from Twitter that 2 different "people" sent me viruses which were caught by by virus protector. I can not understand why they do things like that. emoticon

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KISMET10-3 3/27/2010 10:43AM

    This is a great reminder! Too often we think we give out harmless bits of information about ourselves, and before you know it you are a victim of identity theft or worse.

I used to give these presentations where I would tell high school students to be very careful and would use this story...

My daughter is a member of facebook, I have her password and will check her page from time to time. She has a friend who said what school she goes to, what position she plays on volleyball among other things. She had pics of the car she drives and of her with backgrounds from the neighborhood - based on that information alone, I took my daughter to her house - now I don't know this girl, but my kid does. It shocked her to know that I could find her house just from the info on facebook that is open to everyone.

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WILLOW49 3/27/2010 10:39AM

    Good advice, Yvonne. I do keep all of my personal info (name, DOB, address, etc.) private, but hadn't thought about when I go out for appts. etc. Will remember this!

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SUNDAYKID 3/27/2010 10:35AM

    Great advice. It's too bad that's a problem, but we must realize that it is and take the precautions you suggest. Thanks!

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Don't Take the Easy Way Out

Friday, March 26, 2010

I love the daily thoughts I receive each morning from Spark's Healthy Reflections. Today's message really hit home. I do not have time to write a long blog about this but I did find a poem on the internet that fits the bill.

Some people look at themselves,
With such doubt, Some people
Just take the easy way out..
But I don't want to..

Some people don't care,
Whats wrong or right,
Some people just wanna
Walk through life,
Some people just try to follow the crowd..
But I don't want too..

They'll never know what life is about..
So don't be like them,
Don't take the easy way out,
Don't take the easy way out,
Oh No,
Don't take the easy way..

Some people look at the
World with such doubt
(Don't take the easy way..)
Some people just
Take the easy way out,
But I don't want too..

Some people don't try
To be themselves,
Some people wanna be,
Someone else,
Some people don't mind keepin'
Their voice down,
But I don't want too..

They'll never know what life is about..
So don't be like them,
Don't take the easy way out,
Don't take the easy way out,
Oh No,
Don't take the easy way..

If you've got a point to make,
Make it,
If you've got something to say,
Say it,
Its your life so whatever you do,
Don't fake it,
Don't fake it.

They'll never know what life is about..
So don't be like them,
Don't be like them..
Don't be like them..
Don't take the easy way out,
Don't take the easy way out,
Oh No,
Don't take the easy way..

Written by some known as OrangeFlower

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FUNNYGRANNY71 3/27/2010 3:46PM

    Great poem. emoticon

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TODAYSAGIFT 3/27/2010 1:39PM

    emoticon HI!

Thanks for the warm welcome. Great poem!

Have a terrific weekend!

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RUN2MYDREAMS 3/27/2010 6:24AM


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DAWNWATERWOMAN 3/26/2010 10:25PM

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing this with us my friend. I hope that the stress is relieved soon. Love, Dawn emoticon

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DEBBIEANNE1124 3/26/2010 9:25PM

    I really enjoyed this. thanks!

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DEBBIEANNE1124 3/26/2010 9:25PM

    I really enjoyed this. thanks!

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NWFL59 3/26/2010 4:33PM

    Terrific! emoticon Love the poem!

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WALNUT5612 3/26/2010 2:38PM

    emoticon emoticon

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WILLOW49 3/26/2010 12:41PM

    Good one! Thanks :)

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DEFIANTVEGAN 3/26/2010 11:41AM

    emoticon emoticon

What accomplishments do you get from taking the easy way out. None Hard work makes you feel that you accomplished something..

emoticon emoticon

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EGRAMMY 3/26/2010 10:26AM

    emoticon You are such a very caring and capable person!

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L*I*T*A* 3/26/2010 10:16AM

    good one.....thanks for sharing.................
have a great weekend........
blessings and hugs...............lita

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BARBARAROSE54 3/26/2010 9:08AM


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MRDPOLING 3/26/2010 9:06AM

    Awesome Poem!

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STRONGMELISSA24 3/26/2010 9:02AM

    Thanks for sharing this!

