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The World of If...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

As I was getting out of my car today at the park to take my walk, I saw a lady ahead of me. I thought, "If only I could walk that fast." In about 5 minutes another lady came towards me and again I thought, "I'd even be glad if I could walk THAT fast." I began to think about all the "ifs" I've had in my head. I seem to have my feet in the World of If lately. It's not a good world.

I thought about the old journalism adage, "Your story should always have the Who, What, Why, When, Where and How." No Ifs in that adage. The World of If is hard to drown out sometimes. What about the worlds of What, Why, When, Where and How? They are all a part of this journey. My brain needs to organize all of these worlds to work together.

I read about setting goals. I have done that, but they are so far out for me. I have tried shorter goals and sometimes they work. So I have decided to work on extremely short term goals - eating a good breakfast and exercising. Then I'll move on to the rest of the day. I need to celebrate each one of these achievements - small though they may be. Drive out the "If" voice.

As I was about to complete my walk, a lady was walking towards me using a cane. I wonder if she thought, "If only I could walk as fast as that lady." It's all relative.




Thursday, June 27, 2013

Started taking B12 2 days ago and I think it is helping my energy. Hoping it will help with hair loss as well

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LIVERGIVER 6/27/2013 8:36PM

    I hope it works for you. Please let us know!

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Spark Solution

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I chose to try Spark Solution because it appeared to be so well organized...and it was! Everything I needed was in the book with lots of additional information.

The results the first week were very surprising. I was never hungry or had cravings. I moved much better by the end of the week both in flexibility and walking.

The online support was something I liked a great deal. Not only did I get help from the coaches but from others involved in the program right along with me.

My favorite meal was the Pork Tenderloin Dijon. Although, it was followed closely by the Better BLT.

The insider tip that really stayed with me through the week was by Amanda.."These things take time."

My biggest goal for the second week is to stay within the calorie range.

If you want to investigate the Spark Solution further just click on this link:

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ZENXB! 5/19/2013 7:51PM

    LOVE IT! Thank you! I just started reading it yesterday and am excited to start. I have read books like this before, but you are correct that it does seem more organized. Organized book, with realistic goals and Spark Community support... I am so motivated right now. Thanks for encouraging blog!!!

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Begin Anew

Friday, May 10, 2013

I chose this emoticon because I am feeling so unsure. I have made a choice to buy the Spark Solution book and join the 2-week challenge team. I have had difficult time lately trying to keep motivated. I think it's because I have been feeling so bad about myself lately. Because of a thyroid condition and thyroid meds, I have lost a lot of hair on the top of my head. Because of this I have been called "Sir" many times lately. It's very discouraging. Along with the need to lose weight I was a little overwhelmed emotionally. But...I guess it's time to stop the "pity party" and do what I can control. Which is the weight issue. Can't do much about the thyroid.

So today is a new day. My husband is going to join with me on this trip. I'm fortunate to have someone who has always been supportive.

Now I will follow the SparkPeople Road.


Look Who's Talking!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

I was walking the mile track at a local park this morning and I was thinking about how my knees were complaining…”She can’t do this to us.” “This is too much.” “Did you hear the noise I made when she was getting up from her chair?” (From inside my head I hear a distant tapping.) The next thing I know the spine is chiming in. “Well, if you two are going to give up why should I keep working.” I realized I was already slumping. (Darn it! That tapping is turning into an irritating and much louder rapping.) Then the shoulder declared, “Ha! You’re behind. I’ve been giving her trouble for years.” I realize there is a war raging in my body and I don’t like it. I think I’m losing.
That tapping and loud rapping has suddenly become a thunderous pounding in my head.
“Hey!” says the brain. “Why is it so hard to get your attention? I’ve been trying to tell you about these decisions you’ve been making, but you just don’t/won’t listen. That’s the problem, you know. It’s all about decisions and choices. Together we can make this better. You just need to check in with me for a little side conversation if you’re facing a choice and you’re waffling. I’m on your side. I control those other body parts. They do what I tell them. And I‘ve got some very good friends…heart, lungs, muscles. So put on your armor, gird your loins (and I don’t mean pork), and gather your weapons. Let’s do battle and win this war!”
So I asked the brain if I should walk another mile today to record on my Fitness Tracker.
“It’s your choice, you know. But I think you answered your own question.”
So the battle has begun…with my new best friend. emoticon