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Time to take health seriously!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

So I have been trying for a VERY LONG time to get healthy. But I have been in the big circle.
I decide to get healthily and no matter how slow or fast I go I end up sick. I'm down for two weeks and then I lose my momentum. Then after a while I try to come back and the same thing happens. It is worst then yo-yo dieting.

But the truth is out and I need to stop living in denial. I have asthma!!! I am not out of shape. Over weight yes, but not out of shape. I just have asthma. And i have been denying it. I have not been treating it and now it is obvious i can no longer ignore it!

So two weeks almost three weeks ago after all the other health issues I decided to go for a full physical. That is when they confirmed yes I have asthma. But I still ignored it. I was told that as I work out to take my inhaler and to work up 5 minutes at a time. And to take a daily 2 times a day so I kind of did. But what then I went and visited my mom who has two cats. One which I am highly allergic too. Usually it does not bother me because he does not live in the whole house just the back. But this trip I went in and even petted the thing. Now usually that would just make my eyes watery. But instead it set off my asthma. But I ignored it. I thought it was just allergies. by the second day. I realized uh I think I am having problems. So i went in got a breathing treatment more meds and was sent home. Then our lovely winds decided to visit. and by yesterday I thought I would be calling 911. But i already had an appointment. One shot, a breathing treatment, and a bag load of drugs later! I finally came to a realization I need to take care of this.
and it made me realize and doc even agreed yesterday that all these times I though I was "getting sick" I really was having an asthma attack. I just shake my head here think what was I thinking!!!!

So I have a long road ahead of me to get my self well know. I am still in the yellow zone. All week long I was in the LOW yellow zone and even red zone quite a bit. After yesterdays treatment and new meds however I am finally at least half way up the yellow zone so I am getting better but not there yet!!!

But when I do get there I am going to be vigilant with this. I have already started! I now have a case I hook on me to carry my meds. (trying to find it in the bottom of my purse or where i left it on a table as you have an attack is very scary! and I realize now this is something I will need everyday!!
I am keeping diligent notes on an ap on my iphone. of how I feel what I am doing and what meds I am taking and when. I hope this will help my doctor find the right treatment for me.

The good news is I have not lost my interest in exercising. I can not wait to get back to the gym!
I am having fun with a new machine I learned. I do not know what it is called by no impact on my knees/ankles. yet I feel like i am running. Well More like flying through the air. It is a great work out however. I am also losing weight. Slowly but it is going down so that is a positive. Especially when you consider who much steroids they have me on and usually that means I gain weight!
I am not sure how much I am going to use sparkpeople how ever. I might see what info they have on asthma. I loved the spark coach but I have no time. And yes getting healthy takes time but I need to figure out what is the best use of my time. I know me I can get too involved, and I need to be sure I use my time wisely.!!

So anyway not sure who even reads my blogs. But It is theraputic for me. And that maybe the biggest use I use for spark people.

I do want a fit bit however. Just trying to decided which one to get. :)
Sorry I am all over the place with random thoughts. But that is probably what you will find here on my blogs!!

Even more random. But I was just thinking of all the stuff I have been through lately. in the last five years. Two surgeries and many other medical issues.. Ulcers, Migrains, ashtma, Breast scares . . . about to days I was feeling really down about all of it. I mean come on. How much can a girl take and I feel like I am young and should not have this many problems!!!
But through all of these things I have saved many of my stuff. I still have my knee walker which I have loaned out 3 times since. One of my best friends currently has it now!
I also have many things left over from my wrist surgery last year.
Well my daughter just walked out and it hit me. That everything happens for a reason.

My daughter broke her arm on Thursday. She actually broke both bones in her left arm above the wrist! What a trooper she has a temporary cast till thursday and I have been able to have her use my pillow that I used for my surgery. I gave it to her to help her sleep but she even uses it for sitting out on the couch while watching tv. I forgot I use to do that too but it sure helps.
And now she was able to take a bath with out worry of it getting wet because I had a bath cast cover. I know we would not have gone out to buy these things (mainly because they were all ordered on line and by the time we got it she would be done. So because Of what I went through I was had stuff to help make my Daughter and best friend's recovery's much easier!!

