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I'm bored..

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm bored, so I figured I might as well put some thoughts here. I feel like I'm cheating on my real blog, poor thing hasn't seen an entry since December, but oh well..

I've been trying to eat a more balanced diet since starting here a couple weeks back. I've done this kinda thing at least once or twice before and have always found that it's not hard for me to stay in my calorie range and such when I pay attention, since a) my tastes tend toward the healthy anyway, and b) my natural inclination tends to put me lower than average on days when I have the freedom and time to choose my meals myself... but this time around I've been focusing on upping my protein, vegetable, and fruit intake to the recommended levels at the same time. That's a little bit harder to maintain consistently, the protein being the biggest challenge for me.. especially since it usually means eating more than I would otherwise in an attempt to sneak more of it in. I've been doing okay with it, though.. staying in the lower-half of my goal range for all but four days of the two weeks since I started tracking.

Not making it today, though. I went out with co-workers on Friday and to a birthday party on Saturday and ate /way/ too much.. and as a result of being completely stuffed even when I woke up this morning, today's menu was really, really light and contained very little protein. Oops.

I'm actually really, really full right now, about an hour after dinner (sauteed eggplant and onions over whole wheat couscous) and I'm about 400 calories below my minimum recommended daily range. I blame all the fiber in the couscous and the volume of the eggplants in my stomach.

I'll have a doner kebab for lunch tomorrow after the gym to make up for it a little, I guess ^_^

In other news, tomorrow starts the first time I'll be able to try and make it to the gym for all five days since starting. I started on a Wednesday, so my first week I only went two days.. and the gym was closed the next Monday, so four days was the maximum I could make it in. I don't think it'll be too hard to make myself go.. but it depends on whether or not I shake the last of this minor cold from my system soon..

I have half an avocado in the fridge, perhaps I should try eating that a little later when the fullness passes to add some protein to the day. And there's the possibility of Scharffen Berger or green tea ice cream later, though those aren't really great sources of protein, I guess. O:)


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