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The Scale is NOT your Friend!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

It sits there harmless on the bedroom or bathroom. It is white or black or fashionably nickel plated. It has an arm that springs into action when activated or a digital display. Don't be fooled it is mechanized evil. It has the ability to evoke horrible feelings of dread or excitement. It can reek havoc with your emotions from superior highs to all mighty lows. It should be avoided. No matter how loose the cloths feel, how good the nutrition and exercise were for the week, it can crush you in two steps. Better to just go with the mirror and the reaction of friends and family to the "wow what are you doing?, You look great". That is the only reasurrance that is really required. The scale on the other hand is not your friend.


3 weeks of change

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lets see the 24 hours at a time approach works well. This website is fantastic for tracking and keeping me on track. I have not embraced weight training as yet, but I do like my cardio workouts. I have not seen many physical changes in three weeks , well maybe a little around the middle, although the scale does not really support it. I have seen an amazing change in my blood pressure whick has gone from 135-150 over 85-95 to a steady 129 over 78!! amazing. My blood sugar which has been very challenging to manage over the last two years has become a non issue. It has nicely settled into the normal range and with the exemption of when I do have a bad meal (Like the bison cannelloni in a wild mushcream cream reduction yesterday, it was very good) it has been great.

Spark has been great for a resource and I really don't think I could have started this without it.

Winter is arriving so today is a back yard clean up day then this pm is another attempt at some strenght training and good cardio set while I watch the battle of Alberta tonight GO OILERS GO!


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    You've got the right attitude. We haven't focused as much on strength yet either. Slowly adding it in after we get used to a good cardio workout routine. I too have noticed a major improvement in blood pressure. Its good to be able to see other results, not just the scale. That is what will help you stay on track when the scale doesn't cooperate. Keep it up!

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The weights are hittin me back!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In all the years I lifted I could never remember the experience of the last two days. The first time I have lifted weights in a few years. I thought it was a simple, not overloaded workout. 8 sets 12 reps of various lower body exercises, no big deal right?....wrong. How the hell can you put socks on when you can't bend over far enough? I never thought I could be this out of shape! I can see not being able to put my socks on cause I can't see my feet, but I can see them I just can't touch them. Maybe I'll wear socks tomorrow.......OMG its upper body tomorrow, what if I can't move my arms?

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STOPTHECRAVING 10/14/2009 10:50AM

    Keep at it! Everyday you will grow stronger and more flexible. The results will come pretty quickly too! But you have to keep at it!!!

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PJMCGEE114 10/14/2009 10:29AM

  I feel your pain! Especially today, increased weights on lower body Monday and today my muscles still fee as if they are an inch long and I want them to stretch 3 feet. LOL It will get better, it will get better is my mantra for the day.

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end of week 2 just in time for Thanksgiving

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The end of week two. I survived withdrawl with only minor cheats. In reviw of my foods the last two week I see two issues popcorn my archilles heel and sodium. Wow so some foods pack a ton of sodium. The popcorn unfortunately has a bunch of fat. Now you are saying no it doesn't , but it does when it has butter on it! Popcorn is on my no eat list as it has unfortunately to be really good it has to be really bad with fat and sodium. Its ok I have plenty of subsititutes.

Its thanksgiving this weekend and I really did not mind not eating the pumpkin pies and the truffle. I had my turkey, lots of veggies, small amount of mashed potatoes and even a tablespoon of gravy, it was great. I will not deprive myself.

Weigh in this morning I don't expect much weight change this week. The first week I was a little under on the calories and this week I should be a little over my intake limit of 2,500. I did do cardio 5 days and even 70 minutes yesterday!

I expect that today will be a good burn day as I start the weights today!!


Oct 9th- almost two weeks- Time for some Change Management

Friday, October 09, 2009

I think beginning a change is easy, executing and maintaining are a challenge. It is a lot like project work. You plan and execute then maintain. It sounds so easy. Like projects many obstacles, challenges and conflicting views come up. Change management is so important for any successful change. Creating an Awareness of why the change is require, the Desire to the change, aquiring the Knowledge, having the Ability and then Reinforcing the need for change. Its called ADKAR, I use it a work all the time. Just never used it on myself.

This weekend I start the weight training, cardio has been great, diet is improving. I did not realize how much sodium is in processed foods.

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MRNOTABOUTFACE 10/9/2009 11:19PM

    Great way of putting it into perspective and in terms you are most familiar with. And yes that sodium is a big obstacle for a lot of people trying to lose weight. That's why getting the water in is so important. I see you added me as a friend so I will return the favor. Don't be a stranger!

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