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Back Below 200

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Alright, well I'm back to the 190s. Weighed in at 198 this morning. Not too bad.

My weight has been fluctuating between 195-205 since right after the New Year, and so far we're in March. If I'm going to get to my goal of 175 by June, I really need to step it up. I just don't know what more I can do.

So far I've noticed one issue that's probably hampering my weight-loss. It certainly isn't the exercise, as I can't possibly do anymore cardio. It's not my Monday-Thursday diet, because that's spot on.

It's weekends. Plain and simple.

If I'm going to do this, I absolutely must try and keep it cool on the weekends. This weekend I'm going to head up to my parents house so that it'll be tougher for me to succumb to the partying, etc.

I have a little more than 3 weeks to lose 8lbs. It can be done, but I have to get serious.


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TOMMYGUN81 3/7/2013 12:10PM

    Thanks. Yeah, weekends are both the best and worst thing. I have to balance it out.

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CC3833 3/7/2013 11:50AM

    You are doing very well! Remember that you are not a super human! Make sure you rest if you need it. The weekends are killer! At least you're back under 200 again!

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63KEEPONGOING 3/7/2013 9:53AM

  You can do it!

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NEPTUNE1939 3/7/2013 9:50AM

    emoticon emoticon

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My pants feel pretty loose.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Great feeling, isn't it?

Been working out like a madman lately, but weekends are still an issue diet-wise. Oh well. This is a lifestyle, I guess. Can't be depriving myself too much. Besides, I like to party. A life without partying ain't a life worth living, no matter how in shape I could be.

Anyway, slow and steady progress. Tomorrow is my next weigh-in day, so we'll see what the scale and measurements have to say about it. I'm optimistic, but not TOO optimistic. I just want to have a decent reading so I know that my efforts during the week aren't for nothing. If I'm not able to let go a bit during the weekend, then I have a serious problem. It'll have to be a metabolic issue or something, considering how much damn exercise I do throughout the week.

Anyway. That's enough for now.


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TOMMYGUN81 3/6/2013 12:01PM

    Thanks, CC!

Yeah, I've found that diet really does matter more than exercise. On weeks where I worked out a crazy amount, but ate more than 2,000 calories, I ended up not losing. But if I worked out just a regular amount, but kept my calories under 2,000, I would end up losing.

You are what you eat, I guess. If you don't have much time for exercise, then you have to cut back on the food/beverages.

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CC3833 3/6/2013 11:41AM

    I know what you mean about partying. I have decided to give up alcohol. I am going to have a great time this Friday and have a drink or two but after that I am out for the count with it. I don't do much on the exercise front so I will not reward myself with high calorie things.

I think you will do great at your weigh in. Hope all is well!

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TOMMYGUN81 3/6/2013 11:32AM

    Thanks, Bjok! You're 100% right on the money.

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SPARKBJOK 3/6/2013 10:39AM

    Don't be upset if the scale doesn't show much - you feel better and the pants are looser. I haven't lost a lot of weight but I've definitely lost inches. Keep on plugging along and you'll be amazed! And don't give up partying - whatever you do! Life is too short not to have fun, fun, fun!

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What the Hell?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I just weighed in at 201. 201! WHY?!

Granted, I ate breakfast this morning before weighing in, which I haven't done in previous weigh-in days, but come on! I've literally done everything I could do. I've exercised like a madman for the last 2 weeks, kept my calorie intake under 2,000, stuck to lean meats and veggies, so there's really no reason why the scale should be giving me this.

Ugh. So frustrating.

My waist measurement this morning was decent, but I'm not getting the progress that I deserve, and it's pissing me off.

Oh well. So much for taking an off day this weekend.

It's amazing. If I eat like a normal person, I gain weight. If I eat like a bird, AND exercise like a triathlete, I stay the same weight. What gives?

Okay, I just had to vent. Now back to the grind.

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TOMMYGUN81 2/28/2013 2:21PM

    Thanks, CC. My clothes are fitting much better, I feel great almost every day, and my soccer game has improved.


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CC3833 2/28/2013 1:16PM

    totally understandable. Sometimes it takes a week or so to actually show any type of loss. Could be you gaining muscle? Do you see any changes in definition? I guess try to see success in things other than weight loss? I know that isn't as satisfying though. Keep pushing the way you have been and you will see a great end result! Let's do this!!!