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    Great Poem and like always a very good blog too. Have a great weekend and do something special for your self.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DEVORA4 3/26/2010 7:17AM

  I look forward to your blog as you have a talent for finding the best writings etc Have a great day Thanks emoticon emoticon

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Not being a very good juggler at the moment...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh the pressure is on with a vengeance. I do not have enough hours in the day. I am trying to do right by me, do right by my job, do right by the 2 teams I am a Leader on, keep up with my Sparking, and find some quality time for myself.

My current dilemma is that I have to Register and take care of all of the requirements for the National Mortgage Licensing System. I am in the mortgage industry and this is now a requirement for all Mortgage Solicitors in the United States. It came about due to the foreclosure crisis we are facing in the United States.
The Federal Government wants to make sure that every loan solicitor is on the up and up, knows what is legal and what is not, practices fair lending, and makes sure they are truly representing the mortgage applicant’s best interest. The past has shown that there were some in the industry that acted for their benefit alone. They pushed applicants towards loans they really had no business being put in, charged higher rates so they could receive money back from the Bank or the Mortgage Company in the form of an YSP. Yes some used this YSP to help their Borrower pay their closing costs but they also helped themselves to make more money on the back end according to the rate and the return of the YSP for that rate. You have unscrupulous people in all professions but right now we are talking about the mortgage industry. I am not turning this blog into a debate on the mortgage industry. I am just explaining about this course I am forced to be taking. I process mortgage applications and in some circumstances I will write a loan application so I fall into this category.

All of my spare time is being spent taking this course and then studying for this test. This havoc in my life should be over by the middle of April; unless of course I fail the test and have to take it over again after 30 days. I am remaining positive and telling myself, “I will pass this test the 1st time.”

I am eating right and exercising right yet my sugar levels are high. They are not as high s they used to be but I was under 100 for a long time, now I am in more like the 150-165 range. I am not a happy camper. The only answer is stress is pushing this higher. I am not stepping on the scale. Yes I am done with the steroids but I think due to stress my body is hanging on to the weight. I do not see my clothes getting any looser. I am not stepping on the scale because that my friends will push me over the edge if I see a weight gain when everything else I am doing correctly. I think the steroids are out of my system now that I was one so I am attributing it to stress.

I am Sparking but not as much as I would like to be. I log my food, water. and exercise. Prior to Spark People if I did not have time the 1st thing to go out the window would be my exercise schedule. I am proud to say that this is now a priority so I make sure that I do complete my exercise for the day regardless of what is on my schedule.

I do all of my required reading of the day under My Spark Points.

I try to write a blog everyday.

I welcome the new team members on the 2 teams that I am a Leader on. I will be honest and say that I do not have the time to welcome the other newbies on the other teams I am on.

I try to answer all of my Spark Mails everyday and let me tell you I get a ton of them. I try to participate in all of the teams I am a member of. I do not post to the ones that are game like in nature, you know what did you eat for lunch or dinner, I need a recipe for dinner ( ahhhhhhh how about checking Spark Recipes, that is why it is there), the name of alphabet game, etc. I participate in the posts that will help me move forward in my journey.

I read and comment on the blogs I have subscribed to. For the most part I do get to them within 24 hours.

I support the items on my Friend Feed as far as accomplishments go. I wish I had more time other than just check off “I like this.” Where I am lacking is that I have not had the time to visit the other blogs for which I have not subscribed. I can’t wit till I have the time to start doing this again.

Please forgive me my Spark Buddies. I have not abandoned you. I have just run out of time. I promise things will get better after the 15th of April because oh yes I have one other major task to do, is my taxes. I will return to the old Travelnista and try to be more supportive on the level I used to be. I have always said I am a work in progress and right now this particular area needs more work and a few extra hours in the day would help out tremendously. I will try harder to be better!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DJS-DEBBIE 3/28/2010 5:20AM

    Yvonne, I am there with you. That is why I am just reading this blog today! Hang in there ~ it will get better.

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BETTYAHE 3/27/2010 11:51AM

    Whew, I got tired just reading about everything you are doing Yvonne!

Praying for you to pass the test the first time so some of this additional stress will be off your shoulders!

We love you. Do what you have to do to alleviate some stress right now.

Hugs, Betty emoticon

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RUN2MYDREAMS 3/27/2010 6:30AM

    Yvonne, you need to put yourself first my friend! You need to make time for you to destress-whether at the gym, having a massage, having a mani or a pedi-or both. Give yourself time to destress. There's only ONE you! Make time for you my friend! YOU DESERVE IT and YOU ARE WORTH IT!
emoticon emoticon

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SUSAN134 3/26/2010 10:10PM

    Yvonne, there is absolutely NOTHING to forgive. I so know how you feel, as I feel the same - but we have to take care of ourselves first. The social/support part of SP is wonderful, but not if it gets in the way of
taking care of YOU.

