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Day 13 of the 1,000 mile challenge

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sad day in "Tourland." In all the years I've been bicycle touring, today was the first day I had to ride in the support vehicle. I woke up this morning, more sick than yesterday. I decided to for-go riding, in hopes that I will feel better for the rest of the tour.

Look at my poor, lonely bike. She couldn't come out to play today.

The first part of the day, I drove one of the vehicles. By doing this, our leader, Lou, was able to get out and ride. See...everything happens for a reason! I called myself the 'human sacrifice.'

Lou, leading the group.

Here I am. All dressed up and no place to go!

The second part of the day, I fell asleep in the back of the van. My fever seemed to peak in the afternoon.

No miles today at all. I guess I have to listen to my body. Tomorrow, it's off to see Elvis's birthplace in Tupelo, MS in the morning, and then into Alabama.

Hope I have a better blog for you for tomorrow!!

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DDOORN 4/19/2011 12:18AM

    Hey, good at least while lying low you could give Lou some fun times out on the road!


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BRTRAINS 4/14/2011 7:10PM

    Hope you feel better

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SHALISAYW 4/13/2011 10:35PM

    You'll still make your miles I'm sure. Hope you feel better tomorrow..take care of yourself.

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Day 12 of the 1,000 mile challenge

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

516.3 miles down, 483.7 to go!! Over half way there!!!

Today was challenging in a few ways. First of all, we biked 91 miles. That in itself is hard. Second, for a lot of those miles, we had rough pavement, which slows you down and shakes your fillings. Third, I am sick. I have some chest and nasal congestion and I probably am running a fever. I pushed myself to finish today. If I breathed through my nose, I felt pressure in my ears. If I breathed through my mouth, it burned in my throat and chest. When I cough, my chest burns. I hope I wake up tomorrow feeling much better.

Today, we started in Canton, MS and rode to Starkville, MS. Starkville is the home of Mississippi State University. Tomorrow, we head to Tupelo.

Here are some highlights from today:

Getting our instructions for the day.

The Cypress Swamp

The Pearl River

Rolling along!

We were supposed to have lunch at the French Camp Cafe, but there was a classic car rally going on. We had sandwiches on the church lawn instead.

Resting after lunch.

We didn't plan to dress alike. It just happened!

Well, off to bed to nurse this illness. Tomorrow is a 60-70 mile day!

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DDOORN 4/19/2011 12:16AM

    90 is a lotta miles in a was the elevation overall for your ride...? Many ups & downs? Or pretty flat...? Doing this with what I call the "crud bug" (got a dose of THAT this past winter myself...!) couldn't have been very easy or fun...ugh!


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HERE2PERSEVERE 4/13/2011 10:55AM

    That's a LOT of miles when well, much less when you're not...
What an adventure though, sounds cool! (except for the sick part) ;-)
Thanks for sharing!
Hope you feel better soon!
Take care!

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Day 11 of the 1,000 mile challenge

Monday, April 11, 2011

425.3 miles down, 574.7 to go!!

Today we left the hotel early to beat a storm that had been forecasted. We continued along the Trace where we left off. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and passing clouds. The wind picked up as the day passed, but it was supplied us with a nice tailwind. Woo Hoo!!

Here are some highlights:

Stopping for a snack.

This is at the Information Center in Clinton, MS. A new bike for me??

This author, Juanita Moffet Walker wrote the book, "The Mississippi I Love." What a nice lady. (I bought her book!)

Our little pace line

We had to ride on a trail to find the Mississippi Crafts Center. We got lost and added extra miles. Finally found it, though!

I got nailed with Silly String at one of the rest stops. Probably had it coming!!

Tonight, we're going to a mexican restaurant for dinner and hitting the hay pretty early. Tomorrow we have over 90 miles planned. If I get to the end of the day and still feel good after those miles, I'll go for the century. It all depends on which way the wind's blowing and how this chest cold I've picked up feels.

Everybody have a great day!!

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DDOORN 4/19/2011 12:12AM

    Hey did you organize this with friends? A cycling club? Paid service? Just curious...

Looks like a TOTAL BLAST!


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HERE2PERSEVERE 4/13/2011 11:04AM

    What an adventure!

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BIRDAW23 4/11/2011 7:12PM

    sounds like you had a pretty full day

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Day 10 of the 1,000 mile challenge

Sunday, April 10, 2011

356.9 miles down, 643.1 to go!!

Now, the fun starts! This morning we started biking up the Natchez Trace. The Trace is a trail that was used by the native americans and then settlers for hundreds of years. Now, it's a paved, two-laned highway. There is minimal traffic and miles of peaceful biking.

Here I am at the beginning

Only 445 miles to go!!

All along the trace, there are historic spots to stop. We didn't stop at all of them, but caught a few today.

This is what's left of the Elizabeth Female Academy, a girls school from the 1700's

This is Mount Locust. It was a home used to for lodging for travelers along the Natchez Trace. It's staged to show how it was furnished 200 years ago.

This is the Sunken Trace. It's part of the original Trace. From hundreds of years of being used, it's warn down 15-20 feet below the rest of the landscape. After a 'nature break' in the woods here, I found 4 deer ticks on my legs!

Lunch was sandwiches by the Sunken Trace. We never have a shortage of food on bike tours!

The weather today was awesome, if you like the heat, as I do! It was in the high 80's and sunny. The birds were singing their hearts out and there was the sweet smell of clover and pine in the air. When you're biking in such a peaceful place, the troubles of the world just disappear. All that surrounds you is goodness.

We arrived in Vicksburg, MS in the afternoon and after a nice shower, we all walked over to Cracker Barrel for dinner.

I wasn't born in the south and I don't say" ya'll", but I do live in the south now. So, I guess this fits!

Till tomorrow....see ya!

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DDOORN 4/19/2011 12:11AM SO afraid of picking up those nasties...! I just figure I'll muck up pulling them off and get that dreaded Lyme's disease...and I HATE covering up with long pants, long-sleeved shirts when I'm outside!


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Day 9 of the 1,000 mile challenge

Saturday, April 09, 2011

No biking today. First day off this month.

Today, a group of us took off from my house to drive to Natchez, MS. We are doing a self-supported bicycle tour of the entire Natchez Trace. Tomorrow will be the first day of pedaling.

Loading the trailer was a chore that mostly fell onto my husband, Bob. He is our SAG (support driver) for the tour. If everyone would have brought regular road bikes it would have been fine, but he had to load up a tandem, 3 recumbents and a trike. (Along with luggage and coolers. Here's what the trailer ended up looking like:

This is Cindy, showing off our gear.

Here we are, ready to go!

We made it as far as Alabama and blew a tire on the interstate. What's a trip without a little excitement. Bob changed the flat and then we stopped in Fort Payne to get a new tire.

Hmm...This is a nice chance to sneak into the woods for a nature break...

Once we got to Natchez, MS, I got a huge treat. This is where I got to meet Classicalshelly and Smartlady66! They waited at the hotel till we got there and we all went to a terrible restaurant for dinner. I had so much fun talking to them and introducing them to my friends. We're already planning our next get together! Thanks to Bill60 for hooking us up!!

Three great looking chickies!

Well, off to bed for me tonight. Tomorrow starts a big week!

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DDOORN 4/19/2011 12:07AM

    Wonderful trailer of goodies...and it's ALWAYS a terrific day when one catches up with fellow Sparkies! :-)


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