Weird how life works out....

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IRISHMUM3 10/28/2012 12:43AM

    I am glad you have the answer about asthma. My oldest was diagnosed with it 2 years ago, and it was the same thought - oh, he's not getting another cold, he is having an attack. I hope you find a treatment that works quickly. Tell DD that we send her healing hugs. Keep up the motivation and the working out - that is great!

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Always something! WHen will I get break!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I am going to try to make this very quick. As it is 5:30 in the morning and i really need to get to work!

I am a few days short of month since last checking in. And Boy has that been a crazy month!
School started was just getting into a routine when three things happened first all most with in with in a 24 hour period. And then continued over a two week stress filled weeks!

1) I got a Major cold. Was feeling Lousy on Thursday (Which was by Back to School Night presentation) by Friday I left work the earliest I could and by Saturday I was running a fairly high fever.
2) Mean while I am having lots of pain in my wrist/thumb being back to school with all that I need to do at work. However i do have a doctor appointment for it the following week.
3) That same Friday that I am not feeling good I get a call from my doctors office...
I have gone in two weeks earlier with pain in left breast. Doc thought about doing a diagnostic Mamogram at the time but decided to just do a regular and if any thing found they would do a diagnostic. So I get the call they want to do the diagnostic which I expected except they want to do it on the RIGHT!!! They ask if they could make the appointment right then so Of course I say yes. This was the 14th of Sept. I make the appointment for the 24th.

The following Friday I go see my doctor for the wrist. Have to take a day off being it was the only appointment I could get and I made it Way back in August. Well I went in thinking there really was nothing they would be able to do. Surgery just did not work! But GOOD NEWS. Surgery worked GREAT the bad news is I did not just have the bone to bone degenerating arthritis I also have de Quervain's tenosynovitis. Which is treatable. And which for the ost part I was already treating. So the doc gives me a shot and an appointment with Ortho to get a custom made brace.
That was Friday I even got out of the doc appointment in enough time to go watch the Space shuttle fly over which was very cool.
So I wait the weekend I go to my Second Mammo appointment. I am nervous int he Past two years I have had three friends diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it does run in my family. At this point I have no info as to what they even found requiring this followup visit. SO good friend goes with me to my appointment. We get there check in and they tell me no my Appointment is Oct 15th!! UMMM I do not think so. There is no way I am waiting a month to have this checked. So long story short, Some one goofed up so I complained could not get in that day but was put in a cancellation list and I was finally seen yesterday. No Official results waiting on those. But Ultra sound tech did say that I just have a couple of cysts. So I think all is okay But I will keep a close on it. No more delaying for me!!

During this time however, I did join a gym. That is all I have done I will go for my first time today I am going with my friend and we are going to take a zumba class.
I wish I could say I have been eatig healthy all this time but truth is no! so today I decided okay I need to take control of this (thus why I am here again) and I decided to weigh my self. When I first stepped on the scale I was thinking to my self. Yeah I am not surprised. But then I did a double look and I am in a different 10 group! I did not gain 4 pounds I LOST!!!.
So that made me very happy and feeling of great hope!
Now if I just could get rid of this migraine that has been haunting me for the past three days! I would be great!!

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IRISHMUM3 10/2/2012 11:33AM

    Wow - that is a lot right together. Sending big hugs and positive thoughts that results will be favorable. Congrats on losing weight during this crazy month! Good news about wrist being treatable. Let us know how things are going.

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Over whelmed with Back to schoool! But liking Sparkcoach