Do what you comfortably can, when you have the time - for the rest try not and worry about it. The important thing is keeping your tracking/exercise/eating in line. Re your blood sugars. Stress can definitely elevate them, as can lack of sleep. If you are not sleeping well, you can have trouble with your blood sugars running higher than normal.

Good luck to you and concentrate on YOU!



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FRANRN76 3/26/2010 9:58PM

    You are doing absolutely wonderful with SPARKING considering all that you have on you plate at the moment. NEVER feel bad beacuse you feel that you can do more. Just you doing what you can do is enough.

I wish you the best on this class.

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DYNAMICDEB53 3/26/2010 7:48PM

    HUGS!!!!!! We all have times when we cant do all we want and that should not put us in guilt mode but it does. Just do what you can and stop worrying I for one more than understand.
Focus on yourself and getting your studying done then you will be able to have time for the things you like to do.
Hugs and love

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MARYMAC45 3/26/2010 7:41PM

    you are doing a fantastic job for such a busy person. Don't stress youself any further. Have a great weekend!

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MEOWMAMA3 3/26/2010 7:22PM

    Yvonne, don't stress over Sparking, that's not going to help. You do a FABULOUS job keeping up, even under extra work pressure. I go through my busy "away" times from Spark and used to get guilt twangs too, but it's ok to step away and tend to other parts of the garden! We have to! Hang in there chief! emoticon

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JFROGDIVA 3/25/2010 11:41PM

    Yvonne ~ just know that we are here for you, this time!!!! we appreciate all the support & encouragement that you give us!!!! You are in my thoughts & prayers!!!!
Hugzz ~ Jae emoticon

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WEDDWT 3/25/2010 4:49PM

    Dear Yvonne, and you are a dear, you are so committed to meeting the needs of your Sparkfriends. Have you considered temporarily delegating some of your leadership duties so that you can meet your own needs, which are pressing at this time? You are worth it. Take care of you, please. emoticon

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L*I*T*A* 3/25/2010 4:39PM

    you go and do what you need to do right now that is your new priority and we will all still be here when you get back......wishing you all the best and i am sure you will do well the first time around.............take care.........blessings and hugs..........lita

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DARA52 3/25/2010 3:58PM

    Some great advice, Yvonne.

Take a deep breath, let it go and take care of yourself. You need to be healthy. You need your job. We'll all be here when you need us.

Hugs! Dara

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FUNNYGRANNY71 3/25/2010 3:48PM

    You are so right when you say stress will increase your blood sugar levels. Steroids will do the same thing. I hope your blood sugar will settle down when you get everything resolved. Please take care of yourself. This is a great team and in my opinion, you are one of the reasons it is great. Take care.

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KIMBEEJ16 3/25/2010 1:19PM

    Number 1...take care of you. Number 2...take care of your job. Number 3...there is no number 3--let everything else go for a bit and take a break! You've done so much to help and inform us...we'll be OK for a little while without ya but do come back when you're ready!!! :)

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BARBARAROSE54 3/25/2010 12:31PM

    Stress will increase your blood sugar levels. Please take the time to work on you !

emoticon emoticon

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FITGRL124 3/25/2010 11:14AM

    You know the hardest thing about life in general is struggling to meet all the demands. However, you are putting YOU first which is the most important thing. You have to take care of yourself which (minus the sugar) you are doing. I'm sure that your levels are just high due to the stress that your body is under. Good luck with your exam! I'm sure you'll pass the first time!! We all understand that you're going through a lot! We'll hang in there with you - we love you!!! emoticon

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DAWNWATERWOMAN 3/25/2010 10:47AM

    Just take care of YOU. We all understand what it is to be busy. Isn't spark about teaching us to TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES? We're are learning to change our lives for the BETTER! That means doing what YOU need to stay afloat, happy and healthy. Friends understand and SUPPORT us when we are busy and can only do a little bit. Frankly, your "little" bit is a whole heck of a LOT! I love you my friend. I do miss talking to you. Sorry that I was out when you called yesterday. Love, Dawn

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KARVY09 3/25/2010 10:29AM

    You do SO much here on Spark. No one is going to begrudge you taking some time for yourself. Yes, you want to support others here, but the main reason you are here is for YOU!

