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Wk 1 - Day 1 & 2 - Bibbulmun Track Virtual Challenge

Monday, April 01, 2013

My flight arrived and I got busy sightseeing! The streets of Perth were interesting as my interpretation of Australia was way off base. The city was full of beautiful buildings and high rises and parks and beaches. So pretty! Oh, and the Swan River Cruise was so much fun. The waterfront homes or should I say mansions were awesome. Boats, yachts and more yachts! Absolutely beautiful.

My next stop was a tour of Fremantle, Maritime Museum and Old Prison Tour! Today was a great day looking forward to tomorrow!

Thanks! emoticon

(see chair exercise team for details on how you to can take the challenge!)

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    Enjoyed your Blog!

Hugs, Gail

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    wow did not know you were out of town ... Have a great time and hope all is fun !
Can't wait to hear all about it !


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EMMABE1 4/2/2013 12:12AM

Glad you survived the flight!! Did you do any shopping in Perth??

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Trying to find out what's wrong with me

Monday, March 25, 2013

Some of you know that I was laid off work for quite awhile and that I have had bouts of fatigue and pain. I have not been to the doctor in sometime because I had no insurance. I have not been feeling well since December. Been having chest pains and upper back pains that I have been chalking up as indigestion or sore muscles. Well, I finally went to the doctor Friday and he sent me for an EKG and Chest X-Ray. I had those done on Sunday. The technician got real quiet when she ran the EKG and mentioned that my heart rate was below 50. She wouldn't tell me too much more because she's not suppose to but she did say that things need to get checked out.

I've noticed that some days I can take the two flights of stairs with no problem. Other days, I can barely make it. Some days I can go for my 30 min walk with no problems. Other days, I can only go half way. I was working out about 2 weeks ago and got this pain on the right side of my chest and something told me to go sit down. I haven't did that cardio routine since. I just plainly don't feel well. I lost my balance and almost fainted a couple times too.

I'm watching myself more closely since Sunday and if I get that pain in my back or chest again, I'm going to the hospital. Should have gone the first time. My Mom never thinks anything is ever wrong with me she always tells me, "Oh, its probably gas" or "It's stress" or "It will go away" or " It's your blood pressure medicine" anything but go check it out. She has me thinking it too. Well, I have insurance now and I'm getting it checked out.

Until I get the results, I'm going to take it easy and only walk the dog a short distance. Hopefully I'll find out what's wrong with me soon.


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FLKAIN 4/5/2013 9:32PM

    Sorry I missed this post. I pray that all is well. Pay attention to your body....

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CRISSA1669 3/26/2013 10:05AM

    I'm praying there is nothing seriously wrong. Listen to your body, it's so good at giving us clues and insights as to things that are happening...we just fail to listen sometimes. attention to your food to see if there are any corelations to eating something and symptoms...if you arn't already, maybe even start tracking so you can put 2 and 2 together at some point to see if there are some triggers. Years ago my daughter had CRAZY symptoms of "something"..I started logging EVERYTHING she ate for over 2 months..trying to see if there was a connection...we did end up seeing a naturopath and it was a virus...actually Lymes that we were able to see under a microscope. We had suspected she had something viral or like a parasite, we have a pretty clean and healthy diet...we treated her naturally and she was healed(YIPPPPEEE)...but this society many many times treats symptoms and not the underlying issues and so many times what we take in or put on our bodies are a culprit in our ails...just something to think about. :)

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Teeter Totter!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Teeter, Totter!!

That's what I feel like I'm doing. First, I get the nutrition plan going great, weight coming off, but not working out like I should minimum 30 mins a day. Next month, I have the working out going great, then I start giving into cravings and binges or I get sick! My Mom always said, "every time you start loosing weight you get sick". So, for this nutrition plan I tried to make sure I took my meds like I should and get as much rest as possible. I'll be darn if I haven't been sick.