Sunday, September 09, 2012

I love my daughter. But truth be know for a child of two teachers she was really born at the wrong time!!! Which makes this time of year even more stressful.
As a mother I feel the importance to take time out of my busy schedule to make sure she has a nice birthday. Her birthday also brings my favorite family member into town every year. My uncle! And Like me my uncle is a Huge Disney fan. So when he is out every thing stops and we go to Disneyland.
Now there was a bit of a difference this year. I did not get so stressed out! I had everything planned very well. So by the time my uncle did come out I was able to enjoy our time together. And we had a blast!!! I actually felt like I had been on a week vacation rather than just three days. But it was so much fun that I did not feel that stressed when it was time to get ready for my first week back to school. I was able to get my daughters back to school shopping done, set up my room and even clean off three new (used) book cases for my daughters new rooms that we redid this summer.
During the week I had a great week it was busy and long days! But I was more relaxed then ever!
The down side is I had to take a little break from spark and I did catch a little bug that seemed to have just lasted a day.
So my bug that I had thankfully only lasted 24 hours. And today I went to set up my classroom for next week and to double check I am prepped for the following week as well. I am really trying to stay a minimum of two week ahead of schedule.
Then when I got home today I decided to try two new recipes for sparkpeople. And let me say I am not a COOK. But today my Daughter said I could win on a Foodnetwork show!!
In the back of my mind I was already planning my schedule tomorrow to add back sparkpeople and start working out at least ten minutes again! as well as starting to checking to spark coach again. But then I decided what the heck I am going to check in now. And to my surprise the lesson was getting back on track. I have to say I am not sure if day 21 is just about getting back on track or because spark coach knew I had been away that was the lesson it gave me. But either way, it really sparked me. Because in the video today Nicole, gave some suggestions about getting back on track and I had already done a couple of them. Which powered me with a feeling of I have this all under control.

So I am really looking forward to a great school year. I have a really great class. And I am really looking forward to continuing spark coach! This is the first time I have had to take a break and I came back excited and feeling good about my self instead of feeling like a failure!

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IRISHMUM3 9/10/2012 10:59AM

    Wonderful changes! So glad you had a good time with your uncle. I know how much you enjoy his visits. I had to laugh - with both of us teachers and DH's parents teachers/principals (plus his sister is a teacher and his brother was a coach), we tried to have our kids in spring, but the first 2 pregancies were both due at the beginning of November. Only my youngest "cooperated," but then he had me on bed rest for 6 months, so there went the school year anyway. Funny how that happens!

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JMARIES51 9/9/2012 11:26PM

    Happy to see you back and that you had a good break. It is always nice to get a compliment from a daughter!

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It's the most Stressfull time of the year!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Title should be sung to the tune (It's the most wonderful time of the year!!)

It is back to school time. Which means HD and I are busy getting our classrooms ready for new students to arrive. AND at te same time we have to get our DD ready to go back to school as well.

Today was my Official day back. I say official because technically I have been going in most of the month of August to get my room ready. In truth Wed Is the actual first day teachers report back. But as a kindergarten teacher my partner and I chose to come into day to assess the kindergarten students coming in. So It was a long day!!!! I awoke at 5:30 was out of the house by 6:30am and left the school 12 hours later at 6:30 pm! Only to come home and work on some items here at home until I could keep my eyes no longer open!
I took a bit of a nap waking up in time to put DD to bed. I should be going to bed now but then I realized I did not check into spark coach and I really did not want to skip another day!
(I skipped the day I took my DD to Disneyland for her bday!)
So of course once I am on I feel I need to a blog. Actually one of my Spark coach assignments was to blog about different ways I would measure success.

Right now I am not too sure I am being very successful. I am not taking time aside to exercise. Yet I am so busy during the day I know I am getting in lots of activity. So in a way I am not too terribly worried about the fact I am not making the time right now. I feel once I get back into a rhythm I will be able to manage that asspect better.

I also have not tracked in the past few days. However I do notice I am making better choices. And I am able to talk my self out of many of the bad choices easier then in the past. (Not to say All my choices are the best) But they are in better moderation!

So although I see the scale is staying the same. The good news is I am not gaining.

I have lots to work on I know but I will get there!

And I think that is the most important measurement of my success right now. The fact I am not beating my self up! And giving up!

So forward on I shall continue!! Becuase Tomorrow is another day.

Another busy day that is!!!

Tomorrow I MUST finish setting up my classroom. As I said Wed. is all of the teachers official day back. Some of that time will be in meetings and hopefully the other part will be setting up our students if we get our class list. Then Thursday and Fridays are Furlough days. And even though i know many the teachers will be going into school anyway, One of the reasons I have been working so hard now is I am taking my Furlough Days and WILL NOT be going into school. I will be Going to Disneyland with my Uncle. So I am very excited about that!