You want to lose this weight. So your first focus should be on being less stressed out, taking some time for yourself, exercising and eating well. THEN, if you have time, you can work on the team business. There are other great leaders and members on the team who can welcome others and do the nitty gritty that takes up so much precious time!

One thing I noticed about a lot of people on Spark is that we're people pleasers at heart. Which is great because we're compassionate people. But also, it's part of the reason we ballooned to high weights because all our energy was spent on other people and the only way we "pampered" ourselves was with quick fixes like foods.

You can do this, Yvonne. We all love you and we all want you to be well.

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ANDREA963 3/25/2010 10:26AM

    You know what you have to do, and you're doing it. So proud of you for not letting your exercising go. That is further validation that it's part of your lifestyle now. Congratulations!


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DEFIANTVEGAN 3/25/2010 10:10AM

    Don't stress and worry Ivonne you have done enough you need time for yourself then take it. We will be here when you come back.

Stress is horrible don't let it get the best of you and first things first take of yourself and know that we are here waiting we should understand that you can't be on here 24/7
( I understand emoticon) Get that test out of the way and when you come back - come back with vengeance! emoticon

We will miss you but we know it's temporary.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 3/25/2010 10:10:15 AM

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FOXXYROXXYD 3/25/2010 10:01AM

    I feel ya... same here with running out of time. Yours will be getting better when mine will really start heating up (I run summer camps!)! Hang in there and know we miss you but we understand... you are loved!

Good luck on passing the test!

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-TAMI- 3/25/2010 10:00AM

    Two words: Balance & Superwoman
**Yvonne, you haven't had balance in a long time. Then you go and become a leader on another team which adds more to what you already do. You really push yourself too hard to be everything to everyone. There is no way I can keep up with what you do on Spark and I dont work. You and I started Spark around the same time and I think I've spent most of that time giving you loving lectures on how you need to balance stuff and quit trying to do so much. Other then the diet/exercise what do you do for yourself? I want you to read this blog post of yours and look at it as though someone else wrote it. What would you tell the person who wrote this blog? If I wrote it I would hope you would tell me that I need to let some things go and quit trying to do so much. Oh wait: You HAVE told me that! emoticon
** Superwoman: You are not. You are a loving, wonderful human being with no super powers. You get overwhelmed, tired, moody, and burned out like the rest of us. Now take off you Super cape, and pack it away where it belongs.

I love you honey and I worry about you... Take care of yourself. emoticon

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LOOZINITNOW 3/25/2010 9:33AM

    Yvonne...don't be so hard on yourself! We totally understand and do not expect you to be superwoman. The most important thing is that you do your job well and take care of yourself. I appreciate every comment that you are able to make. Even being a SAHM, by the time I clean, cook and exercise, I cannot answer every single thing that shows up in my email. It's impossible. We love you and totally understand! Take care! emoticon emoticon

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MRDPOLING 3/25/2010 9:28AM

    I am having the same issue...the more active I get physically and the more social I get, the less time I am spencing on the computer at home. Sparking is becoming harder and harder to find time for.

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Do you embrace failure or curl up in a ball?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

“With a positive mental attitude failure is a learning experience, a rung on the ladder, a plateau at which to get your thoughts in order and prepare to try again.” W. Clement Stone

We need to call failure as lessons learned. We need to turn it into a positive. Don’t wallow in it! Learn from it! Life is full of tasks that are by trial and error. We have got to continually fine tune our paths here on Spark People. We can not continue on the road to success if we are constantly doing the same thing over and over again. We have to try new things and sometimes we will fail. It we don’t switch things up, stagnation settles in.

We are not perfect, we are human. We all make mistakes. The question you need to ask yourself is , “How do I handle mistakes?”

1.Do you learn from your mistakes? Do you grow and improve as a person because of them or do you just plain give up? Do you just throw in the towel?

2.Do you play the blame game? Do you try to focus the problem away from yourself and shift it to someone else? Do you try to pin it on someone else? Do you learn from it and take responsibility? Do you think about it, seriously think about it and ask yourself, “What could I have done differently? What will I do differently to correct it and move forward?” You can only learn from a mistake after you admit you’ve made it. Then you need to figure out different options to correct it. Now we are back to trial and error and guess what; we may fail again and then it is back to the drawing board but eventually you hit pay dirt- success.

