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Perricone 3-day salmon diet: day 2

Sunday, August 04, 2013

You won't believe this:

Yesterday at night I weighted myself: I had already lost 1 lb.
Today I woke up and before anything else... the scale said I've lost 2 lbs in total.

Let's see how many pounds I lose in the two remaining days!


Perricone 3-day salmon diet

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Somehow I managed to lose 11 lbs in two months, I started dieting after my birthday (may 17th). I gained back 2 lbs, haha, whatever!

Today I'm trying the 3-day salmon diet by Dr. Perricone. I LOVE salmon. It says it isn't a weight-loss diet but to improve your skin and rejuvenate 12 years, so next tuesday let's see if I'll look like I'm 22y/o, hahaha.

The bad thing: my neighbour arrived with some home-made green pozole! I LOVE POZOLE! Daaamn! I'll stay strong, I already bought all the diet things and it'll last only three days! So sorry as my neighbour cooks DELICIOUS pozole and haven't cooked it for a looong time, she used to sell it and I used to buy it haha like every single weekend...

I already entered the food and portions to my tracker, I just need a food scale, hope my other neighbour will lend it to me plus her thingie for steam vegetables.

Time to exercise - 10 min stationary biclycle, 20 mins cross-trainer, 10 bicycle. I finished breakfast 2.5 hours ago, still feel so full.

I will let you know if I lose any pound, I wish I'll lose at least three as I won't be eating bread or pasta or tortillas, buah!



Friday, February 15, 2013

My family visited us. I was all happy for those 2lbs I'd lost, but with my family here I ate like I normally do. My grandma was like "one two pounds in one month?", demotivating!
Now that they're gone, I'm pretty sure that I gained back 5 of those 2 lost pounds, ha. I don't care. I didn't track anything those days 'cause I was really, really demotivated. I'm focusing **too much** on food and exercise and not getting good results as I used to. When I started tracking more nutrients I ate more to get all my calcium and magnesium and blah, but I've taken brewer's yeast for ages so I get more nutrients besides those in my food.
Whatever. Today I feel sooo "unenergized" (is that a real word?), I just need to relax and start over once again, no matter how many times I start over.


You can never get enough of everything you need!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 weeks so far using Sparkpeople (my next weigh-in: tuesday). At first I kept an eye on my daily fiber. Then I read about calcium and started tracking it, I wasn't getting enough so now I'm drinking two cups of milk everyday. Suddenly I remembered the sodium-potassium relation with water retention, I started tracking both and now I allow myself half a potato everyday - my main sins: potato, corn, cheese, but mostly potato and corn: like I got hungry and I just boiled a potato and added a ton of salt and cheese, or I go outside and get a corn cob. Now I've read about magnesium and muscles, so I added that nutrient to my tracker, checked my daily intakes... and once again: I'm low of magnesium!!! If I added more nutrients to my tracker, surely I'd notice I'm not getting enough of most of them, arggg!

How can you reach all of your nutrients minimum with so little cals a day? I know what you'd say: "use SP meal plans", but guess what?, I don't live @ the States, so I can barely find most of the ingredients - like I read a salmon recipe, but they ask for a certain brand of salmon and some rice I'd never heard about before.

Also, it's a problem to enter some local foods: yesterday I had a plate of chorizo (pork sausage, greasy and lovable), bistec in some chile salsa, and picadillo (meat with potatoes and carrots). I know users add some foods, but how can I know if their chilaquiles are prepared like the ones I buy? Blaaah!

Whatever. Today's my rest day. My week was pretty painful, lol, as I started a workout for upper and lower body and abs, using dumbbells (we call them mancuernas). Once again: I didn't find the translations for every single exercise, so I'm just tracking like "10 sets of crunches" and so. My arms don't hurt as I restarted training with Nintendo Wii (Sport Resort's sword is sooo powerful), but my legs!!! My right leg was like awww, I couldn't even stand going up and downstairs. I don't know if that was due to the situps-like exercises, or due to the yoga positions for cooling down or due to the hula-hooping (I got two pairs of new "just do it" tennis, so I decided to just restart my hula-hoop training even if my back hurts because of my overweight... you burn so many cals with hula-hooping that I'll get rid of the extra pounds sooner, the same happened four years ago when I started with that exercise). Today is my RESTING DAY!!! I might try some yoga as I read in a SP article about "active resting", why not?

My very first short-term goal is to complete my first month exercising. Mom and granny are coming next week (they still live at Mexico City) and I'm almost listening their "Oh! You look great!" comments! They made a big deal when I started gaining weight, so I know they'll be happy I'm taking care of my health again.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

A week ago I tried on a stretch blouse, but I didn't like the way I looked. I've been trying on some jeans but they still feel sooo tight that I thought I wasn't losing any inches at all... But todaaay I tried on that blouse again, and now it feels so great! Good thing I'm not losing butt, haha, and my waist is coming back! HAPPY!!!


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