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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do you ever wonder about those baby steps that people refer to when trying to reach a desired goal? How does one really go about it? I know that for me , this' weight loss goal' can be overwehlming ... that number represents a very large amount of weight that needs to come off my body ( how did I let this happen???) and sometimes it is just to scary to put into words. But how to move ahead from that starting point and making small steps towards that end 'weight' goal can be just as overwhelming.

I think for me, i never really gave myself a "true plan of action" and instead I just hoped that with a few good attempts it would somehow just work out in the waving a magic wand about and it would be okay.
The funny thing is that the edge of that crazy wand hit me in the eye a few times but still I did not pay attention !!

So since joining SP in late July, I have made some good baby steps along the way:

Tracking -and I am very proud of that accomplishment. Seeing those graphs has helped me to really see what I am eating and "for the most part ......cost me" Visually it t makes me make better choices and at the end of the day , thats a good thing.
My water intake has also improved and usually I get in those two big containers in before the end of my work day.
Activity- I have added some"tracking routes" and done pretty good with increasing my overall activity. On a sidenote, I must say that this baby step is still very much a "work in progress" but each step along the way counts!
Taking care of me , for the most part, iI am doing okay with this goal if i could only just journal more....

So overall I know that those baby steps are all starting to add up to a healthier me .. another thing , I have lost inches - and when people say I look great- and that scale has not moved (to my liking) I thank them and tell them my inches have been redistributed!! Shopping for clothes in my closet is a wonderful feeling!

So my parting thoughts to anyone who passes through this blog... here's to baby steps ... I will keep going and l will make better choices and before I realize it , I will be running the 5K and not walking it.

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TOLEGIRL1 8/27/2010 7:56PM

    thanks everyone for stopping by It's great to know that we are all in it together!
Have a successful weekend!!!!!!

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NEWYEARME 8/27/2010 2:44PM

    Awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!!!


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HARROWJET 8/27/2010 8:41AM

    I believe in baby steps. Keep moving forward. emoticon

Judy emoticon

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GAELENEC 8/26/2010 9:12PM

    Yes, you will.... and YAY for baby steps, they get us there!

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NICOLEMC2 8/26/2010 7:59PM


You will kick our October 5k in the butt!!!

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BEEBEA 8/26/2010 7:11PM

    Way to celebrate your accomplishments! It sounds like you are making great progress!

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Tired Tuesday......

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How can I not love walking through the city and along the canal with the sun shining on me at 7:30 in the morning???! Why am I living somewhere else??
I even jogged between the posts....I know my posee I know!!! Don't get too excited but I am proud of myself for trying it and did not keel over.

6.1 kms this morning struttin' my stuff emoticon emoticon emoticon and then walking though the market later in the afternoon for two hours.Even went to that chocolate store where everything was calling and I walked out with nothing !!!! I sooooooooooooo wanted that chocoate tart.
So glad that part of our family is looking after things at home Thanks so much for that!
I deserve a long deep glass of wine ...yes my water is in too So here is to Wacky Wednesday and the waterpark................

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NICOLEMC2 8/17/2010 10:43PM

    WE MISS YOU!!!!! *SOB* COME HOME SOON!!! You and HANNAH!!!!

emoticon emoticon

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stairs, stairs and more stairs.....on vacation even !!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I just walked allllllllllllll over Quebec City all over lower town and getting a great workout on all those stairs. Anyone who has ever been to that fabulous city knows what stairs I am talking about. What fun (grrr) pushing yourself up those steps and thinking to yourself ... My legs are burning !! I can't do this and then you reach the top and you find you are not even short winded. WOOOO HOOO
Who would have thought I could do it and then smile afterwards???! Not me that is for sure not too long ago.
I am going to enjoy this vacation and be dedicated to keep my legs burning!!

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NICOLEMC2 8/15/2010 10:02PM

    Glad to hear you're having a great vaca!! Also that you're still sp'ing and tracking!!!


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WALKINGDAVE 8/15/2010 8:36PM

    Hope you are having a awesome vacation. Stairs are my nemesis so someday I hope to be able to go up and down them with out fear of falling. Have lots of fun in Quebec just watch out for all that delicious emoticon

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DESERT_DARCY 8/15/2010 8:30PM

    Have a great time on your vacation! It's great that you have all that energy!!!


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drinking water while my tonsils float away........

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It is so tough to drink that water requirement ....I have always struggled with it.
The past two weeks I have made an effort to drink from the old style WW mug and use a straw to help me get it in........... emoticon
I can now drink one in the morning (4 cups) and then fill it up in the afternoon for the second round !! emoticon tee hee
I don't know how to fit it in "faithfully" on the weekends but I am working on it.

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MSHANNAH 8/5/2010 11:01AM

I know its hard to drink water but you know its good from you!!
Some time I'm over we'll have "water time" together! We'll talk about our day while we drink our water away! emoticon

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NEWYEARME 7/30/2010 10:55AM

    I really struggle to get enough water in a day. I'm going to have to come up with some way to get it all in. I had drinking warm water and we don't have a water cooler at work. I have to bring water with me because the water it too awful out of the tap.

Good for you!!!!


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WALKINGDAVE 7/29/2010 6:56PM

    i drink water all day and all night and yes I go to the bathroom a lot but our bodies adjust to the extra water and it's so good at getting rid of toxins and other crap out of our bodies. Have you tried any of the flavorings, I've just recently tried the sugar free, Arizonia Green tea powder and it tastes pretty good, got the whole family drinking more water and less pop at least! emoticon

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SHAKENMA 7/29/2010 4:02PM

    Yeah I try to get it all in really early so I don't spend the night in the bathroom emoticon Good luck!! emoticon

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goodies, goodies goodies................

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spark people are just the best!! They have added as of yesterday all new goodies for us to use.! emoticon emoticon Woooo hooooooooooooo
All you do is go to any spark page and click on" give that person a goodie " and viola...
cool collections to send and receive
There that is my public service announcement for anyone who reads this blog!! emoticon
On a fitness activity note .............. i am happy for what I accomplished today core crunches - thanks team for that challenge emoticon emoticon
The I did the cardio with weights and then went for my 5.4 km walk in under an hour BIG emoticon to me. I feel great and this is the first time that I have not been tired doing that walk
Happy Day oh Happy Day !!!!

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SAMMY_JO4 7/21/2010 10:33PM

    Way to go! Keep up the awesome work and those walks will only get easier.

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NICOLEMC2 7/21/2010 10:09PM

    You are kicking are on the hunt for that Loser of the Week tag *LOL*


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WALKINGDAVE 7/21/2010 9:51PM

    emoticon You are doing great! Keep up the great positive attitude and you'll go far! emoticon

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