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. ~John Powell

Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster. ~Weston H. Agor

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one. ~Elbert Hubbard, The Note Book, 1927

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MEOWMAMA3 3/28/2010 11:39AM

    A-men to that from the teacher! emoticon

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DAWNWATERWOMAN 3/25/2010 10:41AM

    I'm like the Little Engine That Could... I just keep trying until I get it. Thanks for an excellent and thought provoking blog my friend. Love, Dawn emoticon

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DJS-DEBBIE 3/25/2010 7:25AM

    I usually spend too much time second-guessing myself, but I am working on that.

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TRACYZABELLE 3/25/2010 5:01AM


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KBUCKMASH 3/24/2010 11:47PM

    If I don't fail, then I must be perfect.
If I am perfect, then I must be God.

Don't thing so! But God knows that.
He is here for me when I have failures.

He is trying to teach me with the failures,
But I don't always listen.

We are working on that too.
God is glad to have SP's help and so am I.

Thank you.

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DEVORA4 3/24/2010 10:47PM

  Thanks so much for a GREAT blog emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
FITNESSFOODIE 3/24/2010 10:38PM

    Awesome! I try to remind myself constantly that if I never make mistakes I'm not trying hard enough! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
DEBBIEANNE1124 3/24/2010 10:14PM

    Another great blog!

Report Inappropriate Comment
RUN2MYDREAMS 3/24/2010 7:52PM

    emoticon blog! We can go far on this journey if we have the right attitude-a positive one. If we have a negative one, it delays our progress, brings us down and keeps us from reaching our goals-sometimes even makes us quit altogether.

Staying positive, focused and determined is the best way to obtain our goals. We can do anything if we set our mind to. We don't need to dwell on the failures but learn from them! Thank you my friend!

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TSWARTHOUT 3/24/2010 7:42PM

    I love this blog. I truly believe that a positive attitude is everything. There is something to learn from every mistake...if there isn't something to learn...maybe it wasn't a mistake to begin with. Thank you for sharing:)

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L*I*T*A* 3/24/2010 6:52PM

    i try to learn form the mistakes and move on to others priorities..............great blog............blessings and hugs.............lita

Report Inappropriate Comment
IAMWINNING 3/24/2010 6:38PM

    Great blog! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MRDPOLING 3/24/2010 6:06PM

    Do you embrace failure or curl up in a ball?

For me...a little of both I suppose.

Report Inappropriate Comment
DEFIANTVEGAN 3/24/2010 2:27PM


I don't know how I look at failure I do know if I try and keep on trying then I don't consider that as failure. I don't have anyone to blame when I'm the one who created a goal or mission, I look at blaming like those balls on a paddle that have a string or rubber band they just come back and hit you in the face. emoticon

I've decided that I will no longer have the word failure in my vocabulary if I try and I don't succeed, if I set a time frame and I don't meet that time then it will only take me longer. emoticon emoticon emoticon

As far as working-out and having the body or the muscle tone or even the lbs where I think I should be I will get there eventually as long as I don't give up. emoticon

So it's best not to have a time frame only if you are wanting to fit into something by a special day like a wedding, anniversay, etc.

Meeting my goals is a life time effort I don't think once I get to my desired body mass, muscle tone or clothing size will I be done I will need to continue to maintain even as I get older.

I figure if I don't give up and be accountable then I will get there and be satisfied.

Hope that makes sense. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 3/24/2010 2:29:47 PM

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LOOZINITNOW 3/24/2010 1:49PM

    Great blog!

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BARBARAROSE54 3/24/2010 1:42PM


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STRONGMELISSA24 3/24/2010 12:23PM

    Great blog!

Report Inappropriate Comment
WEDDWT 3/24/2010 12:18PM

    Repeatedly avoiding problems just makes you good at becomming a better avoider. What's the fun in that?
wag more, bark less

Report Inappropriate Comment
FARLEY_GIRL 3/24/2010 11:52AM

    Thanks for a great post!! Unfortunately, I've always curled up and hid from problems...not wanting to deal with them. I am VERY slowly conquering this problem.

