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Gastroenterologist and the jean jacket

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I went to a spinning class this morning, then came back home for a while before going to the doctor. He said my stomach is solid and looks great. I asked if I could do weights and he said yes but to be careful of any weights that really strain the abs. Then he said no ab crunches until the end of April and I just nodded guiltily cuz I've been doing ab crunches for 2 weeks already. :-P

I was trying to contact my Mother all the way there but she wasn't answering, then on the way back my stepfather answered and said he hadn't heard it ringing. She was out so I just dropped off the pants I was giving her. I am giving her the pants that I wore a few times and then they were falling off me already. She'll just have to hem them cuz well she's shorter. The nice thing about being my height is that I never have to hem pants. They are made for my height.

I was driving down to the mall and past my father's and decided to call and see if he was home and he was, so I visited with him for an hour, then went shopping, and found a jean jacket I liked that was super cheap! YAY!

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RINTHEAMAZING 4/17/2007 3:18AM

    Good for you! That falling off jeans feeling is always a pleasant surprise.

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Positive outlooks for the day

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Positive things that happened to me today:

1. My gastroenterologist told me my abs are strong and I can resume lifting weights.
2. I found a jean jacket I like on sale at a price I couldn't resist
3. I visited my father and had an enjoyable time
4. H put a deposit down on his apartment

Things I am thankful for :
1. H
2. C
3. That I have got control of my health and lost so much weight

Things I like about myself :
1. My legs
2. My mind
3. My personality

How I can be better:
1. Let people know I care by calling and visiting
2. Pay bills on time
3. Work 4hrs per day


My first blog entry

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I had been gaining weight ever since my daughter was born (she turns 12 in May) and had ballooned up to 265lbs. I was so miserable and basicly cut off everyone in my life because of it. I hid on my computer and figured my life was over. That's just so crazy, but so true. I felt no one could like me at that weight and I lost all my character and outgoing personality because I felt worthless.

I had to have my gall bladder removed, developed hypertension which I chose to ignore. I lost my period for a year and had to see a specialist to help me try to get pregnant again, with no luck. I was diagnosed as having polycystic ovaries, something I have recently been reading has a cause-effect relationship with being obese and/or having a high fat diet.

Eventually I couldnt take it anymore and I decided to change my life. I started walking everyday, and started watching what I ate. After losing 20 lbs I decided to get a membership to the rec centre and start working out. I had two appointments with a personal trainer who took me through all the machines and weights and I was off. I did an hour of cardio and an hour of weights (upper body one day, lower body the next) every single day.

I lost about 2lbs per week regularly and eventually got down enough that I felt comfortable taking some aerobic , spinning and yoga classes. I also started cycling everyday. The muscles in my calfs grew quickly and I also started getting comments from people at the gym about how well I was doing. That kept me very motivated.

I eventually moved to a gym that had more interesting classes, they do Les Mills choreographed classes and I do them all. I still do 2hrs a day at the gym every day and cant stand to take a day off. I just adore it and the way it makes me feel.

I didnt find this site until January and have been used to keeping my log of what I eat in a text file on my computer. I like this way much better. I love tracking all the nutrients I am getting each day. I actually found that I dont really need the multivitamin I have been taking because I get all the necessary nutrition each day. That was a surprise to me.

I love buying clothes now. I wear makeup again, I wear jewelry again, I love seeing and talking to people again. My life has started again and I'll never, ever let myself get where I was again. I'm close to the end now, with about 15-20lbs to go and my motivation is as strong today as it was a year ago.

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LITTLEIVY 3/4/2007 2:43AM

    Awesome testimony.. Congrats on taking charge of your life again and sharing your story.. Your inspiration for so many, who are still stock in that rut you once were and I'm sure once they hear your story it will help motivate them to change their lives around too. Even though you been here since January.. I still would like to welcome you. I hope to see you around the boards. Ivy :)

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DREAVG 3/4/2007 2:39AM


Congrats on your accomplishment. Your journey is very inspirational. You have much to be proud of. Keep it up.


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