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Day 23 of the 1,000 mile challenge

Saturday, April 23, 2011

925.8 miles down, 74.2 to go!!!

I can't believe how close I'm getting!! I've got this! I'll probably hit the 1,000 mark by Monday. Woo Hoo!!

I lead a club ride today. We left Red Clay State Park and headed north towards Cleveland, TN. It was about 21 miles to Dairy Queen, where we stopped for ice cream, and then fought that blasted wind all the way back. The total scheduled ride was about 44 miles long.

I wanted to get extra miles today, so I rode my bike to the park. It's about 5.2 miles from my house. After the club ride, I had a choice. Go straight home for another 5.2 miles, or take a long way home to get a metric century for the day. (60 miles) I opted for the century.

It was another beautiful day to be on a bicycle. I had 13 good people show up for the ride and everyone stayed together very well. There was a little laughing and joking. One thing that made me feel good was when I heard 2 guys behind me joking that I was too small to block the wind for them. Alright!!! Nice to hear someone remarking on how small I am!! That's never happened before!!

I couldn't take very many pictures today, but here are a few:

A bunch of happy cyclists following me.

Stopping for ice cream! I love Karen's hair in this picture.

On the road home

I'm getting near the end of my journey. What fun! So far, I have only missed 3 days on my bike this month. When I'm done, I won't know what to do with myself!

Till tomorrow!

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DDOORN 4/24/2011 10:38AM

    Such are truly *addicted!* :-)


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BRTRAINS 4/24/2011 7:09AM

    Wow that is sooo good !! Love the pics too!!

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Day 22 of the 1,000 mile challenge

Friday, April 22, 2011

865.6 miles down, 134.4 to go!!

Just a few more days and I've got this!! I've already broken my previous personal best for a month. This has been so much fun!

Today, I met with a friend in Apison, TN for a ride in the country. There was a strong wind from the south that we had to fight, but we decided that it would make us stronger. We only took one wrong turn today. After asking for directions twice, and trying to figure out the GPS on my friend's phone, we found our way. (By the way...we couldn't figure out how to turn off the voice on the GPS and wished there was a "Shut the @#$% up" button on it!!)

Along one of the roads, there is a donkey who goes crazy when bicycles pass. He runs back and forth along the fence hee hawing up a storm. We're not sure, but we think his name is Freddy.

This is Jennifer, passing Freddy.

We decided to stop to say hello. He was so excited and breathing heavy. His tail was wagging like a dog. He was so happy to have company. The other donkey in the field could care less that we were there.

Me, petting Freddy.

We fed him a couple pieces of a granola bar and he stood there with his tongue hanging out.

What a funny little donkey!

It was a glorious day for a ride, with blue skies and warm temperatures. It's supposed to be nice the entire weekend. More perfect riding days.

Oh, and by the way.....Jennifer will do anything for ale!

Till tomorrow......


Day 21 of the 1,000 mile challenge

Thursday, April 21, 2011

827.6 miles down, 172.4 to go!!

Getting closer!!

Today, was a definite Urban Ride through Chattanooga. We started on the Northshore, crossed the Tennessee River on the Market Street Bridge, circled around through downtown, went through some urban neighborhoods, tested out some new trails and then too the Riverwalk back to downtown. It was a very slow paced ride, but it was so nice to play on our bikes.

This is the Northshore district in Chattanooga. There are trendy little boutiques and coffee shops located here. A lot of college kids hang out around here.

Crossing the Market Street Bridge. The odd shaped building on the right is the Tennessee Aquarium. Lookout Mountain can also be seen in the distance.

This fence caught my eye. I thought it had some iron work on it, but those tree designs are made with BICYCLE TUBES! How creative!

One of my favorite jerseys. I have to find one for myself. "RC Cola and Moon Pies, It's a southern thing!"

We tried out this new section of trail near the South Chickamauga Creek. Very nice, but we had a couple of crashes. One of the elderly gentlemen who rides with us is having difficulty. He crashed into a pole first. Then, he wiped out on some mud. I swear he's made of rubber, though! With all the times he falls, he never breaks anything!

Resting at the Chickamauga Dam on the Tennessee River.

The Riverwalk is a trail that goes 7 miles from the Dam to downtown. One of the flattest rides in Chattanooga!