Report Inappropriate Comment
WANDAC2013 3/24/2010 11:30AM

    Great blog! I am one who always curled up in a ball...I was never taught the skills as a child to deal with failures or shortcomings. Now, I am teaching myself! It is another one of those things that is so very important for parents to teach/role model for their kids!

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DYNAMICDEB53 3/24/2010 11:24AM

    Very nice Yvonne!!! Yes to more ahead in our lives we have all made mistakes and hopefully learned from them. It to me is a point of maturity to accept a mistake and then try to make sure you dont keep doing it over again. It does not always work, but if you are trying then you are learning. Without learning we can not grow and without growing we just stagnate, exist without really living. I l want to live and expierence life.
Thank you for sharing

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Asparagus, the Vegetable of the Week

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring just screams asparagus to me. I especially like pairing asparagus and fresh mushrooms in a pasta dish based on an olive oil and garlic sauté as the sauce. So simple so good!
Asparagus are very low in calories but they are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. They are a good source of folic acid, vitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin C. They contain calcium, potassium, and are loaded with fiber. Asparagus is an excellent detoxifier and diuretic.

8 major health benefits:
1 - can detoxify our system
2 - has anti-aging functions
3 - is considered an aphrodisiac
4 - can protect against cancer
5 - reduces pain and inflammation
6 - can prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
7 - reduces the risk of heart disease
8 - can help prevent birth defects


Asparagus with Lemon Vinaigrette

1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons freshly-squeezed lemon juice
1 clove garlic, minced
salt / pepper to taste
2 pounds asparagus stalks, washed and trimmed

In a jar or bowl, combine olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper.

Blanch the asparagus in lightly,salted boiling water for about 3 minutes or until crisp-tender; do not overcook. Remove from heat and run under cold water to stop the cooking; drain well.

Toss asparagus with enough lemon vinaigrette to lightly coat.

Arrange asparagus on serving platter or individual serving plates.

Makes 4 to 6 servings.

Raw Asparagus Oriental Style

I will eat asparagus raw if it is nice and young. Asparagus like that tends to be tender and sweet. I will make a similar recipe to the one I make above but I do not blanch it. I use sesame oil in place of olive. When it is finished I will sprinkle with some fresh sesame seeds and also top with some thinly sliced red pepper. Makes a nice meal.

Raw Food Carrot Asparagus Curry

Roasted Asparagus
1 pound of asparagus
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1 clove garlic crushed
salt/pepper to taste
Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F.

Trim the woody ends from the asparagus, generally about an inch from the bottom of the stalk. Spread the spears in a single layer on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with the minced garlic, salt and pepper, and roll to coat thoroughly.

Roast the asparagus until lightly browned and tender, about 8 to 10 minutes, giving the pan a good shake about halfway through to turn the asparagus


Asparagus Frittata

1 bunch asparagus
6 - 8 eggs
2 Tbs water, some use milk
6 cloves garlic – I like garlic you can use less
2 Tbsp olive oil
salt/pepper to taste

Peel and blanch the asparagus spears. Cut asparagus into 1/2" pieces.

In a large bowl, mix together the eggs, salt, and pepper. I add a splash of water some people us e milk.

In a large oven proof skillet heat the olive oil over medium heat. C cook eggs for about 2 minutes, scraping the sides and bottom with spatula. When eggs are mostly cooked but still very wet, stop stirring. You want to see cooked egg scattered throughout, but loose egg in between.

Continue cooking on stove for another minute so underside sets.

Place the skillet under broiler. Watch carefully while top browns. This will take 2-4 minutes

Remove skillet from oven and let sit for about 5 minutes to finish cooking in center.

Cut in wedges and serve.

Note: some people will add slices of cooked potato and/or top with cheese – your option – I don’t

Asparagus Cashew Pilaf

1/4 cup butter
2 ounces uncooked spaghetti, broken
1/4 cup minced onion
1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
1 1/4 cups uncooked jasmine rice
2 1/4 cups vegetable broth
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 pound fresh asparagus, trimmed and cut into 2 inch pieces
1/2 cup cashew halves

Melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat. Increase heat to medium, and stir in spaghetti, cooking until coated with the melted butter and lightly browned.

Stir onion and garlic into the saucepan, and cook about 2 minutes, until tender. Stir in jasmine rice, and cook about 5 minutes. Pour in vegetable broth. Season mixture with salt and pepper. Bring the mixture to a boil, cover, and cook 20 minutes, until rice is tender and liquid has been absorbed.