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TOMMYGUN81 2/28/2013 12:46PM

    Yeah, I'm going to be as strict as possible from today on. I'll admit that I wasn't on point enough during last weekend, but I didn't think for a second that it would impede my weight-loss by this much.

Let's see how this turns out.

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HDHAWK 2/28/2013 12:42PM

    I'm going through the same thing right now. I think I'm eating plenty of calories. I'm wondering if it's because I'm older this go around...hormones?? The inches are moving though. Try tweaking something next week and see if it helps.

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NEWVINE 2/28/2013 11:31AM


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TOMMYGUN81 2/28/2013 10:46AM

    Thanks, everyone.

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RIVERNANNA 2/28/2013 10:38AM

    Be patient! emoticon You have changed your exercise and eating habits, right?
It could be something like what you are eating, and when you are eating it.

I have to watch what I eat after a workout, I get so hungry I will eat anything, and lots of it. emoticon I have to plan my snack or meal ahead of time, or I will undo all of my hard work at the gym.

Don't give up, the weight loss will happen! emoticon


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EVIE4NOW 2/28/2013 10:06AM

  sometimes just takes more time for some people then others. also think back to what you ate yesterday.. was it salt heavy? or carb heavy? carbs will hold in the water so it could just be a temporary thing. don't give up.. this is not the time to give up but the time to keep your determination to obtain your goal.
emoticon emoticon

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 2/28/2013 10:06AM


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Bizzy Diet - More Than One Week In...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I feel great.

My pants are fitting looser than they have been since last year, I'm continuing to see small positive changes around my wasitline, and I just feel great all the time.

Aside from a little hiccup last Friday, I've been largely on point. I went through all the workouts last week, and this week I've been doing the workouts PLUS soccer, so I'm on pace to break my all-time weekly fitness minutes/calories burned record. It's tiring as all hell, and I find myself extremely hungry at times, but for the most part I've gotten used to everything.

Tomorrow is my weigh-in, and I haven't really weighed in since hitting 196 just before the contest. If I'm 195-197, I'll be happy since I won't be depriving myself of water, or using the sauna before work to artificially get my weight down this time.

Regardless, I feel awesome. I'm inching towards my goal of 190 by March 31st, and that is definitely within reach.

190 - March 31st
180 - April 31st
175 - May 31st

Yes, yes, yes. This will happen.

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HM_JACKSON 2/27/2013 3:12PM

    Aggresive goals. I like it!
Great job sticking with it!

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TOMMYGUN81 2/27/2013 2:51PM

    Hell yeah we can!

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CC3833 2/27/2013 2:21PM

    Woohoo! You are making me want to work out! You're not so far from your goal. You can do this.... and so can I :-P

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Bizzy Diet - Day 4

Friday, February 22, 2013

So hungry...

Meal 1 (8am): Egg whites and turkey bacon
Meal 2 (11am): Protein shake
Meal 3 (2pm): Lemon chicken and veggies
Meal 4 (4:30pm): Protein shake
Meal 5 (7pm): 2 cans of tuna and veggies
Meal 6 (9pm): 1 cup of cottage cheese

That's it. That's the meal plan that's going to get me to below 190 by mid-March.

Even though I'm feeding myself every 3 hours or so, the workouts are KILLER. I haven't done any soccer this week, but the 3 Bizzy Diet workouts that I've done so far kicked my ass. I feel great though, just a bit hungry. Though, as I said before, it's probably cravings more than anything. Regardless, I can't see how I won't get down to 190 if I follow this right.

Well, about that...

Last night a lady friend called me around 8pm to hang out for some drinks. Being someone who could never turn down an invitation from a lovely lady, I said sure. Went to a wine bar and had myself about 4 glasses. Not too bad, and it didn't derail the plan. Looks like I'll have no problem sticking to this, so long as I can make some, uh, minor modifications here and there.

At least the damage I did to myself over this past weekend seems to have been wiped away. I didn't get a chance to weigh myself this morning, but I measured my waist and was happy with the results. Unchanged since last week, which is a good sign.

Anyway, this weekend will be tough, but since I made sure not to make any partying plans, I'll just have to make do with video games, TV, and some workouts.

17 days to go!

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CC3833 2/27/2013 10:17AM

    Wow that is a hard diet to be on. But like you said only two weekes left. You can do it!

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