When I'm not feeling well, I noticed that I'm fatigued and too tired to workout longer than 30 mins. That 30 mins consists of walking the dog 2x a day for 15 mins. No cardio. When I'm feeling the lest bit better, I'll add on a chair exercise. When I'm feeling really good, I add on a cardio!

I've also noticed that when I'm not feeling well, those cravings start! And I mean strong cravings. I usually want ice cream or potato chips. So what I've done is purchased Weight Watchers ice cream. Varieties of it! Sandwiches or Carmel/Fudge bars! They are so delicious and really satisfy the ice cream cravings! Yum! But I haven't found anything to substitute for the chips yet and I'm wondering why I crave salty chips.

I'm purchasing a blender so that I can make protein smoothies. I tried the Pea Protein Powder for awhile and it did take away the cravings and I was full longer but...... I didn't have a blender and couldn't mix it well so I stopped.

I've said all of this to say, I'm still a work in process.....I'm trying......maybe not hard enough all the time but I'm not giving up. I'm going to keep dissecting this until I figure out what works best for me. This time, I've got that STAYING power. I just need to FIGURE it all out! Balance it all out!

One day I can move from the teeter totter over to the rock wall and climb to the top!!

P.S. I've gained 6 lbs but it ain't over!!!

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SPRINKLECHEZ 3/4/2013 6:15AM

    Tony I wanted to check in and see how you were doing. I have been down the road - although I don't experience hunger in the traditional sense anymore since that hormone secreting "Fundus" of my stomach went out with the other 85% they took out. We are all works in progress, the important thing to remember is we are progressing, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but you, me, our SparkFriends - we're fighting the good fight to save our lives and regain healthier lifestyle choices that will be with us for the rest of our lives.

Early after my surgery I found the idea of eating yogurt regulary yucky and settled on Blue Bunny Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt - little fat - lotsa flavor - totally sabotaged my first three months of weight loss with the stuff. I was getting carbs and some protein, and not much else. That, and I found Twizzlers were a cure all for when I was having bouts with throwing up - think twice about the choices you make, I wish I had - the Twizzlers combined with the Yogurt spiked my sugar levels and threw my water balance and hyrdration levels out of bounds and my blood pressure was all over the charts.

We didn't get this way overnight, nor can we fix ourselves with a wiggle of Samantha Steven's nose in Bewitched - but by paying good attention to our bodies signlals, needs, and water level, you can "BeSWITCHED" back into a pattern of healthy food sources, water level and exercise.

Honestly I crave salt all the time, principally because I don't get any unless I eat something canned, processed or sprinkle some on my food. You think you crave potato chips - salty snacks - for me, I was never s huge snack chipper besides the requisite Tortilla chips which go bad long before I ever finish them. What I really craved was SALT period! Salt is an essential nutrient to help not only neuronetwork firing properly - but keeping water balanced and stored correctly for when you need those reserves. It's natural to crave salt - just choose wisely and how much you need to achieve your own personal balance - or as I like to call it MeQuilibrium .

I am so proud of how far you have come and am blessed to have to have you in my life - and to share our journeys with each other and the SparkWorld. Keep blogging and stay in touch - "Sprink"

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JOYINKY 2/24/2013 7:59PM

    "One day I can move from the teeter totter over to the rock wall and climb to the top!! "
And you will!
You relate a familiar pattern! Ice cream, I can't keep in the house; even WW wouldn't last long, if it was here it wouldn't be for long. It's not low calorie if you eat the whole package! That said, I do enjoy it out occasionally and have been known to occasionally buy a pint for a splurge, not even once a month. My ice cream substitute is partially thawed frozen berries. I enjoy vanilla greek yogurt too. My chip substitute is pretzels; for some reason I can have a normal portion of pretzels and stop. I even knock some of the salt off as I'm snacking on them. As far as the fatigue; I've found that greatly improved when I increased my protein. When I tracked on SP I found I was around 60 grams a day and my range was 60-180. Being at the low end of any range doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Now I shoot for at least 100 grams a day and it has made a difference; so much so that I continue to count protein grams as well as calories. Over all, I don't forbid myself anything but I have tried to find acceptable substitutes for my "trigger" foods. My one RULE is no mindless eating. I can have what I want but I have to count the calories--every day. That's been years now and it's worth it. If I have a gain, I know why and what I have to do. You will find your balance; just keep looking until you find what works for you. emoticon

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Wonder why I do that?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I've noticed that sometimes when I fix my plate, I still put enough food on the plate for that 50+ lbs person I use to be! Wonder why I do that?