Place asparagus in a separate medium saucepan with enough water to cover. Bring to a boil, and cook until tender but firm.

Mix asparagus and cashew halves into the rice mixture, and serve warm.

Asparagus Risotto

1 pound fresh asparagus, trimmed
Sea salt
Cooking liquid combined with beef, poultry or vegetable broth to make 7 cups
3 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons minced onion
2 cups arborio rice
Fresh cracked black pepper
1/4 cup Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, grated

Braise asparagus in large pan filled with about 2 inches of water (asparagus should fit in one layer across bottom of pan), covered, about 5 minutes. Remove asparagus (reserve water) and rinse with cool water to prevent further cooking. Cut asparagus into 1-inch pieces and set spear tips aside to add to dish once it is cooked. Pour cooking water into large pot and add enough beef broth to make 7 cups of liquid. Keep water simmering over low heat, as you'll be adding this to the rice throughout its cooking.

In large heavy pot, add 1 tablespoon butter, olive oil and minced onion. Cook onion until nearly translucent over medium-high heat. Add asparagus stalks (not the spear tips) and stir well. Add rice, stirring quickly. Add 1/2 cups simmering broth and cook, stirring constantly, until water is absorbed. Repeat process till rice is tender, about 20 minutes.

Final consistency should be creamy and the rice tender but slightly firm at the center. Turn off heat and stir in asparagus spear tips, pepper, 2 tablespoons butter and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. Adjust seasonings if necessary. Serve immediately.

Vegan Asparagus Tart

500 grams white asparagus
4-6 sheets puff pastry
1 tomato, cut in eighths
8 tbs. chickpea flour (gram flour)
5 tbs. soy milk
3 tbs. vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
cayenne pepper

Peel the asparagus and cut off the woody, lower part of the stem.
Cut the asparagus into bite sized pieces, and cook until al dente.
Remove from the hot water and set aside.
Depending upon the size (9 inch or so) of your tort pan, pie plate or quiche dish, you will need 4-6 sheets of puff pastry.
Oil your pastry dish using, and place the puff pastry to cover the bottom and sides evenly.
(You can over lap a bit, it won’t be a problem).
Using a fork prick the bottom and side of the dough.
In a blender, place the soy milk, chickpea flour, the tomato and vinegar.
Pulse to make a smooth batter.
Season with salt pepper, cayenne and nutmeg.
Pre-heat the oven to 350 (F).
Place the asparagus pieces evenly in the pastry dish and pour the batter over the asparagus.
Smooth the batter to make sure it is spread evenly.
Place in the oven to bake for 25- 30 minutes.
It is done when the center is firm.
Remove from the oven and allow to sit for 10 minutes before serving.

Thai Asparagus with Shrimp

1/2lb bunch of asparagus
8 medium shrimp, peeled and deveined (about 30 count)
3 Tbls of vegetable oil
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
¼ cup of stock or water
1 ½ Tbls of oyster sauce
1 Tbls of soya sauce
2 tsps of fish sauce
1 tsp of sugar

Cut the woody ends off of the asparagus and discard the. Cut the remaining stalk into 1 or 1 ½ inch slices.

Heat the oil in a wok or heavy skillet over medium high. When the oil is hot, toss in the garlic and stir fry it for about 15 seconds, or until the garlic is good and fragrant.

Immediately toss in the shrimp and asparagus and turn the heat up to high. Add in the stock or water (chicken stock works well here, as does vegetable stock. Miso stock would probably also work well.)

Stir fry the vegetables until the asparagus is tender crisp and the shrimp is cooked. Medium asparagus spears will cook through in about 3 nutes, which should leave you with perfectly cooked shrimp as well.

Add in the sauces and sugar, and taste for seasoning

Chicken and Asparagus Stirfry

3 tbsp reduced-sodium soy sauce
3 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp grated lemon zest
1 tsp cornstarch
3/4 pound chicken breasts, cut into strips
1 tbsp canola oil
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
4 scallions, cut into 1-inch diagonal pieces
1/2 pound asparagus, cut into 1-inch diagonal pieces
1 carrot, julienned

In a glass dish, stir together soy sauce, lemon juice and zest, and cornstarch. Add chicken pieces and coat well with marinade. Cover and refrigerate for 15-30 minutes.

Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet. Add garlic and fry until softened. Reserving the marinade, add chicken followed by the scallions, asparagus and carrots. Stir-fry for 3-4 minutes, until chicken is no longer pink.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

WILLBOYWONDER 3/25/2010 7:53AM

    I am particular when I eat out, and won't eat just anyplace. However, California Pizza Kitchen has a wonderful asparagus soup. I'm trying to replicate it at home. Asparagus is an excellent veggie and I love it immensely.

Report Inappropriate Comment
RONIJHAM 3/24/2010 11:34AM

    Ooooh It all sounds sooo yummy! Thanks for sharing the wonderful recipes! emoticon I can't wait to try them!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DARA52 3/24/2010 12:54AM

    I love asaparagus. I can eat it 3x a day.

Thanks for the recipes!

Report Inappropriate Comment
PENNYAN45 3/24/2010 12:35AM

    Thanks for the great resource on asparagus. I am printing out the recipes for future use.


Report Inappropriate Comment
DYNAMICDEB53 3/23/2010 11:48PM

    Love asparagus, its holds special childhood memories of my gran and hunting wild asparagus. Then we would go home and she would cook that fresh asparagus with toast.
It is an interesting and tasty veggie.
thanks for sharing.

Report Inappropriate Comment
FITNESSFOODIE 3/23/2010 7:53PM

    Nice recipes to try! I love asparagus! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
DEBBIEANNE1124 3/23/2010 6:52PM

    Terrific Recipes. I only started eating asparagus last spring. I can never get enough of it. thanks!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KURLYJEAN 3/23/2010 1:54PM

  I love finding recipes for foods in season. Thanks for the ideas. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
DEFIANTVEGAN 3/23/2010 11:17AM

    I love Asparagas I had them this passed weekend.

emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
GLORYLIGHT57 3/23/2010 11:11AM

    Ummm...I am going to have some this week. The recipes are so inviting. Thanks for sharing.

Report Inappropriate Comment
WILLOW49 3/23/2010 10:29AM

    Thanks for those recipes...yum!

Report Inappropriate Comment
L*I*T*A* 3/23/2010 10:03AM

    love asparagus ...................
thanks for sharing such great recipes
blessings and hugs............lita

Comment edited on: 3/23/2010 10:03:44 AM

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MTNHIKER1971 3/23/2010 9:46AM

    Awesome! Thanks for the recipes.... Can you believe I've never cooked this before.


Report Inappropriate Comment
GEORGANNE39 3/23/2010 9:36AM

    I've never been a fan of this veggie, but with all those benefits, I think I will try to acquire a taste for it! Thanks for the terrific info! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
DIGBOI 3/23/2010 9:26AM

    emoticonThanks for the yummy recipes. I cut asparagus on the bias and stir fry in one tablespoon of olive oil with a table spoon of pinenuts, 2 teaspoons of sesame seeds with a pinch of salt and pepper.

Report Inappropriate Comment

    Thanks for the couple of raw recipes. I could not imagine trying to eat Asparagus raw but then again I don't think I've ever seen it "young & tender". I love asparagus so will have to give it a try. Thanks again for all the great recipes! WooHoo!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DOCYJK 3/23/2010 8:29AM

    Thanks for all of these great recipes - I've printed them out! Our local asparagus is starting to come in, and we're eating it everyday! Sunday I put some in a frittata for brunch, and then for dinner we had some blanched and chilled with leeks, red bell peppers and some shredded manchego cheese in a balsamic vinegrette. Last night we grilled them with grilled red bell peppers and portabellas, then made a chipotle-reduced fat mayo dressing and some 2% swiss for a really great veggie stack - and very filling! I have a few grilled spears left for my lunch today - and who knows what dinner will bring!!!


Report Inappropriate Comment
EL_KATO 3/23/2010 8:15AM

    Awesome post. I love asparagus, but I can never make it because it never gets to the table - I eat it all while I'm cooking!

Report Inappropriate Comment
GOLDENGIRL88 3/23/2010 8:10AM

    Wonderful recipes! Thanks a ton! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MRDPOLING 3/23/2010 7:56AM

    I want to learn how to make Asparagus at home that isn't soft and wilted after I cook it. I had someone make some for me once that was grilled and it turned out awesome!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SHEALUNA 3/23/2010 7:51AM

    I love asparagus! Thanks for all the great recipes. Gave me some yummy ideas for dinner!

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