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IRISHMUM3 8/28/2012 2:06AM

    Have fun the rest of this week! Yes, it is all easier once we get back into the rhythm of the new school year. Keep making those good choices!

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A friend and Sparkguy sparks me again.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yesterday was not a good day!
It was the kind of day I wanted to just cry at any thing that happened. The littlest thing would set me off.
It all started with my morning routine and went down will from there.
Each morning I have been getting up and checking into SparkCoach. I read and do the visualization. Which was one I had done before but that did not bother me because visualizations can help again. But then I went to the program page, which is usually a video. A video that makes me feel like I have a personal coach there with me every day. I feel like they are talking to just me and it really give me that push to go through out the day. But on this day I turn to the program page and open my note book o take note and no video begins. emoticon I look over and it says "Today's Spark Coach session is text-based!"
I am a reader! I love to read. My favorite invention is the Kindle because I can always have a book with me.
But when I am trying to really learn something, I have learned that is is much better for me to see and hear. I am a visual and audio learner. And it was then that I realize that I feel like the videos are my own private coach and I need that.
So I expressed my self on the forum. Writing about my disappointment others agreed and some stated they did not mind the text.
But it really put me into a bad place the rest of the day. I did not log my food although I did still find my self choosing wisely. I did not exercise and I did not even care when I saw the daily message from spark coach. By the end of the day I was so unmotivated.
Now mind you I am sure this was not all because of not seeing a five minute video! Other things were going on as well. TOM was here. and to top that off we took my darling daughter to register for middle school. So emotions where already frayed you can say. And let them go. But some how I feel like if my virtual coach had been there things would of been a little better!
By the evening, I still did not feel like logging food or even turning on sparkpeople. So I watched a very sad show and then cried my eyes out.
To finish off my spark coach for the day I did post on my daily feed that I was not motivated.
Just as I was climbing into bed. I checked my mail on my phone and saw that a good spark friend replied to my feed and reminded me of the things I have to motivate me! SO I went to bed feeling better.
Which got me through and got me up today and back to my routine of going to check into SparkCoach. So I do, and there is a video today. Then I go to the community page and I go to our forum where I see today some one else is disappointed with no video. I tell then about my post. And decide I to look at my post and see if anyone else had replied. I had stopped checking even thought I was getting emails saying there was replies. And to my surprise SparkGuy himself had replied. He said I had sparked an interesting idea that he shared with the team related to my comment.
Well then I remembered he also sends out daily emails and being in the state I was I did not read. So I do and what is there but a video about the role of a coach helping you to believe!

In this video the speaker talks alot about running coaches. Yesterday I had mentioned I felt like i showed up to class and the teacher just left a note on the board.

I am no Olympic athlete, so there is no comparison. But I am taking my SparkCoaching seriously. And Can you imagine an Olympic athlete is ready to compete they are going for the gold they show up and instead of their coach there is a note?

SparkCoach is by no means a one on one coaching. I get that. I would have to pay I am sure alot more for that. But I think it is the next best thing. It really does motivate me.
And I have to ask my self why what motivates me, what is different there that I can not get here for free. And the answer is the videos and the organization.

Another thought on the video how I know they help...
Well I have bought countless magazines with exercises in them. But what do I use the most. Coach Nicole's videos!

Today's visualization was about a doctor's office. Well i was just at the doctors day before last and they always ask how many minutes a day you exercise and how many days a week.
Well the doctor was asking me more about my exercises (I am having an unusual pain) so her first thought it could be exercises. And I was explaining to her the Boot camp videos.
So see once again Videos are my friends.

Well it seems this blog has turned into a plus for videos! When my title stated a friend and SparkGuy Sparked me.
And I know me. I probably would have walked away for a few days because of how I am feeling. But because of my friends comment on my feed last night. I was sparked to try this morning. Coach Nicole's video was very inspiring today as well and then to get a reply on my topic from SparkGuy himself well that just kind of fanned the sparks more! So here is to a great day.

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IRISHMUM3 8/22/2012 7:00PM

    Yay! I am glad it worked. Big hugs!!!

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