Then, I sit there and try to stuff my face, practically forcing the food down when I know darn well I am full. It doesn't take much for me to get full now that I have been working out and eating smaller portions. But every now and then, I catch myself with that heaping plate full and I either can't eat it or I try to force it down. Wonder why I do that?

I actually had to wrap my plate and put it in the frig for lunch the next day! Had way too much food on the plate!! Wonder why I do that? Being greedy, you say? I don't think so. Probably out of habit.

Have I accepted the new 50 lbs less me? I hear that sometimes for your mind has to catch up with your body's weight loss.

It is so easy to slip back into old habits. God forbid if any stressful or heartbreaking situation arises. I really have difficulty fighting the binges. This can be such a struggle!

But I'm glad I can turn to SP and read some of the blogs and articles in the middle of the night, like tonight! I'll try listening to Spark Radio when I lay down. Maybe that will help keep me focused and positive. Trying to stay positive this year!!

Well, enough rambling for tonight! Hope this made since to somebody!

Good night, Sparkfriend!! emoticon emoticon

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SPRINKLECHEZ 2/21/2013 12:59AM

    I am glad that sharing our experiences are beneficial to both of our successful journeys. One thing I have done to aid in putting the past into perspective is to look through boxes and boxes of old photos my mom saved, picking the best ones to be scanned and incorporated into a Videography of my life and my family (as many as I can reach). This has been a powerful tool for me to remember that I wasn't always morbidly obese, but the more pictures I look at and the more long suppressed memories that are uncovered - the closer I am coming to an understanding of where I turned into a self-comforting bulimic and functionally pickled for 2/3 of my life.

My life has been so full, so rich with careers, people, material things, and I up until these last few months wouldn't even consider trying to remember the years I shut out so completely with food and drink. Looking at the photos and remembering the people I have been blessed to know - and the things I have accomplished so far has really helped me emerge from isolation to acceptance and a need to be interacting with people daily. Sure, some of the photos I look at bring tears to my eyes, and it's hard to fight back the emotions - but they have to be allowed to grieve for those I have lost, and remember things like how I cried my first tears of joy at my Confirmation, High School and College Graduations - all proud moments.

You continue on your journey and remember you are not alone - I am here for you along with your other SparkFriends. Never be afraid to reach out to us - or someone in your life if you need to blog or just email about something. In many ways, SparkPeople and the internet have made it possible for us to access support and positive affirmation at the speed of light. Just enjoy each moment in every day you are blessed to wake up in - and do your best. God has never given up on either of us - so let go, let god, and let's live!

Keep in touch my friend. You will be in my prayers. All the best - "Sprink"

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    yes it is old habits but you will get the hang of it. Dr oz even did a show about " shrinking" the Size of your plate to help shrink the portion sizes and it tricks the mind.... I even saw where they said to use any color plate but white. that if your food is a contrasting color from the plate then your eye sees the food more and tricks the brain into thinking you've eaten more........ CRAZY ... huh??? They suggested dark blue plates.... I have NONE of those of course,..... mine are white !! LOL....
good blog


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SPRINKLECHEZ 2/20/2013 9:24AM

    First let me say that I am proud of your success and your honesty in this blog. I too frequently put way more on my plate than my micro stomach can handle - and it gets fed to the animals outside or if it's really something good, wrapped and saved for another meal.