Arriving at the Bluff View Art District

The Hunter Art Museum

There are a lot of sculptures in this section of town. This is one of my favorites. A dog that doesn't chase!

A trip across the Walnut Street (a.k.a. the Pedestrian) Bridge brought us back to our cars.

It was another beautiful day to ride!

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DDOORN 4/24/2011 10:37AM

    Beautiful pics...what a wonderful chronicler of rides you are!


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SHALISAYW 4/22/2011 3:24PM

    Aww!! You made me miss home!!!!

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Day 20 of the 1,000 mile challenge

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

804 miles down, 196 to go!!

I wasn't sure if I was going to get a ride in today. The weather forecast looked pretty ominous. I woke up to a gully washer of a thunderstorm. It actually did pass and I did get a ride in. Yeah!!!

My husband was given an old bike from a friend about a year ago and still had not tried it out. I think, watching us tour last week, might have sparked something. He got that bike out and wanted to "make sure it was all adjusted." Now, he's a tall guy and the bike could be a little larger, but maybe it will work with a few adjustments.

I know, I helmet. One step at a time. At least he's out there!

He rode 6 miles with me around the neighborhood. Then, I dropped him off and kept riding. I made up today's ride as I pedaled along. I climbed a few ridges and tried out a new road to see where it came out. These are my favorite kind of rides.

It was humid after the rain. The best part of the ride was the smell. It was a wet, green smell, along with the lingering scent of flowers in the air and piles of sweet pine needles along the road. The birds were like a symphony. If you've never heard a Mockingbird, you should google the song. They sit high in a tree or on a telephone pole and, in a loud, clear voice sing a continuous string of songs copied from all of the local birds. It's definitely a treat to hear!

Here are some highlight photos:

Here is a little Cherokee Indian history from about 1/2 mile from my house.

Things that make you go, "Hmmm..."

A freeloader on my handlebars.

I would love to know the story behind this wrestling ring in their yard.

Every ride is an adventure that leads me closer to my goal. What will tomorrow bring?

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 4/21/2011 2:41PM

    You are almost to goal! emoticon emoticon

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HERE2PERSEVERE 4/21/2011 9:54AM

You are SO close to your goal of 1000 miles with plenty of time to make it AND you continue to enjoy those little things along the way! emoticon
SPaRk On!

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    You are a juggernaut!!

Sharon had a similar ''freeloader'' when we all rode Sunday. She swore it was what had slowed her down - as though that turtle she and Elizabeth helped to cross the road somehow helped their time. Sharon's husband, Gary, said if Sharon would work her mouth as much as her legs, she could out-ride us all. (^_^)

You're doing amazingly! You really should join us for the next weekend ride.

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Day 19 of the 1,000 mile challenge

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

775.8 miles down, 224.2 to go!!

Tonight, I planned on doing the Tuesday Night Fun Ride a.k.a. the "Windy Dick Ride." I was concerned about not getting enough miles for the day, so I showed up early and rode 9 1/2 miles before everyone got there.

Going out was easy, with a strong tailwind. Coming back was a different story. It has really been a windy spring! Oh, well, it makes me stronger...

We had a group of about 10 people. I was the only female. I thought it was funny when we passed a house with about 8 dogs. I had gotten separated from the group and had to finesse my way past them. Afterward, one of the guys kept apologizing to me for leaving me because I "could have been hurt." Bah! I told him I've done this a long time, I'm not afraid of dogs and I could charm a Rottweiler! I'm not one of those girls who needs protecting!

Here are some highlights:

You can only see 4 dogs in this picture. The rest had backed off. The black one in the foreground gave me the most grief.

This was just a pretty site.

How do you keep your milk cold in the heat? This is how Tennessee cows do it!

Rolling with the guys

Tomorrow, there are strong storms headed our way. My backyard already looks like a swamp with all the standing water! Getting a ride in might be iffy, but I'll see what I can do. It might just be a short one in between raindrops.

Hope all of you northerners stay warm and all you southerners stay dry!!

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HERE2PERSEVERE 4/20/2011 10:58AM

    Wowza! emoticon
Sounds like you have lots of cycling buddies, which is cool too! many miles are you planning to ride this year??????
SPaRk On!

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DDOORN 4/19/2011 10:36PM

    Love that last pic with the rays of sunshine!

Yep, will be heading off to Spinning class still...drippy & chilly continues!


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