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I may actually be getting used to this...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I have, for the past three days, limited myself to one Pepsi and maybe one Root Beer a day. The rest of the time I have been drinking water. Okay, that water is either the SoBe 0 calories stuff or water with Mio added to it, but those are all 0 calories and I am drinking water!

And I haven't felt the jittery, caffeine induced shakes that I used to get. I am wondering if my shakes were actually withdrawal or just psychosomatic?

And I have been better about tracking what I eat. I am still going over my daily calorie allowance, but not by as much as I used to. Yesterday I was only 235 calories over and today, unless I REALLY mess up with dinner, I will only be about 110 calories over.

The exercise is where the hard part for me is going to come in. I am getting used to eating less and that my body doesn't need as much, but I am having so much trouble motivating myself to exercise. After work all I want to do is just curl up and read or play WoW with D or just veg.

Maybe the secret is to get up when the cats actually wake me (about 5:30 am) and work out then. The problem with that is that I don't want to wake D. I'll have to talk with him about it, but if I can get into that habit, maybe I can do this. I am already down 1.5 pounds from last week just adjusting my portions, so...

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ZOMBIELOVER 6/28/2011 12:56PM

    I'm with you. I am the type of person who has difficulty balancing diet and exercise, so when I focus on logging my calories and eating healthy, I tend not to exercise. I've been doing this since March 8 and have still not started exercising. I remember in the past when I was a gym junkie, my appetite was seriously crazy and even though I built muscle and endurance and felt great, I could never get rid of that layer of fat over everything, nor could I control my eating.

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Long Row to Hoe!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I have lost a grand total of 1.2 pounds this last month and I think that is more from being sick than from any actual effort. *laugh*

The cold and snow has gotten me down and I am working on motivating myself to walk and move more. I am doing fairly well at eating better, so I think I have that part, but it's the exercise part that my brain and being balk at.

Just gotta keep at it. One of these days I'll be able to do this without cringing.


Day One of the rest of my life...

Monday, January 10, 2011

I am not a very motivated person, at least not when it comes to fitness and weight loss and stuff like that. I am healthy, my doctor has told me so, but to make myself MORE healthy, a few more pounds off the middle would help.

I hate exercise, I hate diet plans, I hate having to meticulously keep track of what I eat and drink during the day. My brain goes in so many directions already that I really don't need to add any more.

But then I see what my mother is putting herself through because she let work be her life. She didn't exercise, she didn't really take that good care of herself and now she is suffering. She's had a double mastectomy because of a skin infection that was affecting her heart and her kidneys. She is on dialysis 3 days a week for up to 6 hours each time because her kidneys are failing. She is on oxygen whenever she is sitting and gets out of breath walking 5 feet to the bathroom.

I want to avoid ALL of that. So, I will do what I hate to make improvements in my life. I have a wonderful husband who supports all my ideas (even the wacky ones), I have a family of close personal friends who are there if I ever need them, I have what I need to achieve these goals. Now I jsut have to convince myself of that! emoticon

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    I can so identify with everything you're saying.. I watched my dad die of complications from diabetes, and helped my mother through a triple bypass and I know that's not what I want for myself, but its like watching a trainwreck. I can't seem to make any real and lasting change and I know that's what's needed is real and lasting change. So I'm hoping SP will help me to do this thing one day at a time... making small changes... and building momentum. I have a wonderful husband too, who has supported me through the most crazy weightloss efforts... and always positive telling me I can do it. I just have to believe it....
I wish you success in your journey... hopefully we can encourage each other along the way...

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