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Easy Being Green

Friday, September 11, 2009

Without realizing it, I'm pretty green!
I live in Downtown Detroit, which is notoriously not green...No recycle program, no transit system, etc.
I live, work, and play in my community so I don't keep a car; when I need one, I rent one.
For the most part, I ride my bike, outfitted with saddlebags, I do most of my shopping and various other errands while racking up the cardio points.
I quit eating red meat in the eighties, for no reason other than, I didn't feel good after eating it.
I carry reusable bags when I shop in the neighborhood, for the convenience, and I shop at the local farmers market every weekend.
I don't drink bottled water or soda pop, so I'm not discarding those horrid plastic bottles, and I never used disposable diapers.
All & all, I'm feeling pretty Eco Friendly!

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    I love the downtown ambiance of so many cities and have often driven great distances to share in that joy but alas have never lived downtown anywhere other than Palo Alto CA and that doesn't REALLY count imo.

GREAT blog -- you are definitely green and multiple times a day schlepping you and your bike? up 12 flights of stairs is amazing!

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2HOTKITTY 9/11/2009 1:40PM

  i do my best to recycle. downtown has its benefits of enjoyable outings with a day like today you can walk or ride ur bike around the isle. i'd love to live downtown. hmm wonder if car insurance is sky high!

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Chewing Gum+Riding a Bike=Stop Smoking

Thursday, August 20, 2009

About the smoking thing...I had been using Nicorette since July 1st and only smoked 3 fags in those 6 weeks, while I bought none! I saved myself roughly $315.00 and was feeling pretty great...I was up with the sun, no headaches, riding my bicycle nearly 25 miles daily, along with the 10,000 steps.
Then I met with friends on Sunday, had a couple drinks and puffed a few...
Since: I've purchased 2 packs, using Advil again for my headaches, and haven't chewed any Nicorette. Tomorrow...I'm back on the bike, off the sofa and breathing clearly while chewing 'the gum'!
It amazes me how noticeable the changes this habit produces and how swiftly.

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FRANCLYN 8/21/2009 1:20PM

    Keep chewing and keep riding and focus on the lovely clear-breathing feeling. Make sure your mind and body memorize every bit of that sensation. It'll help keep you going!
Great job so far!

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MARISSA3950 8/20/2009 10:03PM

  hello and welcome! you have such a great attitude! you will succeed and reach your goal weight! you can do this! i believe in you! you are worth it! have a great day!

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