Both of us overfilling our plates could also be a metaphor for our lives - I know it is for mine. My plate is full with reality based crises which make me wanna drown myself in food or eat/drink things that I simply cannot. Thankfully the surgery I had left me with 15% of my old stomach so no matter what I want on my plate, only so much can fit inside without coming right back up.

Your realizing that it is more than just weight you are losing, you also lose the layers of covering put over issues or things in your past. It can overwhelm any of us if we let it. Our best defense is positivity and sharing our stories with SparkFriends. I know for me I treat the past as a rear view mirror, only glance at it occasionally depending on my mental traffic, I keep my mind focused on what I can do today to make a difference.

I've had some recent troubles with water balance and rapid weight gains and losses of 15-25 lbs in a week - so I blogged about it, and by gosh if a new SparkFriend didn't tell me this "Be as decent to yourself as you are to others..." WOW! I needed to hear that - and thought I would share that with you.

Remember, you matter to more people than you will ever realize... God bless, your friend - "Sprink"

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JOYINKY 2/17/2013 10:28AM

    I think it takes a long time for those old habits to die; but they will! I used to listen to a positive thinking health cassette at bedtime and I think it helped a lot. Gives your subconscious time to work on it! I'm thinking Spark Radio would work the same way! Proud of you for wrapping your plate instead of finishing it! WTG!

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That little voice says, throw in the towel!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Every now & then on this journey, when the stress levels go up, loneliness sets in, things just aren't going right, the cravings start! Its almost like an addiction. When I'm stressed about whatever, doesn't take much, I start feeling like I could go on a 3 day binge! I start craving chocolate or something salty, like fried chicken! Oh, that's my weakness!

In the past, I would just say forget it and start back on my old eating habits and gain another 20 lbs. Eating everything not nailed down! BUT and its a BIG BUT, since I started on this life changing course, THIS TIME, things are different! I seem to be in a state of consciousness about going TOO FAR off course! I may eat a fried chicken wing or two or three and then I start thinking about my goal or a set back or even getting sick. I stop acting like the old me and cease and assist, as they say!

I've noticed that when I do eat something I shouldn't sometimes I get sick! Like it's too greasy and it makes me nauseous. Something else I have noticed is that I tend to get full faster and then I'm sitting there looking at all this food on my plate and I'm too full to eat it. (That's another blog for another day)

I've been educating myself too! Reading blogs, books, watching Dr. Oz, watching videos on SP, YouTube, and it truly helps. That's why I'm writing this blog tonight. To help me block out that little voice telling me to through in the towel, give up! It's only because I'm stressed! It's not because I can't do it! That's the difference. Humm, I surprised myself with that statement!

I've said all of this to say that sometimes when those cravings hit you so hard, instead of eating everything in the kitchen trying to satisfy it, just have one or two pieces, enjoy it and that's THE END!!! STOP, put on the BRAKES! Get yourself together and get back on course immediately!

NEVER EVER QUIT!!! I'm overcoming the little voice tonight!! Are you?


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    Hey now........ You know its the devil in you right ???? Just kidding but watch your protein and make sure you are getting enough. Stress always makes me turn to food and I try talking to myself and telling my self that THIS (overeating) is not a comfort but more stress. Next time think......... soothing thoughts and do some meditation to soothe yourself and drink water of course. Imagine a serene place or beautiful beach. You got this and have done too well to sabatage yourself !!


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MARSHASTAR 2/9/2013 11:28AM

    i did quit. i did give in - it doesn't help to indulge, so thank you for the blog. I helps to know you are being STRONG .

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LABRATIAM 2/9/2013 8:21AM

    emoticon Those little voices have been plaguing me for some time now....and since it's been cold, I haven't been out side exercising as much. I haven't gained, but I haven't lost much either.

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JOYINKY 2/8/2013 9:37PM

    Yes I am. It really makes me happy that you are! I've been wondering how your are doing. You are doing great! emoticon

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